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Martial World - Chapter 1197


Chapter 1197 - Empyrean Descendant




The divine Realm's 3000 great worlds each had a corresponding great world in the divine Dream World. Within these great worlds, endless slaughter was occurring every second.

During the second round of eliminations, the rankings were pulled even further apart!

And, within that grand divine Seal Decree, the ranked 30,000 or so Lin Ming naturally wasn't the most noticeable. Rather, it was the 10 kings of the ranking list!

The many spectators of the divine Realm 3000 great worlds were all staring at these magnificent names. To them, these names all represented legends.

Especially the first name. That was the most radiant of all. The writing style of this name was written exactly the same as the divine Sea Decree title, and the names of these characters were also of the same size. They were over twice the size of the other names!

Demondawn Heavenly Palace - Xiao Moxian!

Merit points: 116,507,820!

divine Seal Decree ranking: one!

This was the only person whose merit points had surpassed a hundred million. Moreover, it was a great deal more than the second place!

The name of Xiao Moxian was very strange. It was a name that meant little demon fairy. In truth, this name seemed more like a nickname, and also the name of a woman.

The prefix of Demondawn Heavenly Palace meant that this woman didn't originate from divine Dream Palace. In fact, no one from divine Dream Palace participated in the preliminaries. They directly passed through the preliminaries.

At this time, within Lightmend World, four martial artists were violently battling a massive snake, weapons held in each of their arms.

This snake had a body as thick as a tree as well as three giant heads. Each head spat out a different colored cloud of gas. When any plant life was touched by these gas clouds, it would immediately decay and wither into nothing. Even the swamp would melt away when touched by these gas clouds.

If Lin Ming was here, he would estimate that after killing this python he would be able to receive several thousand merit points. This was absolutely a vicious beast that would cause geniuses of ordinary Holy Lands to flee as far as they could.

However, these four martial artists were able to battle this giant snake. It was clear that their strength was quite formidable.

The snake and the four men had been in a brutal melee for some time already. A scholarly-looking man found an opening and chopped his blade deep into a weak point. The snake stiffened for a moment and then the other martial artists closed in and finished it off.

’’Haha! After the second round of eliminations began, the merit points of these nightmare beasts have increased so much!’’

’’Yes, this big snake actually gave us 5000 merit points, that means that each of us can receive over a thousand merit points. Before this, the highest value nightmare beast only gave us 1800 merit points. This also means that martial artists will accumulate an increasing amount of merit points! It's possible that the top 50 rankings can be completely changed too! This is our chance to rise.’’

’’That's right, us brothers must try harder and crash into the top 50 rankings to give our father some face!’’

As the four martial artists were speaking, they were suddenly stunned. With a surprised expression, they all looked to the side and saw that in this swamp, a young woman wearing all black had appeared. She had the appearance of a 15-16 year old girl, and her hair hung down past her shoulders like a waterfall of black ink. Her eyes were dark yet bright, and her forehead was crowned with neatly-trimmed bangs. As she appeared here, she was like a fantastical night spirit.

The young girl carefully patted down her skirt as if she were afraid she would dirty herself with the mud of the swamp, and then began to slowly walk towards the four martial artists.

The four men glanced at each other, a bit dumbfounded. Just who was this girl? If a martial artist was afraid of dirtying themselves in the swamp, they could fly in the air. A martial artist could fly at the Xiantian realm. Was this girl not even a Xiantian realm martial artist?

The scholarly-looking youth of the four men was extremely suspicious. Then, he discovered that this girl was stepping on small leaves that had fallen on the ground. She would rely on just these fallen leaves to support her body, briskly hopping over them.

If she could accomplish this then she could certainly fly. But, why would she be using such a bothersome and tedious method to walk? She was like an innocent girl that was stirring up trouble and thought it amusing to step on these fallen leaves to move forwards.

’’Who is this girl? I've never seen her before.’’

The location that the four men killed nightmare beasts at was the highest quality hunting grounds near their city. In order to hunt here, one needed a certain amount of skill. If this black-clothed girl had been able to come here before, they should have had some impression of her, especially since she had such a unique appearance.

At this time, the black-clothed girl suddenly looked up at the four men. She brightly smiled, but that smile also seemed to have a faint taste of malicious playfulness.

She had a beautiful and charmingly lovable face, but that smile of hers actually revealed a sharp pair of incisors just like a little devil.

’’Little girl, what are you smiling at! Who are you, did you come from some nearby city?’’

A big fellow from the four martial artists suddenly asked, anger in his voice. If someone appeared here and they didn't recognize them, this likely meant that they came from some nearby city to harvest merit points.

The black-clothed young girl seemed to not hear a word he said. She only chuckled, her voice like soft tinkling silver bells.

’’You bitch, what are you smiling for!? Once I'm done with you, let's see how you'll still smile!’’ The big fellow boorishly said. The scholarly youth frowned, ’’Third Brother, it might be a bad idea to provoke this girl.’’

’’So what? She's just someone from a nearby city that I haven't seen before. What can a girl like her do to me?’’

The big fellow indifferently said.

But at this time, the black-clothed girl giggled and said, ’’You stupid fool. I don't come from a nearby city but a nearby great world. I come from Demon God World and all the powerful people there have already been killed by me. I thought it was a bit boring so I came here to play. How many merit points can the lot of you give me?’’

’’Points? Merit points?’’ The big fellow's eyes widened. He immediately responded, ’’What did you say? You're from the nearby great world, Demon God World?’’

But soon he reacted once more. Why would he believe someone just because they said something? He sneered and said, ’’What a boastful idiot, it's like you're not scared of having your lies seen through. And to think you said you came from a nearby great world, as if you're so amazing! In this divine Dream World, how could you possibly travel the vast distance between great worlds? Looking at your soft and fair skin, you're nothing but a little baby. For a great man like me, you're not even enough for an appetizer!’’

The big fellow laughed, his voice travelling for half a mile. But then, he stopped.

His entire body was paralyzed. With great effort, he bent his head down and saw that there was blood leaking out from his throat and chest. It was like something had pierced through his body and wormed its way in. With his wounds as the center, he could feel the meridians within his body suddenly go cold, freezing over. His consciousness gradually blurred, dimming down as his strength rapidly left his body. This was the feeling of death, and this wasn't the first time that this big fellow had experienced this.

’’I... how did I die?’’

This was the big fellow's last thought before he toppled over.

The other three were all shocked senseless.

’’Third Brother!’’

The scholarly youth cried out in alarm. But at this time, any sort of reasoning told him that wanting to take revenge for his third brother was impossible. This girl was simply terrifying to the point that those present couldn't even believe their eyes. She had to be a top ranked martial artist of a great world. As for them, they were only martial artists ranked between 60 and 70.

Just now they hadn't even seen how their third brother had died!

’’Scatter and escape!’’

The scholarly youth decisively shouted this command. The other two also sensed the direness of the situation. They used their fastest movement techniques and escaped in different directions.

The little girl was faintly startled. Then, she chuckled and said, ’’Smart move. I'll give you all five breaths of time as a reward.’’

The little girl shut her eyes and began to count, without any nervousness at all. She was just like someone playing hide and seek.

After counting to five, the young girl suddenly opened her eyes. She smiled and said, ’’I'm going to chase you now.’’

As she spoke, she vanished, her body disappearing into motes of light. In a moment she seemed to have teleported 10 miles away. Then with another flash, she flash-stepped another 20 miles.

It had to be known that the divine Dream World and the divine Realm were nearly the same. The space here was extremely stable, and if one wished to pass through space by flash-stepping a short distance, that was extremely difficult to accomplish. This required one to have an extremely high understanding into the Space Laws.

Finally, no one was able to escape from the hands of this young girl.

Their throats all gushed out with blood. As their corpses vanished, a small and thin golden leaf fluttered to the ground. This was clearly what killed them.

’’Their merit points are too few;my total score doesn't seem to have moved at all. I have to look for a top three ranking martial artist in this Lightmend World. I'll only be able to increase my score by killing them.’’

The black-clothed young girl whispered to herself. Her body vanished in motes of light and soon completely disappeared.


At this time, within an exquisitely carved jade tower, a blue-clothed youth had a cyan sword hanging over his shoulders as he looked at the distant divine Seal Decree in the horizon.

This youth had a slender and handsome appearance, as if his looks were molded from the purest jade. A pill hung between his eyebrows, looking like a third eye.

’’Junior-apprentice Sister Frost Dream, Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian has indeed managed to obtain first rank. It seems she'll become extremely famous now. She has surpassed the second ranked martial artist by nearly 30 million merit points. I think that those Great World King Holy Land geniuses of Demon God World are really too pitiful. They don't even have anyone that is ranked in the top 5000 of the divine Seal Decree. I estimate that all of them were killed by Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian. Even the neighboring great worlds might be in for a stroke of bad luck this time. Junior-apprentice Sister's personality has been well known ever since she was young. She simply loves playing around far too much. She could have directly attended the finals, but in the end she decided to join in the preliminaries to bully everyone instead! This is simply giving no face at all. I think that the Great World King of Demon God World is probably feeling extremely ill!’’

Beside this blue-clothed youth was a young girl wearing an icy blue dress. She was obviously the Junior-apprentice Frost Dream that the blue-clothed youth spoke to.

This young girl appeared to be 16-17 years old. Her stature was slender and fluid like an ice sculpture, her fingers were thin and long, and a faint haze covered her entire body. Every single movement of hers caused a bit of ephemeral starlight to sprinkle down, seeming holy and inviolable.

Her looks were also covered in this strange mist so it was impossible to see her face. But, one could vaguely feel that she had perfectly contoured features and eyes like deep spring pools.

The young girl lightly nodded, not responding. She continued to look at the divine Seal Decree in the far off distance.

The feeling she exuded was like an immortal fairy of frost and rime that lived in the highest heavens: beautiful, charming, and untainted by the sins of the world.

The blue-clothed youth didn't seem unhappy at all at the young girl's cold response. Instead, he continued to enthusiastically speak, ’’And then there's Junior-apprentice Brother White Yao who is much more collected and reasonable. Although he is also an Empyrean disciple, he is only ranked tenth. He's not as devilish as Junior-apprentice Sister Xiao Moxian, killing all those Great World King Holy Land geniuses until they are rolling around in their own misery.’’

The blue-clothed youth casually said. But, the truth was that in his opinion, this divine Realm First Martial Meeting was basically a competition between Empyrean descendants. For anyone else to break into their circle was impossible.


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