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Martial World - Chapter 1133


Chapter 1133 - divide




At this time, the Magic Cube had shifted to Lin Ming's dantian. After crossing Ninefall, there was clearly some tremendous change that occurred in his dantian.

His dantian had become larger and the revolving core crystal nucleus became smaller. All around the revolving core crystal nucleus there was slight spatial warping, and a light fog floated around it. This fog was a bit similar to elementary grandmist energy.

Strictly speaking, his was no longer a revolving core crystal nucleus but a world seed.

At the formation of the universe, what happened was that all of the grandmist energy gathered into a singularity. This singularity constantly absorbed energy, compressing it over and over again, and when that energy reached the limit it would erupt!

After erupting, the energy would cool down, forming space, time, yin and yang, the five elements, and finally evolving into all of life.

This was the so-called great eruption of the universe. The divine Realm's 3000 great worlds and the lower realm's billion boundless worlds, all of these were formed after this explosion. And before this explosion, neither time nor space existed.

And a martial artist's cultivation process was similar to this great eruption.

The human body was a small universe!

The evolution of the human body could be reflected in the great universe.

From the start, a martial artist constantly accumulated energy in their dantian. From the Pulse Condensation realm, that process symbolized the true beginning of the essence gathering system. At that time, a martial artist's true essence would flow through their meridians and into their dantian. Afterwards, true essence would gather in their dantian and form streams there;this was the Houtian realm.

Then, true essence would condense into a cyclone, bringing with it the rules of revolution;this was the Xiantian realm. At the Revolving Core realm, true essence would finally compress into a revolving core crystal nucleus. This crystal nucleus would continually grow, compress, and then grow... again and again, energy would converge, just like the energy that gathered before the eruption of the universe.

A martial artist with a deep foundation could even form a black hole revolving core that was similar to the singularity that erupted into the universe.

Afterwards, the revolving core crystal nucleus would have to undergo nine baptisms of Life Destruction, preparing the martial artist's body for the final Nine divine Shifts.

After Ninefall, the revolving core crystal nucleus would evolve into a world seed. In the future, this world seed would explode and form the inner world.

Lin Ming's current dantian was a bit dissimilar from other martial artists'. Not only was there the world seed but there was also the Heretical God Seedling as well as a square black crystal that floated there;this was the Magic Cube.

This was the first time that the Magic Cube had condensed into a physical form. Before now, Lin Ming had only been able to sense the Magic Cube with Mo Eversnow's help. He only knew that it had become a seal that fell onto his heart. But now, it had shifted to his dantian and condensed a physical form, even pushing aside the Heretical God Seedling.

That black bead that had been swallowed up by him was now located within the Magic Cube space.

When Lin Ming investigated the black bead, he discovered that there were some significant changes to it.

’’Miss Mo, this black bead is definitely not a treasure similar to the Magic Cube. This is because... I found it within the Magic Cube space and a third of its strength has been absorbed by me already. Whether it is its weight or aura, it's weakened a great deal...’’

Lin Ming felt some regret. He certainly hoped that he could acquire another treasure on the same level as the Magic Cube. After all, that was a divine object that even an Empyrean would risk their life for.

But only like this was such a treasure rare!

For him to obtain the Magic Cube could already be considered a favor from heaven. If he obtained a similar treasure without going through many more twists and turns, suffering great difficulties along the way, then the chances were somewhat slim.

’’Mm?’’ Mo Eversnow frowned. Were her speculations wrong?

Lin Ming continued to speak. ’’But, I don't think that Miss Mo's guesses were wrong, otherwise there are far too many things that could not be explained. For instance, why the Magic Cube would choose to land at the Sky Spill Continent and also why Empyrean Primordius would choose to go to the Sky Spill Continent, a world of the lower realms. Also, just why were so many peak existences of the divine Realm attracted there?

’’If all of these are coincidences then that is too forced. It might be that the reason Empyrean Primordius perished was that black bead, and his body was also so formidable because of that black bead. But as for that black bead I swallowed...’’

As Lin Ming spoke he turned his hand, directly taking out the black bead into his palm. It really was as Lin Ming said;the black bead had reduced by a third in volume and weight.

’’If we call that black bead the Demon Bead, then this black bead in my hand can be considered a replica of the Demon Bead. It might even be something made from the Demon Bead... but, the true Demon Bead might still be within the Sky Spill Continent's Eternal Demon Abyss! It's likely located at the bottom of Empyrean Primordius's force field protections!’’

As Lin Ming spoke, Mo Eversnow's heart was stirred. She even thought of immediately returning to the Eternal Demon Abyss and investigating what was inside. However, she tamped down that thought just as quickly. The Eternal Demon Abyss was an ancient ruin left behind by an Empyrean. Even if Lin Ming was powerful, entering the Eternal Demon Abyss was a true disaster. It had to be known that it was an absolute life forbidden zone that contained a force field left behind by an Empyrean.

After Empyrean Primordius fell in the past, he certainly wouldn't hope that his inheritances would fall into the hands of his enemies. The arrangements he laid down in the past were likely no trifling matter. If she still had her mortal body then she might have gone, but now she likely wouldn't be able to do anything at all.

’’It looks like... it won't be too long until we return to the Sky Spill Continent once more.’’ Mo Eversnow thoughtfully said.

’’Mm...’’ Lin Ming nodded. Even if the Demon Bead wasn't there, he would still want to go back. That was where his wives and parents were.

’’Lin Ming, come with me to say goodbye to Aunty. Then we'll go to the True Martial Great World to pick up a few things...’’

’’What things?’’

’’The jade slip for the Celestial Tyrant Manual as well as some wealth left behind by the Verdant Feather Hold Lands. But unfortunately, when the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was destroyed, the incomplete ruined half of the transcendent divine might possessed by the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was stolen by Tian Mingzi! Although I also cultivated it, now that my body is destroyed I can no longer reproduce its mysteries. In truth, even if I still had my body I still wouldn't be able to engrave that transcendent divine might. A transcendent divine might is something that surpasses the Heavenly Dao;no one ordinary can produce a copy.’’

In the past the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was a World King Level Holy Land. And, the old Holy Lord was also a Great World King. It was reasonable that they would possess an incomplete transcendent divine might.

A full and complete transcendent divine might was extremely rare. This was because a transcendent divine might jade slip was basically only able to be produced by an Empyrean. If their descendants didn't reach a boundary nearing an Empyrean then they would not be able to make a duplicate of that jade slip. This was why transcendent divine mights were so rare;they were basically unique treasures. After one was born, it would exist onwards for hundreds of millions or even billions of years. During this time, these jade slips could fan the endless flames of war, causing endless struggles, spilled blood, and slaughter all in their name.

To obtain a complete transcendent divine might was beyond difficult. For a World King level Holy Land like the Verdant Feather Holy Lands to possess half a transcendent divine might was already very rare!

Transcendent divine might...

Lin Ming took a light breath. In all these years of fighting and growth, and also in crossing that heavenly tribulation, he was able to deeply feel just how great a role a transcendent divine might played!

The Heretical God Force and Heavenly Demon force field were two sets of transcendent divine mights. They had brought far too many advantages to Lin Ming. There was no need to mention the Heretical God Force;Lin Ming's main strength came from the fire and thunder that was originally gifted to him by the Heretical God Force. As for the Heavenly Demon force field, that was Lin Ming's greatest master ability in combat.

At Lin Ming's current boundary, ordinary cultivation methods no longer held an attraction to him. He had already perused through the memories of normal divine Realm powerhouses from the Magic Cube, and had too many things he didn't need. What he needed now were transcendent divine mights!

The longer this type of cultivation method was practiced for, the greater the advantages were! The more one could control the power of the Heavenly Dao, the stronger they would become!

Unconsciously, after crossing Ninefall and surviving heavenly tribulation, Lin Ming no longer simply referenced and borrowed the power of the Heavenly Dao. What he did now was to manipulate it and control it!

’’If I want to obtain this incomplete transcendent divine might then I can only do so by defeating Tian Mingzi!’’ Lin Ming clenched his fists. Tian Mingzi was the first truly powerful opponent he would encounter since entering the divine Realm. Tian Mingzi was so powerful that it was almost impossible to look up to him, as if he were some kind of unreachable peak. But, Lin Ming's road of martial arts involved conquering peak after peak after peak!


As Lin Ming and Mo Eversnow were talking, a special Council of Elders was being held in Carefree Palace.

The reason this Council of Elders was so unique was because the way it was held surpassed everyone's expectations.

At this time, outside of a minor dimension's space barrier, six or seven Elders were gathered. White Brook and Xiao Haogan were among them, and their faces were particularly ugly!

They had already guessed that Mo Riverbliss was planning to aim at them during this Council of Elders, but they weren't afraid. The only problems they had with Mo Riverbliss were normal conflicts of authority and struggles over power. Although everyone knew what they were thinking, they had never violated sect rules nor had they randomly killed or caused chaos. If Mo Riverbliss wanted to deal with them then she would find it difficult to convince others.

But, they never imagined that Mo Riverbliss would take on such a way to hold a council.

They were all divided into groups and then summoned in one at a time!

If this was a normal meeting, then everyone would be together in the same place, and everyone would also be cautious about their words. But now, no matter what one said, the only other person who would know would be Mo Riverbliss!

In this way, everyone would worry about what others said about them. If one said something weird, wouldn't that leave a bad impression of them on Mo Riverbliss?

It had to be known that at the very start, Mo Riverbliss was only an outsider in the hearts of these Elders. Even if she controlled Carefree Palace and had overwhelming strength, everybody was dissatisfied with her in their hearts. If Mo Riverbliss called them in one at a time and asked them for their secrets, no one would speak of them.

But now was different.

Lin Ming had crossed 33 Layered Heavens and a nine by nine Life Destruction. There was an extremely high possibility that he would become a Great World King in the future. It could even be said that Carefree Island's very destiny and existence were now closely tied to Lin Ming's future achievements. If he succeeded, they could even become a World King level Holy Land! If they were able to catch a ride on this invincible juggernaut, then even eating just a little bit of the soup would bring infinite benefits.

And someone like Lin Ming was clearly obsessed with cultivation and training and didn't care too much about political wrangling. Thus, the truth was that the real control of Carefree Island was held by Mo Riverbliss!

If they could curry favor with Mo Riverbliss then their future would know no limit. But if they offended Mo Riverbliss, their future would be sad indeed.

Without noticing it, Mo Riverbliss had used a little method to split up all those Elders that had been in step with each other. How could White Brook still feel at ease with all this?


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