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Martial World - Chapter 1211


Chapter 1211 - Killing Wu Finalcloud




’’There can actually be such a form of combat!’’

To the disciples of ordinary Holy Lands, this sort of fighting was something they had never heard of before.

’’By just relying on one's body, is it actually possible to erupt with such a terrifying combat strength?’’

Many people thought this was unbelievable. In their opinion, true essence reigned above all and even most Laws that martial artists comprehended were related to true essence and energy. Only true essence could possibly pair with Laws. As for a person's bodily strength, Laws were incompatible with it. This was said to be because the rules of the Heavenly Dao changed a long time ago and now the body transformation technique cultivation system was far too difficult to cultivate.

Thus, it was publicly recognized that bodily strength was inferior to true essence.

’’No, this is wrong...’’ A top 10 ranked participant shook his head. ’’What Lin Ming is relying on is his physical strength to fight, but Wu Finalcloud is using his true essence to fight. His transcendent divine might gives him an explosive strength, enough to reach this current state. But, it is by no means his own bodily strength.’’

If a martial artist used true essence to drive the movement of a weapon, they could erupt with an equally terrifying strength as someone that used their immense physicality to do so. For instance, if someone were to pour their true essence into a steel ball and throw it, it would crash down as hard as a meteor. This was the same effect as a body transformation martial artist hurling a steel ball with all their might.

’’This fellow Lin Ming cultivates in dual body and energy, and he has simultaneously reached incredibly high achievements in both the essence gathering system and the body transformation system. I really have no idea how he could possibly have reached his current boundary in body transformation. He is truly a monstrous genius!’’

As everyone was talking, Lin Ming and Wu Finalcloud had already exchanged a hundred moves!

The two people were like meteors in the sky, flinging back and forth, intensely colliding with each other, separating, smashing into each other once again, and then splitting apart once more!

Every collision produced an earth-shattering shockwave that pierced through the heavens!


Wu Finalcloud's sword slashed down. Lin Ming's figure faded, turning into a shadow that completely avoided the strike. This sword strike fell upon a black mountain, shearing a 10,000 section and creating a massive sloping cliff. Trees fell down, rocks cracked apart, and the earth trembled.

And following that, Lin Ming attacked. Wu Finalcloud avoided this spear strike, but this attack continued forwards with unstoppable might, piercing through that 10,000 foot slope and creating a massive hole that penetrated all the way through, causing the cliff to collapse!

Such an intense battle left all the participants speechless. These two were simply beasts in human form.

However, in this savage battle, the more Wu Finalcloud fought, the more shocked he became!

He originally thought that after using the Heavenly Demon Metamorphic Art, even if he couldn't defeat Lin Ming, he could still rapidly build an advantage and seal his victory with that. But, he never imagined he would be engaged in such a white-hot battle instead!

Lin Ming's strength, tenacity, endurance, everything had surpassed his imaginations!

Now they had already fought for a hundred moves, and every move required a terrifying amount of energy to be consumed. Lin Ming didn't seem tired at all. Instead, he continued his onslaught with ease. But as for Wu Finalcloud, he was barely managing to keep up;his strength had long begun to weaken!

’’Impossible! How could this be possible!? If he's using up so much energy, what sort of arcane skill is he using to support himself? Is his body a bottomless pit? Can it hold endless amounts of true essence!?’’

Wu Finalcloud found this incomprehensible. Lin Ming seemed like a tireless mechanical puppet. No matter how much he fought, his strength didn't weaken in the slightest.

No - it could even be said to be growing stronger over time!

Wu Finalcloud had already consumed over half the true essence within his body. He was relying on his will to continue;he had already overdrawn his bodily strength and true essence.

If this continued, it would be hard to maintain his combat strength.

’’Is this boy gritting his teeth and deliberately trying to show an appearance of ease, or is his endurance really powerful to such a degree?’’

Wu Finalcloud began to panic. If this continued then he would undoubtedly lose. His only chance was to risk his life!


With a loud explosion, the two martial artists collided once more. The Phoenix Blood Spear slightly bent as their weapons crossed and locked in place. Lin Ming grinned as he looked at Wu Finalcloud. Only fighting like this with his physical strength would cause his fighting spirit to burn, his blood to boil over, and this amazing refreshed feeling to wash over him!

However... it seemed that Wu Finalcloud wouldn't be able to accompany him much longer.

’’Is this it for you?’’

’’You!’’ Wu Finalcloud clenched his teeth. He could feel that with his overconsumption of true essence, it was becoming nearly impossible to continue resisting Lin Ming's strength!

Lin Ming suddenly shouted out, the muscles on his arms bulging and blue veins twisting under his skin. Loud crackling sounds emitted from all over his body. He bent his legs, coiling his body, and with his body that was fused with the supreme dragon bone and the increased strength from the Gate of Limit, he used all of his strength to push forwards!


The rocks underneath Lin Ming's feet completely cracked apart and Wu Finalcloud only felt a great strength pass through his body. He was sent hurtling backwards by Lin Ming like a leaf in a storm.


Wu Finalcloud crashed into a shattered mountain peak, causing a countless amount of rubble to tumble to the ground. The blood energy within Wu Finalcloud's body tumbled, his appearance in a very pitiful state. Although he had managed to save himself from injury thanks to his protective true essence, the fact that he had been thrown backwards was proof that he was on the losing end.

’’Wu Finalcloud is going to be defeated?’’

’’His physical strength isn't enough...? Unbelievable. Even in such a fierce melee, Lin Ming hasn't seemed stressed at all from beginning to end, as if his physical strength hasn't been consumed in the least, like he hasn't been fighting all this time. How is this possible!?’’

The many martial artists looked at Lin Ming, confusion and fear in their eyes. Just by looking at the ruined outskirts of True Marital City that had been changed beyond all recognition, one could imagine the massive quantities of energy involved in this battle. However, Lin Ming didn't seem affected in the least. Was he even human?

Lin Ming pointed his spear straight at Wu Finalcloud, stating, ’’You have lost!’’

Endurance and toughness were Lin Ming's greatest advantages. After Lin Ming absorbed the Azure Dragon marrow and fused with the supreme dragon bone, and in addition to the Gate of Healing as well as the portion of power he absorbed from the Demon Bead replica, his blood vitality had reached an incredible degree. He was absolutely able to rely on his restorative abilities to continue this battle without consuming much or any of his strength at all.

’’We still don't know who will be the winner!’’

Wu Finalcloud spat out. Veins stuck out on his forehead as his grip on the Great Blood Sword tightened. All of his remaining strength swelled up from within his body, surging within him without reserve.

This was his final desperate attack.

Ka ka ka!

All of the blood vessels in his body stuck upwards. His skin began to rupture as blood splashed out from his body.

Facing Wu Finalcloud's final attack, Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear, pointing it to the ground, his eyes incomparably calm.

’’Sword Shattering the Universe!’’

Wu Finalcloud cried out loud. He leapt upwards. With all of his strength poured into this strike, he cut straight towards Lin Ming's head!

As Lin Ming saw this sword strike heading towards him, he concentrated his thoughts into his inner world. The Heretical God Force opened and all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates were released, combining together into an explosive strength.

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

All of Lin Ming's strength gathered together, surging forth like a tide, wave after wave superimposing on each other. All of this strength finally fully concentrated as one before chopping down at Wu Finalcloud.

One side was a desperate final attack and the other side was an all-out attack of gathered potential. With the fight having gone on until now, these were the strongest strikes that the two used!


Like a meteor crashing into the earth, the world seemed to lose all color. Countless stones rose into the skies as a massive amount of energy erupted outwards. The heavy sword in Wu Finalcloud's hand was sent soaring away as his protective true essence cracked open like an eggshell. Wu Finalcloud was directly struck by the Phoenix Blood Spear. All of his organs were torn apart and all of his bones broken to pieces. His body was like a pile of scrap meat.


Wu Finalcloud's ruined corpse struck the ground. His skull was already shattered and rivers of blood flowed out from his head. As he looked at the sky, a fading vacant disbelief filled his eyes. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he finally didn't even say a single word. His consciousness rapidly faded away before turning to darkness.

Wu Finalcloud had died in this battle!

Everyone looked at the dead Wu Finalcloud that was leaking blood on the ground, they looked at the sundered earth that spread out for hundreds of miles, and they looked at Lin Ming, standing triumphantly with his spear raised high.

The entire audience of martial artists was left dumbfounded.

Wu Finalcloud had died to Lin Ming's hands!

Even through a difference of two small boundaries of cultivation, Wu Finalcloud had been killed by Lin Ming! This was a completely unbelievable result. This meant that in the future, Lin Ming was extremely likely to become a World King!

All of those disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands that worshipped Wu Finalcloud were left stricken. They could not accept the reality of what had happened. In their minds, Wu Finalcloud was a god-like existence, undefeatable!

But, this god-like existence had lost to Lin Ming!

As for those martial artists that had come to watch a good play and see Lin Ming be ruined, they were all stunned silent.

Zhong Wenshu and Sacred Yueping felt a cold chill crawl down their backs. They simply weren't able to find the words to describe what they were feeling. They had originally thought of taking revenge against Lin Ming once they all left the divine Dream World, but now, everything had changed. In the future, if Lin Ming didn't become a Great World King, he would still become an ordinary World King. And, their Dual Polarity Palace and Sacred Martial Mansion were also ruled by an ordinary World King. How could they possibly offend him!

And someone like Lin Ming was highly likely to arouse the interest and desire of countless super influences. In front of these super influences, their Dual Polarity Palace and Sacred Martial Mansion were nothing at all.

Sacred Tianhao let out a long sigh before whispering, ’’From this day forth, we shall avoid Lin Ming's path. After we leave this dream world, we will immediately prepare a generous gift and personally deliver it to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. This should be able to resolve the conflicts between us... between us and Lin Ming, we weren't life or death enemies to begin with... we can only hope that he doesn't bear a grudge against us. As for killing him, we cannot do that. For someone like him, who will become a World King in the future, their destinies are terrifying. Not to mention sheltering him, but those super influences who want to be on good terms with him will definitely intervene on his behalf. And even if no one decides to shelter him, killing him will be a near-impossible task. And if we cannot kill him, then in the future the ones to die will be us!’’

Sacred Tianhao shook his head. He had originally felt that Lin Ming was an unfathomably deep character, but he never imagined he would be strong to such a degree. Even in his battle against Wu Finalcloud, it was still unknown whether or not he used his full strength!

It wasn't even possible to describe Lin Ming as just a monstrous genius anymore.

Sacred Yueping felt his own confidence ruthlessly savaged by Lin Ming, crushed to bits until nothing was left. Even so, he could only swallow his complaints and deal with it. Although he was arrogant, he knew that what Sacred Tianhao said was their only chance of surviving.

And at this time, above the ruined earth, Wu Finalcloud's corpse slowly vanished, turning into pure dreamland energy that slowly floated towards Lin Ming. Within Lin Ming's vision, this energy was composed of countless beams of colorful light. The lights were incomparably radiant;this was the strongest mass of dreamland energy he had seen yet!


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