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Martial World - Chapter 1157


Chapter 1157 - Necklace of the Goddess




’’Lin Ming, could it be that you want to pawn the dragon bone relics?’’ Mo Eversnow asked from within Lin Ming's spiritual sea. Currently, the most valuable objects Lin Ming had that he was willing to pawn right now were the dragon bone relics.

The 1000 foot long supreme dragon bone was a treasure that could make a World King go mad with envy. If Lin Ming had this sort of thing, it was certainly impossible to take out.

However, compared to the original 1000 foot supreme dragon bone, pure dragon bone relics were much lower in value.

Dragon bone relics already had their dragon marrow pulled out. To an essence gathering system martial artist, dragon marrow was much more valuable. It could improve one's meridians and bloodlines, but the dragon bone itself could only be used to transform the organs and bones, something much more suited to a body transformation martial artist.

Moreover, Mo Riverbliss had refined the 1000 foot long supreme dragon bone into 108 dragon bone relics. Each dragon bone relic was equal to 1/108 of the original dragon bone's value. If he could hide his status and just pawn several dragon bone relics, there wouldn't be too much trouble in that.

’’Lin Ming, the materials for the Esoteric Immortality Pill are already prepared. I will finish refining it before these three months are over. There are only 36 dragon bone relics left. Even if we consider the remaining dragon strength within your body, in order to process the Esoteric Immortality Pill, I will still need to use up at least 30 of them. You can pawn at most six!’’


Lin Ming faintly frowned. Six dragon bone relics might not be enough!

’’How much could a dragon bone relic be pawned for?’’

’’It's hard to say. That will depend on what the appraiser of Starbind Bank offers, and they often quote a price lower than market value. I estimate that it will be no more than 60 billion.’’

60 billion times six was 360 billion. In addition with River Feather's 100 billion, Lin Ming's total wealth was still lower than one trillion.

This amount of wealth was probably far from being enough to purchase the Boundless World Pill!

’’Lin Ming, the Esoteric Immortality Pill must be refined. We have gone through much to obtain the violet sun stone embryo, and the other materials have already been gathered to refine it. I can guarantee that you will be able to open the Gate of Life before you participate in the First Martial Meeting! And, that Boundless World Pill is no less significant to your progress!’’

’’I understand.’’

Lin Ming worried. He could deeply feel just how profoundly poor he was! Extremely poor!

If he wanted to gather a great deal of wealth then the only way was to ask the Ancient Elysium Seal. But as he thought about it some more, the body of the Ancient Elysium Seal was arranged with a painstaking cost by Empyrean divine Seal and it had also been tempered with energy for 3.6 billion years. If it were broken down into normal violet sun crystals then that would truly be a waste.

’’Fishy, besides those treasures buried 500 miles underground, do you see any other violet sun stones buried nearby?’’ Lin Ming suddenly asked with a bit of hope in his voice as he remembered Fishy's ability.

At this time, Fishy had just woken up. She rubbed her sleep-tired eyes and tilted her head for a bit before responding, ’’Big Brother Lin Ming wants to look for some buried treasure? There are some violet stones in some places outside the city and they are buried very deeply. Can those be considered buried treasure?’’

’’Buried deeply? How many are there?’’

’’Mm... it depends. Some are as big as a fat pig and some are as small as my fist...’’

’’I see...’’ Lin Ming shook his head. He hadn't held out much hope for this route to begin with. In Fishy's life, it seemed as if she hadn't left the range of Immemorial Imperial City. It was already a surprise that there would be such a great treasure hidden right underground, but it was impossible for there to be a second.

As Lin Ming was thinking about what to do, a flash of light suddenly popped up in his head as he recalled something.

’’Miss Mo, I suddenly thought of something that could give us a pleasant surprise. I've forgotten about it all this time!’’

’’What is it?’’

Lin Ming said, ’’It's a string necklace! In the past when I visited the ancient goddess' grave in the Eternal Demon Abyss, I obtained a string necklace as well as a jade pendant from her. That jade pendant seemed to be a keepsake of some sort, but as for that necklace, I have no idea what it is. Because I've never brought it out in these 10 plus years, I'd nearly forgotten about it.’’

’’The goddess' necklace and jade pendant?’’

Mo Eversnow's thoughts stirred. When she had been deeply sleeping in the Magic Cube, she had only been able to faintly sense what Lin Ming experienced. As for the concrete details, she wasn't sure. For instance, she hadn't known that Lin Ming had obtained a replica of the Demon Bead in the Steppes Master's treasure chambers.

’’Let's take a look.’’

Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow entered into the Extreme Violet Ring together. Lin Ming looked for a moment inside the ring before finding the goddess' jade pendant and necklace. The goddess' jade pendant was similar to the pendant that the young girl Jue of the Forsaken God Clan had been wearing. At the time, because of this jade pendant, Lin Ming had rescued Jue from her slavery at his wedding banquet, and this subsequently brought him together with the Forsaken God Clan. After that, Lin Ming, under their protection, had safely stepped into Life Destruction and escaped the chasing down of the Asura divine Kingdom.

Because of this, Lin Ming guessed that the goddess' jade pendant was a keepsake from the Forsaken God Clan.

But the necklace was different. It was special, with strange energy waves around it. These fluctuations of ancient Laws showed just how unique it was.

The necklace of the goddess had links as thick as a pinky finger and there was a palm-sized metal piece at the end of the chain. This metal plate was less than an inch thick and had a square-shaped hole in the center. There might have been some gem inlaid in this hole in the past, but that gem had already disappeared.

This necklace wasn't soft or elegant. It lacked all grace that a young woman's necklace would normally possess. Instead, it was humble and heavy, with a solemn aura to it. Wearing this chain would have felt like wearing a lock.

As for the jade pendant, it was a deep azure color all around and icy cold to the touch. The center of the jade pendant was carved with totem images of birds, looking quite common.

Mo Eversnow looked at them for a moment. Then, she put away the jade pendant and focused her vision on the necklace.

’’Miss Mo, what do you see?’’ Lin Ming asked from the side.

Mo Eversnow pressed her eyebrows together, not speaking for a long time. Underneath the control of her battle spirit and will, the necklace steadily floated in the air. This process continued for a full hour. Then, Mo Eversnow turned into a ray of light and directly sank into the necklace!

After the necklace lost the support of her battle spirit, it fell to the ground. Lin Ming subconsciously thrust out his hand to grab it.

’’Miss Mo!’’ Lin Ming was immediately worried. He instantly contacted Mo Eversnow's mind and could sense that the state of her soul was very steady without any problems.

He was finally able to relax. Like this, another hour passed. Mo Eversnow finally emerged from the goddess' necklace. She said, ’’Lin Ming, if I'm not wrong, this should be a spirit treasure that Empyrean Primordius himself personally forged!’’

Mo Eversnow's voice was filled with amazement. Lin Ming was also startled. Although this result wasn't too surprising, as he saw something that was truly crafted by an Empyrean, he was still shocked.

’’Something that Empyrean Primordius made himself? Is this a transcendent spirit treasure!?’’

’’No...’’ Mo Eversnow shook her head. ’’A transcendent spirit treasure isn't easy to create. Even for an Empyrean, they could only craft a single transcendent spirit treasure in their lifetime. The value of one would be inestimable and not inferior to a transcendent divine might jade slip in value. As for other things created by an Empyrean, although they might not be a transcendent spirit treasure, they would still be extremely valuable! If I'm not wrong, this should be a defensive spirit treasure. But, unfortunately... the artifact spirit has already died.’’

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming asked, dazed, ’’The artifact spirit died?’’

The goddess of the Eternal Demon Abyss should have withstood some sort of extremely powerful attack, causing this defensive spirit treasure to be mostly broken. As a result, the artifact spirit was destroyed and the value of this spirit treasure was also greatly diminished. It was probably impossible to restore the functions that it had in the past!

’’This is...’’ Lin Ming glanced at the necklace. He never imagined that such a simple and plain necklace would be something that Empyrean Primordius created himself. But what a pity, even if it was something created by an Empyrean, it was still incomplete.

’’If its value was reduced so greatly, how much could it be pawned for?’’ Lin Ming asked, unsure.

Mo Eversnow saw Lin Ming's worried expression and chuckled. ’’That is something that you do not need to worry about. What kind of character is an Empyrean? Even a Holy Lord is nothing but an ant in front of an Empyrean. This First Martial Meeting may be held by Empyreans but the truth is that only the disciples of the Empyreans are managing affairs. How could an Empyrean possibly bother themselves with such things? Even the rewards for the top 10 are with the direction of Empyrean Vast Universe's chief disciple. Even if one managed to achieve first place in this First Martial Meeting, they still wouldn't have the chance to meet an Empyrean. Let alone an incomplete spirit artifact, even if there was only a tiny fragment left over, there would still be a massive number of martial artists chasing after it like a flock of ducks. Even if that fragment had no more function, there would always be people wishing to collect it. Moreover, this necklace also has fluctuations of Laws carved within it. They contain the principles of the refiner and can be used as a reference by World King level refining masters. It is extremely valuable!’’

As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming nodded in agreement. To an Empyrean that lived for tens or even hundreds of millions of years, it would be hard to arouse their interest with this divine Realm First Martial Meeting that occurred every several thousand years. They had simply seen far too many First Martial Meetings!

’’How much can this necklace be pawned for?’’

’’I cannot say.’’ Mo Eversnow shook her head. ’’Even with Empyreans, there are divisions of high and low. For instance, there is Empyrean Primordius, and also Empyrean divine Dream who is conducting this First Martial Meeting, both of them are outstanding existences even among Empyreans. I do not understand the world of Empyreans, but whatever Empyrean Primordius made should be much higher in value than a normal Empyrean's treasure. Moreover, there seems to be a seal in this necklace. However, I fear that no one besides Empyrean Primordius is capable of unraveling this seal. I have no idea just what could be inside...’’

Lin Ming thought for a moment and asked, ’’Could this necklace tempt World King level powerhouses?’’

’’It shouldn't. There are some Great World King life weapons that can compare favorably to an Empyrean spirit treasure. Moreover, this necklace only has an incomplete artifact spirit. Starbind Bank has done business for millions of years. They shouldn't do something that would destroy their hard-earned reputation by coveting this necklace, or even a transcendent divine might jade slip.’’

’’Okay, then we'll pawn this. I wonder just how much wealth we can get for it!’’ Lin Ming put away the goddess' necklace and flew out from the Extreme Violet Ring. Really, where hills bent and the streams and roads seemed to end, there existed flowers that bloomed past the dark willows. This was the sudden glimpse of hope that he needed at this moment. He never imagined that the necklace he obtained from the ancient goddess' grave in the past would play such an important role now.


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