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Martial World - Chapter 1156


Chapter 1156 - The Source of Wealth




’’Boundless World Pill!’’

Lin Ming also quickly learnt this news, that the Boundless World Pill would be one of the final closing treasures of the auction. It was something that was greatly beneficial to a divine Sea martial artist and even a divine Transformation martial artist.

’’Lin Ming, if you can obtain this Boundless World Pill then that will be phenomenal!’’ Mo Eversnow's voice resounded in Lin Ming's mind.

’’Boundless World Pill... the rumors about the auction house stated that its rank approached a transcendent divine pill?’’

Transcendent divine pill, transcendent divine might, transcendent divine weapon, all of these were Empyrean level treasures, because they were existences that surpassed the Heavenly Dao. When they were born, they would summon heavenly tribulation. Although the Boundless World Pill was only a quasi-transcendent divine pill, the value of this pill was still extraordinary.

Mo Eversnow said, ’’In order to refine the Boundless World Pill, one needs to use the Realmheart stone of a boundless world. The so-called Realmheart stone is the very cornerstone that supports that world. The degree of toughness could be imagined! To destroy this Realmheart stone is the same as destroying that entire boundless world!

’’But, although a boundless world is stable, it is not eternal. When an Empyrean or World King grows old, their senses and beauty will fade away and their inner boundless world will also begin to perish, meeting calamity upon calamity. Their entire world will lose vitality and the heaven and earth origin energy will gradually disperse until all life decays to nothing, finally collapsing and being completely destroyed! At this time, the Realmheart stone might be destroyed with the collapse of this boundless world and fragments will be obtained by others. Although they are still incomparably firm, it is far inferior to the complete Realmheart stone. If a Great World King level alchemist can obtain a fragment and consume a massive amount of time and energy, they can refine that fragment, fusing all sorts of other heavenly materials to form a Boundless World Pill!

’’When a martial artist crosses into the divine Sea realm, their world seed will erupt and form their inner world. Although a human's body is like a miniature universe and the evolution of the dantian follows the endless flow of time and change of the universe, there are still differences. Their inner world will never be as firm as a true world, but by taking the Boundless World Pill, one can fuse the power of a true world into their inner world, fusing characteristics of a true boundless world into their inner world!’’

As Mo Eversnow spoke, Lin Ming's heart raced with excitement.

divine Sea. divine Transformation. divine Lord. The deeper a martial artist's foundation was, the greater their inner world would be and the stabler it would be. This was because for a martial artist of the Nine divine Shifts, the origin of their strength was the power of the world within their inner world.

If one could truly fuse the strength of a true boundless world into their body, then their inner world would be just as stable as a true world. The benefits of this could be imagined!

’’Lin Ming, this Boundless World Pill will be immensely beneficial to you. Although you can break through to the divine Sea with your own training and cultivation, if you have the Boundless World Pill it can help mold your inner world. When your inner world is born, it will then have characteristics of a true world. Moreover, your foundation is already incomparably solid to begin with. That will cause your inner world to be large and stable beyond belief and your strength will also soar into the skies. If you have the Boundless World Pill, you can definitely enter into the top 10 of this First Martial Meeting, and you even have hopes of entering into the top three! No matter what, this will greatly help you, otherwise it will be much more difficult!’’

’’Understood.’’ Lin Ming took a deep breath. In truth he didn't need Mo Eversnow to say this, but a Boundless World Pill was useful not only to him, but was also greatly advantageous to all other divine Sea realm geniuses. No one disliked their own inner world being too stable and they certainly wouldn't give up on something this great. If he had to rely on just his own 500 billion violet sun stones to struggle with them, then perhaps this was simply a useless battle!

’’I have to figure out some way to obtain this Boundless World Pill so that my strength can rapidly rise! Otherwise, I won't have any great advantage in this divine Realm First Martial Meeting three months from now!’’

To enter the divine Realm First Martial Meeting was to face every young genius in the entire divine Realm. Lin Ming wasn't blindly confident in himself. Sometimes, there would be others that underestimated him, but that was because they didn't understand his strength. But, Mo Eversnow was the singular person in this world who understood just how strong he was. Since she said it would be extremely difficult, she naturally wouldn't be exaggerating her claims.

It wasn't wrong that Lin Ming possessed transcendent divine mights, but those geniuses of Empyrean level influences did too!

Lin Ming had consumed a massive amount of resources growing up, but there were also many geniuses in the divine Realm who had a destiny that soared through the heavens, and there were even talents that were raised by super influences who enjoyed no fewer resources than he did.

Lin Ming's advantage lay in his dual body and energy cultivation, his large success gold battle spirit, as well as his 33 Layered Heavens nine by nine Life Destruction that had come from the combination of the Magic Cube, transcendent divine mights, and cultivation systems he practiced.

On the other hand, his cultivation was lower. In conclusion, it was hard to say whether or not Lin Ming could enter the top 10.

The divine Realm was simply too large. It was likely that many other top monstrous geniuses like Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow would appear to contest him.

In order to increase his chances as much as possible, Lin Ming had to obtain the Boundless World Pill no matter the cost!


’’Brother Lin, you've arrived!’’

When Lin Ming met up with River Feather, he was surprised to discover that the place they would meet up at was Starbind Bank, where Mo Eversnow had once deposited her violet sun stones.

’’This place is...’’ Lin Ming looked up at the signboard of Starbind Bank.

River Feather appeared a bit embarrassed as he said, ’’Brother Lin, I must be honest with you. Even if I used every single connection and favor I had, I wouldn't be able to borrow more than 3 billion from my family! That is nothing more than a drop in the bucket! Moreover, my big brother has used many methods to suppress my ability to loan any sort of funds. He deliberately wants me to not be able to buy anything at the grand auction. As for himself, he went through layers upon layers of connections to borrow 6 billion from the family!’’

Lin Ming nodded, clearly hearing the grievance in River Feather's voice. It seemed that a family like the River Family, whether it be the grand auction or the divine Realm First Martial Meeting three months from now, was only a small ripple that wouldn't be able to draw any attention. If the River Family wanted to struggle for some minor accomplishments, they had to pour all of their effort into training a single feather. In this aspect, River Feather's big brother was clearly the superior choice.

’’Then we have come here for...’’ Lin Ming thought this was strange. If River Feather didn't have the support of his family, where would he have gotten any money?

River Feather hesitated for a moment. Then, he clenched his teeth and said, ’’I called Brother Lin here today because I truly think that Brother Lin is a friend of mine. One of Starbind Bank's services is pawning items. One can pawn treasures and receive wealth in exchange! I have a secret, and that is that I was originally an ordinary disciple of the River Feather Family with average martial talent. If I died, no one would have even noticed. But in a mystic realm, I went through many dangers and stumbled upon a great lucky chance, thus producing the current me that can even struggle for the position of the future family head with my older brother. But now, I have pawned my secret for wealth to lend to Brother Lin! I want to help Brother Lin compete in the divine Realm First Martial Meeting, break into the top 3000 rankings and soar into fame!’’

As River Feather spoke, Lin Ming was aghast. He looked at River Feather with incredulity in his eyes, not believing his own ears. According to River Feather, he had some incomparably important treasure that was responsible for all of his current achievements. But, he had actually pawned this treasure in exchange for wealth to lend to him.

Let alone the fact that he and River Feather were merely acquaintances, even if they were good brothers, there were very few people that could lend out the entirety of their life's savings without batting an eye!

’’Brother River... aren't you afraid that I will forget this favor in the future and not acknowledge you...?’’ Lin Ming was at a loss. This behavior, if said nicely, would be called loyalty. If one was a bit coarse, it would be called being taken advantage of.

’’Brother Lin, let's get straight to the point and not put up any more fake pretenses. Although my cultivating talent is mediocre, I have some skills at discerning the character of others. When you were at the underworld trade fair, you were willing to part with hundreds of millions of violet sun stones to buy a little girl. I can see that the reason you were willing to buy her was not only because she said she knew the location of the violet sun stone embryo, but also because you sympathized with her plight. A person like you will not be an ungrateful man with no grace or virtue.

’’This time I really have burned away all my bridges. It's true;you can make me a fool, but even if there is a 30% chance, I am still willing to struggle! This is because I know my own worth and I know that it will be impossibly difficult for me to match my older brother's achievements in the future. And because of my previous conflicts with my brother, if he becomes the family head then my fate will be extremely miserable in the future! At the start I had nothing to begin with. With just my cheap life, I fought for over 30 years to claw my way up to where I am now. I do not want to lose, thus I can only make a bet and hope that I can form a friendship with someone like you who may become a World King in the future!

’’I do not need a contract. This is because even if I had one, I know that with your skills and ability, you could easily find some great expert to dissolve it. Thus, what I will believe in is Brother Lin's upright and moral character to return this money!’’

Lin Ming looked at River Feather with surprise. He didn't expect that such an ordinary-looking youth would be so daring and so ruthless to himself. He actually dared to make such a final gamble, even ridding himself of the lucky chance he found in the past. Such a person would either meet a tragic death or find great achievements in the future. And looking at River Feather now, he seemed to be someone who had the blessing of destiny on his side.

Lin Ming thought for a moment, then said, ’’Thank you Brother River for trusting me. I will remember this favor. Although I have means of dissolving a contract, I will still form one with you and I will also be responsible for paying you back with interest. Brother River, how much can you lend me?’’

’’Around 100-200 billion.’’ As River Feather spoke out this number he carefully observed Lin Ming's response. When he didn't see Lin Ming with any sort of overly happy expression, he immediately understood that this number wasn't able to move him. Lin Ming's background must be truly terrifying. His goal in this auction must be immeasurably high. Could it be one of the items that served as the closing act to this grand auction?

River Feather's eyebrows shot up. It seemed that it really was difficult to form good relations with Lin Ming. The disparity was too great.

As River Feather was imagining all sorts of things, Lin Ming was deep in thought. 100-200 billion was equal to the total wealth that the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had obtained from the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. It seemed that River Feather's lucky chance was really something else.

Even with this money added on, Lin Ming's wealth was still lacking. He asked, ’’Brother River, how does this pawning service work? Can I hide my status?’’

’’Of course you can. Brother Lin can have full faith in Starbind Bank's reputation. Starbind Bank has already been in operation for several million years.’’ River Feather immediately understood that Lin Ming wanted to personally pawn some treasures for wealth, but just what did he have to pawn? His first thought was actually to hide his identity!


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