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Martial World - Chapter 1176


Chapter 1176 - Change of the Magic Cube




True Martial Great World did not have an Empyrean level influence. Thus, the True Martial Holy Lands was the number one top influence of this great world, and those young disciples that came from the True Martial Holy Lands naturally left others feeling a sense of awe.

’’Haha, you fellow martial cultivators from the True Martial Holy Lands must find this funny. It's just some minor grudges.’’

’’I have heard that... the Boundless World Pill was taken away by some unknown youth with the last name Lin... so it was you...’’ The wheat-colored youth from the True Martial Holy Lands said as he smiled at Lin Ming. His every action and movement seemed to embody nobility, as if he were a prince. This sort of nobility was something that one was naturally born with.

Lin Ming remained quiet. Then, the wheat-colored youth slowly said, ’’Ancient Phoenix Clan's... Lin Ming, if I'm not wrong.’’

Lin Ming was surprised as this youth called out his background. In these past days, many people had tried to investigate and look up his background to no avail. The divine Realm was simply too broad;wanting to investigate someone was easier said than done, even if he came from a Holy Land to begin with.

It was nearly impossible to use his name to search too. This was because in the divine Realm there were far too many people that shared similar names.

It was even impossible to investigate someone using their appearance. This was because even in a population of 10 quadrillion geniuses, too many of them would appear similar. If this was expanded to the entire divine Realm, the magnitude of such an investigation would be unimaginable.

’’You... obtained my information from the First Martial Meeting?’’ Lin Ming asked, tacitly acknowledging his own background. Since he was participating in the First Martial Meeting, he had already written down his name and background when he registered.

The young woman chuckled and pulled the wheat-skinned man towards her. She said in a dulcet tone, ’’Information pertaining to participants of the First Martial Meeting can be looked up by the public as soon as the tournament starts. Before that, even our Great World King level Holy Land cannot look through it. The reason we know of you is because our True Martial Holy Lands collects information on all the rising geniuses from various Holy Lands. Although the geniuses of ordinary Holy Lands aren't any threat to us, having an understanding of them is still good, thus we were able to find you.’’

As the woman spoke, all of the young elites were startled. It had to be known that there were simply far too many Holy Land level influences in the divine Realm and they were all separated by extreme distances. If one wanted to keep tabs on these Holy Lands, then not to mention anything else, but the cost of transmitting information from all these places was simply overwhelming, leaving one flabbergasted at the thought. To transmit information between great worlds required a massive number of violet sun stones. If the True Martial Holy Lands possessed information on the geniuses from other Holy Lands, it was likely they had established an intelligence network. The costs to maintain this intelligence network every year must be staggering.

’’This brat really is from an ordinary Holy Land. Good, we don't have to hold back anymore.’’ Zhong Wenshu sneered. Although the Ancient Phoenix Clan was a peak existence amongst the ordinary Holy Lands, it was still far from being comparable to a World King Holy Land. This was because the difference in strength between a Holy Lord and a World King was simply too great. If an ordinary Holy Land suffered some injustice from a World King level Holy Land, it would be nearly impossible to ask for justice.

’’Hehe, this First Martial Meeting is a place where the peak disciples of World King Holy Lands and Empyrean descendants are all competing for supremacy. The Empyrean descendants will likely take the top five. As for the other positions, those will be grabbed by the peak geniuses of World King level Holy Lands. The disciples of ordinary Holy Lands, they are nothing more than stepping stones for others! As for the disciples of eighth-grade sects and also those wandering martial artists, all of them are cannon fodder!’’

Sacred Yueping arrogantly said. Most of the young disciples present came from small sects and martial families. Let alone an eighth-grade sect, some of them weren't even from seventh-grade sects. As they heard Sacred Yueping's words, all of them grimaced.

’’Your mouth is quite fierce. Do you really think that you World King Holy Land disciples are invincible in this world? You are looking down on this world's heroes too much! Let me tell you all that there are many masters amongst the common folk. They are people that have experienced lucky chances that defy all common sense, lucky chances that you would never be able to imagine. There is no need for you to spout such ridiculous boastful talk!’’

A short youth who clearly came from a wandering background said. There were many wandering geniuses that stumbled into great lucky chances and were also very arrogant. Even when facing a World King level influence, they still wouldn't retreat. This short youth was clearly a person who had experienced a massive lucky chance.

’’Nothing but a frog in a well, a true idiot!’’ Zhong Wenshu sneered. He reached out his hand and his body exploded with popping sounds. His aura suddenly erupted. In that instant, it was like he had become a giant ancient beast, causing everyone around him to shudder.

All the young elites present felt as if their neck had been held down by the vicious beast. Their entire body dripped with sweat.

Then, with a faint sound, the short youth stuffily coughed as he was sent flying backwards, crashing into a wall.

’’How is this possible!?’’

The young elites from the small sects were shocked. Wasn't fighting disallowed before the competition began?

The short youth wasn't injured. He climbed back up to his feet, embarrassed and pale. His eyes were filled with incredulity as he glared at Zhong Wenshu. Just what had happened here? Was that not an attack?

’’It's aura!’’

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted out. Before, when the ragtag mob of martial artists first entered the auction house, they were swept out by the aura of four Ninefall martial artist guards. This dreamland space forbade true life or death battle and also killing intent. However, it didn't stop one's aura.

Zhong Wenshu had clearly discovered this point, thus he used this method without reserve. This was the reason why the short youth was sent flying backwards from his aura alone.

Those that dared to speak up here clearly had confidence in themselves, and this confidence should have stemmed from some considerable lucky chance. Even so, facing Zhong Wenshu, none of them were able to withstand him.

This sent a chill down the spines of many young elites present. They were originally brimming with confidence and had dashing and glorious dreams as they thought of joining the First Martial Meeting. They wanted to use the geniuses from the large sects as stepping stones on their martial path. It had to be said that most of these people had experienced some sort of fortuitous event in their lives, and many of them believed that they had the life of an emperor. They didn't think that they were worse than any of these World King Holy Land disciples, but now that they saw Zhong Wenshu's tremendous strength with their own eyes, all of the confidence they had begun to fade away. A peak genius of the divine Realm was far stronger than they had imagined!

Zhong Wenshu sneered with disdain and no longer bothered with the short youth. He turned to Lin Ming and faintly smiled, licking his lips as he said, ’’You are a slightly stronger idiot. I will wait for you. I really can't wait for the competition to begin!’’

’’I also cannot wait.’’ Lin Ming smiled. As this smile fell into the eyes of all present, it caused their hearts to skip a beat.

This brat, how could he say such brave words even after seeing how formidable Zhong Wenshu was?

Was he really powerful? Or was he just faking it?

Leaving these people to discuss amongst themselves, Lin Ming left the auction house and went to find a temporary dwelling of his own. In Immemorial Imperial City, there were simply far too many empty houses. Lin Ming took out some simple array formations from his spatial ring and laid down arrays around his dwelling. In a situation where one couldn't use true essence offensively, a simple array formation would be able to stop any peak genius from entering, because it was impossible to break through such a defensive array with just their aura.

With a month remaining, Lin Ming wouldn't waste this time. Instead, he chose to cultivate here.

What he very much wanted to know was if this dreamland world was the same as the real world, would improvements of his cultivation here be reflected in his own true body?

Lin Ming thought. Like this, he began to train. He sat down on a stone bed, closed his eyes, and had his mind enter into the ethereal martial intent state. Everything around him turned lucid.

This dreamland space contained complete Laws that Empyrean divine Dream had established herself. These Laws held endless mysteries and were also independent from the Laws of the divine Realm. Cultivating in here might have different results from cultivating outside.

Lin Ming didn't start senselessly cultivating without direction. First, he tried to analyze the dreamland Laws. Of course, with his current ability, it was impossible for him to perceive the mysteries of this dreamland world's laws. What he wanted to find out was which one of his cultivation methods was best suited to this dreamland space and which one would be the fastest.

First was the Ancient Phoenix Code, Celestial Tyrant Manual, Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians, and even the Great Desolate Halberd Art. As he experimented with these one at a time, the final results weren't too poor.

Then, Lin Ming moved onto the two transcendent divine mights: the Heretical God Force and the Heavenly Demon martial intent!

These two transcendent divine mights were also unable to reveal any good effects.

Although these two transcendent divine mights were on the same rank as Empyrean divine Dream's dreamland Laws, the degree to which he was proficient in them was naturally inferior to Empyrean divine Dream.

A transcendent divine might was the total accumulated wisdom and knowledge of an Empyrean level powerhouse. If one wanted to practice it, it naturally wasn't simple. To reach the peak level in a transcendent divine might was extremely difficult.

After cultivating the Heretical God Force for such a long time, Lin Ming had only been able to breed a Heretical God Seedling. Along the way, he had experienced many lucky chances and had absorbed a massive amount of the power of thunder and fire. Even thunder and fire heavenly tribulation had been absorbed by him in order to reach his current achievements.

As for Lin Ming's Heavenly Demon martial intent, that was only the tip of the iceberg that was the true Primordius martial intent.

Because of this, Lin Ming's transcendent divine mights were equally suppressed by the dreamland Laws.

’’Even transcendent divine mights don't work... I don't have any stronger cultivation methods...’’ Lin Ming mumbled to himself. Then, his mind suddenly stirred. In his dantian, he could feel the Magic Cube faintly trembling!


Lin Ming was surprised - the Magic Cube!

Why would the Magic Cube have energy vibrations? Up until now, Lin Ming still hadn't been able to activate the power of the Magic Cube on his own. In the past, when Mo Eversnow had used the Magic Cube, she had the strength of a half-step World King!

As Lin Ming investigated his body, he discovered that there were slight distortions in the dreamland space around the Magic Cube. Glimmers of crystalline strands of light appeared, constantly moving around the surface of the Magic Cube, like rainbows that blurred fantasy and reality.

These lines of light were unpredictable and gorgeous, as if they contained endless mysteries.

’’Strange. Why would a change occur in the Magic Cube here? Isn't it still resting within my sleeping body? Or, is this dreamland space so perfect and complete that it can even form a true projection of a divine object like the Magic Cube?’’

As Lin Ming was thinking, he soon figured out the situation. His soul could be said to be in the dreamland space, but the truth was that his soul was still within his sleeping body. Since the Magic Cube was in his body, they could definitely connect to each other.

Moreover, the phenomena that appeared during his Ninefall had included the Demon Bead, Purple Card, and Magic Cube. They were divine tools that respectively involved 'essence, energy, and the divine'. As for the Magic Cube, that was a supreme instrument that represented the 'divine', in other words, the soul. As for the divine Dream World that Empyrean divine Dream created, that was a world formed from the foundation of the divine soul. It was clearly unable to keep out the Magic Cube, because the Magic Cube was the highest ancestor of all soul-related phenomena in this world.


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