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Martial World - Chapter 1168


Chapter 1168 - Elementary Transcendent divine Might




’’Great! Awesome! Hahaha!’’ Lin Ming boisterously laughed out loud. At this moment, he felt an explosive power filling his body. His blood boiled within him, like a rushing river from an unleashed damn, surging with unlimited vitality!

To compare a thin and slender blood vessel to a river seemed exaggerated, but in truth it wasn't at all. In the common folktales, when the greatest god of all underwent nirvana and remade the new universe, his body turned into all of life. His eyes became the sun and the moon, and the blood that flowed within him turned into rivers and oceans. Although this was only a legend, it wasn't completely baseless. This was because if someone could obtain Lin Ming's blood vessels now and refine them, they could create a river of flowing blood gushing forwards endlessly!

It could be said that Lin Ming's entire body was now a treasure!

The supreme dragon bone had been fused into his bones, engraving runes onto the surface that recorded the Heavenly Dao Laws. His flesh was integrated with Law runes that contained the highest truths of the world. His blood and marrow were filled with phoenix essence, allowing him to communicate with heaven and earth origin energy with ease. His organs and fascia had already been tempered continuously with energy, making them as firm as divine iron!

When Lin Ming was born, his martial talent had only been subpar at best. Now, his current body's martial talent had reached the levels of a monstrous genius!

’’Phoenix Blood Spear!’’

Lin Ming gave a loud shout and the Phoenix Blood Spear shot out from the ruptured earth, turning into a beam of red light that fell into his hand!

With the spear in his hand, Lin Ming immediately felt a close and comforting feeling, as if his own flesh and blood were with him. In this moment, the Phoenix Blood Spear was no longer a weapon but a part of his body, an extension of his arm!

Hum -

The Phoenix Blood Spear trembled in excitement, emitting whistling sounds. Lin Ming felt the strength within his body reach the peak, as if he would explode if he didn't let it loose!

Strength - surging like a tsunami!

Blood - boiling like lava!

Lin Ming bit down on the tip of his tongue and forced out blood essence, spurting it on top of the Phoenix Blood Spear. In this instant, he had burnt 20% of his blood essence!

A powerful strength gained at the cost of burning his blood essence was completely poured into Lin Ming's body. In that instant, his strength suddenly soared. The Heretical God Force also erupted. He had now reached a level of strength countless times the limit of Life Destruction. The world seed within Lin Ming's dantian trembled as if it would break apart and become a world of its own!

All of his strength was poured into the Phoenix Blood Spear. Then, a thrust!


Spear light cut through space, issuing forth a horrifying tearing sound. Thunder crashed down from the skies and plumes of flame rose from the ground. All of this energy was swept up by the spear, forming a massive red and purple vortex!

Underneath the Heavenly Dao Laws, the power of thunderfire within this spear was no longer the pure five elements, but had changed to... heavenly tribulation!

At this moment, within Lin Ming's body, the Heretical God Seedling emitted a glorious light. When Lin Ming crossed Ninefall, the thunder and fire tribulations he experienced hadn't vanished but had been absorbed and refined by the Heretical God Seedling. The Laws within the power of thunder and fire heavenly tribulation had also been absorbed by the Heretical God Seedling!

Now, as Lin Ming burnt his own blood essence, he had unexpectedly called out the Heavenly Dao Laws sleeping deep within his body, reproducing the power of heavenly tribulation!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The strength of a powerful heavenly tribulation erupted and the vast sky turned endless shades of red and purple. As Lin Ming swung his spear, a 100,000 foot tall mountain a hundred miles away was smashed into fragments by him. Even the massive lake of lava around it completely evaporated. The energy contained within this strike had even evaporated magma! And from the area that Lin Ming had struck out with his spear from to the place where that mountain had been destroyed, a massive fissure had formed in the ground as if a divine Dragon had crushed the world. This terrifying destructive power even left Lin Ming stunned.

This move was...

Lin Ming had only planned to simultaneously fuse the first three Concepts of Fire with the first three Concepts of Thunder. He didn't think that there would be such an effect.

’’The power of heavenly tribulation!’’ Mo Eversnow gasped as she saw the scene before her, as if the final days of the world had arrived.

’’What?’’ Lin Ming asked, surprised.

Mo Eversnow solemnly said, ’’Lin Ming, when you crossed Ninefall, not only was there a massive amount of the Heavenly Dao Laws fused into your body, but you also crossed heavenly tribulation and became someone that exists outside the Heavenly Dao. In the future, you might even become someone that can control the Heavenly Dao. Of course, you are currently too weak so that is impossible, but... just now, when you revolved your energy to the limit just now, you summoned the power of thunder and fire tribulation that had been absorbed and carved into the Heretical God Seedling, reproducing the majesty of heavenly tribulation!’’

’’Heavenly tribulation! Then my move just now... was equal to heavenly tribulation?’’ Lin Ming was stunned. He himself had deeply experienced just how mighty heavenly tribulation was!

Every single level of heavenly tribulation was incomparably terrifying. At that time, Lin Ming had just crossed Ninefall and his body had been in its peak state. Even so, he had nearly died a gruesome death as he was being attacked by heavenly tribulation. If it weren't for him swallowing down that demon bead divine replica then he would have likely died then and there.

If he could manifest heavenly tribulation in his moves, then even if he couldn't reproduce the most powerful yin yang tribulation and could only use thunder and fire tribulation, that would already make him someone that defied the will of the heavens!

To wield the power of heavenly tribulation in his hands sounded completely unbelievable.

’’Lin Ming, since ancient times, supreme elders have always created their own cultivation methods. Just now, you also created your own style! Before now, you mastered various cultivation methods and produced your own skills, Chasing Sun, Chasing Thunder, Penetrating Rainbow, and Burying the Heavens. However, these are different. They can at best only be considered mediocre filler. The only reason they are decent is because you created them and they are best suited for your own combat style. But if they stood by themselves as an inheritance, then they really wouldn't be anything to look at at all. But, the move you created just now was different. In terms of the Laws, it stands at an extremely high level, approaching even the Heavenly Dao. In the future as your strength increases and you constantly improve yourself, this style of yours may even surpass the Heavenly Dao! And, all techniques that transcend the Heavenly Dao are called transcendent divine mights! Your move just now can be taken as the elementary form of a future transcendent divine might!

’’You have already crossed through nine levels of heavenly tribulation so you can definitely achieve this. When that happens, you will have a transcendent divine might that belongs to you alone!’’

Mo Eversnow found it hard to maintain her calm as she spoke to here. Even she felt this was incredible. Lin Ming with his mere perfect Ninefall had actually touched upon the domain of a transcendent divine might. This had definitely been in large part due to the nine by nine Life Destruction he experienced, as well as the nine levels of heavenly tribulation and the countless Law fragments fused into his body.

’’You're saying that this is the elementary form of a transcendent divine might!?’’ Lin Ming asked, surprised. He felt as if this was a dream and found it hard to speak for a while.

A transcendent divine might could only be created by someone extraordinary like an Empyrean. Up until now, Lin Ming had learnt two different transcendent divine mights. And even then, the principles of the Great Dao inherent within them had Lin Ming uttering praises endlessly over just how exquisite they were!

Their common characteristic was that they had nearly formed a system of Laws themselves. They were simply not subject to the constraints of the Heavenly Dao. They were existences that truly defied the heavens.

Although Lin Ming had never been arrogant, he believed that in many aspects, his talent had nearly reached the peak within the divine Realm. But upon mentioning a transcendent divine might, Lin Ming actually felt a bit helpless and frustrated. He always felt that the moves he created himself were garbage compared to a transcendent divine might. Lin Ming had confidence in his cultivation and strength and also believed he could become an Empyrean in the future. But in terms of self-created moves, Lin Ming actually doubted himself. Would he be able to create his own transcendent divine might upon reaching the Empyrean realm?

He never expected that what he just used now was the elementary form of a transcendent divine might!

’’Don't be complacent. I only said that this move of yours can develop into a transcendent divine might in the future. It is still incomparably far from becoming a true transcendent divine might. You will need to slowly work towards that goal. Every complete transcendent divine might has its own perfect and independent Law system. It could even be said that creating a transcendent divine might is equal to recreating part of the Heavenly Dao. With it as a foundation, then with enough grandmist energy, you could even breed a true world. And the Empyrean who created that transcendent divine might would be the god who created that world!

’’Every transcendent divine might is the total sum of everything that an Empyrean had learnt in their life. Thus, no matter how extreme an Empyrean is, they can only produce a single one! Although only an Empyrean can create a transcendent divine might, when the inkling and traces of that transcendent divine might first appear, that Empyrean might be at a very low boundary. For instance, the current you...’’ Mo Eversnow said this to prevent Lin Ming from being overly content with himself. Even so, she couldn't help but praise him. To touch upon the elementary form of a transcendent divine might at the ninth stage Life Destruction was far, far too early.

’’A transcendent divine might is equal to the Heavenly Dao in this world?’’

Lin Ming was startled. This was the first time he had heard of such a thing and it left him shaken. If an Empyrean had enough grandmist energy, couldn't they even create their own miniature universe?

’’Lin Ming, you have harvested far too much. Far, far too much. Although it only manifests in enhancing your strength now, in the future the benefits you will experience will be more and more. This harvest is even greater than what you gained from opening the Gate of Life! Since you created this technique, you should give it a name so that once you master it, it can be an inheritance that you pass down.’’

’’Okay...’’ Once Lin Ming recovered from his thoughts, he began to think aloud, ’’Since this technique was bred within heavenly tribulation and belongs to the power of heavenly retribution, let's call it Heavenly Dao Judgment!’’

Since this was a technique with unlimited potential for growth in the future, calling it Heavenly Dao Judgment was a worthy name. Otherwise, if it was some garbage technique that dared to proclaim itself Heavenly Dao anything, then others would truly laugh at it to death.

’’Heavenly Dao Judgment? That's quite the imposing name. I hope that in the future you will be able to give this name the reputation it deserves!’’

As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming clenched his fists and said, ’’I will.’’

’’Mm. We don't have much time left. You train for another three months. Once you've gathered enough strength, it will be time to attack the divine Sea! Afterwards, you will consolidate your cultivation and then we shall leave seclusion to join the divine Realm First Martial Meeting!’’

’’Alright!’’ Lin Ming shouted, his heroic spirit rising 100,000 feet into the heavens!

The divine Realm First Martial Meeting would be the gathering of the most ultimate extreme young geniuses within the divine Realm. Lin Ming wanted to take a good look at these young elites and see just how he compared to them!


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