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Martial World - Chapter 1161


Chapter 1161 - Auctioning the Boundless World Pill




’’F*k, who the hell does he think he is? He clearly lost so why is he pretending to be so amazing at losing!’’ River Feather cursed. ’’It's as if he thinks that he's donating to us or something. Everyone clearly knows he lost the bid and yet he thinks he won it!’’

Lin Ming thought little of it. He said, ’’That type of person has an arrogant personality with a mouth that keeps running off on its own. Even if he lost he would tell others that it wasn't because he was weak but because he couldn't be bothered to put his full force into fighting. These geniuses from somewhat influential backgrounds are born with a sense of superiority, so being idiotically arrogant like this is also normal.’’

As for Princess Honeylush, she looked at Zhong Wenshu without the least bit of embarrassment. As the auctioneer for this event, it was common knowledge that she would be able to keep a small percentage of the profits for herself. Even so, any normal person would have been humiliated after being publicly scolded by Zhong Wenshu.

But Princess Honeylush only smiled. She said, ’’What Sir Zhong said about me, I will surely remember. I hope that once the final several items of this auction come out, Sir Zhong will be able to put forth a splendid performance!

’’If no one wishes to bid again, then I will begin the countdown!’’

As Princess Honeylush spoke, Lin Ming was a bit surprised. This young woman wasn't simple at all. She was actually able to remain so calm and composed in the face of Zhong Wenshu's ridicule. It might really be true that she had a talent that approached the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion.

’’17 billion, going once...’’

Princess Honeylush slowly spoke. As she finished the countdown, no one bid again.

’’Congratulations to this guest for obtaining the nine aperture spirit crystal!’’

Princess Honeylush smiled at Lin Ming. As for those young elites around Lin Ming, all of them were looking at him with strange expressions on their faces. They never imagined that this youth they were sitting with would actually be so special and wealthy.

’’Does anyone know what his background is!?’’

’’Not sure. If he comes from a World King Holy Land then he should have revealed his status. If his status was certified, he should have been able to sit in the VIP seats as an honored guest. Since this youth didn't, he might be the descendant of some expert. If that expert is amazing enough, then his status might not be too different from that of an upper level Holy Land. Otherwise, if he's just some nobody that obtained a massive lucky chance by accident, then he will be in danger.’’

All of the young elites began discussing Lin Ming's status with true essence sound transmissions, curious as to just who he was and where he came from.

’’Honored guest, would you like to switch seats?’’ Princess Honeylush kindly said to Lin Ming. She clearly wanted to swap Lin Ming's seat for one in the upper levels.

Lin Ming shook his head, ’’No need.’’

’’Very well, please do as you please. Now, it is time for the next auction!’’ As Princess Honeylush spoke, she had already opened the second box.

This was a five foot long wooden chest. After opening it, a sword with a four foot long blade was revealed. The blade edge was sharp and chilling!

This was... a transcendent saint artifact!

A spirit artifact without an artifact spirit was a transcendent saint artifact. It was weaker than a true spirit artifact but far superior to a top grade saint artifact.

And most importantly, this sort of weapon could be used by an extreme divine Sea genius. By relying on the weak world power within themselves, they could move this weapon. It wasn't like a spirit artifact that required a divine Transformation realm genius to use it.

’’What a wonderful treasure, haha!’’

’’I just happen to use a sword! Although I can't compare to those rich fellows that use spirit artifacts, a transcendent saint artifact isn't too bad either. At least in terms of weapon hardness and durability, I won't lose to others!’’

At the ordinary lower level seats, many young elites were itching to put up a struggle for treasures. After the first auction, the quality of the items dramatically fell, otherwise they would never have been able to afford anything here.

The base price of this transcendent saint artifact sword was 80 million. The disciples of ordinary families bid on it until it was finally won at 160 million.

Following that, item after item was auctioned. However, the price normally wouldn't exceed 200 million. The audience for these items was ordinary young elites. Of course, these so called 'ordinary young elites' were still top disciples of Holy Land level sects and distinguished martial families.

To Lin Ming and others, these things had little to no use.

Lin Ming didn't call out another bid. As for those other World King Holy Land geniuses, they were all saving their strength for the true bidding.

As item after item was sold, the auction finally began to approach its end.

Princess Honeylush stepped on stage again. She said with a lively and spirited voice, ’’This auction has continued for three days. Several thousands of items have been auctioned, and now, it is finally time for the grand finale. The first of the final items is also the most precious of them all, as well as what so many of you have come here for. It is... the Boundless World Pill! Now, let us begin the auction!’’

There were a total of 10 final items. The most precious, the Boundless World Pill, was the first and not the last. This was so that the young elites present would compete for it without holding back. Otherwise, if they all held their hands waiting for it, they would bid lower on the other items, thinking to save as much as possible for the Boundless World Pill.

Once the Boundless World Pill appeared, everyone would still be in the situation where they had the most funds available to them. They could wholeheartedly compete for it with everything they had! If they couldn't win the bidding then they could at least forget about it.

At that time, they would be able to bid on other items. They would have already cut off all other paths so they would have no choice but to purchase something else, otherwise they would have to leave empty-handed without anything to show for their efforts.

This arrangement was to maximize the auction value of all items. It was also to ensure that the bidding competition between these young elites would be fair.

’’Let's begin, the true act is here!’’

’’Haha, I've waited three days for this. The Boundless World Pill is finally appearing. I must obtain it before I can go to sleep!’’

In the higher reserved seats, every disciple of the World King level Holy Lands was gearing up to bid. Beside them were also many of their Elders that were here to back them up. Many of them were peak Holy Lord masters.

On Sacred Martial Mansion's side, a tall and burly youth rubbed his spatial ring, caressing it like he would his most treasured lover. Without a doubt, there was a great deal of wealth contained within this spatial ring.

This tall and burly youth was Sacred Tianhao, one of the three prodigies of Sacred Martial Mansion. Beside him, the red-haired Sacred Yueping drawled, ’’Big Brother, there is no need for there to be a fight between us brothers. Let's join together to purchase this Boundless World Pill and then we can discuss how to split it up later.’’

As geniuses of Sacred Martial Mansion, although their relationship wasn't usually harmonious, they naturally fell in sync with each other at this time.

’’That's a good idea. It's not just us, but we also have to join together with Third Sister. We have to win this Boundless World Pill at all costs. This is going to be a tough battle for all of us.’’

In truth, even if several of them joined together, the force standing behind the three prodigies was only a World King level Holy Land. Their advantage here wasn't too great.

And in front of them were several geniuses of World King Holy Lands. For instance... Zhong Wenshu.

At this time, Zhong Wenshu had completely put away his previous cynical and contemptuous manner. He was staring at the jade box in front of Princess Honeylush, eyeing it like a viper eyeing its prey!

Zhong Wenshu had an early divine Sea cultivation. If he could obtain the Boundless World Pill and close up in training for three months within a time altering array formation, then it would be guaranteed for him to step into the middle divine Sea realm. Moreover, his inner world would become much more stable and he would be able to have a more amazing result in the First Martial Meeting. With a great result, the advantages he would obtain from the sect would be indispensable for his future achievements.

’’This Boundless World Pill is mine no matter what!’’

Zhong Wenshu cried out in his mind.

As for those disciples of ordinary sects and families, they could only watch the play unfolding in front of them. This would be a bloodbath of those with true wealth. Although they couldn't participate, they were still filled with anticipation in being able to watch. They all wanted to see just how astronomically high the price would rise.

A Boundless World Pill used a Realmheart cornerstone as the main material in refining it. As for a Realmheart cornerstone, that could only be obtained after a boundless world reached its natural end-time and collapsed. The preciousness of such a treasure could be imagined.

Moreover, wanting to refine such a pill wasn't easy either. Only a Great World King level alchemist would have the ability and power required to refine such a pill. Even then, in normal times this pill couldn't be bought with mere wealth. And now that the First Martial Meeting was approaching, the value of the Boundless World Pill was impossible to calculate!

Many people had a similar mentality in that even if they couldn't afford a high-priced treasure, and even if it was impossible for them to even dream of owning such an item, they would still want to see just how high of a price it could sell for. In the future, they could gossip about this and even boast about how they were present.

’’I wonder just what it will sell for!’’

’’I have no idea. The price will surely be unimaginable!’’

Before the auction for the Boundless World Pill began, Princess Honeylush waited for a full half incense stick of time. Finally, she slowly opened the jade box containing the Boundless World Pill. As the jade box opened, a perfectly spherical pill shot up into the air. The pill was surrounded by a clear jade green haze and the main body was translucent. Sealed within the centre of the pill seemed to be some kind of spirit. This spirit struggled within, as if it had a life of its own!

However, there was a special array formation on top of the jade box. As soon as the pill rushed out, it crashed into the array formation. There was a golden flash of light and the pill was bounced back, emitting hissing sounds all the while. As it floated in the air, brilliant beams of energy shot out like rays of the sun, beautiful and wonderful!

’’It really is the Boundless World Pill!’’ Mo Eversnow exclaimed from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea. She had clearly seen this pill before.

As for the others present, even if they were the young elites of World King Holy Lands, this was still the first time they had seen such a pill.

’’So that's the Boundless World Pill.’’

’’It seems alive, how incredible.’’

’’As expected of a top grade pill approaching the rank of a transcendent divine pill. If one could take this pill then the advantages could be imagined!’’

Princess Honeylush lifted up the jade box and placed it within the array disc projection, expanding the image to tens of thousands of times its original size so that everyone could clearly see it. ’’Everyone, can you see that little life within the pill? That is a world spirit! In the legends it is said that there is a world soul, but... that is only a legend. Still, this Boundless World Pill was refined with a Realmheart cornerstone, so it wouldn't be surprising if a world soul could truly be bred within. What does everyone think about this item? Hohoho... this pill, if taken by someone at the divine Sea or divine Transformation realm, will grant tremendous benefits to their inner world! Now, let us start the bidding!’’

’’The starting price...’’

Princess Honeylush trailed off as she spoke to here, and then said, ’’The starting price... is zero!’’


Many of the young elites were stunned. They looked at each other, not thinking that the starting price would be zero.

But, no matter what the starting price was, it didn't matter. In this bidding war, the final price for the Boundless World Pill would surely rise to unbelievable heights!


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