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Martial World - Chapter 1175


Chapter 1175 - True Martial Holy Land




’’Humph, as if the bunch of you aren't also brooding over the fact that the Boundless World Pill was taken away!’’ Zhong Wenshu bluntly responded as he heard Sacred Yueping's mocking tone.

At the Imperial City Auction, nearly all of the World King Holy Land disciples had come for the Boundless World Pill, but the end result was that all of them had been completely defeated in their bids. They lost to a mere boy and they weren't even sure what sort of ordinary sect he came from;at best he would have originated from an average Holy Land.

In the end they had no choice but to bid for the following last nine items in the auction. But, none of them had been able to compare to the Boundless World Pill at all. How could they possibly endure such a slight? It had to be said that if it weren't for the winds of the First Martial Meeting pushing everyone to the extremes, then there was no way they would be able to enjoy such an exorbitant treasure like the Boundless World Pill as disciples of ordinary World King Holy Lands.

’’You're right if you say I'm bearing a grudge. The Boundless World Pill was obtained by some little bastard who managed to stumble over a great treasure trove of wealth. It is simply wasted on him! Moreover, that little bastard retreated into the training rooms of Imperial City Auction House right after he won the bid and didn't come out until the end. There is nothing we can do about him!’’

As Sacred Yueping spoke, he said the last several words with a true essence sound transmission. He naturally wouldn't blatantly say something that implied he was going to murder and steal from someone.

He had already arranged sufficient manpower. After the First Martial Meeting concluded and Lin Ming was eliminated, he would move against him.

Zhong Wenshu demonically grinned. He said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Brother Yueping, it seems you've already arranged for some people to deal with Lin Ming, hehe, but the truth is that I have too. At that time, let's see just who'll be able to obtain the treasures on him. However... it might not be just us two that are interested in him!’’

After Lin Ming won the bid for the Boundless World Pill, he had retreated into seclusion for all this time. This proved that Lin Ming's background wasn't anything at all. At least, he wasn't from a World King level Holy Land, otherwise he wouldn't do things in such a manner.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming was also able to bring out 7 trillion violet sun stones to buy a Boundless World Pill. This was proof that he had experienced some lucky chance that defied the will of the heavens. It was the temptation of this lucky chance that drove people to assassinate Lin Ming so that they could divide the loot from his body.

As Zhong Wenshu was speaking to Sacred Yueping, his eyebrows suddenly shot up. He felt a faint disturbance in his heart. He turned around, looking into the crowd.

Far off in that direction, Lin Ming was standing there with his hands crossed behind his back!

And the reason that Zhong Wenshu had suddenly felt something was because Lin Ming's eyes were boring into him.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Zhong Wenshu had long since learned Lin Ming's name. His eyes turned cold and he sneered, ’’Good! Very good! I already knew that you would come to participate in the First Martial Meeting, but I never thought you would come here to meet your end so soon!’’

Zhong Wenshu revealed a thick killing intent. When Lin Ming was training in Imperial City Auction House's chambers, he naturally couldn't do anything to him. But now, he could crush Lin Ming as he pleased.

’’He's already stepped into the divine Sea!’’

Sacred Yanran suddenly said. She was the only woman of Sacred Martial Mansion's three prodigies. Although she appeared beautiful, there was still an ugly sneer crossing her face. In terms of personality, she was no different from Sacred Yueping or Zhong Wenshu.

With Lin Ming's martial talent, if he were to enter a training zone with an increased time flow, then stepping into the divine Sea would be easy. But, this also meant that he had eaten the Boundless World Pill!

’’Damnit!’’ Sacred Yueping and Zhong Wenshu's expressions turned gloomy. ’’Really, this is what they mean by feeding delicacies to dogs and pouring the best wine on the grass. Trash like you is not worthy of the Boundless World Pill! How could I possibly allow you to eat it! Hurry and spit it back out!’’

Although he knew that Lin Ming would inevitably take the Boundless World Pill as soon as he obtained it, now that Zhong Wenshu was able to fully confirm that the Boundless World Pill was gone, he was filled with anger, hatred, and unwillingness! If Lin Ming had spent so much wealth on buying the Boundless World Pill and then was killed by him and he was able to obtain the Boundless World Pill without any cost at all, then that would have been perfect!

’’Spit? You want me to give my spit to you?’’ Lin Ming coldly smiled, his hand already tracing the Extreme Violet Ring.

’’You are courting death!’’

Zhong Wenshu spat out these vicious words. Then, right after, there was a crashing sound as several martial artists surrounded Lin Ming. These were all World King Holy Land disciples. They had joined the First Martial Meeting to act as servants and guards, and many of them were attached to various young elites that were obscenely wealthy. In other words, they were also known as underlings. Although they were only here as servants, Zhong Wenshu and the others still had extremely high standards. For these people to be taken in as guards and servants, they would have to be Ninefall divine Sea martial artists. If they were placed in an ordinary Holy Land, they would be considered upper ranking core disciples.

As the people around Lin Ming saw this occurring, all of them paled and began to hastily move backwards, lest they be caught up in this brewing disaster.

In that moment, Lin Ming faced over a dozen opponents. All of them were at the Ninefall divine Sea realm, and there were even World King Holy Land peak geniuses like Zhong Wenshu.

Zhong Wenshu grinned. He looked at Lin Ming as if he were looking at a fish on a chopping board.

’’Hahaha, you little garbage, it's really true when they say that enemies will often cross paths. You can consider it your own bad luck for falling into my hands! It seems that you do not have the good fortune of being able to participate in the First Martial Meeting any longer. Let me send you on your way to the afterlife. I also want to know what happens if you die in this dream space. Will your soul be damaged? Would you be disqualified? Or perhaps you might even just die?

’’I'm really looking forward to chopping off your hands and feet and slicing off your nose and ears! I will torture you however I want! I will make sure you suffer for as long as possible. Whichever one of you can make this brat scream out the loudest and in the most miserable way, I will grant you extra rewards!’’

Zhong Wenshu commanded. Although he wanted to personally destroy Lin Ming, he didn't actually recklessly rush in. This was because he wasn't sure about what the rules in this dreamland space were. Having his underlings attack for him was the best and most foolproof idea. Even if attacking others before the tournament began was in violation of the rules, that would be a punishment that his followers endured instead.

’’Yes! Young Master, please rest assured!’’ As these people heard the order to torture and beat up Lin Ming, all of them were quite happy about it. They were all at the middle or late divine Sea realm, while Lin Ming was only at the early divine Sea realm.

As for violating rules before the tournament began, the Empyreans had never mentioned anything, so there likely wouldn't be a heavy punishment. At most they would lose their qualifications to participate. However, these people hadn't planned on making any progress here to begin with. They had only come here to help their young master perform some tasks and also deal with all the small fries.

’’Humph!’’ Lin Ming's eyes turned cold. He never thought that by coming to look for treasures in this auction house, he would bump into these rabid dogs. He didn't need to wait until the start of the tournament to fight;he could do so now. He had practiced for a long time within the Imperial City Auction House training chamber and had broken through to the divine Sea and also opened the Gate of Life. His body was now brimming with energy. Having a good fight was just what he wanted!

As for whatever the rules were, since these people were being aggressive towards him and were also the first to attack, then even if the rules forbid it, the punishment wouldn't be too harsh on him. Otherwise, these rules would simply be too idiotic.

With a flash of red light, the Phoenix Blood Spear appeared!

Meanwhile, the servants of Zhong Wenshu and Sacred Martial Mansion laughed as they threw themselves towards Lin Ming.

But just as they were about to use their true essence to attack Lin Ming, their complexions suddenly changed. They felt the strength within their bodies being rapidly sucked out.

Lin Ming also felt his own strength quickly pass away. Startled, he immediately pulled back his hand.

Pah! Pah!

The dozen plus servants fell onto the floor, completely limp and exhausted as if all the bones had been pulled out from their bodies.


The young elites present were all shocked. Zhong Wenshu also frowned before immediately grasping the situation. This must be because of the divine Dream World's rules. Before the competition began, no one was able to attack anyone else. At most one could use their aura to oppress others. But, if one truly had killing intent, then all of their strength would be sucked out.

Lin Ming also realized this. It seemed that it was impossible to fight for the time being. This also made sense. With over 10 quadrillion heroic young elites gathering in the divine Dream World, every gathering point must have millions upon millions of geniuses. These geniuses all had naturally haughty and arrogant dispositions, and fighting because of minor conflicts was far too normal. There would even be the occurrence of large-scale gang battles. If this happened before the First Martial Meeting officially began, then far too many people would be wounded or disabled and it would be impossible to start to the competition.

’’Little bastard, consider your luck good!’’ Sacred Yueping and Zhong Wenshu angrily spat out.

’’That's also what I was thinking.’’ Lin Ming put away the Phoenix Blood Spear.

’’Ho! This little brother, you are far too confident. You are at most a disciple from an ordinary Holy Land and yet you dare to be so rampant. Just wait until the First Martial Meeting truly begins and this big sister here will take very, very good care of you!’’ Sacred Yanran teased with a cruel and mocking smile.

As Sacred Yueping and the others were angrily speaking, another soft voice came echoing out. ’’Aren't these people from Sacred Martial Mansion and Dual Polarity Palace? My my, it sure seems lively here.’’

This voice caused everyone to be surprised for a moment before they all turned around. At a corner of the auction house, a young man and woman had suddenly appeared without anyone noticing.

This young man and woman were slender and symmetrical, with skin the color of wheat. There was a strange rune branded between their eyebrows. Looking closely, one could make out that it was a strangely drawn 'true' character.

As Zhong Wenshu and the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion saw this rune, all of their expressions changed.

’’True Martial Holy Lands!’’

Their expressions and words clearly held a deep fear and reverence towards the True Martial Holy Lands.

The True Martial Holy Lands was the true master of the True Martial World. The master of Starbind Bank as well the owner of a sizable portion of Imperial City Auction House's shares was the True Martial Holy Lands.

As a super influence established by a Great World King, even the normally rampant Zhong Wenshu and the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion had to reign in their arrogance. After all, they were all from ordinary World King influences. In the future, there was a high chance that they wouldn't have a true World King successor and then devolve into a peak Holy Land.

Just thinking about it, when the Imperial City Auction was being held, not a single one of True Martial Holy Lands' disciples had appeared. Was it because they weren't interested in anything at the auction? That likely wasn't so!

The most likely reason was that the True Martial Holy Lands had accumulated far too much wealth from Starbind Bank as well as the various businesses and properties they controlled. They were simply far too rich. Thus, for the True Martial World King to take out some of the heavenly materials he had stocked up and pass them to certain disciples for this First Martial Meeting was also normal!

Facing this young man and woman, even the proud Sacred Yueping felt a faint dread in his heart.

Lin Ming remained quiet. He had already noticed the very first moment when this man and woman appeared. However, he was still surprised by their speed and methods. Someone from a Great World King background truly couldn't be underestimated.


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