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Martial World - Chapter 1171


Chapter 1171 - Mu Qianyu, Qin Xingxuan




’’It's only a guess of mine;I don't know for sure. I should have told you this, but Empyrean divine Dream is an outstanding individual even amongst Empyreans. She is extremely mysterious and even the Empyrean level influence she created, divine Dream Palace, is just as mysterious as she is. It is said that divine Dream Palace only allows female cultivators to join, and there are only several hundred people there in total. Each of them is either superbly strong or superbly talented! Even if a Great World King were to go to divine Dream Palace, they would still have to respectfully greet any individual there. They wouldn't even dare to offend a junior!’’

’’Only several hundred people...’’ Lin Ming echoed, surprised. After ascending to the divine Realm, he began to understand just how great and massive the sects of the divine Realm were. The scales they were built to were enormous. Even the Ancient Phoenix Clan had a hundred billion clansmen, and the Ancient Dragon Clan even had a trillion clansmen!

Immemorial Imperial City's Sacred Martial Mansion and True Martial Holy Lands were ridiculously huge presences here, and yet only a tiny part of their sects were located at Immemorial Imperial City.

And now, Mo Eversnow had said that divine Dream Palace, an Empyrean level influence, only had a mere several hundred people. How could this not lead Lin Ming to be shocked? Although this number was likely inaccurate because of how mysterious divine Dream Palace was, he could still infer that divine Dream Palace had an extremely small number of people.

divine Dream Palace only had several hundred or even a thousand people and yet it could be ranked at the highest echelons of Empyrean level Holy Lands. Besides Empyrean divine Dream sitting in command, all other disciples of divine Dream Palace had to be monstrous geniuses. The most amazing of them likely exceeded even Great World Kings!

Mo Eversnow said, ’’For this Empyrean divine Dream to manage the First Martial Meeting herself, that is what I am surprised about. This is because Empyrean divine Dream acts in a very low-key and muted manner, and she rarely appears. Yet, for her to manage the First Martial Meeting, I think there is a possibility that... Empyrean divine Dream's descendant is soon to be born...’’

’’Empyrean divine Dream's... descendant!’’ Lin Ming sucked in a cold breath of air. Whoever this person might be, their talent must be at unbelievable levels!

This person must possess transcendent divine mights. At the very least, they would know the self-created transcendent divine might that Empyrean divine Dream herself created!

Moreover, growing up, this descendant must have used the absolute best of all resources. Compared with Lin Ming, besides the Magic Cube that he still wasn't able to activate on his own, she would be no worse than he was in any other aspect.

As for having a monstrous talent and perception, there was no need to mention these things. These were the most basic advantages that an Empyrean descendant would possess.

With all of this concentrated together, an abnormal singularity would be born.

Mo Eversnow pressed her eyebrows together. She said, ’’If you and she were of the same age, then you naturally wouldn't need to fear her. But, if she was older than you by even five years...’’

Mo Eversnow's words trailed off. In the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, the greatest unfairness lay in the problem of age. The older participants would definitely have an advantage;this was inevitable.

Not to mention anyone else, but five years from now, just what sort of combat strength would Lin Ming have? How strong would he be 10 years from now? It was hard to imagine.

In terms of talent, Lin Ming had firm belief in himself;he wouldn't fear anyone!

But because he had practiced martial arts for too short a time, it was hard for him to say what rank he would place in the divine Realm First Martial Meeting without first meeting his opponents. There was no way he could randomly boast about such things.

’’Empyrean divine Dream... I wonder how she compares with Empyrean Primordius. Of the two of them, which one would be weaker?’’ Lin Ming thought aloud. But for this sort of matter, perhaps only Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Primordius would know.

As he thought about it, he could barely be considered a half-descendant of Empyrean Primordius. Of course, the true legacy of Empyrean Primordius was still within the Eternal Demon Abyss where he had yet to obtain it.

Although he could feel just how terrifying his opponents were, Lin Ming could also feel his warm blood boiling over with excitement. If everyone at the First Martial Meeting was on the same level as the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, then there wouldn't be any reason for participating at all.

Ridiculously fearful opponents, an unknown result - only this type of battle could cause Lin Ming to seethe with fighting spirit!

Lin Ming's final goal for participating in the divine Realm Martial Meeting was not only to learn another transcendent divine might, but also to test himself against the young elites that stood at the pinnacle of the divine Realm. Only by fighting against these top masters would he be able to temper himself!

’’Come on, let's go and register!’’

Lin Ming strode out of Imperial City Auction House. As soon as he left the auction house, he didn't need Mo Eversnow's reminder to feel that several divine senses had locked onto him. To be so easily discovered by Lin Ming, the cultivations of these people had to be at the divine Transformation realm.

’’One, two, three, four... four divine Transformation trashes actually thought to monitor me. These people are really patient. They've waited outside Imperial City Auction House all this time for me to come out.’’

These people all had an early divine Transformation cultivation. For a task as thankless and boring as monitoring someone, a divine Lord powerhouse naturally wouldn't be sent out.

The divine Transformation realm was the boundary one needed to wander the vast divine Realm by themselves with some semblance of safety. On a faraway tiny planet they could act as an overlord. As for a divine Lord powerhouse, that was different. They could seek a position in a Holy Land. For instance, in an eighth-grade sect like Carefree Island, they could mix in and become an Elder.

Lin Ming sneered. When he just reached Ninefall he was already able to defeat a weak divine Transformation martial artist. Now that he had opened the Gate of Life and also stepped into the divine Sea, these people were even less worthy of mentioning.

Mo Eversnow said, ’’There's no need to bother with these people. Let's go and register.’’

’’Mm.’’ Lin Ming nodded. Whether these people were toads that didn't know the vastness of the heavens and earth, or whether they were the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion, or whether they were even Zhong Wenshu's underlings, he was disinclined to care about them at all. And if Immemorial Imperial City didn't have a blanket prohibition against fighting, then he wouldn't have minded teaching these four pieces of a garbage a lesson they would never forget.

As Lin Ming moved, these four people silently followed. None of them were aware that Lin Ming had already discovered them. Besides a few people like Yue Ironrock and River Feather, no one knew just how strong Lin Ming was. They only knew that Lin Ming was ridiculously wealthy and that he likely didn't have any great background, otherwise there was no way he would have been sitting in the commoner section. To do that was simply seeking trouble.

Lin Ming didn't even need to ask for directions;he only needed to follow the massive swelling tide of people to find the registration area.

In the several thousand mile wide Immemorial Imperial City, there were already over a thousand registration points set up!

And this was only Immemorial Imperial City. In the other great cities of True Martial World, the other planets and stars and hidden realms, there were also countless registration spots set up. As long as one met the defined requirements of age and cultivation, one could freely register!

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that in the last several million years of history, this would be the most intense First Martial Meeting, with the highest number of people competing!

Moreover, the appearance of Empyrean divine Dream added a layer of mystery and intrigue to this First Martial Meeting.

In every First Martial Meeting, there would be the birth of an Empyrean descendant.

Or, it was more accurate to say that only when an Empyrean descendant was born would that Empyrean decide to take advantage of the momentum and hold a divine Realm First Martial Meeting.

And an Empyrean descendant, without accident, would easily become someone as strong as a Great World King!

The truth was that the fame and glory brought about by being the champion of a divine Realm First Martial Meeting was even greater than that of being a Great World King!

The divine Realm's 3000 Great World Kings had accumulated over millions of years. A new one would appear every 1000-2000 years. As for a divine Realm First Martial Meeting, that would only be held every 4000-5000 years. Of course, this also meant that there were many geniuses who couldn't participate in the First Martial Meeting because of the time when they were born.

However, in every First Martial Meeting, there would be the appearance of an Empyrean descendant, or even several of them. In the future, these Empyrean descendants would reach the level of a Great World King but wouldn't be considered as part of the divine Realm's 3000 Great World Kings.

’’Here to register?’’

Lin Ming waited in line for a long time. Then, when it was finally his turn, he stepped up and stood in a strange array formation. This array formation sent out a faint blue light that covered him.

’’This is to determine your skeletal age.’’ Mo Eversnow's voice sounded out in Lin Ming's ears. A person's skeletal age was closely tied to their life. This linked to one of the Heavenly Dao Laws, the so-called passage of time, karma and samsara, life and death, the fading of beauty...

This was a Law that not even an Empyrean could control. In 100 million years, all would become dust.


’’Please record your name, cultivation, as well as the sect or family you come from. Also, please leave behind a true essence fluctuation.’’ The registration attendant was a tall and thin old man. This old man passed Lin Ming a jade slip so that he could record his information and true essence fluctuation within it. This sort of thing was similar to a person's fingerprint. When it was recorded within, then combined with one's name, age, and other such information, it could be used to determine and lock down a person.

Lin Ming recorded his name and cultivation in the jade slip. Then, when he was filling in the name of his sect, he recorded the Ancient Phoenix Clan. He knew that in participating in this divine Realm First Martial Meeting, it was inevitable that he would shine with glory. Not to mention the top three or even top 10, but even ranking in the top 10,000 would bring endless attention from the entire divine Realm and also arouse the interest of countless influences. The sect that he wrote down would also receive immense glory and praise. This favor was naturally given to the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

After all, whether it was the Ancient Phoenix Clan's Fairy Feng or Huo Violentstone, both of them had treated him with graciousness. Lin Ming also had a very good impression of the Ancient Phoenix Clan.

Even in Phoenix Cry Palace, when White Daohong had faced Lin Ming, who far surpassed him in talent, not only did White Daohong not feel jealousy and try to push him away, but he even gave suitable help and assistance.

As for others who showed him graciousness, there was also Carefree Island's Mo Riverbliss. However, Mo Riverbliss couldn't appear publicly and it also wouldn't be a good idea to arouse too much interest in Carefree Island. Thus, he naturally couldn't record their name.

The tall and thin old man received the jade slip and checked the information within it. After verifying the age and cultivation, he slowly said, ’’Next.’’

Lin Ming's status wasn't great enough to arouse any interest. As a Holy Land disciple with an early divine Sea cultivation, he was only one in the midst of countless trillions.

As Lin Ming was registering, he could never have imagined what was occurring countless quadrillions of miles away from True Martial Great World at another great world of the divine Realm - Good Fortune World.

In this world, there was an eighth-grade sect called the Unbroken Cult. Currently living in this sect were two women that held an inestimable importance to Lin Ming...

They were Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan!

After many years, these two women had already reached a divine Sea realm cultivation. Of course, the reason they reached the divine Sea so quickly was because Old Man Good Fortune had arranged a time enchantment that sped up the flow of time by a factor of 10. Qin Xingxuan's time in training had been even longer.

Not just that, but the two women didn't need to consider questions of combat strength and accumulation. When Lin Ming had ascended, Fairy Feng used three years of her cultivation to bury a flame seed condensed from Ancient Phoenix blood into the bodies of Qin Xingxuan and Mu Qianyu. This flame seed also contained fragments of the Fire Laws, allowing them to smoothly break through to the eighth stage of Life Destruction and reach the divine Sea.

And after the two women reached the divine Sea, they were received by Old Man Good Fortune and ascended into the divine Realm...


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