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Martial World - Chapter 1139


Chapter 1139 - News of the Violet Sun Stone Embryo




’’Interesting, how interesting!’’ River Feather rubbed his chin. If one had this sort of physique and was able to eat violet sun stones and transform that into their cultivation, then one's martial talent would truly defy the heavens. He looked at the little girl's dantian, wanting to see what her cultivation was, but as he looked, he frowned. This little girl's dantian was completely void, without even a hint of true essence. She had not cultivated at all.

’’Mm? She hasn't cultivated yet?’’

’’This...’’ A flash of embarrassment passed over Mister Luo's face. ’’She cannot cultivate.’’

Madame Luo laughed. She said, ’’She cannot cultivate, but that is only because we have temporarily been unable to figure out how she cultivates. If she eats up so many violet sun crystals, how can she not be able to cultivate? We have searched through countless texts, all the way from the ancient era to contemporary times, and yet we still haven't been able to figure out just what sort of variation physique she possesses. The little girl is singularly unique. Moreover, the price we ask isn't too high, only 2 million violet sun stones and then you can take her away. If you are then able to discover how to make use of her physique then your profits will be tremendous.’’

Madame Luo's words were tricky and misleading, but Young Master Sun still remained unmoved. To eat up violet sun crystals? A single violet sun crystal was worth 10,000 violet sun stones. Who knew how many violet sun crystals would be required to help her cultivate. If he were to put forth so much wealth in order to train her without results, then he would end up wasting a colossal amount of violet sun stones. The damages would be huge.

For a time, no one offered a price for this girl. Lin Ming hesitated for a moment but also remained silent. This little girl in front of him was very lovable and cute. She was 11 years old and had a very naïve and cherubic face.

Her eyes were as bright as spring water, and her nose was tiny, with rich lips and red cheeks that seemed as if water would come out if they were pinched.

However, regardless of whether or not this little girl could cultivate, the key problem was that Lin Ming was traveling far and wide, and it was inconvenient for him to bring a little girl around with him.

It was best if this little girl entered some large sect that was interested in training her. That would be her good fortune. If she stayed with him, that would only delay her and him.

’’Miss Mo, have you heard about this sort of special physique before?’’ Lin Ming asked with a true essence sound transmission.

Mo Eversnow shook her head. ’’I've never heard of this type of physique before. But, for some reason I feel inexplicably touched by this little girl. It's just that we have many matters that we have to handle right now and we're wandering about, so leading this little girl will only cause trouble for all of us. Let's not complicate matters even more.

As Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were speaking, Mister Luo introduced the last boy. He also had a special type of physique.

If this sort of child was bought by a large sect and trained as a core disciple, he would definitely have great achievements in the future.

’’Very well, we will first begin bidding with this young woman with a chaotic yin body. The base price is 30 million!’’ Madame Luo chuckled as she spoke, tracing the young woman's face. The young woman forced a smile. Although this was a destiny that she chose herself, now that she was being sold here publicly, she actually felt somewhat humiliated.

’’40 million!’’ The fork-bearded youth was the first to call out a price. His face was filled with excitement. He was happy that he wasn't too impulsive just now and didn't struggle with Lin Ming for that bone slip. This chaotic yin woman's body was extremely valuable. If he trained her then it would be highly beneficial to his own cultivation.

’’50 million!’’ Another person bid. Young Master Sun wasn't the only one who cultivated demonic path cultivation methods.

’’55 million!’’ The fork-bearded youth's lips twitched as he rose the price yet again. He shot a glance at Lin Ming in the meantime, his eyes containing a warning. It was clear that he was telling Lin Ming to back off from this chaotic yin girl.

Lin Ming didn't bother paying attention to him. There wasn't any meaning to purchasing this girl, and Lin Ming didn't train in dual cultivation methods so this woman wouldn't be willing to go with him to begin with.

The price soon jumped to 65 million. And at this time, a surprising voice came ringing from outside -

’’I'll buy her, 100 million!’’

This voice contained an overbearing intent. As the words still echoed through the hall, the Space Laws fluctuated and a space door appeared in front of everyone. A tall and muscular youth in red armor strode out.

This young man was tall and brawny. His thickly corded muscles seemed as if they would burst out from his armor.

As the young elites saw this person appear, all of them paused for a moment. It was clear that they were afraid of this young man.

As for that fork-bearded youth who was just now thinking of obtaining the chaotic yin woman at all costs, he opened his mouth several times but didn't speak. He shook his head, a bitter expression on his face. He acknowledged his own bad luck.

Lin Ming narrowed his eyes, sizing this person up. This youth was only at the early divine Sea realm.

’’Who's that?’’ Lin Ming asked River Feather with a true essence sound transmission.

’’That's Yue Ironrock. He's a direct descendant of the Yue Family, the third greatest influence of Immemorial Imperial City, second only to the two Great World King level Holy Lands that have bases here. Don't look at his early divine Sea realm cultivation;his combat strength is ridiculously powerful. We are simply not his match at all. Moreover...’’ As River Feather spoke to here, he took a deep breath and said, ’’He dual cultivates in body and energy.’’

’’Oh?’’ Lin Ming was a bit startled at hearing this. There was an extremely small number of martial artists in the divine Realm who chose to dual cultivate body and energy. Those who dared to do so were naturally some of the proudest and greatest geniuses of their generation!

Of course, most of those that chose dual cultivating body and energy wouldn't be like Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow, taking the opening of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace as their true goal. These martial artists would mostly attempt to open the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. After all, they liked their own bodies being tough.

’’This fellow is a monstrous genius. He was born over 100 years ago, but he stayed in an accelerated space-time distortion for over 60 years and just recently came out. The result of that is that he's only 30 some years old, and now he just manages to bump into our generation, so we are being suppressed to death by him. Brother Lin, it's best if you don't come into conflict with him. If he likes something then allow him to have it. Otherwise, those who offend him will end up miserable. Their fate... aiya, this is truly bad luck. I can't believe he would also come to this trade fair.’’

River Feather said, his voice thick with unhappiness. Lin Ming was startled. He had stayed in an accelerated space-time distortion for over 60 years?

If the flow of time could be slowed down, it could naturally be sped up. Ordinarily, a person would enter a time enchantment to cultivate and extend their time within. But, this Yue Ironrock actually did the opposite and compressed time instead. Was there some special meaning in doing so?

Lin Ming couldn't help but wonder this. He used a true essence sound transmission to ask Mo Eversnow this question.

Mo Eversnow said, ’’It should be because he was waiting for some matter. There are times when people will be aiming at a grand event meant for geniuses. For instance, the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial you participated in in the past limits participants by age. It seems that in Immemorial Imperial City or the Yue Family, there will be something occurring soon...’’

’’I see...’’ Lin Ming didn't care any further. River Feather's estimation was also correct. As Yue Ironrock quoted a price, all of those martial artists that were budding with excitement remained silent.

Whether it was in wealth or background, all of them were inferior to Yue Ironrock. In strength and talent, they simply didn't have the qualifications to struggle with Yue Ironrock. To these young elites, talent was often the core factor for their confidence.

’’Hahahaha, Young Master Yue is truly magnanimous!’’

Madame Luo brightly smiled. 100 million far surpassed her original estimates. As for that little girl who ate violet sun crystals that no one offered a price for, she no longer cared about her either.

Then, up next was that little boy with the special physique. He was bought by someone else for 10 million.

After that, it was only the little girl remaining. She remained huddled in her corner of the cage, her arms clasped around her knees as she curled up into a ball. Her eyes were filled with fear and timidity as she scanned the crowd. Confusion marred her face, making those who saw her take pity on her.

As someone that didn't have any talent for cultivation, or at least had an unclear talent for cultivation, regardless of how lovable or cute this little girl was, she wasn't of any use to a martial artist. If one was only lusting for beauty then a martial artist could easily establish a harem of 3000 women. A single violet sun stone could purchase a hundred mortal women.

Then, Madame Luo and Mister Luo took out several more treasures. However, they weren't able to sell anything for the high price of 100 million anymore.

After putting away the things that no one cared about, Madame Luo chuckled and softly said, ’’Alright, that is the end of our gang's goods being sold. If any of our guests have anything valuable or something that they are seeking then feel free to speak, we will try to satisfy you to the greatest extent.

’’Oh, everyone may also privately speak and exchange items.’’

As Madame Luo and Mister Luo spoke, many people, including that fork-bearded youth, were frustrated. As they saw the chaotic yin girl that was most suited for them being scooped up by someone else, they didn't like the taste of that at all.

They could only take out some goods they didn't want and put them forth on the table, waiting to see if any of the other young elites wanted to exchange with them.

At this time, Lin Ming stood up and cupped his fists across his chest. ’’Everyone, I have something I would like to purchase, If you have it then the price is not a problem.’’

As Lin Ming spoke, everyone's eyes gathered onto him. The scene of him bidding 8.5 million violet sun stones for that incomplete bone slip was still vivid in their memories. If Lin Ming said that price wasn't a problem, that naturally meant that he was extremely wealthy.

’’What sort of thing?’’ Yue Ironrock lazily asked as he stroked his chin.

’’What I am searching for is a violet sun stone embryo!’’ Lin Ming feared that these people wouldn't know about it, thus he described the special characteristics of the violet sun stone embryo again. This left all of the martial artists at a loss. This was obviously the first time they had heard of such a thing. Even Madame Luo and Mister Luo shook their heads, never having heard of any news about such a treasure.

As Lin Ming saw this scene, even though he hadn't entertained much hope from the start, he was slightly disappointed. It seemed that wanting to obtain a violet sun stone embryo would be very difficult, even in Immemorial Imperial City.

Lin Ming sighed and shook his head before sitting back down. But for better or worse he had still obtained a bone slip from this trade fair, so it wasn't a complete waste of his time.

And just as Lin Ming's hopes had fallen, the voice of that young girl sounded out from her little corner in the cage. ’’That... that thing... I... I might... know about it...’’

As she spoke, Lin Ming's eyes immediately fell into the corner of the hall where the little girl was curled up in her cage.


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