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Martial World - Chapter 1191


Chapter 1191 - Strength Surpassing a 100 Million




Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies cornered Lin Ming from multiple angles. Sacred Yueping was flushed with anger, wishing that he could tear apart Lin Ming on the spot. As for Sacred Tianhao who was standing beside Sacred Yueping, he had a gloomy complexion as if he were dreading something.

’’Lin Ming, right? That's what those people from the True Martial Holy Lands called you,’’ Sacred Tianhao said, his words calm and even. He hadn't exchanged words with Lin Ming before.

Lin Ming remained silent, tacitly agreeing.

’’I heard you come from a Holy Land level influence and that your guardians are all on the Crimson Light World. You should understand the situation you're in and what it means to your future in the True Martial Great World if you continue to oppose my Sacred Martial Mansion,’’ Sacred Tianhao threatened.

But as his words fell onto the ears of those present, this proved to them that Sacred Tianhao was afraid. Otherwise, why would he use his background to threaten Lin Ming instead of just killing him?

The three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were gathered here, yet they were afraid of Lin Ming. Although that previous collision had a surprising result, everyone was still surprised to hear these words tumble out from between Sacred Tianhao's lips. This Lin Ming should be extremely abnormal!

’’What are you trying to say?’’ Lin Ming chuckled.

’’As people, we should allow a lifeline for each other. If we really fought, I would not fear you. But I do not want to suffer any losses here. Since our merit points have already grown to such a degree, regardless if you die or if I die, both of us will have to pay a deep price for just a single kill. With your strength, you can easily pass the preliminaries. As for us, all we want is to obtain a higher ranking,’’ Sacred Tianhao honestly said.

Although the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion were labelled the most fantastic three geniuses of the younger generation, Sacred Martial Mansion itself was by no means a monolithic mass of viewpoints. If they wanted to enjoy resources, they also had to constantly bear tests and trials. They needed a dazzling result in the First Martial Meeting to silence all of their opponents at Sacred Martial Mansion, otherwise it would create a great burden on their families.

If killing Lin Ming had been easy, they would have just killed him and gotten it over with. But now, in Sacred Tianhao's mind, Lin Ming had an unfathomable flavor to him that he just couldn't place his finger on. Even Zhong Wenshu was killed by his hand. If the three of them fought Lin Ming, there would inevitably be deaths, and they might even lose. In this sort of situation, coming into conflict with Lin Ming simply wasn't a wise move.

Lin Ming smiled. ’’Your plan is quite well thought out. You wanted to step on me like an ant, but now you've realized that isn't possible, you're asking for a truce? Do you think there is such a good matter in this world?’’ As Lin Ming spoke, he raised the Phoenix Blood Spear and pointed it at Sacred Tianhao's head.

Sacred Yueping exploded with rage. ’’Big brother, why are you bothering with his crap! If the three of us join together, there is no way we can lose to him!’’

Sacred Tianhao's complexion became thoroughly grim. ’’It seems you would rather do things the hard way. After this First Martial Meeting, prepare yourself for the anger of Sacred Martial Mansion! Fight!’’ Sacred Tianhao shouted out and the three of them began to attack.

Sacred Tianhao stood still, but as for Sacred Yueping and Sacred Yanran, they charged Lin Ming from two different directions!

’’Deep Earth Force Field!’’

A brown energy rushed out from Sacred Tianhao's body as the Deep Earth Force Field came falling down with overwhelming force. The three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion each had their own domain force fields. Since Sacred Yueping's time enchantment didn't work on Lin Ming, so Sacred Tianhao instead sent out his Deep Earth Force Field.

This force field used the Earth Laws as its foundation. As long as one was placed within this force field, they would have to bear the crushing pressure of the mountains and earth. If one's cultivation was insufficient, they would directly be pulverized into mush. If one's cultivation was sufficient, they would still be restrained. The domain would even damage their organs.

As the Deep Earth Force Field came down, all of the surrounding martial artists felt a stuffiness in their chest. They all rapidly began to move away. At this time, they were already very far from Sacred Tianhao, and they weren't bearing the brunt of his attack. Even so, they felt as if someone had dropped a mountain on their backs, making it difficult to even breathe. The power of this force field could be imagined.

At this time, Sacred Yanran cried out and turned into a red afterimage as she hurtled toward Lin Ming. One of her twin wheels was aimed at Lin Ming's throat and the other was aimed between his legs;this was a violent and sinister attack!

The instant that Sacred Yanran attacked, Sacred Yueping also fused the Concept of Haste from his Time Laws into her body. Because of the grandmist space, he couldn't slow down Lin Ming's speed with the Time Laws, but speeding up Sacred Yanran was actually simple and easy, and the effect was nearly the same.

The three joined forces to attack together. This tacit understanding and battle coordination originated from years of training and fighting together. Now that they displayed it, it was extremely fierce and swift!

These attacks left the surrounding martial artists breathless with wonder. Even the red bamboo hat woman was a bit startled. She didn't fear any one of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies;she would be able to defeat any of them in a one versus one. But when the three of them attacked together, their combat strength actually increased by several times. This was something even she felt a bit of dread toward.

Facing the Deep Earth Force Field that overwhelmed the world, facing the ruthless attack of Sacred Yanran combined with Sacred Yueping's enhancements, Lin Ming suddenly bellowed out, all of the joints in his body releasing explosive crackling sounds.

Eight Inner Hidden Gates - seven gates all open!

Ang -!

A dragon's roar directly impacted through the heavens, washing away the clouds. This dragon roar came from the explosive sounds of Lin Ming's bones.

After opening seven gates, Lin Ming's strength instantly rose to 40 million jins, and a titanic Azure Dragon phantom appeared behind him.

40 million jins of strength supported by his dragon bone fused skeleton that was harder than divine iron, just what sort of strength would erupt!?


Sacred Tianhao who was renowned for his strength was actually shaken and sent stumbling backwards by Lin Ming's terrifying explosion of pure strength. His true essence became chaotic and his organs were injured. At the same time, Lin Ming thrust out his spear, meeting Sacred Yanran with his extreme speed.

Sacred Yanran's complexion instantly paled!


Lin Ming showed neither pity nor compassion. The Phoenix Blood Spear came pounding down mercilessly with a terrifying strength behind it. Sacred Yanran's hand shook and the green ring spirit artifact in her hand was sent flying away with even her wrist bones fracturing.

Sacred Yanran screamed as the Phoenix Blood Spear smashed into her. Her true protective true essence exploded as she was sent crashing away! The speed at which she was sent back was even faster than her speed rushing forwards, leaving all the surrounding martial artists unable to even muster a response.

’’Third sister!’’

Sacred Yueping wanted to save Sacred Yanran with the Time Laws' Concept of Stagnation, but at this time, he felt a boundless and potent strength covering him;this was the grandmist space.

He turned his head and was met with the blazing radiance of thunder and fire sparkling in front of him. The violent energy had reached him and was about to explode.

He had no time to bother with Sacred Yanran!


Sacred Yanran smashed into a rock wall like a falling meteor. This rock wall was a hundred times harder than steel and yet she was struck 700-800 feet into this rock wall, forming a human-shaped hole. Sacred Yanran vomited out a mouthful of blood as her bones shattered.

At the same time, the power of thunder and fire from the Heretical God Seedling exploded around Sacred Yueping and Sacred Tianhao!


A terrifying explosion erupted as true essence shockwaves manically surged outwards. Massive block rocks were blown into fragments and all the surrounding martial artists were forced back again and again.

At this time, Lin Ming rushed into the rampaging shockwaves, the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands crashing down at Sacred Tianhao!

Sacred Tianhao's complexion completely changed. As he saw the Phoenix Blood Spear falling down on him, he didn't dare to use his heavy sword to meet it. The disparity in strength was too great!

’’Lin Ming, Sacred Martial Mansion will make you pay a deep price for this!’’

Sacred Tianhao was well aware it was impossible for him to avoid Lin Ming with his speed. He grasped his heavy sword and swung it toward Lin Ming's head, hoping that they would both perish here together.

But Lin Ming only sneered.

Gold battle spirit - will projection!

The gold large success grandmist battle spirit howled out from between Lin Ming's eyebrows. The space 10 feet around Lin Ming came under the control of his will. Countless will tentacles wrapped around Sacred Tianhao, binding his every movement!

Sacred Tianhao felt as slow as an insect trapped in a spiderweb. Although he himself had a silver large success battle spirit, the difference was simply too great against Lin Ming. His battle spirit couldn't play a role.

With a burst of strength, he forcefully broke free from the battle spirits. Although Sacred Tianhao near instantly freed himself from the shackles of the will tentacles, it was already far too late!

The Phoenix Blood Spear's edge approached Sacred Tianhao's heart;it wasn't even possible for him to bring Lin Ming down with him anymore.

’’Earth Shield!’’

Sacred Tianhao wildly cried out. A thick brown barrier formed all around his body s a sandy brown layer of earth crawled up his body, forming an armor of earth. The Earth Laws represented the pinnacle of defense amongst the five elements. Sacred Tianhao wanted to use the power of absolute defense to defend against the Phoenix Blood Spear.

But Lin Ming ignored it all and continued to thrust his spear forwards.


The Phoenix Blood Spear stabbed into Sacred Tianhao's earth essence armor. The spiritual energy seemed to have a mind of its own, pervasively digging into every crack and weak point of Sacred Tianhao's defense. This was one of the abilities of a spirit artifact.

However, Sacred Tianhao's earth armor kept it all at bay.

Lin Ming wasn't perturbed at all. He thrust out his spear once more!

Spear after spear, Lin Ming's striking speed had reached a nearly unimaginable degree. Every spear was faster and stronger than the last. The power of these spear strikes began to add together, multiplying, like a surging tide with wave upon wave behind it.

Ka ka ka!

With a light sound, a crack appeared in Sacred Tianhao's earth armor. A cold sweat began to pour down his head.

He finally realized that the reason Lin Ming struck out so many times with his spear was because he was superimposing their strength together!

But it was already too late!

After Lin Ming stabbed his spear out 99 times, with the 100th spear, all of that strength erupted at once!

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

Only by thrusting out his spear 99 times before and saving all of that strength would the final eruption display its true strength. This was far stronger than a hastily sent out version of the Hundred Layered Waves!

40 million jins of strength was displayed again and again with the Hundred Layered Waves, adding up again and again. In that final moment, Lin Ming's strength broke through 100 million jins!

This was the complete Hundred Layered Waves spear strike!


With this strike, Sacred Tianhao's earth essence barrier shattered, fully disintegrating, and even his earth essence armor completely broke apart. Sacred Tianhao's chest was torn open by the Phoenix Blood Spear. His ribs were crushed and his heart and lungs blew apart. He vomited a mouthful of blood and was sent flying backwards like a broken ragdoll, all sensation and strength rapidly fleeing from his body.

The strongest Sacred Tianhao of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies had been defeated by Lin Ming's spear strike. In addition with the grievously wounded and dying Sacred Yanran, this meant that Lin Ming had thoroughly won this battle!


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