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Martial World - Chapter 1194


Chapter 1194 - divine Seal Decree




At this time, high up in the sky, the golden scroll began to contract.

The names on the scroll also began disappearing, one at a time!

It didn't need to be said that these names that disappeared were all the eliminated participants.

Within the vast seething sea of 10 quadrillion geniuses, even if 99% were eliminated, that would still leave behind 100 trillion peak talents. If one wanted to find the single name of Lin Ming from such a massive list, it was no different from searching for a needle in the ocean.

’’Big Sister Qianyu, do you think that Brother Lin was eliminated?’’ Qin Xingxuan said with some worry in her voice as she saw all the rapidly vanishing names from the scroll.

Before Lin Ming ascended, he was only at the fifth stage of Life Destruction. That was a very low cultivation and his other aspects hadn't reached the peak yet. Compared with the extreme geniuses of the divine Realm, he didn't hold any advantage. Qin Xingxuan was worried for him.

In truth, she wasn't worried about Lin Ming's results in the First Martial Meeting. In fact, to Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu, Lin Ming's strength and talent were inconsequential. What mattered to them was if they could see Lin Ming again one day. However, if Lin Ming was eliminated, that meant there only clue to finding Lin Ming would also disappear. It would be near impossible to find Lin Ming again after that.

’’No, that's impossible! If our husband didn't surpass 1000 merit points before this, he must have his reasons. He is so amazing, I don't believe he won't pass through the first round of eliminations. I don't believe Lin Ming is inferior to any core disciple of the Unbroken Cult,’’ Mu Qianyu said from between clenched teeth. But the truth was that she also lacked confidence in her heart.

It had to be known that although several disciples of the Unbroken Cult were eliminated, there were several more disciples that had passed the first round of eliminations and were still in the divine dream space as before.

In Mu Qianyu's heart, Lin Ming was a glorious and towering existence. How could he possibly be inferior to a core disciple of the Unbroken Cult?

’’What should we do? We can't ask the Great Elder to look up his name again,’’ Qin Xingxuan nervously said, her eyes rapidly scanning the vanishing names on the giant golden scroll.

Before this, Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had requested the Great Elder to search for Lin Ming's name in the divine dream slip in order to find out whether or not he had joined the First Martial Meeting. For the Great Elder to search for Lin Ming once was already a great show of benevolence to them. It was impossible for them to ask the Great Elder a second time. The divine dream jade slip was an important tool that several sects had pooled together their wealth for to buy. It naturally had to be used to check up on the changing situations of the top disciples of these various sects, so how could they ask them to track Lin Ming? Any tracking record of Lin Ming's name had already vanished from the jade slip. Besides Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, there was no one else here that placed Lin Ming in their hearts.

Qin Xingxuan couldn't help but glance over at the divine dream jade slip in the Great Elder's hands. She wanted to ask to borrow it once more. Just a second would be fine.

But as she revealed these pleading eyes, an icy cold voice suddenly struck her ears. ’’What are you looking at? It's as if you don't understand the rules here!’’

Qin Xingxuan was frightened. She quickly looked up to see Yu Feng glaring at her with her eyebrows nearly slanted straight up. She was the one that used a true essence sound transmission to reprimand Qin Xingxuan just now.

According to the rules of the Unbroken Cult, in this sort of solemn situation in which many sect Elders were present, as an outer court disciple, she had to maintain a ritual of politeness and etiquette. She had to stand tall and straight, keep quiet and look straight ahead. She couldn't even scratch an itch.

It was similar to maids in a mortal palace. If they spoke a few accidental words, they might be punished, whipped, and perhaps even killed.

Of course, an outer court disciple of the Unbroken Cult was in a much better situation than a palace maid;they weren't subject to such strict rules. However, glancing around when so many Elders of other sects were also present would leave a very poor impression, and even Yu Feng who managed them would be called lax in her teaching of others.

’’You two, once we return I'll deal with you both!’’ Yu Feng savagely said. She worriedly looked over at the Great Elder. Luckily, the Great Elder hadn't bothered noticing them.

At this time, the Unbroken Cult's Great Elder was cordially speaking to the core disciples who had been eliminated in the first round, his face full of smiles.

He was certainly happy. The Unbroken Sect had sent 20 of their most outstanding disciples to the First Martial Meeting, and only five of them were eliminated in the first round. This meant that there were still 15 who entered the second round. Only 25% of their disciples had been eliminated;this was far better than the other eighth-grade sects they were on good terms with. Moreover, there was still Yu Youming, who was ranked between 250,000-400,000 of a great world. With such a result, it didn't seem as if there would be a problem in passing the second round of eliminations. Of course, passing the third round didn't seem to likely.

For the disciple of an eighth-grade sect to have such a result was already something they could be proud of. It had to be known that Good Fortune World had a massive number of Holy Land level influences, and many of them were in no way inferior to the Ancient Phoenix Clan in size or strength with a hundred billion disciples each. In addition, all the martial artists from the small and medium worlds around Good Fortune World had rushed over to participate in the First Martial Meeting.

’’Haha, Elder Yu, it seems Youming is truly trying his best to make you proud!’’

’’It's an event worthy of celebration. After you rise up, make sure you don't forget your old friends!’’

’’You must treat us, you have to! You have that 10,000 year spirit rhino wine that I've been wanting to taste for the longest time!’’

The Elders of other sects were jealous of such results, but they could only express some compliments. The Great Elder brightly smiled and generously said, ’’Old Man Liu, your words are quite ruthless. My 10,000 year spirit rhino wine has to be made with a top ranked spirit rhino horn, then aged for 10,000 years. It's value is no less than a million violet sun stones! But fine, I suppose I'll bring it out this time to have a hearty drink with my old friends, haha!’’

The Great Elder laughed. But as Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan heard these words they could only sigh inwardly. Someone with status could drink wine that cost a million violet sun stones, but as for them, they actually needed a million violet sun stones to travel between great worlds. This was truly sorrowful. In an entire month, they only received 10 violet sun stones and 200 contribution points. Even if they didn't cultivate their martial arts and changed all of those contribution points into violet sun stones, that would still only net them 210.

As the two women felt burdened with a heavy emotion, they saw that in the distant horizon, a divine light began to bloom underneath the massive golden scroll.

This divine light continued growing down to the earth, taking the shape of a cylinder. After this massive cylinder connected to the ground, it actually started to unravel outwards, becoming increasingly long. This was also a scroll. But, it wasn't gold, but purple gold!

The very front of the scroll had three large words written on it - divine Seal Decree!

These three words each contained an indomitable aura as if they held up the heavens. They were massive, with each stroke exuding a daring vigor as if they were living dragons. Just looking at these words made one's soul tremble.

’’divine Seal Decree!?’’

’’This name is...’’

The countless spectators from all over Good Fortune Great World glanced at each other, awe and wonder on their faces. In the Good Fortune World, there were countless ranking lists that judged the strength of martial artists. For instance, the Hidden Dragon Proclamation, the Sky Martial Declaration, and so forth. Of those, the most authoritative list of them all was the Good Fortune Decree. But there was not a single list that dared to claim the title of divine Seal Decree.

’’There's also another word - primaries!’’

’’divine Sea Decree, primaries!’’

It was obvious this list would experience another round of eliminations.

As the purple gold scroll unfolded, it formed a massive arc that wrapped up many spectators within it.

Finally, the two ends of the scroll connected back to each other, forming a massive circle that could even surround a planet.

At this time, names began to appear on the scroll.

These names were tens of thousands of time larger than the words on the golden scroll. Every single character was like a purple mountain!

As these names appeared, for a time it seemed as if several thousand names were written on this list.

’’This is a ranking list! It starts from first place!’’

’’There are several hundred thousand names on this ranking list. Is this the ranking of our Good Fortune Great World?’’

Looking at these names, starting from the first, they extended all the way around. All of the martial artists watching were excited beyond belief. Of the martial artists present, most of them couldn't afford a divine dream jade slip, so they couldn't look at the rankings. Even if they could purchase a divine dream jade slip, that would only let them track those that they knew the name of, and find out their ranking. It was impossible for them to form a complete ranking list using that. But now, a complete list had appeared before them!

’’There's several hundred thousand names! Since Senior-apprentice Brother Yu Youming is ranked between 250,000-400,000 of the Good Fortune Great World, perhaps he might appear on this list!’’

’’Right, that's highly possible!’’

It was unknown just which Unbroken Cult disciple said this, but the entire Unbroken Cult was sent into frothing excitement. This was the ultimate ranking list formed by two Empyreans!

Even if these were only the primaries and there were still many eliminations to come, just being able to appear on this ranking list for a brief period of time was the highest of the highest honors!

As fellow disciples who came from the same sect that appeared behind that martial artist's name, this was a matter they would gain great fame and honor for;especially since this was not a boast but a fact that would be well documented by countless great sects. When the disciples of the Unbroken Cult went out in the future, they could casually mention this story and draw admiration and awe from everyone. After all, to most people, those martial artists that appeared on the list were all legendary figures.

’’Quickly look and see if Senior-apprentice Brother Yu is there!’’

’’Split up and search!’’

Many Unbroken Cult disciples said, flushed with excitement. The Elders were also beaming with joy. This was a chance to bring glory to their Unbroken Cult, because if Yu Youming were to be found on that list, the name of the Unbroken Cult would appear with his name!

’’All inner and outer court disciples go and help search. The first one to find Yu Youming's name will be rewarded 30,000 violet sun stones and 30,000 contribution points!’’ an Elder said to all the inner court and outer court disciples.

For a martial artist with a formidable divine sense, sweeping through hundreds of thousands of names wouldn't take long at all, even if one was very far away. As for granting a reward for finding Yu Youming's name, that was because the Unbroken Cult Elder was in a very good mood.

Of course, the basis of all this was that Yu Youming's name would appear on that scroll.

Hearing such a rich reward, all outer and inner court disciples were overjoyed, their eyes shining with desire. They quickly began to search through the names on the massive scroll. This was a fleeting opportunity. With so many martial artists searching a scroll with only several hundred thousand names, wanting to find a name was too easy.

As for Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan, they joined the numerous outer court disciples to search the divine Seal Decree. If they could obtain 30,000 violet sun stones and 30,000 contribution points, they could reach the divine Transformation realm much faster!

Once they reached the divine Transformation realm, the amount of violet sun stones and contribution points they would receive was not comparable to what they were allotted as divine Sea martial artists. This was an unbelievable opportunity!

However, just as they started to search, they soon discovered that the names of the martial artists that appeared were followed by the names of World King Holy Lands and even Great World King Holy Lands. For instance, the Sky Tower Holy Land, Light Keep Holy Land, and so forth!

This divine Seal Decree was not a ranking list that included just the Good Fortune World, but a ranking list that included all 3000 great worlds of the divine Realm!


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