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Martial World - Chapter 1196


Chapter 1196 - True Martial City




As the Unbroken Cult Great Elder was looked at by Mu Qianyu, he had no idea what expression to make or what words to say. He was in an extremely complex mood at this moment.

For such a top class character like Lin Ming, how could his wives be found in a little sect like his? This was simply inconceivable.

’’Well... two misses, you...’’

The Great Elder discovered that he didn't even know Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's names. But, calling his own disciples 'misses' was a bit strange.

Luckily, Mu Qianyu was extremely understanding. She said, ’’Disciple's name is Mu Qianyu, and this is my sister, Qin Xingxuan.’’

’’Oh...’’ The Great Elder awkwardly said, ’’You ascended from the lower realms?’’

These words were spoken because the Great Elder had no idea what else to say. When a martial artist arrived from the lower realms, they still carried extremely obvious characteristics with them to the divine Realm.

’’Yes.’’ Mu Qianyu nodded.

’’Ah... well... it isn't easy to ascend from the mortal realms. For you to be able to cultivate to an Eightfall divine Sea realm in a place barren of resources like the lower realms already proves you have excellent martial talent.

In the blink of an eye, martial artists from the lower realms that were normally mocked and discriminated against were suddenly transformed into excellent talents. The other Elders could only ruefully smile at each other as they heard this sort of transformation in tone.

They soon understood the situation. It seemed that Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu, and Qin Xingxuan were all martial artists that originated from the lower realms. If true, everything was easily explainable. Lin Ming had ascended first, and then his wives had come to the divine Realm to search for him.

The result was that as the two women arrived at the divine Realm, they realized that their strength was lacking and they also didn't know that their husband was so powerful, so they had encountered many problems. And, there was a portion of these problems that had been created by the Unbroken Cult.

As the Elders of the Unbroken Cult thought of this, all of them felt pained in their hearts. Although the Unbroken Cult's actions were understandable and not wrong, this was simply a stroke of bad luck. If they had known Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's husband was so magnificent then they would have assisted them as much as they could. That would have been a great favor that they would have earned!

But now, they could only ask that Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan didn't hold a grudge against them.

Several Elders glanced at each other. Finally, the Great Elder spoke up. He was very happy that he didn't refuse Mu Qianyu's request to look for Lin Ming, otherwise the consequences would have been dire.

’’So your husband also ascended from the lower realms?’’ The Great Elder asked.


After obtaining Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's affirmation, the several Elders glanced at each other in dismay. For a martial artist who ascended from the lower realms to increase their strength to such a degree, just what kind of monstrous genius was that! Lin Ming's future achievements would likely be even greater!

’’Two misses' husband is truly worthy of praise. I fear that even in the one billion worlds of the lower realms, an extreme genius like your husband wouldn't appear even in 10,000 years. Really, this truly makes old me feel ashamed.

’’In addition, well...’’ As the Great Elder spoke to here, his face revealed an embarrassed color. ’’I know that two misses were wronged before this. While I am fully aware of the labors that are required of outer court disciples, that is also something that the vast majority of sects in the divine Realm must do in order to survive. There is nothing else that can be done about it. If a white dragon were to become a fish, even they could be captured by fishermen and birds. I can only explain this to two misses in hopes that we can dissolve any past animosities between us.’’

If a white dragon were to transform into a fish and delve into the water, it was possible that they would be caught by fishermen or hunted by birds. This wasn't to say that the fishermen or birds were in the wrong. In fact, 99% of sects in the divine Realm required outer court disciples to do chores and other tasks. For instance, Carefree Island required outer court disciples to risk their lives in mining resources. Even the Ancient Phoenix Clan was the same.

A sect was just like a trade association in the mortal world. There had to be workers that could produce wealth, otherwise where would resources come from? This was the rule of survival that one had to follow in the divine Realm. Sects were not charities that helped whomever needed it. For a divine Sea martial artist in the divine Realm with mediocre talent, their life would be hard.

Mu Qianyu was also very clear of this. She said, ’’Great Elder, there is no need to speak too seriously about this matter. I must thank the Unbroken Cult for attending to and assisting us for this last half year.’’

Mu Qianyu didn't hate the Unbroken Cult. In fact, before Old Man Good Fortune brought them to the divine Realm, he had already explained that his status in the Unbroken Cult wasn't high at all. After one was accepted into the Unbroken Cult, they would be given resources and tasks according to their talent.

Also, Mu Qianyu still hadn't seen Lin Ming. Bluffing and boasting would be extremely stupid. After all, she still had to find Lin Ming and she had to rely on the Unbroken Cult to do so.

’’Good...good...’’ The Unbroken Cult Great Elder breathed out in relief. ’’Come then, I shall bring you to the honored guest palace so that you two can rest. Yu Feng, you will be responsible for attending to the daily needs of the two misses. If there is even a single mistake then I shall hold you responsible!’’

The Great Elder's last few words were extremely harsh, enough that they scared Yu Feng. Yu Feng was also aware that such an arrangement was deliberate. By transforming her role into one who served Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, that would help dissolve any resentment in their hearts.

Although her status had suddenly turned from a master into a servant, Yu Feng still brightly smiled and humbly bowed to the two women.

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder took out a transcendent saint artifact level floating palace, and indicated for Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan to enter. He said, ’’Two misses, rest assured, when the preliminaries for the First Martial Meeting end, I shall personally escort you to the semi-finals to see your husband. I will make sure that you are absolutely safe the entire trip.’’

The Great Elder bumped his chest in guarantee. After Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan heard him, they were both overjoyed. Especially Qin Xingxuan. Her nose burned and tears nearly fell from her eyes. She had worked for this day and dreamed about it. Now, she would finally be able to see Lin Ming again.


And at this time, within the divine Dream World, the second round of the preliminaries was finally beginning.

In his dwelling in Immemorial Imperial City, Lin Ming could hear the endless roars of nightmare beasts coming from outside the city.

Lin Ming studied the divine Dream Law. With his understanding of it, he could feel that after the second round of eliminations began, the collective sounds of the nightmare beasts evolved!

This meant that the merit points one obtained from hunting these nightmare beasts would be much higher. At the same time, the risks were that much greater!

To these martial artists, higher merit points from nightmare beasts meant opportunity. But, if they faced these more formidable nightmare beasts, that meant they could easily lose their lives!

In general, the second round of eliminations in the preliminaries would be much harsher than the first. This was because the percentage of eliminations would increase by 10 times from the first round. Now, 999 out of every 1000 would be eliminated!

Ho - !

Ho - !

The first group of souls flew through the skies, returning to Immemorial Imperial City where they were reborn again.

The image of these souls soaring through the skies fell into Lin Ming's eyes. Just a few hours after the second round began, large numbers of martial artists had already died!

The savagery of these battles could be imagined!

In these battles that were far more brutal than in the past, the number of merit points would also skyrocket. Those with more would obtain far more, and those with less would lose even more. At the same time, because there were nightmare beasts that killed more and more powerhouses, they would evolve to unimaginable degrees.

All of this caused Lin Ming to burn with excitement!

If he didn't find it more important to perceive the divine Dream Law then he would have already rushed out of the city and joined in with the slaughter.

’’After my divine Dream Law has formed two more soul marks, I can leave and battle. At the same time, I can plunder more dreamland energy to temper my soul even more!’’

Thinking like this, Lin Ming constantly formed seals with his hands, the speed becoming increasingly fast. Rays of seven-colored lights constantly converged within Lin Ming's body. The seals carved into his soul gradually forming the third soul mark.

And at this time, outside Immemorial Imperial City -

Four peak masters were gathered together. These four people were Zhong Wenshu as well as the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion.

’’Haha, running into Brother Wenshu here is quite a coincidence. That's right, we've decided to change locations. Would Brother Wenshu like to join us?’’ Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies bumped into Zhong Wenshu by chance. The four people had suffered together, and their backgrounds were also similar. Although they had all been killed by Lin Ming once, after another month of constant killing they had managed to recover a portion of their merit points. Now, Zhong Wenshu was ranked 25th in the True Martial Great World and the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were ranked around 30.

Zhong Wenshu's complexion was extremely poor. He knew that the reason Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies were 'changing locations' was because they were afraid to bump into Lin Ming again during this second round of eliminations.

’’You can go where you wish. I'm fine by myself!’’

Zhong Wenshu said between clenched teeth. With his proud personality, he naturally wasn't willing to admit defeat like this, even though he knew that defeating Lin Ming was a near-impossible wish.

’’Heh, Brother Wenshu, don't be in such a rush to refuse. Listen to our plan first. We're planning on heading to True Martial City a hundred million miles away. That is the supreme headquarters of the True Martial Holy Lands as well as the greatest city of the True Martial Great World. There are far more geniuses there than there are in Immemorial Imperial City! Brother Wenshu, the four of us have to take care of each other, otherwise we'll be hunted like small fry at True Martial City.’’

Zhong Wenshu remained silent.

Immemorial Imperial City was one of the largest cities of the True Martial Great World. But, the magnificence of Immemorial Imperial City was mainly manifested in its bustling trade and commercial business. With more commercial development, that meant there would be a far larger city population.

In terms of the number of masters, Immemorial Imperial City was far inferior to True Martial City. True Martial City was the martial heart of the True Martial Great World. This was because it was the city under the direct control of the True Martial Holy Lands! But in the real world, there were extremely strict requirements that a martial artist had to meet in order to enter True Martial City, thus the flow of trade there was restricted.

But now, within this dreamland space, everything was different. Anyone could enter and leave True Martial City as they wished. This meant that True Martial City would undoubtedly become the city with the highest number of masters within the True Martial Great World.

When Zhong Wenshu had just entered the divine Dream World, he had seen two geniuses from the True Martial Holy Lands at the Imperial City Auction House. This was because they had stayed to help govern Starbind Bank and decided to enter the First Martial Meeting from Immemorial Imperial City. But, once they truly entered the divine Dream World, they didn't stay at Immemorial Imperial City. Instead, they switched their battlefield to True Martial City.

Immemorial Imperial City could be called the second greatest city of the True Martial Great World. But, the difference to True Martial City was not minor at all. Besides Lin Ming, the other 19 of the top 20 ranked participants were all located at True Martial City.

Zhong Wenshu grit his teeth. He finally said, ’’Fine, let's go to True Martial City. This Immemorial Imperial City no longer holds a future for any of us. This city was fine for passing the first round of eliminations, but staying here will only hinder me from gaining more merit points in the second round.’’

’’Haha, great! Let's get on our way now!’’


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