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Martial World - Chapter 1192


Chapter 1192 - Soaring Merit Points




Out of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, in an instant, the only one left standing was Sacred Yueping.

From the get-go, the fight had been extremely fierce and intense. But the entire process occurred within a very brief window of time. Every time Lin Ming fought with the three people, there was a violent and savage collision between them. Yet he had done so ruthlessly and without hesitation and the thickness of his true essence was mind boggling.

’’H-he won?’’

’’The battle is over?’’

The many participants present couldn't believe their eyes. Although they expected Lin Ming's strength might possibly faintly surpass the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, they never imagined it would surpass them to this degree. They weren't even on the same level. From start to finish, Lin Ming had simply rolled over them!

Sacred Yueping's Time Laws were overwhelmed by Lin Ming's higher level Laws, and Sacred Tianhao's formidable defensive ability and Deep Earth Force Field were broken through with absolute strength. Sacred Yanran was fast, but she still wasn't able to escape Lin Ming's striking speed!

All the way until now, Lin Ming's various combat aspects could be called perfect. It was like he had no weakness, only advantages!

The red bamboo hat woman sucked in a deep breath. ’’This man is...’’

She shook her head. Such an opponent was already beyond her level. Maybe she had the ability to face the joint attacks of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, but wanting to defeat them would be far too difficult. As for completely suppressing them like Lin Ming had done, that was impossible.

Lin Ming looked at Sacred Yueping. At this time, Sacred Yueping's face was ugly beyond description. ’’Lin Ming, don't push things too far. You won't stay in this dreamland space forever. After this First Martial Meeting ends, you will pay the highest price!’’

Lin Ming laughed. ’’I don't care what price I'll have to pay in the future, but you, you will have to pay the price now.’’

Lin Ming suddenly rushed forwards, turning into a phantom as he hurtled toward Sacred Yueping!

’’Ahhhh!’’ Sacred Yueping wildly shouted out. The blood red spear in his hands thrust toward Lin Ming, but he knew his resistance was nothing but a futile effort.

The grandmist space came crashing down. All of Sacred Yueping's strength rapidly left his body. At the same time, Lin Ming shot out his spear.

Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

The first four Concepts of the Fire Laws fused together and a massive blue lotus began to bloom. A raging column of flames shot into the skies, swallowing everything.

Sacred Yueping wildly screamed as his body disintegrated into ashes within the flames.

Sacred Yueping had died!

After he died, his body turned into pure dreamland energy that shifted into various shapes in the air.

Lin Ming put out his hand, taking all of this energy in.

The energy sunk into his body through his fingertips, nourishing the divine dream mark on his soul. During this process, Lin Ming also observed the reaction of all the martial artists around him. As he expected, besides him, no one could perceive this dreamland energy.

This dreamland energy was an extremely special and unique form of energy. Although it seemed similar to things like the soul and mind, it was fundamentally different. This was not something that was as simple as energies used in divine soul attacks, but something on a completely different level.

’’Is this dreamland energy created by Empyrean divine Dream? Or did she establish a completely new cultivation system based on the divine Dream Law she discovered?’’ Lin Ming mumbled to himself, filled with an even greater curiosity towards Empyrean divine Dream. It seemed that what Mo Eversnow said was true;Empyrean divine Dream's status was in no way inferior to Empyrean Primordius. She was someone who stood at the very peak of the entire divine Realm.

After absorbing Sacred Yueping's energy, Lin Ming looked at his own merit points. The number had risen yet again!

Lin Ming's merit points had originally been 3.36 million. But after killing Sacred Yueping, the number had increased by 2.97 million, jumping straight to 6.33 million!

And now, Lin Ming's ranking had leapt to 17th of the True Martial Great World!

However, this still wasn't the end. Lin Ming looked at the disabled Sacred Tianhao, and Sacred Tianhao also looked back at Lin Ming.

Sacred Tianhao's lungs had been torn apart and his heart was nearly ripped to shreds;he was relying on his powerful vitality to hang onto his last dying breath.

He could no longer speak, but the icy cold intent in his eyes was vicious.

Lin Ming smiled, not caring at all. He raised his spear and pierced through Sacred Tianhao's throat, ending his life!

Sacred Tianhao's body turned into dreamland energy that was absorbed by Lin Ming.

His merit points wildly rose yet again!

However, this growth was half that of what he received from killing Sacred Yueping. This was because his merit points had already surpassed Sacred Tianhao's and he was only able to obtain 30% of his merit points.

’’7.81 million, ranked 14th of the True Martial Great World!’’

’’There's still one last person.’’

Lin Ming looked at the leftover Sacred Yanran. At this time, her body was covered in blood and her beautiful face was pale and waxy. Looking at her aroused the sympathy of any ordinary man. But Lin Ming's emotions didn't change. Without hesitation, he thrust out his spear and pierced through Sacred Yanran's chest.

’’You are ruthless,’’ Sacred Yanran clutched at her chest as she spat out these final words. Finally, she could not change her destiny of being turned into energy which was absorbed by Lin Ming.

Like this, Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies had all died!

Lin Ming's merit points had reached a dramatic number of 9.11 million. He was ranked 12th in the True Martial Great World!

’’9 million but still not in the top 10... It seems that to enter the top 10 I'll need at least 10 million merit points.’’

Zhong Wenshu had been ranked 19th when he had 5.6 million merit points. If he doubled that and reached 11 million, he would have been able to reach the top 10. With that reasoning, it seemed that entering the top 5 required 20-30 million merit points. The top three would require an even more terrifying number. As for being number one, it was unknown just how many merit points were required to reach that high.

’’That must be a crazy amount!’’ Lin Ming said. He glanced over at the other participants.

As Lin Ming looked at these people, all of them felt their hearts stop beating for a moment. They subconsciously stepped away. But as they thought about it, there wasn't any reason for Lin Ming to kill them. Their merit points were too low so there was no point in killing them.

As they realized this they calmed down a bit. Still, their eyes held a hint of fear as they looked at Lin Ming.

’’This Lin Ming is too crazy. It feels great killing them now, but how will he handle Sacred Martial Mansion's revenge in the future?’’

’’Who knows, maybe he'll join a formidable influence. Since Lin Ming is so strong, there is a chance that he'll be placed in the top 3000 rankings of the entire divine Realm in the future. There will undoubtedly be countless World King level influences trying to grab him up into their ranks.

’’Top 3000 is a bit too exaggerated. Top 3000 means that he has the strength to rank number one in a great world. That is the top junior martial artist of a great world!’’

A great world had trillions of participants, and everyone who dared to participate was a genius of their generation. Out of these trillions of geniuses, just what did it mean to rank first? Even the top disciple of the True Martial Holy Lands wasn't arrogant enough to say he was ranked first in the True Martial Great World. He would only say that he led everyone else by a significant margin.

’’After killing the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, the dreamland energy within my body has already reached an over-saturated level. It's enough for me to go meditate on the dreamland Laws. Moreover, if I want to gain even more merit points, I'll have to leave Immemorial City and hunt down the top masters of other cities. To me, that is just a waste of time. It's better if I just return to the city to train for now,’’ Lin Ming thought to himself. His body turned into a beam of light as he streaked back toward Immemorial Imperial City.

As Lin Ming's figure vanished from the horizon, only then did the many participants still present relax. This evil star had finally left.

If a mortal stood in the same grounds as a tiger, even if that tiger had eaten their fill of meat, they would still inevitably feel fear and caution.

’’We can't stay here anymore. In particular, those that have over a million merit points should go and hide.’’

’’Yes, we have to hide or stay in the city, otherwise we will be killed by Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies.’’

The martial artists of Nightmare Canyon all conversed with each other using true essence sound transmissions. In the span of a single day, Zhong Wenshu and the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion had all died and they had lost most of their merit points. For the next period of time, they would definitely be hunting down other participants to absorb their merit points. If they stayed in Nightmare Canyon, it was possible they would become the hunted.


Crimson Light World, in a divine palace underneath the giant floating scroll -

Huo Violentstone held a glazed teapot in his hand, drinking some tea even as he boasted loudly to everyone around him. At this time, his face was flushed red with success. He could be said to be enjoying his success.

’’I already said it, when I judge someone, when have I ever been wrong? I said that Lin Ming would amaze the world in this First Martial Meeting, and what do you know, he already has over 3 million merit points! He's rank 28 now, and in just a few more days, he'll likely rush into the top 20. If this continues, he'll even rush into the top 5 ranks of the True Martial Great World before the preliminaries end, hahaha!’’

Huo Violentstone wildly bragged. In truth, he wasn't sure just what heights Lin Ming could reach. After all, he didn't understand just what secrets Lin Ming held and what happened at Carefree Palace. Personally, he felt that reaching the top 10 rankings of a great world was already giving Lin Ming plenty of praise. When Lin Mings' ranking dramatically rose, that was clearly because he killed an ordinary World King Holy Land genius. To do that, he should have the strength to enter the top 10. But even he felt that it was a bit exaggerated to speak about entering the top 5.

’’Old Man Huo, be careful or the wind will cut your tongue! I remember when this first started you said Lin Ming would only reach the top 50 rankings and sweep away us other three clans, but now you've suddenly changed your opinion and say that he'll enter the top 5? I think your words are all over the place!’’

’’Hahaha, Old Man Huo, you grow more and more boastful every year. I think you simply don't understand Lin Ming's situation so you're just randomly saying stuff.’’

’’Where am I randomly speaking?!’’ Huo Violentstone's eyes widened, his beard blowing around.

’’Lin Ming already left the Ancient Phoenix Clan several years ago to go adventuring. You just don't have any idea what rank Lin Ming reached from the start. You saying that he'll reach the top 5 is just nonsense to begin with.’’

The old men from the other God Beast Clans already subconsciously agreed that Lin Ming was terrifying, but they still joked about with Huo Violentstone.

Just as Huo Violentstone was about to say something, the Ancient Phoenix Clan disciple responsible for watching over the divine dream jade slip suddenly cried out in fright, ’’El-Elder Huo!’’

’’What is it? Stop making such a fuss over nothing.’’

Huo Violentstone turned around to look.

The disciple gulped. He slowly said, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin's merit points have suddenly reached 9.11 million just now. He's now ranked 12th of a great world.’’


It wasn't just Huo Violentstone that was shocked, but all of the other Elders present were too. Lin Ming's merit points had only been 3.36 million, so how could they suddenly rise to 9.11 million!?


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