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Martial World - Chapter 1205


Chapter 1205 - Suppression of Absolute Strength





Lin Ming was shocked. This white-haired youth's arm struck out like a python;it was even able to curl around, wrapping around weapons like a spiritual snake!

This was an extremely strange tactic. If he wasn't familiar with his opponent then he would definitely suffer a loss on the first exchange of attacks.

As the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands saw this, their eyes brightened.

’’This is Senior-apprentice Brother's specialty - the Life Laws!’’

’’He can change any part of his body as he wishes, including his muscles, skeleton, organs, even his arms can stretch hundreds of feet to overtake his enemies. This technique is flexible;no one can avoid it! This boy is over, haha!’’

The True Martial Holy Lands' disciples were all confident in Highdragon. Disregarding his talent, just Highdragon's cultivation had already reached the late divine Sea, and Lin Ming was only at the early divine Sea. They didn't believe that Lin Ming could win in a situation where he was two small boundaries below Highdragon.

As Lin Ming saw this soft sword pierce towards his chest and his Phoenix Blood Spear wrapped up in that weapon, he knew that it was impossible to avoid this attack. His mind suddenly focused into his inner world and energy erupted from his body.

Primordius martial intent - grandmist space!


Lin Ming's protective true essence was suddenly pierced through by that snake-like sword! Lin Ming's protective true essence was extremely thick, but that soft sword was actually able to break through the surface and tear it open!

But at this moment, the blood red Prime Emperor Lotus Flower slowly bloomed behind Lin Ming. The incomparably vast and ancient grandmist space came falling down, similar to a million jin mountain peak falling down on that red soft sword, ruthlessly suppressing it!


The soft sword lost a great deal of its spiritual sense, but it still continued stabbing towards Lin Ming.

Eight Inner Hidden Gates - Gate of View!

Power of dragon bone - fuse!

With the Phoenix Blood Spear entangled, Lin Ming opened the Gate of View, the gate that precipitated a greater defensive power. The power of the supreme dragon bone within his body erupted, and the joints in his right hand began to emit explosive crackling sounds. In that instant, his entire right hand was covered in a celestial azure light. His right hand became as firm as divine iron. Without need of the Phoenix Blood Spear, he gripped the red soft sword!

This action left all of the martial artists panic-stricken. Lin Ming actually dared to grasp a spirit artifact soft sword with his own flesh - did he not want his hand anymore?

Without time for anyone else to respond, Lin Ming's right hand had already grasped the top half of the soft sword, just as if he had grasped the weak point of a snake!

’’Power of thunder!’’

Lin Ming cried out. The Purple Lion Thunder Source percolating within the Heretical God Seedling and the wild power of thunder heavenly tribulation swelled within his right hand. The soft sword's blade was completely covered by a sheen of blazing purple light, and one could even hear a faint cry coming from the soft sword!

Because of the soft sword's struggles, Lin Ming's right hand constantly bled. But, this was nothing to him at all. No matter how the soft sword twisted, it still couldn't escape his grasp.

’’How... this... how is this possible!?’’

’’He grasped the spirit artifact soft sword with his bare hand!?’’

All of the surrounding True Martial Holy Lands disciples were mind boggled, their eyes wide with shock. Highdragon himself was bewildered, a brilliant light bursting out from his eyes. Lin Ming had actually managed to block the Snake Blood Soft Sword with his bare hand?

Blood of the Ancient Phoenix - combust!

In that moment, a dazzling phoenix mark burst out from between his eyebrows, illuminating the world with a blinding golden light. The Heretical God Force within his body also completely opened and the grandmist space expanded to its limits. To his amazement, Highdragon discovered that he was nearly about to lose mental contact with his own spirit artifact soft sword!

’’What an inconceivable body transformation technique... bones and muscles that are tough to the point of being horrifying, and that strange and unique force field that can even suppress the energy of the Snake Blood Soft Sword... this man is a terrifying opponent!’’

Highdragon quickly analyzed what was happening. He couldn't allow the Snake Blood Soft Sword to be lost like this, otherwise this wouldn't even be a fight anymore.

His figure flashed;Highdragon directly crashed into the grandmist space!

Lin Ming sneered. He gripped the Snake Blood Soft Sword in one hand and thrust the Phoenix Blood Spear towards Highdragon with his other hand!

Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

A conflagration of flames burst into existence. A towering blue lotus began to bloom on the Phoenix Blood Spear and a blazing column of flames shot straight into the heavens!

Just as Lin Ming was about to stab his spear into Highdragon's stomach, Highdragon's pupils shrank as he deeply shouted, ’’Poison Dragon!’’


A single-horned giant snake broke through Highdragon's chest and shot out, bringing with it a shower of blood as it bit down at Lin Ming's throat.

Highdragon was actually able to fuse the snake into himself and have it emerge from nearly anywhere. This was an attack that was nearly impossible to guard against!

This sort of combat method was based on Highdragon's profound understanding into the Laws of Life, and this was also a fighting method that Lin Ming had never encountered before.

What a fantastical method of fighting!

Lin Ming's eyes burned with a thick fighting spirit. After experiencing so many different techniques, he was thrilled with elation.

As Lin Ming saw this massive snake rush towards him, he laughed and said, ’’What wonderful Laws you have mastered. But underneath the suppression of absolute strength, any Laws, no matter how mysterious they are, have lost all meaning!’’

Lin Ming gave a loud shout, opening the Heretical God Force to the limit as he displayed the Blue Lotus Flame Dance once more. The power of thunder within the Heretical God Force broke free like a shattered dam, all of that energy flooding into the blue lotus.

Thunder and fire twisted together - a terrifying energy erupted!


The wild explosion rolled out for hundreds of miles, decimating the entire area. Countless black boulders were completely broken apart by these shockwaves of energy, turning into tiny fragments!

As for those seven or eight disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands, they were all sent flying backwards by this massive wave of energy. For a time, their miserable shouts filled the air.

The horned snake that emerged from Highdragon's chest withstood the brunt of Lin Ming's attack. Its giant snake head was covered with blood!

Highdragon's protective true essence had completely exploded. But, the skin all over his body was covered by a layer of fist-sized snake scales. These scales blocked the explosive energy, leaving his entire body stained with blood.

’’He blocked it?’’

Lin Ming was a bit startled. Although this spear strike wasn't his strongest attack, he had still combusted the phoenix blood and also opened the Heretical God Force. This was the strongest attack that Lin Ming had sent out in the five months he had spent in the First Martial Meeting preliminaries so far. Even though Highdragon's body was bloodied and he was grievously wounded, he had still been able to block it.

’’What amazing defensive power. The Laws of Life are able to change your bodily structure and form snake scales over your body. This is achieving similar results to the body transformation technique through completely different methods!’’

The body transformation technique and the Life Laws both focused on developing the mortal body and one's blood energy.

The body transformation technique tempered the mortal body, increasingly strengthening the body and using it as the foundation for powerful combat techniques like the Hundred Layered Waves, Flow like Silk, and others.

But, the Life Laws only focused on changing one's bodily structure. This allowed one to adapt their body to different combat situations. However, it was unable to be used to temper and toughen the body.

To put it plainly, the body transformation technique was a complete set of martial arts. It had its own cultivation methods, martial skills, and other such skills.

But the Life Laws were a singular type of ability. The disparity between these two was naturally immense.

Of course, the body transformation technique that Lin Ming had cultivated so far was extremely limited;he was only able to use a few combat skills from it.

’’If I could cultivate the body transformation technique as a foundation and also perceive the Life Laws and allow myself to change my body at will, then the increase in my strength wouldn't be as simple as adding them together.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking, Highdragon was standing where he was, completely stock still. He was looking at Lin Ming with an incredulous light in his eyes.

’’You are only at the early divine Sea, but your true essence is actually so thick...’’

Highdragon was unable to believe this. He had a late divine Sea cultivation and his true essence was several times thicker than that of other geniuses at his boundary.

But now, in terms of the thickness of his true essence, he had lost to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming remained calm and indifferent. The strength of his true essence indeed surpassed Highdragon's. Not to mention his ability to burn the Ancient Phoenix blood and open the Heretical God Force, just by taking the Boundless World Pill, that had allowed his inner world to reach a diameter of 800 miles, a size larger than a weak late divine Sea martial artist's inner world.

It wasn't just that Lin Ming's inner world was huge, but also because his true essence was extremely dense. Because of this, his inner world was able to hold even more strength. With both of these factors added together, the thickness of Lin Ming's true essence could be imagined.

’’You have lost.’’ Lin Ming coolly said, even as his right hand kept its grasp on Highdragon's Snake Blood Soft Sword. This Snake Blood Soft Sword twisted around, struggling to free itself. But no matter what it did, it couldn't escape Lin Ming's grip. Lin Ming's right hand was covered with blood and one could even see bones through his wounds, but to someone like him who had opened the Gate of Life, absorbed the supreme dragon bone, and even had the support of the Ancient Phoenix blood, such a small wound wasn't worth mentioning at all.

This Snake Blood Soft Sword was about to be completely disconnected from Highdragon. In other words, his weapon would be taken away.

With the battle having reached this point, he wouldn't even have a weapon. Just what sort of difference in strength was this!

Highdragon humorlessly laughed.

Through the suppression of absolute strength, Highdragon's strange attack methods were rendered useless. In fact, if it weren't for Lin Ming wanting to experience Highdragon's strange combat techniques, then Lin Ming could have definitely defeated him in five breaths of time.

’’I didn't lose to you in skills or Laws, but I lost to you in... absolute strength!’’

Highdragon unwillingly said.

’’Skills? Laws?’’ Lin Ming chuckled. ’’That is only because you aren't strong enough to force out my skills or Laws.’’

When Lin Ming had crossed a nine by nine Life Destruction, countless Law fragments had gathered within his body. Although he hadn't yet been able to completely perceive these Law fragments, they still formed an immeasurably solid foundation for Lin Ming's comprehension of Laws.

’’Now die.’’

Lin Ming's eyes turned icy cold;the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands thrust out.

He naturally couldn't allow Highdragon to leave here alive;he needed Highdragon's merit points.

As Highdragon saw Lin Ming about to kill him, he shouted out loud as his body emitted explosive cracking sounds. His body fused together with the snake and the phantom of a massive red python appeared behind him.

This was his last desperate attack with his life on the life!

Pa pa pa!

Highdragon's body burst apart. All the bones seemed to disappear as his body stretched out again and again, overlapping with the massive red python phantom behind him. Then, he hurtled towards Lin Ming.

But now having lost his weapon, this was the same as using his flesh to clash with the Phoenix Blood Spear.

The Life Laws that he studied were unable to give him the powerful mortal body that Lin Ming possessed!

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

Lin Ming opened all seven of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates together and his strength rapidly rose by millions of jins. With the enhanced power of the Hundred Layered Waves, his strength doubled again, reaching the 100 million jin threshold once more!

With this attack gathered onto the Phoenix Blood Spear, the might of this strike was incomparably terrifying!

At the start of this exchange, the truth was that the result was already preordained. With Highdragon having lost his weapon, he was only able to fight with his flesh and blood body. Even if he risked his life, he absolutely wasn't Lin Ming's match.

The disparity was simply too great.


With a loud explosive sound, Highdragon's body as well as that giant red python phantom were torn apart by Lin Ming's spear, sending bits and pieces of flesh and blood everywhere. Highdragon's entire body had nearly turned into a fog of blood!


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