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Martial World - Chapter 1143


Chapter 1143 - Oppression




If River Feather could think of this then so could the others. Even Yue Ironrock, who was lying on the ground in a puddle of blood, also felt his heart skip a beat in nervousness.

Lin Ming's background had placed a great pressure on all of them.

Mister Luo struggled to support his body and get up. He bitterly smiled. Today, he had kicked a piece of iron. This boy Lin Ming was not some fat sheep that was free to be butchered, but rather a vicious wolf!

He barely managed to crawl onto his feet. Blood kept gushing out of the hole in the right side of his chest. As he looked at Lin Ming, his eyes were filled with fear and dread.

’’Now, we will continue discussing the price!’’

Lin Ming waved his hand and a red light flashed as the Phoenix Blood Spear was stashed away. He casually sat back down on the only remaining half-broken stone chair in the hall. He put down his hands and calmly stared at that Mister Luo.

This caused Mister Luo's heart to shrink. Lin Ming obviously feared nothing. Even though this was his territory, this boy Lin Ming didn't care at all.

In truth, Lin Ming was already being discrete and proportional in his actions. He had severely wounded Yue Ironrock and Mister Luo but didn't kill them. In this environment, whether it was Lin Ming, Yue Ironrock, or even Mister Luo, none of them would go to the extremes of killing anyone else. After all, they also weren't aware of Lin Ming's true status. If they rashly killed him without understanding his background then it was possible that they would bring a calamity down upon their heads.

In Lin Ming's case this was also true. Where there was light there would always be shadows. For these people to establish an underground influence in Immemorial Imperial City proved that they naturally had their own specialty. Although they weren't weak, there was definitely the shadow of some high master standing behind them. This was the case in the world of mortals too. There were many underground influences in capital cities that seemed like small fries, but they actually had the shelter of high level figures. These high level figures had formed these underground influences in order to have them perform matters that weren't too convenient for them to do themselves.

In this situation, Lin Ming definitely had to be cautious. Although it seemed as if his actions were ruthless and cruel, causing his opponents to suffer, the truth was that their wounds would be healed by taking some medicines and resting for some time.

All of the young elites lacked courage to face Lin Ming. As for Yue Ironrock, even his expression began to change. As he saw that Lin Ming had nothing to fear even in this territory that should have been his, he began to feel a twinge of fear.

He didn't know just how deep Lin Ming's background went. Although that Mister Luo was not Lin Ming's match, this underground influence had several divine Lord realm powerhouses that were personally standing guard. With a divine Lord realm master's strength, dealing with Lin Ming was no problem at all.

By now, these divine Lord powerhouses should also have been noticing this situation and yet none of them were moving against Lin Ming. They were being cautious because they were deathly afraid of whatever strange and great influence might be standing behind Lin Ming.

If they killed Lin Ming, this news would inevitably spread out. After all, it was impossible to eliminate all of the young elites in this hall. Let alone killing them, they wouldn't even be able to deal with the fallout from harming one of them. Thus, whatever happened here would easily pass outwards.

In this situation, if what stood behind Lin Ming was truly a Great World King influence, then the consequences would be unbelievably dire. The great figure behind them would also eliminate all ties with them in fear of drawing disaster to himself, and kick them forward as a blood sacrifice!

At that time, they would be lucky if they were just incinerated into a pile of ashes. If they were unlucky, their souls would be pulled out and tortured for a thousand years.

But, if it were to spread that an underworld gang like theirs with renowned fame and reputation were beaten up and kicked in the face by a mere Ninefall junior, just how could they still mix in with the world?

Their gang would lose any shred of dignity they had and would be mocked by all the other underworld influences. In future struggles for territory, they would even be at a disadvantage!

The atmosphere immediately reached a standstill. The powerhouses of this underworld influence hadn't yet appeared, but they were actually paying attention to the situation. If they placed themselves on the top of the wave before ascertaining the exact situation, then not only would their gang lose face but everyone from their gang would also lose face.

’’What background does this boy have!?’’

’’I have no idea. If we're tricked by him then we will be the laughingstock of Immemorial Imperial City!’’

In a separate minor dimension, two old men were speaking with a true essence sound transmission. They locked their eyes on Lin Ming as if they were able to see through him.

But Lin Ming steadily sat in his half-broken chair, not startled at all.

’’We can't let things end like this. Even if we can't kill him, we have to make him suffer a bit!’’

’’Yes, we can't kill him but we can't let him leave either! Let me test him first to see if he really does have nothing to fear.’’

As the old man spoke, he silently revolved his energy.

A pressure suddenly fell down over Lin Ming.

This was the same as telling Lin Ming that there was a divine Lord realm powerhouse that was watching everything happening here.

Lin Ming's eyebrows arched up as he felt the aura of a divine Lord realm powerhouse. He sneered, ’’It seems that... you don't plan on discussing the price!’’

His voice contained a faint killing intent as if he simply didn't realize or care that there was a divine Lord realm powerhouse exerting pressure on him.

The truth was that with Lin Ming's status, he wasn't a fake tiger trying to show off. His background was indeed a peak Holy Land. The Ancient Phoenix Clan was equal to the Yue Family in terms of wealth, and was actually quite a bit stronger in scale and strength.

However, Mister Luo and the others were thinking a bit differently, that Lin Ming had come here as part of some smelting trial or to gain experience. The divine Realm was so vast that they might not know of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. If Lin Ming really died here then it was possible that the Ancient Phoenix Clan wouldn't be able to find out.

At this time, many of the young elites present were quietly waiting. They could feel that someone was aiming at Lin Ming, and it was likely this person was a divine Lord realm powerhouse. Even so, Lin Ming didn't seem affected at all;his expression remained steady as before.

’’This brat, how could this be!’’ The divine Lord realm old man hidden in the minor dimension frowned. He was pouring his pressure onto Lin Ming but there wasn't any response at all.

Pressure came from the soul. Lin Ming was withstanding this soul pressure from someone who was at least 10 times stronger than he was!


With a loud explosive sound, the stone chair beneath Lin Ming shattered. However, Lin Ming simply stood up and said, ’’What cowards. Two divine Lord powerhouses facing a mere junior and yet you don't even dare to appear!’’

These few words caused the two divine Lord old men hidden in the minor dimension to be shocked. ’’Wh-what? How did he know that there were two of us?’’

Just now, only one of the old men had done anything. The other old man had been completely silent, so how did Lin Ming realize there were two of them?

But at this moment, the two old men suddenly felt an unbelievably terrifying pressure shroud over them, causing them both to blanch!

This soul pressure was vast and mysterious, causing one's soul to tremble!

It wasn't just the two old men in the minor dimension, but everyone in the hall was also enveloped in this soul pressure!

Soul pressure was essentially a type of force field formed by the soul. Although it couldn't kill others, it could make others feel as if their soul was being ruthlessly trampled over and savaged.

The severely wounded Mister Luo paled. He began to find it hard to breathe. His face was pale and blood continued to pump out of his chest.

And beside him, Madame Luo was also shaking. Her buxom chest heaved up and down.

Let alone them, all of the other young elites weren't even deliberately targeted and yet they felt as if they had been turned into mortals without martial arts, stripped naked and tossed into a world of ice and snow. This sort of icy soul-rending pressure was agonizingly unbearable.

Who was this? Who was here?

This pressure was absolutely not from Lin Ming. Lin Ming did not have such an ability!

’’The degree of this soul force is not that of a divine Lord... it isn't even a normal Holy Lord but a peak Holy Lord... no, it... it might be a half-step World King!’’

The two divine Lord old men in the minor dimension cried out in alarm as they felt a cold chill zip up their backs. As for Mister Luo, he turned completely ashen. Was there a half-step World King secretly looking over Lin Ming? No wonder Lin Ming had made such a splendid appearance at this trade fair, and had even started a fight here, severely injuring two people!

With a half-step World King protecting him in secret, just how could he not be strong and overbearing?

But, this also proved that Lin Ming absolutely stemmed from a World King level Holy Land! Moreover, it was highly possible that it was a super Great World King level Holy Land, and that he was also the greatest and most talented genius of that Holy Land. Otherwise, it was impossible to have such a formidable powerhouse protecting him!

There was even the likelihood that he was the direct descendant of a Great World King.

How could small friends like them offend such a character? Even Immemorial Imperial City's City Lord wouldn't necessarily be able to offend him!

As Mister Luo thought of this, his heart trembled. As for Yue Ironrock, he wanted to run into a wall and kill himself. He truly had been too blind and naïve. He could only count his lucky stars that it was Lin Ming who attacked him and not he who attacked Lin Ming. If that mysterious powerhouse had acted then his fate would have been far more miserable! He slowly began to dig himself into the rubble around him, not intending to come out at all.

’’I originally planned on paying you 20 million, but now since you don't want it, you can forget about even obtaining a single violet sun stone!’’

Lin Ming slowly said, his voice strong and overbearing. He was indeed acting like a fake tiger, but at this time, the less his act was seen through, the safer he would be. On the other hand, if he weakened his own momentum, he would be placing himself in a more dangerous situation.

As Lin Ming spoke, the tremendous pressure pushing down on everyone diminished. The terrifying pressure that had been crushing everyone present was suddenly removed. It was hard for an ordinary person's soul to resist such a rapid change in pressure.

Mister Luo, Madame Luo, as well as the two old Elders in the hidden minor dimension flushed red with blood. Mister Luo was originally in an extremely poor state, and now even his soul had been damaged!

However, he didn't dare to utter a single sound. He was only relieved that this mysterious master had removed the pressure on him.

This pressure was naturally released by Mo Eversnow. Mo Eversnow didn't have a physical body and only had her soul form left. Even so, her soul was still that of a true half-step World King powerhouse, and even a peak existence amongst them!

However, her soul had suffered tremendous injuries 50,000 years ago and she hadn't fully recovered yet. Even though she was releasing her soul pressure to deter those divine Lord realm powerhouses just now, this was no small consumption of soul force for her and she wasn't able to continue it for too long. If it really came down to fighting those two divine Lord realm powerhouses, then even if she took possession of Lin Ming's body, the chances were that they would lose. Even if they won a difficult victory at the end, Mo Eversnow would likely fall into a deep sleep once again because of overdrawing her soul force. The gains simply weren't equal to the losses!

Moreover, there were undoubtedly more than two divine Lord powerhouses in this underworld gang. If they began to truly fight here, Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow would eventually suffer a tragic defeat. But in this case they had been able to use layers of illusions to deter everyone present!


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