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Martial World - Chapter 1140


Chapter 1140 - The Mysterious Little Girl




It wasn't just Lin Ming, but everyone's eyes turned to the little girl. Upon being looked at by so many powerhouses, especially since many of them had sharp eyes, the little girl was immediately frightened. She gulped and then hesitated for a moment, a bit of fear in her expression as she nodded and said, ’’I... I... I do have some impressions...’’

’’Where?’’ Lin Ming had some doubts. How could such a little girl that didn't even have the strength to grab a chicken know about such a rare object when even people like Mister Luo and Madame Luo didn't?

Moreover, could she really tell just from the description of the violet sun stone embryo he gave? How much worldly experience could a 11-12 year old little girl possibly have?

This simply wasn't explainable at all.

When Lin Ming thought of this, the other guests also did too. Mister Luo narrowed his eyes at the little girl, his fingers gently drumming against the table as he asked, ’’How could you possibly know?’’

’’Hehe, good little children should be nice and obedient and also not lie!’’ Madame Luo laughed. Although her expression was soft, her tone contained a chilling taste that aroused fear. This woman's late divine Sea cultivation was simply too oppressive to this little girl. Moreover, this little girl clearly feared Madame Luo a great deal. As she heard Madame Luo speak, the little girl shrunk her neck back, not daring to speak anymore.

Lin Ming stood up, ’’There's no need to be afraid. It doesn't matter if what you say is wrong.’’

Lin Ming tried to make his tone as comforting and soft as possible, but this was an aspect of his life that he truly lacked talent in. The little girl still appeared very nervous.

’’I... I...’’ The little girl looked at Lin Ming and tightly grasped her little fists together, as if she were making a great and courageous decision. She bit her lips, saying, ’’I... I have a request I would like to ask of this big brother...’’

’’Mm, speak. I can promise you anything within my power.’’

’’I hope that...’’ The little girl's voice trembled as she spoke to here. She seemed somewhat afraid, but also excited. She looked towards Madame Luo and Mister Luo with dread in her eyes and her complexion paled. She gripped her fists for several breaths of time, gathering her strength before finally saying loud and clear, ’’I hope that big brother can bring me out of here, and I will tell big brother where that thing is!’’

Speaking these words seemed to exhaust all of the little girl's strength. She was panting and there wasn't the least bit of redness remaining in her round face.

And as these words came out, Mister Luo's complexion darkened. As for Madame Luo, she was still gently smiling, but as this smile fell into the eyes of that little girl, it made her terrified.

’’What are you trying to say Fishy, isn't big sister here always so kind to you?’’

Madame Luo's words were tactful, but Lin Ming frowned. It seemed that this little girl called Fishy, and that young boy who was also sold, hadn't experienced many good days in this underground gang influence. It seemed that his previous thoughts had been too simple.

In fact, it was also unknown how those who bought them would treat them in the future. This was the sorrow of the weak. They could only allow themselves to be caught in the ebb and flow of fate.

As Madame Luo asked this question, the little girl was clearly jittery. However, she seemed to be a bit stubborn. She bit her lips, not speaking.

It was clear what was happening. An 11-12 year old little girl was one of the purest and most naïve characters you could find. They would be willing to follow whoever treated them with kindness and respect. If this little Fishy had experienced good days in this underground influence then she wouldn't have had the courage to risk the danger of being beaten and ask Lin Ming to take her away.

Moreover, the little girl clearly feared Mister Luo and Madame Luo. This also proved just how tragic her situation must have been. It seemed that this gentle and beautiful Madame Luo was actually a cruel-hearted snake in disguise. Before, this little girl must have found it distressing that no one was willing to buy her!

’’Lin Ming, bring her away.’’ Mo Eversnow suddenly said. For some inexplicable reason, she originally had warm feelings towards this little girl, and now that she knew her situation, even if this little girl didn't know of the violet sun stone embryo, she would still want Lin Ming to take her away.

’’Mm, even if you didn't tell me, that's also what I was planning on doing.’’ Lin Ming said. He didn't ask how that little girl knew the location of a violet sun stone embryo. Instead, he turned to that Mister Luo and said, ’’Mister Luo, before you said that you would sell this little girl for 2 million violet sun stones? How about this, I will directly buy her for 20 million.’’

20 million. That was an immediate 10x increase in price.

Madame Luo and Mister Luo's eyes widened. They looked at each other, a sheen in their eyes.

’’This little brother is surnamed Lin, right... haha, Brother Lin, I would want to sell her to you, but... that was then and this is now! I was just thinking about how special this Fishy's physique was. If she could eat violet sun stones to live, then wouldn't she really know where a violet sun stone embryo could be found? Or perhaps... could it be that she herself is a violet sun stone embryo?’’

As Mister Luo spoke, all of the heroic young elites present perked up. They immediately began talking. It seems that what this Mister Luo said was truly reasonable!

But as for that little girl, she instantly paled to a shade whiter than death. Her fingers trembled and her voice shivered, ’’I... I... I'm not...’’

’’Hahaha!’’ Mister Luo laughed out loud. Madame Luo also had a very happy expression. ’’Who would have thought this was possible? This little girl was originally a useless little piece of garbage that couldn't do anything but eat violet sun stones, yet now she turns out to be a treasure. Is anyone interested in bidding on her?’’

As Madame Luo spoke, she looked at all the other heroic young elites present, charmingly smiling at all of them.

Lin Ming's complexion turned dreary. He gripped his fists but held himself down. As a newcomer to Immemorial Imperial City, he would try to hold back as much as he could.

’’Interesting! How interesting! If she is truly a violet sun stone embryo then she'll be excellent if used for alchemy!’’ Yue Ironrock shouted as he rubbed his chin. He recklessly sized up little Fishy as she was huddled up in the corner of her cage. Fishy was scared so badly that her entire body shook and tears streamed down her cheeks. She sobbed, ’’I'm not... I'm not...’’

’’Hehe, who knows whether or not you are, once I buy you and investigate I'll find out! 30 million!’’ Yue Ironrock stretched out three fingers and casually tossed out this price. Listening to his tone, it was evident that 30 million was just chump change to him. He could easily increase the price by several times.

As the other heroic young elites heard Yue Ironrock put out a bid, all of them gave up any thoughts of bidding against him.

The Yue Family was famous for being disgustingly rich.

Moreover, Yue Ironrock's talent was simply far too splendid. Not to mention his dual body and energy cultivation, but as an early divine Sea martial artist he could easily sweep away any mid and late divine Sea masters present, and all of them were also outstanding juniors of their generation.

Since Yue Ironrock wanted to buy this little girl, all of them could only look on helplessly.

’’40 million!’’ Lin Ming coldly said.

Yue Ironrock was slightly startled. He looked at Lin Ming with some interest and said, ’’Yo! You're a rich fat cow, right? Heh, you want to compare wealth with me? It's like you want to debate with a World King about the Heavenly Dao. I'm about to laugh to death here! I want to see just how far you can follow me, hahaha!’’

’’Double the price, 80 million!’’ Yue Ironrock proudly said.

As Mister Luo and Madame Luo saw Lin Ming and Yue Ironrock caught up in a bidding war, both of them were happier than blooming flowers.

That fork-bearded youth who was outbid on the bone shard by Lin Ming also laughed. Young fellow, you rolled over me with resources before, now I want to see just how you'll suffer!

In truth, Yue Ironrock had also rolled over the fork-bearded youth before this. But in the opinion of the fork-bearded youth, Yue Ironrock was a junior in Immemorial Imperial City who was only inferior to the core disciples of the two Great World King level Holy Lands. Thus, being oppressed by him was what should happen. After all, he himself had oppressed many other of his peers.

He could be crushed by Yue Ironrock and not lose face. But if he were beaten by Lin Ming, he wouldn't be able to come to terms with that. This was simply the psychology of these people.

He was eager to stir up chaos and said, ’’Lin Ming, I'm rooting for you. Kick the price up a few times, haha.’’

’’I have no need for you to worry about me.’’ Lin Ming coldly glanced at the fork-bearded youth, simply disinclined to deal with such a character. He looked back at Yue Ironrock and chillingly said, ’’Double the price, 160 million!’’

Lin Ming's words were cold and steady to the point that there wasn't a single fluctuation at all. He calmly tossed out a figure of 160 million violet sun stones as if it were trash.

These words caused Yue Ironrock to flush red with anger!

He originally had a mental limit of 150 million for this little girl;he wasn't willing to put forth much more. After all, his interest was only piqued when Mister Luo said that this little girl might be a violet sun stone embryo. As for what that actually was, he had no idea.

Once he returned with her, the chances of finding nothing special at all were also very high!

Although he originally put on an overweening and insufferably arrogant act, the truth was that he wasn't an idiot that tossed out money like water. But, as he saw Lin Ming want to bid against him, he wanted to crush Lin Ming's mindset and momentum, thus he put on an appearance that he didn't care about violet sun stones so that Lin Ming would give up wanting to struggle with him.

But now Lin Ming had called out a bid of 160 million. This surpassed Yue Ironrock's original mental limit by 10 million!

This caused Yue Ironrock to feel regretful. But now he had already tossed out his ruthless words and he naturally couldn't admit that he was in the wrong. Otherwise, how could he still mix in any of the circles of Immemorial Imperial City in the future? If news of this spread out then others would laugh at him and his reputation would also suffer.

’’200 million!’’

Yue Ironrock grit his teeth, spitting out his bottom limit. He had just put forth 100 million to buy that chaotic yin physique girl, and now he had to put forth another 200 million. How could he remain calm?

’’Double the price, 400 million.’’

Lin Ming nearly instantly responded to Yue Ironrock's offer without batting an eyelid. Moreover, he used Yue Ironrock's own words to counterattack him!

Yue Ironrock's face turned blue. Let alone doubling 400 million, he couldn't even double 160 million!

Mister Luo and Madame Luo were naturally extremely overjoyed by the sudden turn of events. Mister Luo never imagined that randomly speaking some guesses in order to enhance the price of the little girl would have such a wondrous effect.

That was 300 million! And it seemed as if it would rise even further!

Yue Ironrock wouldn't be able to withstand this!

Although the Yue Family was indeed wealthy, they were also similar to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. During the trip into the God Beast Mystic Realm, the Ancient Phoenix Clan had made a large investment of one billion violet sun stones, and that was an investment from the Ancient Phoenix Clan Headquarters. As for Yue Ironrock, he was just a junior of the Yue Family.


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