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Martial World - Chapter 1127


Chapter 1127 - Large Success Battle Spirit




Yin yang was second only to the power of grandmist. What came right after grandmist was yin and yang.

Yin yang energy filled the skies, weaving together into lines filled with truths. An indescribable sense of chaos fell over everyone. Even the Elders and direct disciples of Carefree Island that were far away from the range of the heavenly tribulation felt as if they would die at any moment in the face of this yin yang tribulation!

This pure black and white that flooded the world, enveloping all of existence between the heavens and earth, left behind an incomparably suffocating feeling. Facing this, one felt as if their very soul would fade away! Some martial artists with an unsteady will and a weak battle spirit fell into despair, as if their lives had lost all meaning. They felt as if they could accept dying right here and right now.

This sort of feeling left all of them cold with sweat seeping out of their palms.

If they developed such suicidal thoughts just by gazing upon that yin yang tribulation, then if they had to face it head-on and be submerged within it, the despair they would feel could be imagined!

A normal martial artist might just sever their own meridians and kill themselves!

This yin yang tribulation was not just a catastrophe of the body, but also a disaster of energy and a scourge of the soul. Essence, energy, divine, it was impossible to escape this tribulation!

’’This tribulation...’’ An Elder looked on, his wide eyes filling with regret. Although his talent couldn't be considered too high, he had lived for a long time and he had a great breadth of experience. He could see just how terrifying this yin yang tribulation was.

’’No, this shouldn't be, this cannot be... this is forcing him past the edge. The heavens should never seal off all paths of survival... how could such a disaster occur? Just what secrets does Lin Ming have on him that could galvanize such a heavenly tribulation?’’

’’Lin Ming...’’ Mo Eversnow's glowing body gently shivered. She was unwilling! She had waited 50,000 years for this chance, she had waited 50,000 years to meet Lin Ming!

She had put forth endless effort, countless endeavors with numerous lucky chances accumulated on him. She had poured all of her hope into him, so she didn't believe that all her efforts would be in vain!

’’Lin Ming! Withstand this trial! Up until now you've experienced countless hardships and endured them all, this time will not be an exception!’’

Mo Eversnow shouted out in her heart. And at this time, Lin Ming's bloodied body welcomed the yin yang great tribulation!

Ca ca ca!

The power of the Heavenly Dao formed runes of yin and yang, falling down upon Lin Ming's body. It caused his already dilapidated body to collapse, with a massive amount of flesh and blood flying out! This was not just blood splashing out, but a torrent of blood caused by the disintegration of the body!

His meridians tore, his body shattered, only his skeleton was able to barely withstand the yin yang tribulation!

In that moment, Lin Ming felt a strong feeling of despair surge in his mind. This was despair brought about by the Heavenly Dao Laws. Lin Ming felt as if he had instantly arrived in the hell of the death god. There was nothing but gray around him. There was no life and nothing in this world but death and despair.

Death... only by dying would he reach his eternal destination.

A strange voice echoed in Lin Ming's ears, causing this idea to form in his mind. But, what was strange was that in the face of such a divine soul and will attack, the Magic Cube in Lin Ming's spiritual sea was completely silent, without a single response.

The Magic Cube didn't resist the Heavenly Dao Laws?

Could it not resist? Or did the Magic Cube itself represent the world Laws, thus it did not resist?

This thought flashed through Lin Ming's mind. But, even without the Magic Cube, Lin Ming never believed he would absolutely lose in a battle of divine soul and will.

If the Magic Cube represents the Heavenly Dao, then I will rely on myself!

No matter how high the Heavenly Dao is, I will still defy the heavens' will!

If the heavens must destroy me, then I shall dye the heavens red with blood!


In that instant, Lin Ming's mind quaked as if something shattered. The grandmist battle spirit howled out from between his eyebrows!

The battle spirit trembled. It was like a wild dragon, roaring at the skies!

Immediately, the misty elementary grandmist energy around the battle spirit suddenly condensed onto its surface. The spear-shaped battle spirit rapidly grew, growing longer!

The elementary gold battle spirit stage was easily broken through. Then, gold small success, peak of small success, gold large success!

As Lin Ming's thoughts erupted, his battle spirit actually crossed the small realm of gold small success in a single go and leapt directly into gold large success!

The Heavenly Dao Laws squeezed upon Lin Ming's will. Not only did it increase the evolutionary rate of his battle spirit, but it was just like the Twinlife Thunder Crystal, digging out all of the potential of Lin Ming's battle spirit. This was not something that a normal battle spirit tempering technique could compare with. A tempering technique that could increase a battle spirit's potential could only be found through a stroke of fate!

’’Gold large success! By the heavens!’’

’’I cannot believe that he achieved such a battle spirit!’’

’’Incredible, incredible! But... can just an explosion of a battle spirit resist the three tribulations of essence, energy, and divine? There is also his body and dantian;he might not be able to withstand this tribulation!’’

Carefree Island's Elders sighed in lamentation. Lin Ming's strongest aspects were his will and divine soul. Moreover, the power of his will hadn't been used up too much so far. Thus, even when facing the last of the heavenly nine tribulations, Lin Ming was still able to break through the soul tribulation in a single fell swoop. But, there was still the tribulation of body and energy - that would truly take his life!

Lin Ming's body was already in tatters.

Hu -

Suddenly, a primal chaos diagram appeared beneath Lin Ming's feet. Lines of the Great Dao began to flow all over the primal chaos diagram.

Then, another primal chaos diagram appeared above Lin Ming's head. One yin, one yang, below him was yin, and above him was yang. When the world was first formed, a similar yin yang construction also took place.

Now, the yin yang tribulation had manifested into two primal chaos diagrams that represented the heavens and earth. They were like two massive milling stones as they began to grind and squeeze down on Lin Ming!

Ka ka ka!

Lin Ming's entire body emitted an unbelievable creaking sound as if he were about to snap apart from the massive impact. An unbelievable force shrouded down on Lin Ming.

Lin Ming's bones had fused with the supreme dragon bone relics and now they were as hard as divine iron. If this was before he had fused with the supreme dragon bone, then even though Lin Ming had completed 100% Tempering Marrow and opened the defensive Gate of View, his bones would have been pulverized by the power of the Heavenly Dao!

But now, he was forcefully resisting it!

However, even though his bones were able to withstand the force, his flesh wasn't able to. Lin Ming's flesh constantly broke down. If he had no flesh and only a skeleton left, then he would die either way!

As Lin Ming's mortal body continued to collapse, his life force grew increasingly weak.

’’This brat's going to die...’’ In a secretive corner, Great Elder Xiao Haogan looked at Lin Ming, grinning all the while. After being sent flying back injured, he no longer needed to help manage the array formation. ’’He's finally going to die. Good... I won't have to worry about him anymore.’’

Although Xiao Haogan was perfectly aware that Lin Ming could bring endless benefits to Carefree Island if he rose in the future, none of those benefits would fall into his lap. The only way would be if Lin Ming was an idiot of idiots and decided to help his own enemy.

Of course, Lin Ming clearly wasn't, otherwise he never would have reached this step. He considered the future and decided that the more power and fame Lin Ming gained, the unluckier he would become.

’’Just die! Just die so we can all be happy! F*k, a mere Ninefall actually has as much pomp and show as a Holy Lord. He thought he was so kick ass and awesome but he actually dies at the end. He nearly scared me to death with his antics. Such a massive formation to help him and so many resources spent on him, and yet it all comes to nothing. He's nothing more than a fart in the wind. Whew, I think I'm going to laugh to death here.’’

Xiao Haogan coarsely cursed to White Brook with a true essence sound transmission. With his status, he had never spoken such vulgar words before. It was only because his extremely tense mood had finally unwound a bit, and the sudden change caused him to blurt out such words.

White Brook was standing near Xiao Haogan. The two of them were standing in a relatively hidden spot. White Brook was also in a good mood. As Lin Ming crossed Life Destruction, his heart had been caught in his throat the entire time. Good heavens, such a terrifying moment had occurred. If Lin Ming had managed to successfully cross his Ninefall, then he might have combat strength comparable to a divine Transformation master!

Once he reached the divine Sea, wouldn't that just be way too outrageous? Even a normal divine Transformation powerhouse wouldn't be his opponent!

And when he reached the divine Transformation realm in the future, there was not the least bit of doubt that he would be able to crush a middle divine Lord powerhouse. As for Great Elder Xiao Haogan, he was at the late divine Lord realm!

’’At least the heavens have eyes. This sort of person should have died long ago. I was worried all this time. Let's look on at the good play and see the beautiful fireworks from this heavenly tribulation. This is a very rare opportunity, so we must enjoy it for as long as we can. I hope that Lin Ming can continue for a bit longer, haha.’’ White Brook said, gloating in Lin Ming's troubles. The more pain Lin Ming was in, the happier he felt.


Lin Ming knelt on one knee. After opening six of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates, even if he didn't use the Hundred Layered Waves, his physical strength still surpassed 10 million jins and reached 20 million jins. Even so, he wasn't able to shoulder this back-breaking pressure.

And worst of all, he was still suppressing the residual energy from the five elements tribulation, especially that of the wind and thunder tribulations. The immense pressure within Lin Ming's body made it impossibly difficult to summon up true essence!

Lin Ming set the Phoenix Blood Spear upright, using it to support the space between the yin yang diagrams. Faint cracking sounds began to emerge from the Phoenix Blood Spear.

The Phoenix Blood Spear emitted a keening cry as it was unable to withstand the pressure. Underneath the titanic pressure of the Heavenly Dao, it began to slowly bend, ready to break apart at any moment!

As Lin Ming saw the Phoenix Blood Spear nearly break, a decisive and unwilling light shined in his eyes.

He had left his wives and parents in the lower realms and arrived in the divine Realm alone. The first weapon he obtained was the Phoenix Blood Spear. During all these years in the divine Realm, all he had relied on was this spear in his hands! This spear was his comrade, his friend!

Now that he saw his spear about to break and yet he couldn't change anything at all, he found his heart filled with unwillingness. He waved his hand and changed the angle of the Phoenix Blood Spear. That spear that was bent over 90 degrees suddenly stretched back straight, then shot out!

’’Go, my good brother.’’

Lin Ming quietly said these words in his heart. The Phoenix Blood Spear issued a sorrowful cry as it soared, a crimson beam of light.


Mo Riverbliss's figure instantly vanished. She flash-stepped in front of the Phoenix Blood Spear and caught it, the spear shaft still trembling!

Hum~ Hum~

The Phoenix Blood Spear burned with a blazing light, constantly issuing a keening cry as if it were weeping in grief.

Mo Riverbliss's heart was deeply touched. A saint artifact had wisdom. It could differentiate between emotions both warm and cold and also vaguely feel the intent of its master. If a martial artist prized and cared for their saint artifact, then that saint artifact would also loyally protect its master. On the other hand, if a martial artist regarded a saint artifact as worthless grass, then that saint artifact would begin to lose its glorious luster.

As Mo Riverbliss sighed, she felt the Phoenix Blood Spear vibrate faster and more frantically, as if it would turn into a red dragon and fly out from her hands!

’’Mm? This... how could this...’’

Mo Riverbliss was startled. She widened her eyes, unable to believe what she was seeing.


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