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Martial World - Chapter 1195


Chapter 1195 - Lin Ming's Ranking




Everyone realized what was happening. That's right, according to how the competition was being held so far in the preliminaries, everyone had their own corresponding merit points. If so, this merit point ranking system could be expanded to the entire divine Realm!

The previous ranking had been held within each great world, but now there was a ranking that encompassed the entire divine Realm!

Of the 3000 great worlds, there were only several hundred thousand participants that were chosen to be on this ranking list.

To put it more accurately, there were only 300,000 people on this list!

On average, that meant that every great world had 100 people represented on this ranking list!

As the martial artists searching the divine Seal Decree rankings realized this, they were all startled. A deep feeling of awe swelled up from within their hearts.

This ranking list was born from the 10 quadrillion geniuses of the entire divine Realm!

What sort of overwhelming momentum was this!

No wonder it was called the divine Seal Decree!

In truth, these people had already passed the preliminaries ahead of time. This was because 10 million people would make it through at the end of the preliminaries and yet there were only 300,000 geniuses ranked on the divine Seal Decree.

Moreover, these 300,000 were only chosen for the primaries. But even in the primaries, as long as one was listed on this ranking list, they would be considered a chosen pride of heaven amongst all chosen prides of heaven. In the future, they could become late Holy Lords, peak Holy Lands, and for those ranked near the top, they could even become half-step World Kings!

It had to be known that these were all top 100 ranked existences of a great world!

’’Amazing! Amazing!’’

’’What amazing grandeur. The divine Realm First Martial Meeting held by Empyrean divine Dream may be the most glorious occasion for the last several million years. There is even a total ranking list that includes all the participating geniuses of the divine Realm. This is truly an unprecedented magnificence.’’

’’There's nothing that can be done about it. Besides Empyrean divine Dream, there is no other Empyrean that has such ability. In the last divine Realm First Martial Meeting, 100 trillion geniuses were gathered together in a grand tournament, which cost an incalculable amount of resources. Wanting to create a total ranking list for 10 quadrillion people should be an impossible matter. Even 100 trillion people would be extremely difficult to fairly judge.’’

The Elders of the Unbroken Cult and other sects sighed with emotion. As it stood, it was impossible for Yu Youming to be ranked on such a list of participants. He was ranked between 250,000 and 400,000 of the Good Fortune Great World. But if this were spread to the entire divine Realm, he would likely be ranked from 800 million to a billion.

At a ranking of a billion, how could he possibly be included in a ranking list of the top 300,000?

’’Ah, what a pity...’’

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder shook his head, secretly wondering why there wasn't a ranking list that included just the Good Fortune Great World.

As he sighed again, he suddenly heard a cry of alarm.



The Great Elder frowned. In front of so many Elders from other sects, shouting out and making a fuss was extremely improper behavior.

He turned around to see that the disciple who cried out in alarm was the inner court disciple Yu Feng.

The Great Elder had some impressions toward this disciple. Although her cultivation talent wasn't too good, she was skilled in handling interpersonal relationships and other miscellaneous matters. She was skilled in management and disciplined her subordinates severely. If she was given a chore or a mission, she would accomplish it in time without making a mistake. The Great Elder had originally had some thoughts about promoting her to an internal affairs manager, but how could she be so disrespectful today?

’’Yu Feng, what are you doing?’’

The Great Elder grunted out, his complexion cold.

Yu Feng was so scared she jumped and forgot to immediately apologize. With one hand covering her mouth and another hand waving at the empty air, she haltingly said, ’’Great Elder, I... over there! I-I...’’

She couldn't believe her eyes. She really couldn't believe her eyes!

She didn't want to speak because it was something even she didn't dare to believe. However, at this time, the Great Elder's complexion became increasingly gloomy. What was she trying to hide? She was actually acting like this in front of so many honored guests. Acting like this would naturally leave a bad impression, and if she continued to hide whatever it was, she would only make things worse.

’’What is it, stop hesitating and being impolite! Hurry up and say what it is!’’

This was already an extremely severe criticism. If it weren't for the guests present, Yu Feng would have been directly punished by the Great Elder.

Yu Feng's face paled. She could only truthfully say, ’’Over there. The name on the divine Seal Decree is...’’

Yu Feng pointed her finger in a direction of the divine Seal Decree. Everyone looked over, and even the Great Elder frowned and turned.

The general direction that Yu Feng pointed toward was very far away. Because of this distance, every character seemed to cover the heavens and earth, exuding a daring and indomitable spirit. There were many names grouped together, but a martial artist could easily identify them with their sharpened eyesight.

An unbelievable name popped out in front of the Great Elder and the many disciples.

Ancient Phoenix Clan - Lin Ming!

Merit points: 9,918,670!

divine Seal Decree - ranked 29,876!

’’Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming!?’’

How could it be this name!?

The Great Elder was stunned. Next to him, a disciple who had heard Mu Qianyu make her request in the past and also many other Elders stared with wide eyes, their mouths falling open and not closing for a long time.

For them, although they hadn't placed Lin Ming's name in their hearts from the start, a martial artist still had extraordinary memory. It was naturally impossible to forget a name they heard just a little while ago.

What was going on here?

If it were just the name by itself, there could be said to be duplicates. But when the Ancient Phoenix Clan background was added on, it was nearly impossible for it to be a duplicate. Moreover, the most important factor was that the Great Elder had already searched for the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Lin Ming and obtained only one result. This was undoubtedly Lin Ming!

Lin Ming, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan's husband!

Mu Qianyu? Qin Xingxuan?

The Unbroken Cult Great Elder looked at the two women and nearly bit on his tongue.

As for Yu Feng who was in charge of Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, her legs softened, wobbling. As she thought of her actions to them in the past, she trembled.

This was the divine Seal Decree! Moreover, this ranking wasn't in the hundreds of thousands, but in the top 30,000!

What sort of concept was that? That meant that Lin Ming should be someone ranked in the top 10 of a great world. This meant there were countless geniuses of World King Holy Lands that were trampled underneath his feet!

If such a person grew up in the future, it was highly likely they would become a half-step World King, an existence that could cause an ordinary Holy Land to feel immense fear. They would become someone that a World King Holy Land would try everything for to win over.

As for the Unbroken Cult, they were only an eighth-grade sect. In their sect, the most powerful person was a divine Lord powerhouse. They didn't even have a half-step Holy Lord. For such a top character, the entire Unbroken Cult was nothing more than a speck of dirt.

The Great Elder blankly looked toward Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu. The other Elders of the Unbroken Cult, the Elders of the other sects, Yu Feng, the Unbroken Cult core disciples, inner court disciples, outer court disciples, everyone looked at Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan.

These two women had such a husband?

At this time, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan also recovered from their shocked states. Lin Ming's name had appeared on the top 30,000 ranks of the divine Seal Decree. This meant that he already passed the preliminaries ahead of time. It was more accurate to say that to Lin Ming, these preliminaries no longer mattered. All he had to focus on was just how high his final result would be in the First Martial Meeting.

’’Our husband is actually ranked in the top 10 of a great world?’’ Mu Qianyu murmured in disbelief. The Yu Youming that she thought was very strong was only ranked between 250,000 and 400,000 of a great world. The difference between him and Lin Ming could be seen from this!

Although Mu Qianyu had always said she believed in Lin Ming and believed that he would establish his own fame in the divine Realm, she never imagined his fame would be so great!

’’Big Sister Qianyu, we... we...’’ Qin Xingxuan couldn't find the words to speak. Her mood was incomparably complex and also incomparably excited. Although she said she didn't care about Lin Ming's result and only cared about his safety, with his true results being so extraordinary, she was actually extremely proud of him. This was her husband! The man most intimate to her and also the most important man in her life. In particular for Qin Xingxuan;she could be said to have grown up with Lin Ming.

For the Unbroken Cult, their Elders were already smiling from ear to ear if one of their disciples reached the top several hundred thousand rankings of a great world. But her husband actually ranked in the top 10! How could she not be proud of him?

’’Little Sister Xingxuan, we can see him, we can definitely see him!’’ Mu Qianyu couldn't help but weep. She was excited and thrilled, but her mind was still clear.

A mother's honor rose with her son, and a wife's honor rose with her husband. With Lin Ming's status being so high now, it was likely the Unbroken Cult would send someone to escort them directly to see Lin Ming.

Moreover, with Lin Ming's results being so prominent, even in the vast sea of people that was the First Martial Meeting, wanting to find him would be extremely easy. If so, all troubles they thought they would have in searching for him were no more!

To see Lin Ming once more, how could Mu Qianyu not be sobbing with happiness?

As Mu Qianyu realized this, she turned back to look at the Unbroken Cult Great Elder. At this time, as the Great Elder saw Mu Qianyu look at him, his expression was extremely wonderful.


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