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Martial World - Chapter 1123


Chapter 1123 - Five Element Grand Tribulation




In the skies, the origin energy cloud was still tumbling. But, no matter how much it condensed, it still wouldn't surpass 99 miles. And within it, changes were constantly occurring, as if the clouds were evolving.

Lin Ming absorbed a massive amount of the power of Laws within the origin energy cloud. But, there was still a part of it that wasn't absorbed by Lin Ming and had remained within the origin energy cloud.

Lin Ming's body was still soaking within the origin energy cloud, floating within it.

’’Lin Ming finished his Ninefall. Why hasn't he come down yet?’’

Carefree Island's Elders were unsure of what was happening. As for Mo Eversnow, her delicate eyebrows were pressed together. She too had no idea what would happen after a perfect 33 Layered Heavens Life Destruction.

Five-colored lightning sparked in the skies. Then, a melodic sound like a grand morning bell burst out into the sky, echoing without end.

This sort of sound was vast and ghostly, like a massive bronze bell ringing to the ends of the earth. As the disciples of Carefree Island heard this sound, they felt all of the blood within their bodies swell up. Their heartbeats drummed in rhythm to this divine sound, and a trace of enlightenment even occurred between every heartbeat.

’’Mm? This sound is...’’

’’It's the sound of the Great Dao. There are far too many Heavenly Dao Laws gathered in the origin energy clouds, thus they naturally formed the sound of the Great Dao. What we've heard is just a tiny bit and yet we can feel a portion of that enlightenment. As for Lin Ming himself, he directly withstood the baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws. The advantages he obtained from this could be imagined.’’

Several Elders marveled out loud, their hearts filled with envy. Then, at this time, the sound of the Great Dao suddenly changed. It was like a god was sitting atop a cloud, playing a zither. Waves after waves of mysterious sounds surged outwards. Sometimes it was pitched and daring, like soldiers in the battlefield, trudging through war and mud. Sometimes it was light and sprightly, like rivers and mountains, beads dripping down from a jade plate. At times it was soft and mild, like the thick autumn rain, flowers falling and fading...

Nobody was able to understand the meaning behind this mysterious sound. But, as everyone was immersed in it, the origin energy cloud began to rise again and again, and the energy inherent within it became increasingly intense.

Not just that, but the killing intent within that origin energy cloud became increasingly thick and heavy!

Normally, when a martial artist crossed Ninefall, the origin energy cloud they formed would come in bright auspicious colors, reflecting the cultivation method or other aspects of that martial artist. This made it so that crossing Ninefall was a vibrantly colorful time!

But Lin Ming was just the opposite. The origin energy cloud he summoned was extremely gray and solemn, like chaos itself. Moreover, the origin energy cloud he formed was far heavier than one formed by a normal martial artist. This origin energy cloud seemed as if it were condensed from elementary grandmist energy, and it itself contained an eminent killing intent. And now, this killing intent became so thick that it was substantializing, making everyone under it feel a great pressure.

After Lin Ming crossed Ninefall, not only did his origin energy clouds not scatter, but the energy within them only grew stronger!

’’That is...’’

The Elders of Carefree Island widened their eyes. They were only able to stare helplessly on as a bolt of dazzling gold lightning lit up that origin energy cloud!

This blazing light looked like a sun that was hidden in dark clouds!

Mo Riverbliss's complexion immediately changed. She cried out in alarm, ’’That isn't an origin energy cloud any longer! That is a catastrophic tribulation cloud!’’

’’What do you mean tribulation cloud?’’ Xiao Skywhite asked from beside Mo Riverbliss. At this time, he was working together with her to conceal the energy fluctuations from the world Laws.

’’The origin energy cloud has evolved into a tribulation cloud! 33 Layered Heavens, 99 mile origin energy cloud, nine through nine returns to one, Lin Ming's Ninefall has reached the peak of perfection. The Heavenly Dao will not abide his continued existence, thus a tribulation cloud was formed!’’

Before Mo Riverbliss finished speaking, the golden light hidden with the clouds turned into a sharp gold sword that suddenly shot towards Lin Ming!

’’Thunder tribulation!?’’ Xiao Skywhite yelled out, his eyes widened like moons.

’’No! Metal tribulation!’’

From the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, metal was placed first. It was the firmest element and also the most severe!

This sword appeared hundreds of thousands of feet long. It was like the divine weapon of an Empyrean, chopping straight down at Lin Ming!


The golden sword cut down onto Lin Ming's body. his body suddenly shook, but the unforeseen sound of metal striking metal sounded out! Lin Ming's body burst out with heated and dazzling sparks, and underneath him, a fissure thousands of feet long was cut into the earth, forming an unfathomable abyss!

As the Elders and direct disciples of Carefree Island saw the terrifying abyss that this gold sword had formed in the earth, and then saw Lin Ming still floating in the skies, completely fine, all of them gulped, their throats twitching.

In resisting the metal tribulation, a thousand foot fissure had appeared in the earth, but Lin Ming himself was alright!

Was he even human?

Even a block of divine metal wasn't so hard!

After the first golden sword cut down from the skies, more and more blazing gold blades fell down from the tribulation cloud, completely enveloping Lin Ming in a rain of gold. Gold light shined everywhere, horrifying to the extreme!

Looking from afar, Lin Ming was extremely small compared to the infinite vastness of the world. He was swallowed up by that tide of golden energy.

’’Crossing Ninefall and meeting a grand tribulation of the five elements, I've never heard of this before!’’

Mo Riverbliss was panic-stricken. Whether it was thunder tribulation or five element tribulation, all of it was the power of heavenly tribulation. In this world, when something was born that surpassed the highest truths of the Heavenly Dao, that existence would draw heavenly tribulation upon itself. For instance, when a monster reached a point in its martial path where it would obtain enlightenment, or when a top divine weapon spirit artifact was forged, or when a transcendent divine pill was born, or even when a transcendent divine might was created, all of that could summon the wrath of heavenly tribulation to the world!

And now, Lin Ming had studied two transcendent divine mights!

In addition to that, he dual cultivated body and energy, a process that already violated the current Heavenly Dao Laws of the universe!

And there was the Magic Cube, an existence that defied the will of the heavens!

Moreover, Lin Ming's Ninefall had crossed a 33 Layered Heavens and produced a 99 mile origin energy cloud. In this situation, it was normal for him to stir up heavenly tribulation!

’’Five element tribulation... Lin Ming, he...’’ Xiao Skywhite paled. This would be fine if it were ordinary thunder tribulation, but five element tribulation represented the five source energies that formed all life in the universe. How could heavenly tribulation using this sort of power possibly be crossed easily?

’’If Lin Ming can pass this, it will also be another great lucky chance for him. Lin Ming is too monstrous a genius. There are four or five aspects of him that are able to spur heavenly tribulation. All of that added up means that Lin Ming's heavenly tribulation will be beyond terrifying!’’

No one could help someone resist heavenly tribulation.

That person could only withstand the wrath of the Heavenly Dao themselves.

The powerful had the ability to resist a strong heavenly tribulation. But at the same time, their great strength would lead to an even more violent heavenly tribulation!

As Mo Riverbliss spoke, the blades of golden light that filled the world had already created a blindingly incandescent golden sea. Each blade of light had the strength to shear off a mountain top and sunder the earth!


Lin Ming's body had to bear thousands of metal tribulations at the same time. His protective true essence directly exploded and the metal tribulation cut into his flesh and blood.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

After absorbing the dragon bone relics, Lin Ming's body had become as hard as divine iron. Even so, the gold tribulation of this heavenly tribulation was far too strong and there was far too much. The blades chopped through Lin Ming's flesh, causing blood to spill out.

Soon after, Lin Ming was completely swallowed up by that golden light!

Looking at just that terrifying power and momentum, one could imagine that massive calamity Lin Ming had to resist.

The five element heavenly tribulation represented the will of the Heavenly Dao. The power of heavenly tribulation was specifically designed to kill geniuses, to kill those that dared defy the will of the heavens.

In this case, how could it be easy for anyone to contend with it?

Massive gashes thousands of feet long covered the ground. The earth was torn full of holes! Ye Rosewater watched with her own eyes as a palace of Carefree Island was struck by one of those golden blades and immediately fell apart!

Ye Rosewater acknowledged that she could resist at most two or three of those metal tribulations. But to resist hundreds or thousands of these golden swords, how could a mere Life Destruction martial artist still live amongst them?

Everyone held their breath. At this time, Lin Ming's prestige in the hearts of Carefree Island's Elders had completely turned around. Beside characters like Xiao Haogan and White Brook, who had dark intentions in their minds, all of the other Elders hoped that Lin Ming could truly complete his Ninefall, becoming a Great World King in the future and bringing glory back to their Carefree Island!

Before the appearance of the 33 Layered Heavens, a Great World King was a legend. But, for Lin Ming to reach 33 Layered Heavens in his Ninefall, that was a legend among legends. It was extremely likely he would become a Great World King!

Determining which was more valuable between such a genius and a heaven-step treasure like the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, the Elders could clearly differentiate between them.

Just as Ye Rosewater was thinking, she actually saw that within that sea of golden light formed by countless golden blades, a deep red lotus began to sprout, recklessly blooming!

This red lotus was red to the point of being eye-catching, red to the point of being blindingly dazzling. The glorious aura that came out from this red lotus belonged to that of a great emperor, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower!

Facing this terrifying metal tribulation, Lin Ming had decisively opened the grandmist space. In that instant, the world seemed to return to its most primordial time with a hazy grandmist energy floating about!

As the red lotus bloomed, the surging golden sea seemed to be split apart.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Lin Ming reappeared in everyone's sight. His entire body was covered with blood!

Even with the grandmist space, the metal tribulation still rampantly cut down on his body, lacerating his skin and tearing his flesh. His protective true essence wasn't able to block it at all!

And this was Lin Ming, someone who had fused with the supreme dragon bone. Any other martial artist would have long since been sliced to shreds and suffered a miserable death!

’’My bones are alright, but too much of my skin and too many muscles have been torn...’’

Lin Ming examined his body. Although an alarming amount of blood was flowing out, there weren't any injuries to his bones or organs. Lin Ming's strongest defense lay in his bones.

As long as his bones were safe, then Lin Ming could rely on the power of blood vitality he obtained after absorbing the Azure Dragon bone marrow to restore his wounds in several quarter hours.

However, the Heavenly Dao Laws would never give Lin Ming such a long time to recover. After the gold tribulation passed, a deep green light began to seethe within the tribulation clouds. The vast energy of the wilderness and nature surged outwards, condensing into light green rain that poured all over Carefree Island, like a summertime deluge!

Even the spirit plants in the medicinal fields began to rapidly grow as all plant life glowed with infinite vitality. Lingzhi, snow lotuses, ginseng, every precious herb began to grow like weeds as if thousands of years were passing with every single breath. If any of these common herbs were placed in the mortal world they would be priceless treasures, but here they grew like grass everywhere.

Lin Ming naturally wouldn't relax because of such a beautiful and vibrant spring scene. He was very clear in his heart that this was wood tribulation!


The ground below Lin Ming suddenly exploded. Dozens, hundreds of giant roots rose into the sky, wrapping around him.

Lin Ming stayed vigilant, unmoving like a mountain. Grandmist space crazily radiated out from his body. After these roots flew into the grandmist space, they were rapidly melted away by the Laws. Even so, a massive number of roots fell onto Lin Ming, tying him up in countless layers.

Wood tribulation - roots of the world!


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