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Martial World - Chapter 1170


Chapter 1170 - Leaving Seclusion




Ka ka ka!

Within the dimensional realm, the giant cocoon shattered and Lin Ming emerged, standing on the wind. He was already wearing white clothes formed from energy, as white as snow and as untouchable as the heavens.

After breaking through to the divine Sea, Lin Ming's aura became even more concealed and a sharp light slowly gathered in his eyes, making him seem softer and gentler. If Lin Ming was a spear before, then right now he was a spear that was placed into a spear chest. Although he seemed ordinary, the truth was that his vast aura was hidden. Once it erupted, the earth would shake and the heavens would tremble.

’’Lin Ming, enter your minor dimension!’’

Mo Eversnow turned into a beam of light and sank into Lin Ming's body. Lin Ming followed her, entering the minor dimension that had been opened within himself.

The scenery changed. The minor dimension that the two entered was barren with only the ground spread before them and calm skies above them. Within this world, all sorts of heaven and earth origin energy gathered together, wandering about and forming dazzling patterns in the sky.

This heaven and earth origin energy came from the countless balls of origin energy light that Lin Ming had absorbed when he reached the divine Sea. These origin energy lights were now gathered in Lin Ming's world, becoming a part of the power of the world within him. If he fought in the future, he would be able to use a part of this energy.

This was the reason why a divine Sea powerhouse was far stronger than a Life Destruction martial artist. Because when they fought, a divine Sea martial artist could draw support from their own inner world for strength. Now that Lin Ming had broken through into the divine Sea, his strength had risen astronomically!

Moreover, because of the Boundless World Pill, after Lin Ming broke into the divine Sea he had steadily entered into the early divine Sea realm, just a tiny bit away from reaching the peak of the early divine Sea realm. The speed of this improvement was much quicker than a normal martial artist's.

Mo Eversnow's divine sense spread out, looking through Lin Ming's entire minor dimension. She revealed a satisfied smile and then said to Lin Ming, ’’Lin Ming, your inner minor dimension has reached a diameter of 800 miles just after you entered the divine Sea realm. Your inner world is even larger than that of some weak late divine Sea martial artists!’’

’’Only larger than the inner worlds of weak late divine Sea martial artists?’’ Lin Ming asked, surprised, seeming unsatisfied with this appraisal. With his solid cultivation, steady foundation, and the Boundless World Pill added on top, then if his inner world didn't far surpass those of ordinary martial artists then he might as well kill himself. But now as he listened to Mo Eversnow, his inner world only surpassed weak late divine Sea martial artists. He was certainly dissatisfied with this.

Mo Eversnow faintly smiled, ’’So what would you like instead? The size of your inner world is determined by how strong or weak a martial artist's true essence foundation is. The size of your inner world has already surpassed that of a weak late divine Sea martial artist. In other words, disregarding all other aspects, just your cultivation is in no way inferior to that of a weak late divine Sea martial artist. Then, with your Laws, battle spirit, transcendent divine mights, dual body and energy cultivation, extremely thick true essence, and all sorts of other factors added in, they are no different from ants compared to you.’’

’’I see...’’

Lin Ming whispered as it dawned on him. If the area of his inner world reached that of a weak late divine Sea martial artist, then that meant his cultivation was equal to theirs!

Cultivation had always been Lin Ming's greatest weak point. If his cultivation matched them, then killing these people wouldn't be much more difficult than stepping on an ant.

Moreover, Lin Ming's inner world was far more stable than the inner world of most other divine Sea martial artists. This was because of the Boundless World Pill. Due to him having taken the Boundless World Pill, his inner world had taken on characteristics of a true world. From this alone, even if the size of their inner worlds was the same, Lin Ming's inner world could hold far more world strength!

’’Lin Ming, it's time for us to leave!’’

Mo Eversnow suddenly said.

’’Leave now? Do I not need to train for another month or two to stabilize my cultivation?’’ Lin Ming asked, startled. There was still plenty of time for him to train here.

’’No need. Let's leave now. There is still some time until the First Martial Meeting begins. Even if you stabilize your foundation on the road, that will be more than enough. Training for too long in an altered flow of time will have negative effects on your comprehension of Laws. Since we have no need to stay here, we might as well leave now!’’


Lin Ming nodded. In the next moment his body turned into a beam of light that shot straight towards the exit of this training area.

After training for so long, it was finally time for Lin Ming to face the divine Realm First Martial Meeting!


’’Young Hero Lin, you've come out so early! You still have two and a half months left in your reserved training chamber.’’ In the corridor of Imperial City Auction House, a beautiful woman politely spoke to Lin Ming as he appeared.

The young receptionists of Imperial City Auction House were mostly at the Revolving Core or Life Destruction realm. Although their talent wasn't too amazing, all of them were extraordinarily beautiful with amazing temperaments. Some of them with good luck might even be looked upon favorably by some great person and taken in as concubines.

’’I understand. Could you help settle the bill?’’ Lin Ming casually said. Then, his mind stirred and he asked, ’’Do you know if there's any special news regarding the First Martial Meeting?’’

As Lin Ming spoke, he flicked his hand and a small bottle of pills useful for a Life Destruction martial artist flew into the hands of the young receptionist.

The young woman took the bottle by reflex. Although she couldn't see what sorts of pills were inside, she had done enough work in the auction house that she was able to judge the general value of a bottle of pills by its fragrance. As she took the bottle in hand she was immediately overjoyed. Her eyes became much more gentle and pleasing as she looking at Lin Ming, ’’Reporting to Young Hero Lin, registration for the First Martial Meeting has recently begun. The currently held divine Realm First Martial Meeting has extremely loose limits for registration. It is completely different from the last several First Martial Meetings...’’

’’Oh? How is it different?’’ Lin Ming casually asked.

The young woman sweetly grinned and said, ’’In the past First Martial meetings, besides the limits of age and cultivation, there were also requirements for one's background. For instance, one had to be a disciple of a Holy Land, a junior of a ninth-grade family, or the descendant of a Holy Lord level powerhouse. Before every martial meeting, a quota of people would be given to every Holy Land in the divine Realm. There were many higher eighth-grade sects that couldn't obtain a quota of people unless they had the recommendation of a Holy Lord level powerhouse or above. Thus, many wandering martial artists weren't able to participate either.’’

As Lin Ming heard the young woman speak, he was surprised for a bit before immediately understanding it. Although it sounded unfair to refuse most wandering martial artists and even those from weaker sects, this was also reasonable. If there was no defined threshold to register and every martial artist participated, then the number of martial artists joining in would probably be counted using trillions as the smallest number. With so many people, how could a tournament possibly be arranged?

Thus, only sects with enough strength were able to recommend their strongest direct disciples. The strength of these chosen individuals was far higher than what an average wandering martial artist could hope to compare with.

In fact, in all fairness, if one didn't have a sect or a Holy Lord level master behind them, it was impossible for a wandering martial artist to hope to show good results in the First Martial meeting. Even a monstrous freak like Lin Ming also had a Holy Land background.

Lin Ming soon understood all of this. He asked, ’’So, you're saying that the rules for registration have changed?’’

’’Yes... this First Martial Meeting only has limits on age and cultivation. There is no limit on one's background and also quota of people given. All geniuses that meet the required age and cultivation can participate.

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming was stunned. If conditions for registration were so loose then wouldn't the number of people registering be unimaginable? In such a grand and wondrous event, even if some weaker young elites clearly knew that they wouldn't have any results in participating, they would still all be rushing to personally experience just how awesome this was!

After all, this was an event that happened only every several thousands of years. If they just happened to be of the age and cultivation to enter, how could they not participate?

’’How many people have registered already?’’ Lin Ming asked.

The young woman thought for a moment before saying, ’’It is said that within the entire True Martial World, there are already 1.5 trillion geniuses that have registered. But, there is still two months remaining. The closer the deadline approaches, the more people there will be registering. At the end, I estimate that the total number will increase by several times what it is now.’’

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming sucked in a cold breath of air. He was already mentally prepared, but upon hearing the true number of participants he was still shocked.

Currently, just a great world of the divine Realm had 1.5 trillion registered participants so far, and there were 3000 great worlds in the divine Realm in total. If this were added up assuming that the others were the same, then that would be 4.5 quadrillion geniuses. In addition, there were still the countless other worlds, hidden worlds, hidden dimensions, and all sorts of other people. This number was far too terrifying!

Moreover, this was only half a month of registration!

Once the First Martial Meeting truly started, there would at least be 10-20 quadrillion young elites participating. With so many people, arranging them to compete was simply far too difficult! Not to mention a higher number, just gathering 10 quadrillion young elites together was a monumental undertaking. One would need at least 10 billion spirit ships! No matter how wealthy Empyrean divine Dream and Empyrean Vast Universe were or how much manpower they had on their side, it was still unimaginable that they could organize a First Martial Meeting on such a giant scale.

Even if they could organize such an event, where would they find the venue for it? This was 10 quadrillion people! Not even a massive super planet would be able to hold so many people.

If he didn't guess wrong, then there should be qualifying tournaments, each of them in their own area. For instance, Immemorial Imperial City would be such a division with its qualifying tournament. A winner would be chosen here to go on to the next round, repeated ad nauseam. Who knew how many rounds one would have to go through to experience the true competition? Moreover, it was impossible to be completely fair in this. There were some qualifying areas that were doomed to have far too many masters, and other qualifying areas that wouldn't have any stronger individuals. Deciding how to allocate the number of chosen participants would be a major problem.

As Lin Ming thought this, he asked, ’’Will the tournament be divided into sub-divisions? If so, then will those that register at Immemorial Imperial City be competing at Immemorial Imperial City?’’

The beautiful young receptionist shook her head. ’’It doesn't seem so. I've heard that everyone that registered will be competing together.’’

’’Competing together? How is that even possible?’’ Lin Ming found this all too unbelievable. No matter how resourceful or powerful two Empyreans were, it should still be impossible to do this.

’’This is what everyone is saying so it shouldn't be wrong. Moreover, the site of the competition is extremely special... it is the divine Dream World.’’ The young woman confidently said.

Lin Ming still couldn't understand. Three months ago, when that voice resounded through all of Immemorial Imperial City, they had said -

’’Three months from now, the First Martial Meeting of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds will be held in the divine Dream World, held jointly by Empyrean Vast Universe and Empyrean divine Dream! All heroic young elites of the divine Realm may participate!’’

The divine Dream World, wouldn't that be the domain of Empyrean divine Dream? But how was it possible to organize 10 quadrillion geniuses to compete there?

As Lin Ming was pondering this, Mo Eversnow said, ’’Lin Ming, I suspect that the divine Dream World is not the divine Dream World of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds, but a special world that Empyrean divine Dream established herself using a transcendent divine might as the Laws - the true divine Dream World!’’

’’Mm? A world established by the Laws of a transcendent divine might?’’ Lin Ming asked, dumbfounded.


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