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Martial World - Chapter 1124


Chapter 1124 - Brutal




In the five elements, wood origin energy had the attribute of growing endlessly. As Lin Ming was wrapped in these world roots, he suddenly drew out the Phoenix Blood Spear.

Although his entire body was bathed in blood at this time, his combat strength was still in its peak state. Not only did his blood vitality not show the slightest hint of diminishing, it actually billowed forth like a rocket, hurtling through the endless skies!


With a wave of the Phoenix Blood Spear, a massive amount of sharp wood-attribute world roots were cut off. However, more and more world roots shot up from the ground, coiling around Lin Ming's body like countless threads of twine.

Ka ka ka!

All of Lin Ming's joints emitted explosive crackling sounds. These world roots held unimaginable power within them;even a saint artifact would have been instantly twisted to scrap!

’’Phoenix blood essence, burn for me!’’

Lin Ming roared. From inside his body, the phoenix blood essence lit up. A blazing golden light burst out from between his eyebrows and a dark gold phoenix phantom appeared behind Lin Ming, spreading out its wings wide.

The first three level Concepts of Fire had been fused together into one. After Lin Ming absorbed a massive amount of Heavenly Dao Law Fragments from his Ninefall, even though he hadn't had time to thoroughly digest them, he had still unknowingly fused together the fourth level Concept of Fire.

The raging fire burnt through these world roots, scorching away their tenacity. At this time, Lin Ming opened all six gates, and with a sudden eruption of strength, all of these world roots were broken apart by Lin Ming.

’’This... this is too terrifying! He is simply an ancient beast in human skin!’’

’’He's lost so much blood and is wounded all over, yet he doesn't seem affected at all. His blood vitality is still soaring to the heavens and his combat strength is still at its peak!’’

’’His endurance and recovery ability would leave anyone breathless with disbelief. There were hundreds of those metal tribulation swords, and now there are over a thousand of these world roots. Each metal tribulation blade and world root has the strength to massacre an early divine Sea powerhouse, or even a middle divine Sea genius. With 1000-2000 of these terrifying calamities headed his way, the strength of them added together is incredible. Yet, all of it was forcefully shouldered by Lin Ming! He must have consumed so much energy and yet his true essence doesn't seem to have reduced at all!’’

As everyone was speaking, the heavenly tribulation changed once again. It no longer came one at a time, but now two of them arrived together! This was dual water and fire tribulation!

If it was just fire tribulation then Lin Ming wouldn't care. But now, water tribulation was added on! Water and fire dual tribulation!

Flames flew out from the clouds, forming a massive flame dragon that wildly soared through the air. It flowed from side to side, its body thicker than a water tank.

And on the other side was a blue water frost dragon. This water frost dragon had a terrifying impact force and corrosiveness, able to drown out all true essence.

The fire and water dragons issued deafening roars as they hurtled towards Lin Ming!

This was a completely overwhelming and bewildering attack!

By now, Lin Ming had experienced two great battles and he hadn't even had a moment to catch his breath. Suddenly, he was engulfed by the flames, His entire body became a man-shaped pillar of fire that was surrounded by the blue water frost dragon!

Two cold and hot energies simultaneously invaded Lin Ming's body. With Lin Ming's body as a battlefield, they began a brutal battle!

The metal tribulation and wood tribulation had attacked the exterior of Lin Ming's reformed body, but this fire tribulation and water tribulation had entered through his meridians, wanting to crush his dantian!

’’Heretical God Sprout!’’

Lin Ming's mind moved. The Heretical God Sprout began to emit layers upon layers of brilliant divine light. Compressed true essence howled out, and those three flame leaves burst into radiance, magnifying each other and suppressing the raging flames within him.

The Heretical God Sprout was truly worthy of being called a transcendent divine might. It was even able to suppress the power of heavenly retribution to a certain degree!

But that water tribulation was somewhat difficult for Lin Ming to withstand. The intense corrosive strength flooded through him, causing Lin Ming's flesh to wither. The pain from having his organs washed through with such acidic water could be imagined.

If it were a normal martial artist in his place then their bones would have long since melted from the acidic water and they would have turned into a puddle of bloody goo.

Even if it were Lin Ming, his entire body was still wracked with pain!

Not only did this water tribulation contain a deeply corrosive power, but it represented the most extreme polar cold, a cold that was colder than arctic ice. Lin Ming's blood began to freeze over and his wounds were frozen solid with layers of ice. With slicing sounds, thorns of ice formed from within his body, piercing through his skin and organs, making blood spill out!

Lin Ming once again burnt the blood of the Ancient Phoenix. The blazing and roiling phoenix blood forcefully expelled the water tribulation.

However, before the water tribulation left, the ground below Lin Ming once again began to tremble. From the ground that was riddled with fissures, even larger cracks began to appear with alarming speed. Massive stone golems began to crawl out from these cracks!

These stone golems were each the size of a hill. Although they didn't have any true essence, their physical strength had a force of tens of millions of jins. A single punch from them could collapse a mountain!

Before one wave ended, another wave had arrived.

This was earth tribulation!

As the Elders of Carefree Island saw this scene, all of them gasped. Who could still live through this?

Mo Riverbliss clenched her hands together. Seeing this scene, even she felt her palms turn wet with nervous sweat.

The existence of heavenly tribulation was not to temper and give lucky chances to those monstrous geniuses that had dared to violate the edicts of the Heavenly Dao.

Rather, it was the ultimate command to destroy them!

Heavenly tribulation was not easy to overcome!

Although it could be said to be an injustice to perish beneath heavenly tribulation, it wasn't uncommon at all!

’’Lin Ming, you must persist.’’ Mo Riverbliss said with bated breath. She was unable to calm her mood any longer. And beside her, although the usually tranquil Mo Eversnow had managed to maintain an appearance of calm, she was still wringing her hands together.

Now, Lin Ming could be said to be resisting three kinds of catastrophes!

He burnt the Ancient Phoenix blood, opened the Heretical God Force, and displayed the grandmist space. He had completely used all of his ultimate master moves!

Blood rained to the ground. His entire body was covered with horrifying wounds and vicious ice crystals pierced through his skin. Lin Ming's body was like a broken bag of blood;it was difficult to look straight at him.

He forcefully used the Heretical God Sprout to suppress the power of fire, and then used the power of fire to dissolve the ice crystals in his body. Finally, he flourished the Phoenix Blood Spear, and with his formidable physical strength alone he shot towards the stone golems!

At this time, his inner true essence had become mixed up into a completely chaotic mess;he was unable to summon even the tiniest bit of it. All he could depend on was his own physical strength!

’’Celestial Tyrant Manual - Hundred Layered Waves!’’

Lin Ming shouted out loud and blue veins bulged up on his forehead. He opened all six gates and revolved their strength to the limit!

These stone golems each had tens of millions of jins of strength. They hurtled towards Lin Ming with crushing brute force!

This was a head-on matchup of savagery!


The first stone golem was smashed apart by Lin Ming's spear!

Although Lin Ming's physical strength amounted to a dozen plus million jins, by using the Celestial Tyrant Manual's Hundred Layered Waves, his strength could rise to an astonishing 30-50 million jins!

’’This... this simply... this simply isn't human at all!’’

This was the second time that this Carefree Island Elder had said these words. As he saw Lin Ming smash apart a stone golem with brute strength, he was simply floored.

The flow of true essence within Lin Ming's body had reversed, and his body simultaneously contained fire and water tribulations. He wasn't even able to suppress his wounds. All of an ordinary martial artist's meridians would have been torn and they would have died at this point, let alone continuing to fight. But as for Lin Ming, he forcefully resisted all this and shattered the earth tribulation stone golem.

As Lin Ming smashed apart the first stone golem, he could feel a great vibrating strength transmit up his arms, nearly causing the web of his palms to split open.

However, this agonizing pain actually caused Lin Ming to fall into an even greater fighting craze.

Smash! Smash! Smash!

The spear itself was a weapon meant for head-on battles. The only weapon that could sweep apart a battalion of a thousand soldiers was the spear!

A military general, no matter what circumstances in which they were fighting, would only use a spear, a lance, a great dragon crescent blade, or an overlord halberd!

This was because these weapons contained a great might and required immense strength. If one were to hold a spear and smash downwards, how could a mere single-handed sword block it?

In a situation of similar strength, one would only be able to avoid. This was because if a sword was used to resist such an attack, it wouldn't be enough even if someone grasped the sword with both hands.



Stone golems were pulverized into pieces one at a time. Lin Ming's blood vessels continued to tear apart even as the power of raging fire and freezing ice battled within his body. For him to still be able to display such a fierce combat strength in this situation was both thrilling and horrifying!

This savage and crazy fight lasted for almost half an incense stick of time. The 100 plus stone golems were completely demolished by Lin Ming, with nothing left behind but crushed stones. Underneath Lin Ming, a mountain of rocks was formed!

As for Lin Ming, he stood atop this rock mountain and supported himself with the Phoenix Blood Spear. The strong winds blew past him, sending strands of his hair fluttering in the wind. At this time, dyed crimson, he was like a war god of blood, causing those who saw him to shiver from their souls!

In this instant, everyone was astounded. It wasn't solely Lin Ming's strength, but his indomitable spirit, his tenacity for battle, and his will that seemed as if it could conquer the heavens!

The Elders of Carefree Island widened their eyes. Even someone like Xiao Haogan, who hated Lin Ming, couldn't help but acknowledge that the magnitude of Lin Ming's current achievements wasn't just because he had many lucky chances, but because his will far surpassed all common sense!

’’The heavenly tribulation... is... is it over?’’

Ye Rosewater looked at Lin Ming, her heart racing. Currently, there was not a single part of Lin Ming's body that was unharmed. He was dyed with blood and he looked like an Asura devil that had risen from hell.

If a mortal woman were to see Lin Ming now, they would blanch, possibly even fainting. But for Ye Rosewater, as Lin Ming's appearance fell into her eyes, she actually felt as if Lin Ming was filled with infinite charm, leaving a heart-palpitating experience in her mind that would never be erased!

A martial artist's looks could be altered using specific cultivation methods. One wouldn't even be able to sense their original appearance with divine sense. They could even restore their youthful appearance by consuming a part of their cultivation. Moreover, because a martial artist's body was tempered by energy again and again, there didn't exist many martial artists that were too ugly. Thus, ugliness and beauty were not what martial artists searched for when seeking a lifelong companion.

What they looked at was a person's will, their talent, experience, and all sorts of other intrinsic things.

Even though the current Lin Ming's appearance was ferocious without the tiniest bit of handsomeness to be found, his hot-blooded aura of invincibility, his tenacious and unyielding outline, all of that deeply imprinted itself into Ye Rosewater's heart.

And perhaps, it wasn't just Ye Rosewater who felt this way too...

’’The heavenly tribulation is over?’’

’’Lin Ming's life force is already extremely weak. Bearing the dual water and fire tribulations and also fighting the stone golems isn't something that a human should be able to accomplish. Lin Ming has overdrawn his vitality;I'm afraid he's in a dangerous situation!’’

Lin Ming's blood vitality was indeed weak;nearly all of his blood had been drained out!

And at this time, Lin Ming suddenly turned around. A brilliant light flashed in his pupils.

Within Lin Ming's body, the dragon marrow began to quietly stir, creating fresh blood. All of the blood vitality within Lin Ming's body began to slowly burn.

’’This... what kind of freakish life vitality is this!? Even at the point when he's a lamp without oil, he's still able to recover!’’

’’Heavens! His injuries are restoring themselves! This... this is simply a miracle!


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