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Martial World - Chapter 1182


Chapter 1182 - Lin Ming Makes His Move




Within the divine Dream World, Lin Ming sat on the stone bed, unmoving. For the last 65 days, he had been perceiving the divine Dream Law.

At the start, the Law lines would only appear within a small space around the Magic Cube. But as Lin Ming slowly continued to deepen his understandings of the divine Dream Law, these colored lines slowly expanded to a space of three feet around Lin Ming.

If someone stepped into this room, they would see countless fantastical beams of light fluttering around him, like beautiful translucent seven-colored fish.

At this time, Lin Ming opened his eyes. In that moment, a brilliant light flashed from between his eyebrows. This sort of light was the light of the soul. A person who didn't thoroughly understand the Laws of the soul couldn't see it. But even if then, their soul would still be burnt by the light from this soul flash. If their soul force wasn't strong enough, their souls would directly be vaporized to nothingness!


Lin Ming gave a deep shout and the seven colored strands of light in front of him suddenly seemed to be grasped by some powerful strength. They were dragged toward Lin Ming by this strange power before slowly sinking in between his eyebrows, forming a faint dreamlike mark. This mark constantly shifted and transformed before finally entering Lin Ming's body and completely vanishing.

These seven colored lights were already sucked into Lin Ming's spiritual sea. An unbelievable scene occurred. As the last strands of light fell onto Lin Ming's soul, it formed a diamond shaped mark. This diamond mark was surrounded by a faint haze of light and rainbow-colored feathers, beautiful and entrancing.

’’The second rune. I've finally established the second divine dream rune! The divine Dream Law is truly extraordinary. When I broke through Ninefall and underwent a baptism of the Heavenly Dao laws, I was baptized by all the Laws that exist in this universe. But even so, those Law runes only fell onto my bones and formed bone runes or they buried themselves into my flesh. None of them could mark my soul. This is the first time this has happened!’’

Lin Ming looked at the shining rune that sparkled on his soul and had such a feeling. The divine Dream Law had an essential difference from spiritual or soul attack Laws;the basis of them were on completely different levels. He had never heard of Laws that were able to leave behind marks on his soul.

’’65 days and yet I've only managed to form two rune marks. With the support of the Magic Cube I am able to see the path of movement for these energy Laws, yet I'm still having so much difficulty cultivating it. If I didn't have the Magic Cube, wanting to perceive anything here would simply be the talk of a moron. This divine Dream Law is beyond difficult to comprehend. Moreover, another important question is: I have no idea how to apply these Laws in combat...’’

After perceiving the rules of Laws, one wasn't necessarily able to immediately transform these comprehensions into combat strength. One needed a method in order to do so. These so-called 'methods' were cultivation methods, martial skills, and so forth. Although Lin Ming had the Magic Cube, he still didn't know just what the divine Dream Law transcendent divine might was. He would have to research it on his own.

Lin Ming had a creeping suspicion that the reason divine Dream Heavenly Palace had so few people was because of how difficult the divine Dream Law was too understand. If one wanted to study the divine Dream Law, they first had to be taught the divine Dream Law by a supreme elder skilled in it. Even the descendant of Empyrean divine Dream had to be personally guided by Empyrean divine Dream. In order to study the divine Dream Law, the requests of perception were unbelievably harsh.

’’I have 25 days remaining. It's not enough time to carve the third soul mark. I should go out and earn some merit points. What a pity, three months is just too short.

Lin Ming hopped down from the stone bed. 25 days was more than enough time to gather merit points. Although he had been training all this time, he could feel the massive amount of soul energy flowing through the skies all day long. Every day at every hour, there was a massive number of deaths! These people had either died underneath the claws and fangs of some nightmare beasts or they were slain by other participants. By this time, many participants should have already realized there was no chance of them passing the first round of eliminations. Even so, they would likely want to go out adventuring and gain some experiences. This would cause the ranks of the nightmare beasts to swell with increasingly powerful monsters and not only that, but the merit points of the martial artists would grow increasingly high.

’’As long as I can slay some higher level nightmare beasts or kill a few participants with high merit points, I'll be able to pass the first round of eliminations easily.’’ As Lin Ming thought like this, he left Immemorial Imperial City. This was the first time in two months he was leaving the absolute safety net of the city.

Lin Ming stepped outside, breathing in the fresh air of nature;there was really no difference between the real world and this dreamland. He once again sighed with praise at just how wonderful Empyrean divine Dream's methods were.

’’That brat has appeared!’’

Outside of Immemorial Imperial City, Lin Ming's appearance instantly attracted the attention of two martial artists. These two both had a cultivation at the Eightfall middle divine Sea realm, and they knew perfectly well they would be eliminated in the first round of the preliminaries. With that in mind, they didn't bother with hunting nightmare beasts and instead accepted the bribe of Zhong Wenshu, guarding the city gates and acting as his eyes and ears.

As soon as Lin Ming appeared, they were the first to find out.

’’Haha, this is too wonderful! We've been standing guard here for two months and our efforts have finally borne fruit. The brat has come out!’’

’’We've both earned 50,000 violet sun stones now. Although we didn't gain any other harvest in participating in this First Martial Meeting, it's still good that we earned 50,000 violet sun stones. But we should still be careful that we aren't discovered by him. He is much fiercer than us!’’

’’Don't worry about that. Remember, when we explored those ancient ruins in the past, we came across an extremely valuable martial skill called the 'Traceless Shadow'. That name isn't for nothing. It can be used for tracking, surveillance, and all sorts of other covert operations. If it weren't for this ability, we would never have gotten into this business to begin with!’’

The two quickly spoke with a true essence sound transmission and didn't even glance toward Lin Ming. Their surveillance method was also used according to the 'Traceless Shadow', so they both assumed they were very well hidden.

Even so, Lin Ming was the first to discover them. The difference in strength was simply too great, while Lin Ming also understood a small portion of the divine Dream Law.

Lin Ming traced his chin and a playful smile formed on his face. He had been wondering where to obtain merit points from, but now it seemed that some people had come over to give him a hand.

He didn't bother with the two small minions. Lin Ming launched his movement technique and disappeared like a wisp of black smoke, flying straight towards a distant jungle.

Although Lin Ming's speed was very slow, the two minions nearly fell over trying to follow him.

’’How could that brat be so fast! He instantly caught onto our 'Traceless Shadow'!’’

’’Nonsense, he must have known other people want to kill him so he just randomly dashed out as soon as he left the city. Moreover, he is strong, so his speed is certainly fast. Look over there. He just entered that jungle. There are many nightmare beasts within, so he'll definitely be caught there for some time.’’

As the two of them saw Lin Ming enter the jungle they were immediately overjoyed. They hurried to send news of Lin Ming leaving the safety of the city.

At this time, within the jungle, Lin Ming was facing off against three nightmare beasts.

These nightmare beasts had the shape of leopards. They assumed a triangular position around Lin Ming, while roaring at him.

Within Lin Ming's eyes, these were no longer nightmare beasts. Rather, they had been simplified into countless lines.

These gray lines had no shine at all. Compared to the divine Dream Law lin Ming had perceived before, they were much darker.

But as Lin Ming looked at these lines, he realized something.

’’So these are nightmare beasts! In the divine Dream World, nightmare beasts are formed from the energy within this dreamland. They were originally forms of energy wandering around the divine Dream World that were gathered together by the power of Laws, and turned into these aggressive monsters. If I were to call these energies something else, they would be heaven and earth origin energy!’’ Lin Ming realized.

The nightmare beasts of the divine Dream World were consistent with the heaven and earth origin energy in the real world. However, the heaven and earth energy there didn't have any aggressive nature and these nightmare beasts were actually able to kill people.

In the real world, one could absorb heaven and earth origin energy to cultivate.

Within the divine Dream World, if one killed these nightmare beasts and absorbed their energy, one could cultivate all the same!

But the premise of all this was that one understood the divine Dream Law transcendent divine might.

Lin Ming's perception was extremely high now. With the help of the Magic Cube, he had managed to faintly decipher some inklings of Empyrean divine Dream's transcendent divine might.

In other words, within the divine Dream World, one could kill the nightmare beasts and absorb their energy using this transcendent divine might to strengthen themselves!

If this speculation were true, Empyrean divine Dream had done the same as creating a completely new cultivation method different from everything else. Every transcendent divine might was truly wonderful and varied!

The Heretical God Force, Primordius martial intent, divine Dream Law, each one of them was incomparably mysterious!

As Lin Ming realized this, he increasingly desired the contents of the divine Dream Law. If he could become aware of the fantastical mysteries within, it was possible for him to increase his own strength while he competed in the divine Dream World.

The other participants could only gain combat experience, while he could enhance multiple aspects of himself!

At this time, Lin Ming suddenly heard the three black leopards in front of him roar out again before hurtling towards him.

Lin Ming didn't bat an eye. He simply said, ’’You cats can become my test experiment.’’

He flicked his fingers and three beams of light flashed over. These true essence arrows had his gold battle spirit poured into them, instantly piercing through the heads of the three nightmare beasts. The nightmare beasts shook and cried out before all falling to the ground.

The three nightmare beasts disappeared, turning into bits of energy that faded into the skies. In Lin Ming's eyes, the energy was formed from countless gray lines.

These gray lines were much more basic than the seven colored lights the Magic Cube had decomposed.

’’You're mine.’’

Lin Ming thrust out his hand. Underneath the attraction of the dreamland Laws, the lines of energy obediently sank into Lin Ming's body. They entered his soul and vitalized his two soul marks.

The soul marks became increasingly dazzling!

If Lin Ming absorbed these energies according to what he knew of the divine Dream Law, then although he couldn't utilize too much of it, he could already confirm he could use it to increase his own cultivation. It was similar to absorbing heaven and earth origin energy in the real world, but the speed was much faster.

This was only from slaying low level nightmare beasts. What would it be like if he hunted down top class nightmare beasts? The cultivation speed would be even faster!

As Lin Ming was thinking this, several hundred miles away in a deep canyon, Zhong Wenshu's sword had just come falling down, slicing apart the head of a nightmare beast. Blood shot out in all directions. In hunting down these high level nightmare beasts, Zhong Wenshu was a tad serious.

At this time, one of Zhong Wenshu's minions ran over. ’’Young master, the scouts have sent a message. That little bastard who bought the Boundless World Pill finally appeared!’’


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