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Martial World - Chapter 1129


Chapter 1129 - If The God Of Death Desires Me, I Shall Cut Down The God Of Death




Of the 73 beads, Lin Ming's attention was completely concentrated on that black spherical object that had tumbled out with everything else. It seemed to be made of wood and yet not, and made of stone and yet not. There were numerous strange demonic runes carved onto its surface, and it exuded a bizarre and strange aura.

Through all these years, Lin Ming had obtained countless treasures and pills. There were far too many things in the Extreme Violet Ring to count. Even so, as a martial artist, Lin Ming's memory was extremely acute;he was able to remember the origin of where everything came from. Lin Ming was able to recognize that this black mystery bead came from his second trip to the Holy Demon Continent's Blood Slaughter Steppes. He had killed the Steppes Master and obtained this black bead from his treasury.

At that time, he had also obtained a massive amount of demon god bones, blood demon crystals, and heaven-step treasures. Those things were all left at divine Phoenix Island to assist them in becoming a divine Kingdom in the future.

All that he kept was this black mystery bead. It was small and yet exceptionally heavy. When Lin Ming had obtained it, it had been placed atop a special treasure rank base, otherwise it would have already crushed through the ground.

Not only was it extremely heavy, but it also had a faint trace of life as if it were a living object.

From the start, Lin Ming had thought it was the egg of some ancient vicious beast. For instance, a flood dragon egg, sea serpent egg, or the egg of some other similar beast. But, it was simply far too small;trying to call it a vicious beast egg was a bit forced. Lin Ming had investigated it with his senses but he hadn't been able to identify what it was. He could only determine that it had originated from the Eternal Demon Abyss.

What kind of place was the Eternal Demon Abyss? It was a massive crater left behind by an Empyrean level powerhouse whose strike had pierced straight through the massive planet that held the Sky Spill Continent and Holy Demon Continent!

It had to be known that the Sky Spill Continent's planet was over a billion miles in diameter! A common small planet, for instance the planet that Phoenix Cry Palace was located on, was only around 100,000 miles in diameter. This was a difference in volume of over a trillion times!

Sealed within the Eternal Demon Abyss were countless terrifying existences. These existences were unable to escape from the shroud of the force field that Empyrean Primordius had laid down. Only some tiny insignificant weaklings were able to pass through in these 100,000 years through a lucky aligning of coincidences. For instance, the Ancient Devil that had inhabited Yang Yun had likely come from some area deep within the Eternal Demon Abyss and had emerged from the other side at the Sea of Miracles.

In addition, there were also a number of treasures in the Eternal Demon Abyss. When the Eternal Demon Abyss erupted, a small amount of these treasures would be shot out by a tremendous black current. There were many trial challengers and High Lords that would roam the periphery of the Eternal Demon Abyss to search for these treasures. The Steppes Master had likely obtained this black mystery bead using such a method.

The Eternal Demon Abyss was a ruin left behind from a battle between several Empyreans. Even something minor they left behind could not be underestimated!

If there was something in there that surpassed a supreme dragon bone, or even a complete dragon skeleton, Lin Ming wouldn't be surprised. In fact, he wouldn't even be surprised if there was a true God Beast living within the Eternal Demon Abyss. This was because in front of an Empyrean, even God Beasts had to prostrate themselves!

The current Lin Ming was at the edge of death, so it was impossible for him to ruminate over the origins of the black mystery bead. Moreover, he didn't have the capital to investigate it to begin with. In short, this black mystery bead should be some extraordinary object. Especially now that Lin Ming had crossed Ninefall and accepted the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Law fragments, he was able to faintly feel the aura coming from this black mystery bead, and it left him shocked!

’’I'll swallow it!’’

Lin Ming couldn't give a care for particulars anymore. He grasped half of the supreme dragon bone relics and also that incomparably heavy black mystery bead and stuffed them all down his mouth!

If he didn't have his life then he wouldn't be able to consider any consequences anyways!

’’Mm? What did that boy eat?’’ Xiao Haogan said, shocked. He naturally saw Lin Ming's actions.

’’It should be some type of high level medicine. He's nothing but a sick patient that's gone crazy so he's trying to eat any medicine he can to help himself, but it doesn't matter because anything he does will invoke the rage of the heavenly tribulation. This has the same effect as asking someone to help him cross heavenly tribulation, the idiot!’’ White Brook sneered. He naturally didn't know about the dragon bone relics or that black mystery bead. As long as it wasn't a transcendent divine pill then there was a high chance what Lin Ming did would cause a mutation in the heavenly tribulation. Ordinary pills, before heavenly tribulation, had to follow the Heavenly Dao. Using them to cross heavenly tribulation would only result in a counterattack!

As for those transcendent divine pills that had crossed tribulation and were able to change one's fate and even resurrect the dead, completely disregarding the Heavenly Dao, those types of pills were absolute treasures passed down in World King level Holy Lands for generations. They were treasures that could cause even a World King to go mad with jealousy and attack others for, so how could Lin Ming possibly have one?

And on the side, Mo Eversnow and Mo Riverbliss were bewildered. Lin Ming had actually swallowed down so many dragon bone relics!

The two looked at each other, seeing worry and nervousness reflected in each other's eyes. But, there was also hope.

Dragon bone relics had their own life force;once swallowed they would erode and absorb Lin Ming's own flesh and blood. Normally, when a martial artist swallowed dragon bone relics, it was possible to in turn be absorbed by them instead! Even though Lin Ming had opened the Gate of View, when he was at his peak state he had still nearly died after eating the dragon bone relics. Before reaching the divine Sea, 36 dragon bone relics should be his furthest limit.

Now, his body was ruined and his cultivation was also lacking. To swallow so many dragon bone relics at such a time was simply seeking death. Even so, this was the only capital he had to struggle against the fate of certain death!

This was because they were the only treasure on Lin Ming's body that had crossed heavenly tribulation and was able to resist the Heavenly Dao!

However, Lin Ming seemed as if he had also swallowed some sort of black bead. Just what was that? Mo Eversnow had extremely sharp eyes. Even though that black bead was mixed up with the rest of the dragon bone relics and had a similar appearance to them, she could still recognize it. That black bead had a completely different aura, one that left the heart racing!

At this time, she no longer had time to ponder it. The 36 bone relics entered Lin Ming's pulpy and ravaged body, mixing into him. With the current state of his body it would be extremely difficult to absorb the dragon bone relics, but that didn't mean it was impossible. And, he also had a massive amount of the power of heavenly tribulation within his body!

Most of this was thunder tribulation, fire tribulation, as well as the yin yang tribulation!

Dragon bone relics were objects that had crossed heavenly tribulation several times in the past. They were existences that violated the Heavenly Dao to begin with. Now that they collided with the power of four different kinds of heavenly tribulation, the result could be imagined!

Without the need for Lin Ming's body to melt the dragon bone relics, the power of heavenly tribulation had already started to melt them away. And at this time, the energy contained within the dragon bone relics thoroughly erupted!

The power of heavenly tribulation violently clashed with the dragon bone relics, and the battlefield was Lin Ming's body!


Lin Ming's body shook, falling onto the yin yang primal chaos diagrams. At this time, there was no more blood left to flow out, and the energy within his body had already run completely wild, beyond his ability to control. There was not a single complete muscle or ligament in his body, and he wasn't able to move at all. He completely relied on the hardness of his bones to withstand the crushing force of the two primal chaos diagrams.

Lin Ming had lost all strength, energy, and physical function. He was even weaker than a three year old mortal child;there was nothing he could do!

No... there was still one thing he could do, and only one!

That was... to grit his teeth, endure the pain, support his bones, and keep on living with his unyielding will and undying spirit!

If he could last until the end, then at the time when the power of heavenly tribulation was destroyed and the dragon bone relics were also melted away, he would be the final one standing!

He could go on living and also obtain a massive lucky chance!

What sort of immeasurable willpower was needed to shoulder this? The yin yang tribulation brought about an aura of despair that left one drowning in anguish. In order to never give up no matter how much despair there was, one needed a resolute will as firm as divine iron!

Ka ka ka!

Even Lin Ming's kneecaps were crushed apart. This agonizing pain left his vision blurry. He bit down on his tongue, pouring the power of his life into his gold large success grandmist battle spirit to support his weak fires of life that swayed precariously in this storm of energy.

If the heavens wish to annihilate me then I will annihilate the heavens!

If the god of death desires me then I shall cut down the god of death!

’’He's still alive! He's still alive! Can... can he really live? Will such a terrifying heavenly tribulation be defeated by him?’’

Ye Rosewater covered her mouth, her breath caught in her throat. She felt her nose sting as an unbidden emotion swelled up from deep within her. She had lived for dozens of years already and had a late divine Sea cultivation, so she would never be like a little girl and burst out into tears because of overwhelming feelings. The reason that her eyes were wet at this moment was completely because she had been infected by Lin Ming's tenacious will. In a situation where there wasn't even a faint ray of hope, he had still managed to support himself until now. He was like a proud snow pine, staunch and unfolding!

However, most people didn't favor Lin Ming's chances too much. His fires of life were already on the brink of extinguishing. Even if he could continue on, just how long would he last?

Dragon bone relics and the power of the four different kinds of heavenly tribulation were all incomparably violent and tyrannical energies. It wasn't wrong for Lin Ming to take this risk and wrestle with death, but the chances of him succeeding approached zero! This was because his ruined body couldn't even qualify to be their battlefield.

This was just like two divine Sea level powerhouses fighting on a mortal martial field. The martial field would not be able to withstand the energy shockwaves and would be torn apart!

’’F*k, he still hasn't died!?’’ Xiao Haogan cursed.

’’Don't be so anxious. It's just a matter of time. Don't you feel that his painful expressions are very much enjoyable?’’ White Brook slowly said.

’’Haha, Honorable Master is right.’’

As everyone had all sorts of ideas popping up in their minds and were discussing the situation with true essence sound transmissions, no one knew that within that crazy power of heavenly tribulation and those melting supreme dragon bone relics, there was also a black divine bead. In the waves of energy, this black divine bead slowly revolved. This bead was originally a living existence. Although it was incomparably heavy, it was still formed from flesh and blood, and thus alive.

Underneath the stimulation of the two clashing energies, suddenly this black divine bead fiercely trembled. An incomparable life force began rushing out like an endless tide!

This life force was pure and wild. It was so potent and vibrant that even the life force of a great True Dragon would be mediocre in front of it!

All of this life force poured into Lin Ming's body. It was like a land that had been dry and barren for a thousand years suddenly welcoming a sweet deluge of spring rain!

Roar - !

A resonant cry echoed through the heavens. It was like the roar of a dragon directly impacting through the distant horizon.


As Xiao Haogan and White Brook were happily speaking with true essence sound transmissions, their eyes suddenly widened. They thought that they had heard wrongly just now. How could Lin Ming's body still have the strength to make such a clear and resplendent sound?

’’His body... how could this be, his body is reviving! How could this be!? Where is this strength coming from!? This is impossible!’’

Xiao Haogan's eyeballs nearly popped out. Lin Ming's ruined flesh and blood was rapidly regenerating!


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