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Martial World - Chapter 1185


Chapter 1185 - Yin Yang Twin Swords




’’Main course? Hahahahaha!’’

Zhong Wenshu howled with laughter. ’’In all my, Zhong Wenshu's years of wandering the True Martial Great World, this is the first time I've been treated as a dish! You are truly crazy! Do you think just because you have the ability to kill my subordinates, that also means you have the strength to pressure me?’’

Zhong Wenshu's anger had already reached the limit. He wanted to tear apart Lin Ming with his bare hands.

’’Lin Ming, although I cannot kill you in this dreamland space, when this grand tournament ends, I will mobilize every single force I have at my Dual Polarity Palace to slay you. You are a nobody with so many precious treasures on you, just like a child holding a ingot of gold on the busy streets. Did you know there's countless people that want to kill you? Even if you come from a Holy Land, your Holy Land is far away in the Crimson Light World, so how can they possibly help you here at the True Martial Great World? As long as there isn't any evidence, the Ancient Phoenix Clan will have no choice but to stuff their grievances in their mouths. Even if they object, what could they possibly do to my Dual Polarity Place? Hahahaha!’’

As Zhong Wenshu spoke, he took out two swords from his spatial ring. These two swords were spirit artifact level treasures swords. Although their quality was far inferior to Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear, they were clearly a pair. A spirit artifact that could be used by a divine Sea martial artist was already extremely expensive. If it was a pair of spirit artifacts, that was even rarer.

Of this pair of swords, one was black and the other white!

Zhong Wenshu crossed his hands, a cold sword light intertwining. The sword in his left hand began to blaze with a flaming white light, and the sword in his right hand turned pitch black without the least bit of shine. However, faint spots of glowing light seemed to float around the black sword before being sucked in. The black sword seemed like a black hole, constantly swallowing up all the energy around it.

’’My white sword is named Sunpiercer and my black sword is named Darkstone. For me to bring out these two swords, you should feel proud of yourself.

’’Black and white twin sword? Yin Yang Laws?’’

Lin Ming was a bit startled. He could clearly feel fluctuations of the Yin Yang Laws surrounding Zhong Wenshu's twin swords. Moreover, Zhong Wenshu seemed to have reached the fourth level Concept of the Yin Yang Laws.

The Yin Yang Laws could be considered relatively high level Laws within the universe. Although they were inferior to the Grandmist Laws, they were still above the Five Element Laws.

Zhong Wenshu was in the end someone that came from a World King level Holy Land. A World King's descendant, even an ordinary World King's descendant, had the ability to rank in the top 10 of the divine Realm First Martial Meeting and perhaps, even the top 5. They were existences that were only inferior to Empyrean descendants. There were even certain individuals among them that could defeat Empyrean descendants. After all, not every Empyrean descendant was able to grow up with limitless talent and luck!

For such a heaven-gifted genius, their ability to perceive the Laws really couldn't be underestimated.

Lin Ming also became a bit more serious. But this was only a little bit serious.

If he couldn't even kill someone like Zhong Wenshu, he might as well give up trying to struggle for the top five spots of the First Martial Meeting, or even the top three.


Zhong Wenshu shouted out. His body suddenly turned into a phantom as he flash-stepped in front of Lin Ming, thrusting the Sunpiercer straight towards his throat.

With this incredible speed, Lin Ming's chest was pierced through. After the sword light penetrated through Lin Ming's body, it fell onto the jungle behind him. Behind Lin Ming, the jungle was completely swept away. Countless towering trees were uprooted and destroyed, vaporized in a blaze of dazzling white light and reduced to ashes!

A massive clearing appeared in the jungle.


The two trackers that had followed Lin Ming here emitted cries of alarm. Was that amazing Lin Ming killed just now by that sword strike?

Before they had the time to fully analyze just what happened, a voiced sounded out from behind them. ’’Your speed is decent, but your eyesight is quite bad.’’

This voice belonged to Lin Ming.

The two small trackers hopped up in fright. All the hairs on their body stood up and their legs turned wobbly. Lin Ming appeared just three feet behind them.

In that attack just now, Lin Ming had dodged Zhong Wenshu's sword and managed to arrive behind them without them even noticing.

The two trackers fell to the ground. They crawled away using their hands and feet, fearing they'd be caught up in the aftermath of the battle.

’’What shameless boasting. You won't be so lucky this time!’’

Zhong Wenshu's face darkened. He switched to his right hand to attack. In this hand, a black vortex began to gather around the Darkstone sword. Even the tiny amount of light in the jungle seemed to be sucked in by the black sword. For a moment, there seemed to be nothing left in this world before it came slashing down at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming felt his own body being drawn in by a strange power, making it difficult to display his own speed. This was the Concept of Swallowing from the Darkness Laws. It was able to distort space and hinder his movements.

Lin Ming didn't panic. He pointed the Phoenix Blood Spear at the ground and faced Zhong Wenshu's sword light. ’’If you could combine the powers of yin and yang together, you might have been able to create some problems for me. But since you can only handle one sword at a time, everything you do is meaningless!’’

A brilliant light shined in Lin Ming's eyes. The Heretical God Force opened and a raging flame erupted from the Heretical God seedling, turning into flames that burnt the skies, lighting up the darkness. On top of the Phoenix Blood Spear, a blue lotus slowly began to bloom. Within the heart of the blue lotus, a flash of red light shot up into the sky, tearing through the darkness.

Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

Lin Ming fused together the first four levels of the Fire Laws even as he poured the power of thunder into his attack. The Phoenix Blood Spear shot forth with unstoppable momentum, sundering the earth and leaving a massive canyon in the jungle. Countless trees were burnt to ashes in the conflagration!


Zhong Wenshu and Lin Ming's attacks crashed into each other. For a time, the black vortex minced apart the surrounding jungle. But within that black vortex, a blue lotus stood tall!

The violent impact smashed into Zhong Wenshu's chest, causing a sweet taste to swell up in his throat as blood spilled out from the sides of his mouth.

’’This brat!’’

Zhong Wenshu raged. When he saw Lin Ming instantly kill five of his men, he understood that dealing with Lin Ming would be tricky. But only now that he actually fought Lin Ming did he discover that the difficulty of defeating him was far higher than what he ever imagined.

That Darkstone sword attack he used just now wasn't his strongest attack, but it was nearly there. Even so, it only had this result.

’’That attack just now must've exhausted a great deal of his energy. I have to take this chance and gamble my life against his!’’

With flames scorching the sky, Zhong Wenshu switched directions and forcefully summoned his true essence. He dashed outwards into the blazing sea of flames. He felt that the thickness of his own true essence was inferior to Lin Ming's, so he could only take advantage of the aftermath's shockwaves to sneak attack him in order to turn this possible defeat into victory.

Peng peng peng!

Energy recklessly struck Zhong Wenshu's protective true essence, causing the blood vitality within his body to be even more chaotic. But he couldn't care about that at this moment.

’’Sword Swallowing Sun and Moon!’’

Zhong Wenshu disregarded his own injuries and decisively used the Darkstone sword once again, tearing away the raging flames around him. This was his strongest attack. Upon comprehending the deepest mysteries of the Darkstone sword, it could swallow all energies, flesh and blood, souls, and it was even said to be able to eat the stars themselves. Although he was far from being able to achieve this state now, with the Sword Swallowing Sun and Moon strike, he was nearly invincible amongst his boundary.

Hu - hu - hu -

Zhong Wenshu's Darkstone dagger nearly transformed into a black hole. A massive amount of energy shockwaves were swallowed up by this black hole, becoming a part of Zhong Wenshu's attack!

The energy aftershocks were broken apart. As the chaotic energy parted, all that was revealed was the cold and callous face of Lin Ming!

’’You're done for!’’ Zhong Wenshu savagely said. He thrust out the Darkstone sword!

After using Sword Swallowing Sun and Moon, Zhong Wenshu's body couldn't withstand the burden. On his arm, his forehead, and all over his body, blood vessels began to explode from the pressure. Zhong Wenshu severely wounded himself in order to strike out with his strongest attack!

This energy black hole was shot toward Lin Ming.

’’Swallow everything! Swallow his flesh and blood!’’ Zhong Wenshu screamed out in his heart. However, just as the black hole was about to touch Lin Ming's body, from behind Lin Ming, a blood red lotus began to bloom.

Prime Emperor Lotus Flower - grandmist space!

Rumble rumble rumble rumble!

As the black hole fell into the grandmist space, a collision of fierce energy occurred. Expressionless, Lin Ming thrust forth the Phoenix Blood Spear, stabbing out at the center of the black hole.

’’You retard! If you attack my Swallowing Laws, you will only be swallowed even faster!

Zhong Wenshu's entire body was covered in blood. He held the Sunpiercer sword in his left hand, ready to summon up his final dregs of true essence for a last attack to ensure victory.

But at this moment, a completely dumbfounding scene occurred.

The black hole he shot out was actually twisted apart by Lin Ming's spear strike. Even the viscous black energy was swallowed up by some invisible power!

This sword strike that was said to swallow even the stars was instead being swallowed up by other Laws!

Chaos gave birth to yin and yang, and yin and yang diverged into the five elements. Although the Yin Yang Laws stood above the Five Element Laws, they were still below the Grandmist Laws. Even if it were a true black hole, at the destruction of the universe and the creation of a new cosmos, it would still be swallowed up by the Grandmist Laws!

Moreover, Zhong Wenshu's sword strike was far from being able to achieve the boundary of a real black hole. It was nothing more than a fake!

’’How is this possible!? What ability is this!?’’

Zhong Wenshu found this unbelievable. He wanted to attack with his Sunpiercer sword, but held his hand. If even the Darkstone sword's strongest attack couldn't harm Lin Ming, just what use would his Sunpiercer sword be?

In that instant, Lin Ming already arrived in front of Zhong Wenshu. The Phoenix Blood Spear appeared three feet above Zhong Wenshu's head as it came cutting down!

The cold light of the Phoenix Blood Spear reflected in Zhong Wenshu's pupils. A feeling of despair surged within his heart. He lifted his sword to meet this attack but it was useless.


The Phoenix Blood Spear tore through Zhong Wenshu's left shoulder and cut straight through his ribs at an angle. Blood showered the skies. Zhong Wenshu's body was cut in half by Lin Ming!

As Zhong Wenshu's body was split apart, his eyes were still filled with disbelief and unwillingness. The merit points he had accumulated with two months of hard work and the dreams he had of reaching the top 20 ranks of the True Martial Great World were popped like a bubble, evaporating into nothing. All of his efforts had been made into a gift for others!

This sort of feeling left Zhong Wenshu wanting to die from sorrow and anger!

However, these were his final thoughts. In the next moment, his head was pierced through with the Phoenix Blood Spear. The remaining half of Zhong Wenshu's bod struggled for a moment before slumping onto the ground where he instantly died!

Zhong Wenshu turned into a mass of light that dissipated into the air.


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