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Martial World - Chapter 1189


Chapter 1189 - Fighting the Three Prodigies




Roar! Roar!

Several fierce nightmare beasts rushed out from deep within the canyon, jumping towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming's declaration of war not only attracted the many martial artists in Nightmare Canyon, but it also attracted many nightmare beasts. These nightmare beasts came covered in cruel looking barbs and their aura was sinister. These nightmare beasts were many times more wild and dangerous than the ones he encountered in the jungle.

Lin Ming remained motionless. The Phoenix Blood Spear struck out like a viper, easily piercing through these nightmare beasts' foreheads.

Puff! Puff!

Several nightmare beasts crashed to the ground in their wild sprint, tumbling into a ball that smashed into a wall, causing blood to splash out.

The rock that was over a hundred times harder than steel was ripped to shreds.

’’How fierce that person is!’’

Many people commented as they saw how easily Lin Ming killed the nightmare beasts. This wasn't something most of them could hope to accomplish.

’’I know him. He's that young man who bought the Boundless World Pill at the Imperial City Auction.’’

’’That's right! He's the person who bought the Boundless World Pill with 7 trillion violet sun stones. That price is simply insane!’’

Many martial artists had already caught up to the scene. From these people, a good number of them had attended the Imperial City Auction. They had an extremely profound impression of Lin Ming.

Most of them thought that for anyone to dare challenge the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, it had to be a squad of martial artists that perhaps came from a nearby city. But they never imagined it was only a single person. Lin Ming!

’’Good heavens! That boy made enemies with several World King Holy Land geniuses during that debacle at the Imperial City Auction House. Now he actually dares to come and challenge them! This mortal hatred must be higher than the heavens!’’

’’You idiot, these people have already ripped apart any semblance of civility. If that boy didn't go looking for Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies, they would have gone looking for him. But for him to challenge them alone, isn't that a bit too forced?’’

’’I also think it's ridiculous. Sacred Martial Mansion will fight together;it is impossible for him to split them apart. If he could actually win, that would mean his strength was on par with a peak genius of the True Martial Holy Lands!’’

More and more martial artists caught up and most of them doubted Lin Ming's actions. If there was a person that had strength equal to the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion combined, that person's strength would probably rank in the top five of the True martial Great World. Everyone found it hard to believe that this non-descript youth had the ability to rank amongst the top five junior martial artists of the True Martial Great World.

As some people joined in on this discussion, they mockingly said, ’’I heard ever since this boy entered the divine Dream World, he's been holed up in the Immemorial Imperial City and hasn't taken even half a step out. Now the first time he comes out, he actually challenges the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion. I think he might have some mental issues.

It had to be known that this was only a dreamland space, a place where the souls and consciousness co-existed with others. Cultivating here did not improve their true bodies, so no one could imagine just what Lin Ming had been doing wasting his time away at Immemorial Imperial City.

Not just that, but Lin Ming had done nothing in these two months. What left others speechless the most was that as soon as he came out of the city, he challenged the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion before doing anything else. This sort of behavior was definitely not that of a normal person.

At this time, a red-clothed bamboo hat woman rushed through Nightmare Canyon. Her figure was light and vivid, like a butterfly fluttering through the dark. As she dodged through the massive toxic mushrooms, she didn't even emit the least bit of sound.

As soon as the woman landed on the ground, many other people around her began to tremble, subconsciously retreating from this bamboo hat woman.

From the moment that people arrived at Nightmare Canyon to hunt nightmare beasts, in order to obtain more merit points, it was common for participants to kill other participants.

This red bamboo hat woman was all alone. As someone that didn't originate from a World King Holy Land background, she was an extremely attractive target for others. Many martial artists tried to kill her. They came in squads, using frontal attacks, sneak attacks, and even tricks and traps, but the result was that all of them were slain by this red bamboo hat woman. Moreover, she was extremely ruthless and decisive. The dead would often have their bellies sheared open and their limbs cut off.

Over time, no one dared to confront this red bamboo hat woman again. Whenever someone saw her, they would turn around and flee.

This red bamboo hat woman eventually came to occupy a very high quality and large hunting region in Nightmare Canyon, second only to the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion.

Of course, even in the eyes of others, even this red bamboo hat woman was inferior to the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion. After all, there were three of them and each one of them was a peak master. If they teamed up, they should be strongest force in Immemorial Imperial City.

The red bamboo hat woman looked at Lin Ming, and Lin Ming also looked at her. The two of them didn't speak, but they could both feel a faint fighting spirit through each other's eyes.

At this time, a uproarious laughter filled the air, ’’Hahaha! What did I say? I was wondering just who was so arrogant to challenge us, and it turns out it really was you!’’

A man with wild-red hair rushed out from the depths of Nightmare Canyon. His face was square and edged as if it were hewed by a saber, and his entire body was burning with a flaming red aura, making him seem like a demon.

He was the second brother of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies - Sacred Yueping.

Although Sacred Yueping was not the oldest brother, because of his reckless personality, he was even more renowned than Sacred Tianhao.

After landing on the ground, Sacred Yueping flourished a red spear from his spatial ring. His weapon was also a spear. Moreover, it appeared extremely similar to the Phoenix Blood Spear.

After Sacred Yueping arrived, Sacred Tianhao and Sacred Yanran followed close behind. Sacred Tianhao was colossal at nine feet tall - he was over two heads taller than an average person. Sacred Tianhao's weapon was a black heavy sword, half a foot wide and as tall as an adult male.

Compared to Sacred Tianhao, Sacred Yanran was cute and petite. She sat on Sacred Tianhao's broad shoulders. Her weapons were unique;they were a pair of green rings that looked like a disk formed by a rounded snake. It was easily wide enough to fit over her waist.

The three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion each had their own unique talents and abilities that complemented each other's forms of combat.

Eldest brother Sacred Tianhao excelled in strength and violent attacks. Youngest sister Sacred Yanran specialized in speed and the ability to sneak attack from any direction. As for Sacred Yueping, his attacks were wild and fierce, and he was all around superb.

If these three joined forces, they were able to display an even greater combat strength. This was the reason why they often stayed together and were referred to as a unit.

With the Phoenix Blood Spear, Lin Ming drew a crescent moon on the ground. This battle could erupt at any moment!

Everyone drew back a little bit, waiting to see the great battle commence. This could be a wonderful and marvelous battle, but it could also be a joke. It wouldn't be a surprise to anyone present if Lin Ming instantly died. After all, no one here had seen Lin Ming exchange moves with a true top genius

As Sacred Yueping saw Lin Ming's weapon, he sneered and said, ’’A spear, how amusing. I also use a spear, and I'm often referred to as the number one spear master of Immemorial Imperial City's younger generation. This time, let me have a good look at just how your spear compare to mine! Big brother, third sister, you do not need to fight. Me alone is more than enough to deal with the likes of him!’’

As Sacred Yueping spoke, he casually lifted his spear and pointed it straight toward Lin Ming, the provocation clear in his actions.

Sacred Tianhao faintly frowned but didn't stop Sacred Yueping, allowing him to face Lin Ming one on one. Although Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies often joined forces to fight an enemy, that was when they were facing older powerhouses or their senior-apprentice brothers and sisters that were over a hundred years older than them. If they joined forces to fight against a peer, that was truly a bit shameful.

’’Are you ready? Take my first spear attack!’’

Before Sacred Yueping attacked Lin Ming, he actually gave a warning. This was proof that he was confident in his own abilities. Lin Ming only faintly smiled, keeping his spear pointed toward the ground as before.

At this time, Sacred Yueping finally moved. The dense black rock beneath him exploded as Sacred Yueping vanished in an afterimage, instantly arriving in front of Lin Ming with his spear cutting down!

The momentum of this attack was overwhelming, like a falling meteor. But what was extremely strange was that as this spear came slashing down, the speed of it seemed to rapidly slow. This spear seemed to move at a mortal speed, slow and simple without anything special to it.

Even so, it gave off an extremely confusing and profound feeling.

’’What a slow spear. Is he underestimating Lin Ming and intentionally provoking him?’’

’’You idiot, those are the Time Laws! Moreover, they're Time Laws that have formed their own time enchantment. The boundary of this attack is extremely high! If this spear struck you, you would die over a hundred times!’’

All of the martial artists rapidly spoke with true essence sound transmissions. And during this time, Sacred Yueping's spear still hadn't fallen!

Lin Ming lifted the Phoenix Blood Spear to block this attack, but discovered that his speed was even slower than Sacred Yueping's. His body was sluggish and mired, simply unable to defend!

Time Laws - Concept of Stagnation!

As a peak disciple of a World King Holy Land, Sacred Yueping naturally had some skill. His comprehension of the Time Laws had reached an extremely high boundary. Lin Ming, who had learned about the Time and Space Laws from Old Man Good Fortune, simply couldn't compare. As long as he was caught in Sacred Yueping's time distorting enchantment, Lin Ming would be suppressed from all directions!

As Lin Ming saw Sacred Yueping's spear nearly reaching his heart, he shouted out loud. Popping sounds crackled out from within his body. Within this time enchantment, these sounds extended out, seeming incomparably strange.

Gate of Wonder - open!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Mystic Lightning Shade!

Lin Ming instantly displayed the limit of his speed. This time enchantment merely slowed down the flow of time. If Lin Ming's speed was overwhelmingly fast, even if he were slowed down to 1%, he still might have the advantage.


Lin Ming drew backwards, thrusting the Phoenix Blood Spear in front of him and blocking the attack!

On one side was a hasty defense, on the other an attack with crushing momentum. As Lin Ming blocked this strike, he was pushed hundreds of feet backwards until he reached a black rock. He turned the Phoenix Blood Spear and fiercely stabbed it into the rock, stabilizing himself.

Zhii -

The Phoenix Blood Spear curved into an arc from the impact force.

’’Hey, nice speed!’’ Sacred Yueping merrily said, his voice full of mirth. ’’I wonder just how long your luck will last.’’

’’Mm?’’ As Lin Ming felt the slightly restless blood vitality within his body, he discovered that the true essence Sacred Yueping struck out with was extremely tricky. After penetrating into his body, it began to rampage around, and it was also extremely tenacious. But this was not a problem to Lin Ming. He had absorbed phoenix blood essence, dragon bone marrow, and had even opened the Gate of Life. The toughness of his body was far from what this strange essence could possibly hope to affect, much less destroy. With just a thought, all of this true essence was wiped out.

With this strike, Sacred Yueping clearly held the advantage. As for Lin Ming, he seemed to suffer a loss.


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