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Martial World - Chapter 1201


Chapter 1201 - Murder




With the direction of Five Flower Mountain's three disciples, Lin Ming found a very good residence at True Martial City. And, as the several people walked along, he was able to glean a general situation of True Martial City's masters through their conversations together.

And of the strongest characters, because they hadn't yet formally fought each other, it was impossible to say just who was stronger or weaker. One was only able to obtain a general feeling.

Most people believed that Dragon Fang was the number one master of the True Martial Great World. Dragon Fang was only a nickname;no one knew his true name. Within the divine Dream World, many people used a nickname.

Dragon Fang's weapon was the Dragon Fang Blade. His origin was a mystery. He didn't come from the True Martial Holy Lands, and it was possible that he didn't come from a World King level Holy Land. As for where he truly came from, no one knew.

But, what everyone knew for certain was that Dragon Fang's merit points ranking was not number one, but ranked in the top five.

The number one ranking belonged to the top genius of the True Martial Holy Lands - Wu Finalcloud.

Wu Finalcloud was also undoubtedly one of the strongest participants within the True Martial Great World.

After Lin Ming learnt all this, he suspiciously asked, ’’If Wu Finalcloud is ranked first, then why are there more people that think Dragon Fang is stronger?’’

The yellow-clothed youth said, ’’You can probably already make a guess from what I've said, and that is that people from the True Martial Holy Lands give Dragon Fang a wide berth if they see him. Dragon Fang claimed a hunting area and no one from the True Martial Holy Lands is able to take it away from him. No one else is afforded this sort of treatment. The True Martial Holy Lands is the massive titan of True Martial City. Normally, anyone that sees them should be quaking with fear!’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming asked, an eyebrow shooting up. Within Immemorial Imperial City, this sort of situation didn't exist. Besides one's family background indicating their relative strength, there was no other advantage. It wasn't like True Martial City, where one could directly suppress all others with their background of the True Martial Holy Lands.

The yellow-clothed youth continued to say, ’’If you think about it some more, you'll understand the reasons. In True Martial City, the True Martial Holy Lands has the most geniuses as well as the strongest geniuses. No one dares to provoke them. Even if your strength is equal to theirs, no one is able to summon the courage to oppose them. All of the best nearby hunting grounds have been claimed by them, and there are very few areas that are divided to others. Moreover, if you were to meet them in the wild, all you could do is allow them to kill you. Escaping alive would be the best situation possible. And even then, it is impossible to take revenge against them;your only choice is to endure the shame. If you were to kill them, then once they revive the next day there will simply be stronger martial artists chasing after you. And if you kill them, stronger people will follow behind them. This is simply like the gangs of the mortal world. Even if you killed some unimportant figure of that gang, that is equal to slapping that gang in the face. They might use all of their forces to chase you down in order to retaliate.

’’The only exception would be... if you were stronger than everyone from the True Martial Holy Lands!

’’And Dragon Fang has managed to accomplish this!’’

The yellow-clothed youth's face was filled with admiration as he spoke to here. It was clear that he was filled with awe and reverence towards Dragon Fang, someone who was able to face off against the entire True Martial Holy Lands with just their strength alone.

Lin Ming also felt a great deal of admiration towards Dragon Fang as he heard this. He let out a light sigh. It seemed that even if Empyrean divine Dream was managing this First Martial Meeting, it was still impossible for her to form a completely fair tournament between 10 quadrillion geniuses. A genius from a great background had much more support and help than someone who came from a humble origin. For someone from a top sect, it was much easier to gain merit points.

However, for Empyrean divine Dream to do what she had done already could be called perfection. As the tournament continued forwards, it would become increasingly fair.

’’Has Dragon Fang fought with Wu Finalcloud yet?’’ Lin Ming asked.

’’I've only heard some rumors. It's said that the two of them fought for the briefest moment just once. A high ranked character from the True Martial Holy Lands wanted to kill Dragon Fang and steal away his merit points to increase their own ranking, but the result was that they were easily killed off by Dragon Fang instead.

’’Then, after this person revived, he crawled over to his Elder senior-apprentice Brother Wu Finalcloud and asked him to deal with Dragon Fang in order to help him take revenge. Then, it was said that Wu Finalcloud encountered Dragon Fang at Demon Sealing Ridge. The two of them fought for just a single move, and Wu Finalcloud was the one that was forced back by Dragon Fang's sword. Then, Wu Finalcloud brought his several junior-apprentice brothers away without saying a single word further. Those several junior-apprentice brothers he brought with him were also highly ranked martial artists of the True Martial Holy Lands. But even several of them together weren't able to do anything to Dragon Fang. From that day on, no one from the True Martial Holy Lands dared to move against Dragon Fang again. Whenever they see Dragon Fang, all of them scurry away with their tails between their legs.

’’I don't know if Dragon Fang really fought with Wu Finalcloud, but everyone can see that the disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands all fear Dragon Fang and avoid him as much as possible. Thus, many people took this as a sign that Dragon Fang is the top master of the True Martial Great World. And, merit point rankings also don't represent everything. There are some masters that don't care about fame and only wish to challenge stronger masters.’’

The yellow-clothed youth spoke in a rush. After hearing this, Lin Ming was also quite interested in this Dragon Fang character.

’’Wu Finalcloud... Dragon Fang... this Dragon Fang's background is quite the mystery. He isn't from the True Martial Holy Lands and yet he's so powerful. The divine Realm is incomparably broad, so there must be people that stumble upon heaven-defying lucky chances and also those with talent that surpasses all belief. For someone like him to appear isn't unusual at all...’’

The geniuses of Great World King Holy Lands were strong, but a Great World King Holy Land was limited in the number of people they had. A Great World King Holy Land might have a trillion some people in their ranks. But, when the geniuses of these Great World King Holy Lands were compared to all the rare extraordinary people that appeared within the trillion trillion people of the divine Realm, it was unknown just who was stronger!

’’I'll have to go to Demon Sealing Ridge first...’’

Lin Ming made this plan. Then, he left True Martial City, launched his movement technique and flew straight towards Demon Sealing Ridge.

For Lin Ming, a 3000 mile distance only took an incense stick of time to traverse.

As Lin Ming approached Demon Sealing Ridge, he released his senses. He could see countless massive and brilliant divine dream lights appearing in his mind's eye. Many of these masses of lights were even brighter than Lin Ming himself.

Of course, this was because Lin Ming's ranking had precipitously dropped and he had fallen out of the top 100 rankings of the True Martial Great World.

’’There are many powerful nightmare beasts over there. If I kill them, I'll be able to obtain a good number of merit points.’’

Underneath the gaze of Lin Ming's divine sense, there was no powerful nightmare beast that was able to escape his eyes. In terms of killing nightmare beasts, there was no one as fast or effective as Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had just started to fly towards those several nightmare beasts when a grim voice sounded out, dripping with killing intent. ’’Friend! These are our hunting grounds, don't you understand the rules!?’’

Lin Ming frowned. He turned around to see that not too far away, six martial artists had gathered. They were all of different sizes but the clothes they wore all had the same patterns. They had a strange symbol embroidered on their right chest area, that seemed to resemble an abstract 'True' character.

Lin Ming had seen this symbol many times in Immemorial Imperial City before. When he first arrived at the divine Dream World, he had also seen two geniuses of the True Martial Holy Lands that had this symbol on their foreheads. It was clear that these people were all from the True Martial Holy Lands.

’’Heh, it seems that those three people from Five Flower Mountain were correct. These people from the True Martial Holy Lands are simply a domineering bunch that have occupied the best hunting areas around True Martial City. Martial artists from smaller sects are only able to share in the leftovers.’’

As Lin Ming was thinking this, one of those six people said, ’’Big Brother, why are you speaking so kindly to the likes of him? He's clearly a newbie to this area. We might as well just kill him here and get it over him. I just wonder if this idiot has any merit points we can share in.’’

This person spoke in an extremely loud voice, clearly wanting Lin Ming to hear him. Beside him was someone that seemed to be the captain of their group. This was the person who had first warned Lin Ming. He had dark skin and was extremely tall. His eyes were sharp and his face was angular.

This dark-skinned man narrowed his eyes and examined Lin Ming's cultivation. He felt as if there was something a bit strange about Lin Ming.

He wouldn't recklessly attack those that he didn't understand. But, this didn't mean he was afraid. Within the entirety of True Martial City, besides a select few people, there was no one that dared to attack him.

’’I'll say it one last time. Leave here. This is our hunting area.’’ His words didn't seem rude nor overly disrespectful. But, the truth was that a hidden undercurrent of killing intent and threat lay beneath his words, menacing and aggressive.

’’Didn't you hear him? If you don't want to die then hurry up and f*k off! You can consider yourself lucky this time!’’ The dark-skinned man's little brother shouted out once more. In truth, this little brother of his wasn't someone from the True Martial Holy Lands, but merely an underling. Many times, a dog would eagerly bark out loud, even if their master remained quiet.

Lin Ming laughed. His lips curved up in a smile as he spoke and he looked at this underling like he was looking at an idiotic clown. ’’In all my years I've walked where I wanted to using my own two legs. What do you mean f*k off? How about you demonstrate that for me?’’

’’You are courting death!’’

That little brother said, enraged. He was the first to attack. And as he attacked, the other five people behind him also moved. Although the dark-skinned man felt a bit of caution towards Lin Ming, this was only because he didn't completely understand Lin Ming's limit and background, not because he feared Lin Ming himself.

Woosh! Woosh!

Two swords turned into beams of light that thrust towards Lin Ming's heart and throat. At the same time, someone arrived behind Lin Ming in a flash of smoke, a thick saber in their hands chopping downwards towards Lin Ming's head.

All of this happened in just a split-second.

However, just as these people thought they were about to succeed, Lin Ming also moved.

At an unbelievable speed approaching fantasy, a speed that none of the six were able to react to, Lin Ming's body suddenly shot forwards, leaving behind nothing but an afterimage. The attacks of the six people all missed!


The Phoenix Blood Spear came whistling out. Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and the cold spearpoint drew a crescent moon in the air. With a flash of red light, without a martial skill and only a single overwhelming move, three disciples of the True Martial Great World were instantly sheared in half at the waist, blood raining down.

Three people were instantly killed, leaving three behind.

These three people included the dark-skinned captain as well as his loud underling.


The three remaining participants looked down to the ground and saw the three corpses still gushing blood. This sudden change caused all of them to be shocked. They knew that they had absolutely kicked their foot against a brick wall this time. The difference in strength was simply too great;there was no chance of them escaping.

Although they had really stumbled into a pile of crap, the dark-skinned youth still kept his calm. This was because he knew he had someone backing him from behind.

The dark-skinned youth's heart shrank as he saw Lin Ming's expressionless face and blood-stained spear. ’’Stop! Friend, I apologize if you were offended just now, but this is all a grave misunderstanding. We are disciples of the True Martial Holy Lands, so you should give us some face. You killed those three people just now, but you also didn't know who they were. I can help you resolve this issue and take responsibility for this matter so that no one will try to retaliate against you.’’

The dark-skinned youth hurriedly said, afraid that Lin Ming wouldn't know he was from the True Martial Holy Lands.


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