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Martial World - Chapter 1206


Chapter 1206 - Highdragon's Death




In this battle, Highdragon - had died!

As for Lin Ming, from start to finish, besides some minor injuries on his right hand, he was completely uninjured.

As for those wounds on his right hand, those were completely avoidable. Even if he gave up the grandmist space and the Eight Inner Hidden Gates to suppress the Snake Blood Soft Sword, he still would have killed Highdragon;it was just that he didn't choose to do so.

From the moment that Lin Ming attacked, he had used absolute strength to completely suppress Highdragon. Highdragon hadn't even had the ability to display full use of his Laws.

The disparity was obvious!

The scene of Highdragon's defeat fell into the eyes of the disciples from the True Martial Holy Lands standing not too far away.

They were in a stunned condition;they were finding this hard to believe.

Their Senior-apprentice Brother Highdragon had... died!

In a situation where Lin Ming's cultivation was two small boundaries lower, he had still killed Highdragon. Moreover, he had been calm the entire time. The difference in their strength was unbelievable.

As those disciples saw blood raining down to the ground, all of them looked towards Lin Ming with fear and panic in their eyes.

’’How is this possible!?’’

’’Just where is he from?’’

’’He surpassed two small boundaries to kill a Great World King Holy Land disciple. This is probably the level of an Empyrean descendant!’’

These True Martial Holy Land disciples naturally didn't understand the true strength of an Empyrean descendant, but they couldn't think of a more monstrous kind of genius to describe Lin Ming as.

A random youth that they encountered in True Martial City's Demon Sealing Ridge was actually a monstrous genius comparable to an Empyrean descendant?

This caused them to feel horrified in disbelief!

Lin Ming turned around, looking at these people. His eyes were calm and indifferent, like a person looking at a group of ants.

But this gaze actually caused those True Martial Holy Land disciples to shrink back, their hearts racing and their souls seeming to freeze solid. It was like Lin Ming's gaze had substantialized into two sharp spear lights, directly piercing through them all and making it hard for them to breathe.


These True Martial Holy Land disciples suddenly seemed to wake from their daze. All of them scattered in all directions!

’’None of you will escape. All of you will die!’’

Lin Ming's figure flashed and he immediately appeared in the area where the fleeing True Martial Holy Land disciples were. With just a wave of his Phoenix Blood Spear, countless tiny blood spears shot out in all directions.

These tiny blood spears were extremely fast. They rapidly overtook those fleeing disciples, and with a few light sounds, all of those people were struck through by those numerous tiny blood spears. All of them let out miserable cries as they died one after another!

In just three breaths of time, eight or nine disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands had died. All of them had been cleanly killed by Lin Ming with utter ease.

Of these people, the strongest was the dark-skinned youth. Even after being pierced through with seven or eight tiny blood spears, he still had a single breath of life remaining. However, he was already choking on his blood.

’’Demon... simply a demon...’’

The dark-skinned youth whispered. He only had a few breaths of time left in his life.

In just two and a half days, the dark-skinned youth had died to Lin Ming twice. He only had 16% of his original merit points left.

This was a serious loss!

’’As you said... either you die or I die.’’

Lin Ming indifferently said, his voice resounding in the dark-skinned youth's ears. If that dark-skinned youth didn't think that Lin Ming was easy to bully, and had simply realized he made a mistake after dying the first time and didn't try to seek revenge, then he wouldn't have died a second time.


A tiny blood spear punctured the dark-skinned youth's head. Blood gushed out from his forehead;he had died!

’’They're all dead... but, the merit points of these people aren't anything at all.’’

Lin Ming shook his head, not even bothering to refine their energy. Rather, he focused on the dead Highdragon. That was the true main event.

Underneath the power of the dreamland Laws, Highdragon's body quickly turned into pure dreamland energy that slowly floated towards Lin Ming.

In Lin Ming's field of vision, this multi-colored mass of light was the strongest and brightest group of energy he had seen ever since he joined the First Martial Meeting preliminaries!

If he could continue to absorb dreamland energy like this, Lin Ming would be able to fully bring his third and fourth divine dream marks to perfection.

’’Those True Martial Holy Land disciples also said that Highdragon is a top 10 ranked master of the True Martial Great World. I wonder just how many merit points he'll give me...’’

Lin Ming stretched out his hand. This multi-colored energy slowly flowed into his body.

For a time, Lin Ming felt as if his entire body was filled with a deep awareness. The warm and gentle dreamland energy spread through his entire body before converging on his soul, nourishing it, expanding it, growing it.

Lin Ming felt as if he had returned to the time when he had first obtained the Magic Cube as a teenager. When he was 15-16 years old, that was when he first entered the world of martial arts. That feeling when he rapidly grew was just like this feeling now.

This was a truly wonderful feeling!

Lin Ming looked for a well-hidden valley without a single person present. He sat down and began to meditate, tempering his divine dream marks.


At this time - Good Fortune Great World, within the Unbroken Cult's floating palace.

Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan, and many Elders of the Unbroken Hall were seated in a grand hall.

There was a specialized Unbroken Cult disciple whose sole purpose was to keep track of Lin Ming's merit points and ranking on the divine Seal Decree.

In these past days, Lin Ming's merit points ranking had been steadily rising. From 290,000, it slowly rose to 260,000.

According to this speed Lin Ming would soon re-enter the top 30,000 rankings before the second round of eliminations began.

As evening approached, the fading sunlight peeked through the massive rolling clouds in the sky. It illuminated the incomparably vast golden divine Seal Scroll, making its golden light even more dazzling. That golden scroll that seemed as broad as golden mountains and rivers appeared incomparably grand.

And at this time, Lin Ming's name suddenly changed on the divine Seal Decree. It flashed several times before suddenly disappearing. This meant that Lin Ming's ranking had changed and his position naturally changed with it.

’’Young Hero Lin's ranking has changed!’’

Several Unbroken Cult disciples realized this and began to search for Lin Ming's new ranking. In these past few days, Lin Ming's ranking had jumped several times but it was usually only dozens or hundreds of rankings. Wanting to search for his new position was a very simple matter.

But this time, the several Unbroken Cult disciples swept their eyes over several thousand names yet couldn't find Lin Ming.

’’Great Elder, Young Hero Lin's name has disappeared!’’ The several Unbroken Cult disciples reported to the Great Elder after not finding Lin Ming's position.


The Great Elder opened his eyes from meditation.

’’We looked upwards several tens of thousands of names but we couldn't find Young Hero Lin's name. It couldn't be that...’’

The several disciples trailed off. If one's name disappeared so suddenly like this, besides a sharp rise, there was also another possibility, and that was that they had been killed.

There was no limit in the universe. There was always a higher mountain and a stronger person. Within a great world of the divine Realm, there were countless masters about. To the Unbroken Cult's disciples, the True Martial Holy Lands' Highdragon would be a legendary genius, but he had still been killed by Lin Ming. It wasn't that Highdragon was weak but that his luck was bad, and he had simply kicked himself in the face by challenging Lin Ming.

The Great Elder thought for a moment, then ordered, ’’Search separately. Two of you search ahead and two of you search behind...’’

Before the Great Elder finished speaking, he suddenly recalled that he had the divine dream jade slip. Because Lin Ming's position had appeared on the divine Seal Decree, there simply wasn't any need to use the divine dream jade slip, thus he had forgotten about it for a moment.

’’No need. I will search for him with the divine dream jade slip!’’

As the Great Elder spoke, he took out the divine dream jade slip. Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan looked towards him. Qin Xingxuan appeared extremely nervous, and her heart was chaotically beating. She was afraid that Lin Ming had been killed by some master. After all, even if Lin Ming was extremely strong, he might have run into some overwhelming powerhouse.

Mu Qianyu took a deep breath. She silently kept her eyes on the Great Elder as he searched for Lin Ming.

Soon, Lin Ming's name appeared above the jade slip.

Ancient Phoenix Clan - Lin Ming!

And behind Lin Ming's name, his merit points were continually changing. Or rather, it was better to say that they were crazily growing!

The first number that appeared was already 21 million! And it began to increase by a million at a time!

In just a brief moment, it reached 28 million and then broke right through 30 million!

31 million...

33 million...

35 million...

As the Great Elder saw this insane growth, he sucked in a breath of cold air. This Lin Ming, just what sort of powerhouse had he killed!?

Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan also widened their eyes. Their eyes shined as they looked at the divine dream jade slip.

Lin Ming's merit points easily broke through 40 million, quickly rising towards 50 million!

43 million...

44 million...

45 million...

Finally, Lin Ming's merit points stopped at 46 million.

From 15.6 million to 46 million, that was a sudden rise of 30 million! This meant that Highdragon's merit points had originally been around 50 million!

As for Lin Ming's ranking, he was now ranked 15th of the True Martial Great World!

When the Unbroken Cult Great Elder had first seen Lin Ming's ranking, that had been after the first round of eliminations when his ranking had stabilized. He wasn't like Huo Violentstone, who had kept track of Lin Ming's ranking the entire time. So in his opinion, wanting to increase his ranking so suddenly was extremely difficult.

For him to suddenly rise up to rank 15, that meant that Lin Ming had killed a top 10 ranked master of the True Martial Great World. For Lin Ming to be able to kill such a character, that meant that his strength was ranked at least sixth to seventh on a great world, and could be considered among the highest peak geniuses of a Great World King Holy Land!

To the Unbroken Cult, this sort of talent was simply a myth.

’’Great Elder, we have found Young Hero Lin on the divine Seal Decree. He is ranked 30,862!’’

After learning Lin Ming's ranking, it was easy to find his position. This was because the True Martial Great World was a very lively and bustling great world with many masters. If one was ranked 15th, then they would be ranked around 30,000 out of the entire divine Realm.

’’30,000... from 260,000, he suddenly rose to 30,000... I thought that it would take a month to do so...’’

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder whispered. This meant that Lin Ming's strength was far greater than what he originally thought. It was hard to imagine just what achievements Lin Ming would accomplish in the future.


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