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Martial World - Chapter 1190


Chapter 1190 - Fighting the Three Prodigies (B)




’’He blocked it! This boy actually blocked such a strange and mysterious Concept of Time attack, it seems he has some skills.’’

’’He barely managed to block it. He is probably internally injured because he was struck by Sacred Yueping's tenacious true essence. He won't be so lucky next time. Sacred Yueping's time enchantment will only grow stronger!’’

’’That boy is already quite skilled. Sacred Yueping is a peak genius of the True Martial Great World, I fear he is ranked in the top 30 geniuses of this great world! This battle proves that this boy is a worthy opponent to a peak genius of a World King Holy Land. I really have no idea just where he came from!’’

The power within Sacred Yueping's spear strike just now was obvious to all who saw it. In fact, in front of so many people, Sacred Yueping wanted to instantly establish his own prestige with a single spear strike, but Lin Ming had managed to successfully defend. From this alone, everyone could feel that Lin Ming wasn't some simpleton. At least, he wasn't someone they could joke about.

’’I don't think we need to do anything;Second Brother can deal with him alone,’’ the tall Sacred Tianhao said. He folded his hands over his chest, thoughtfully observing the scene.

Sacred Yueping smiled and said, ’’Just now I only slowed down the flow of time by a factor of 100. But now, it won't be so little. Prepare yourself for my second attack!’’ Sacred Yueping warned. This arrogant method of fighting really caused one's eyebrows to rise.

Lin Ming sneered, not thinking much of it. He kept his spear pointed at the ground and said, ’’You sure like to blabber on, right? Why don't you shut up and hurry up;my time is valuable.’’

’’You are courting death!’’ Sacred Yueping angrily shouted. His body rushed forwards again, but this time even his movements utilized the Concept of Time. To everyone watching, his speed seemed to be extremely slow;it was as if it took him a long time to reach Lin Ming, but also just the blink of an eye.

His spear thrust straight for Lin Ming's head!

The Concept of Stagnation of the Time Laws slowed down oneself, but slowed down the opponent even more. This not only included movements, but also thoughts, senses, response times, and more. Everything crawled to a halt.

As Lin Ming saw this spear coming towards him, he didn't open the Gate of Wonder. He knew that even if he was faster than before, he still wouldn't be able to dodge Sacred Yueping's spear.

He originally wanted to struggle with Sacred Yueping by utilizing the limits of his own understandings of the Time Laws. But after a single attempt, he realized he was far from being comparable to Sacred Yueping in that aspect. At this time, he was only able to return to a familiar domain and roll over these Time Laws with absolute strength!

Lin Ming's thoughts focused. Between his eyebrows, the blazing blood of the Ancient Phoenix combusted and a terrifying energy welled up from within his body.

At that moment, a blood red lotus began to slowly bloom behind Lin Ming.

Heavenly Demon martial intent - grandmist space!

Hu - !

A profound and majestic force beyond description overwhelmed the world, covering the skies and falling down over the entire area.

This time enchantment was in essence a force field. By using a powerful energy, it could distort the flow of time within a certain area. Anyone that stepped into this enchantment would have no choice but to be caught under its spell.

Lin Ming's grandmist space was the same. However, the Grandmist Laws existed above the Time Laws. This was because before the universe formed, when there was nothing but chaos, all time and all space was compressed within the coagulum of grandmist energy, unable to separate.

The grandmist space smashed into the time enchantment. The two force fields pushed against each other, like two orbs that were being pressed together. One side was a deep gray and the other side was completely transparent. Dazzling beams of light burst out from where they met, entrancing and blinding.

Rumble rumble rumble!

In that moment, an explosive sound filled the air like endless thunderclaps rolling across the battlefield. Not only did it not stop, but it became increasingly savage and dangerous. If an ordinary Life Destruction martial artist were to hear this sound, their heartbeat would accelerate, their meridians would be injured, and perhaps even their hearts would stop beating as their blood vessels all ruptured in a gory death!

Sacred Yueping felt as if he had crashed into a mountain. This light barrier around his enchantment began to crack apart before it exploded like an eggshell. Sacred Yueping trembled, nearly vomiting up a mouthful of blood.

Afterwards, his entire body seemed to fall into a swamp. His strength rapidly drained from his body and even his true essence was being drawn out at an alarming rate. Within this strange space, he couldn't even summon 50% of his strength!

At this moment, Lin Ming grasped the Phoenix Blood Spear and hurtled straight toward him!


All of Sacred Yueping's hairs stood up on end. Beside Sacred Yueping, Sacred Tianhao and Sacred Yanran's complexions also instantly changed.

’’Second brother is in danger, let's go!’’

Before Sacred Tianhao could instruct her, Sacred Yanran had already sprung down from Sacred Tianhao's shoulder as she leapt toward Sacred Yueping.

’’Grandmist space, erupt!’’

A sharp light blazed in Lin Ming's eyes. Although he didn't fear the combined attack of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, it would still be much easier for him if he cut down one of them first. He decisively opened the Heretical God Force and erupted the grandmist space, displaying an even greater strength.


Sacred Yanran's double rings cut into the grandmist space enchantment but failed to break it open. At this time, Lin Ming had already arrived in front of Sacred Yueping.

Sacred Yueping was shocked out of his mind!

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual's Hundred Layered Waves!’’

Without gathering his strength, Lin Ming directly attacked with the last spear of the Hundred Layered Waves. Although this was the last spear, the truth was that it was composed of several other attacks. With all of this strength combined together, it could burst out with a nearly unparalleled might!

Suppressed within the grandmist space, Sacred Yueping found it difficult to even lift the spirit artifact spear in his hands. Even if he wanted to block the spear strike, it was nearly impossible to do so. The difference in strength between Lin Ming's first and second attack were to freakishly abnormal;he simply couldn't react to it!

The Hundred Layered Waves easily crushed apart Sacred Yueping's spear light and continued shooting straight towards his head!

At this time, a brown true essence rushed forth like a tsunami and covered Sacred Yueping, crashing into Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear. This strange brown power was deep and robust, just like the endless earth!

Lin Ming's spear collided with this power, causing a series of violent explosions to ring out.

As for Sacred Yueping, he bore the brunt of this impact and was sent flying backwards.


Lin Ming's eyes instantly locked onto one of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, Sacred Tianhao.

That brown wave of energy was sent out by him. That power had a strange shifting and penetrative characteristic to it. Not only could it pierce through the grandmist space, but even after being weakened it could still display such an effect. It was a somewhat special ability.

Earth Laws?

Lin Ming suddenly realized. This Sacred Tianhao should be a master who trained in the Earth laws.

Sacred Martial Mansion was truly worthy of being called a World King Holy Land. They trained in all sorts of Laws, and one could randomly choose one and still find someone that had cultivated it to an extremely high boundary.


Sacred Yueping crashed into a black boulder, crushing that boulder to pieces as he spat up a mouthful of blood. With Sacred Tianhao's help, his wounds weren't too heavy, but this was still an extremely distressing and embarrassing situation for him!

As everyone else looked at Sacred Yueping's appearance, all of them were shocked. This battle had shifted far too quickly, rapidly exceedingly all of their imaginations.

Lin Ming's strike just now at first sight seemed to be at a disadvantage, but the tables had instantly turned. He turned disaster into victory and nearly killed Sacred Yueping in the process. Finally, it was only with the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion joining together were they able to guarantee Sacred Yueping's life.

How could this be?

Within the crowd, the red bamboo hat woman looked at Lin Ming with a deep meaning in her eyes. Not only was there appreciation as she looked at him, but also a deep solemnity. She saw that from the start, Lin Ming only explored Sacred Yueping's Time Laws and tried to unravel them with his own understandings into the Time laws. This was his weakness and his opponent's strength, and still he dared to do something so reckless. For him to dare to do something like that was a testament toward the confidence he had in his own strength and overwhelming power. But he still failed and had suffered a loss during the first strike. Afterwards, he altered his plans and suppressed Sacred Yueping with absolute strength instead. He crushed apart Sacred Yueping's time enchantment, and this was the result.

’’This boy who bought the Boundless World Pill, his absolute strength is too terrifying! That cunning energy that Sacred Yueping left in his body didn't do anything at all! What a truly terrifying power!’’ The red bamboo hat woman thought to herself, constantly contrasting her own strength with Lin Ming's.


Sacred Yanran's figure flashed as she instantly appeared next to Sacred Yueping. She asked with some worry, ’’Second brother, are you okay?’’


Sacred Yueping crawled up from the ground, dirty and raging with shame. He wanted to rip apart Lin Ming with his bare hands.

On the other side, Sacred Tianhao was keeping his eyes locked onto Lin Ming, like a hunter staring at a wild tiger.

’’It seems that Sacred Tiaohao is the strongest of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, and he cultivates in the Earth Laws,’’ Lin Ming thought to himself. As part of the Five Element Laws, the Earth Laws were certainly lower ranked than the Space and Time Laws. But in truth, not even an Empyrean could study every Law to the limit. The Space and Time Laws were extremely high level Laws, but if one's comprehension of them wasn't deep enough, it would still be broken apart by the Five Element Laws.

’’I've underestimated you,’’ Sacred Tianhao gloomily said. He knew this was far more than underestimating Lin Ming. Lin Ming's strength was far greater than any one of them alone!

Lin Ming faintly smiled. He casually said, ’’You seem to have some skill. As for your little brother, he barely manages to pass in the aspect of Time Laws. As for his other aspects, he is simply far too disappointing. In terms of comprehensive combat strength, he isn't even half as good as Zhong Wenshu.’’

Lin Ming had simply spoken a few bantering words, but these words fell onto everyone's ears like a bomb! From Lin Ming's words, it was clear he had already fought with Zhong Wenshu!

With such a relaxed expression and the fact that Lin Ming was safely standing here, could that mean that Zhong Wenshu had already been...

’’Zhong Wenshu was killed?’’


The participants watching this battle glanced at each other, seeing awe and horror dawning in each other's eyes. Zhong Wenshu was known as the top number one genius at Immemorial Imperial City. The True Martial Holy Lands originally had several disciples stationed at Immemorial Imperial City, but they left at some time afterwards. Zhong Wenshu was ranked number one here.

But now, Zhong Wenshu was killed by Lin Ming.

This also meant that Lin Ming's ranking had far surpassed theirs. He simply wasn't a character that any of them could compare with.

’’How terrifying!’’

’’Where is that young man from?’’ Everyone looked at Lin Ming with fear in their eyes. If Lin Ming could obtain the advantage even when facing off against Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, it was highly possible that he had killed Zhong Wenshu!

’’Could it be that even the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion will fall at his hand?’’


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