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Martial World - Chapter 1120


Chapter 1120 - Double Phenomenon




Tracing Lin Ming's many lucky chances, when he was still in the Pulse Condensation realm he had entered divine Phoenix Island and then the divine Phoenix Mystic Realm. There, he obtained a drop of Ancient Phoenix blood, top grade medicines, as well as solar origin spring water, finally reaching the Houtian realm during this trial. After that, he had entered the Demon God Imperial Palace during the Houtian Realm and had obtained the Nirvana Dragon Root that was highly beneficial to Life Destruction realm martial artists. Using that, he had reached the Xiantian realm and had also completed Tempering Marrow.

Then, Lin Ming had entered the Eternal Demon Abyss and accidentally stumbled into the grave of the ancient goddess. He obtained a heaven-step Demon God Bone and had broken into the Revolving Core realm. There was no need to even mention the Life Destruction realm. During this period, he had obtained the 12 dao fruits, the divine thunder of an Empyrean, the supreme dragon bone, Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, and all other sorts of various treasures. All of the treasures used by Lin Ming were things that even a divine Lord powerhouse would find incomparably luxurious.

The reason for needing so many treasures was undoubtedly because Lin Ming dual cultivated in body and energy. Because of this, he had to expend so many resources, but this had also formed an extremely solid foundation for him.

It had to be known that for most martial artists, even if they had many resources, they still might not be able to use them. This was because there was a limit that their bodies could take and their potential was limited. For instance, it was impossible for most of them to use something like the supreme dragon bone or Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree during the Life Destruction realm. Even the Asura King had to take an extremely long period of time to absorb half the dragon marrow from the supreme dragon bone.

As for the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, after eating it, one's mortal body would be severed ten times. It wasn't something that the average human was able to withstand.

There were very few people that could be like Lin Ming, and essentially nearly become something similar to the fusion of a human and God Beast. The toughness of his body had reached an unbelievable degree, one that allowed him to shoulder the medicinal efficacy of any treasures!

Omm -

Howling gales tore through the skies. In the seas all around Carefree Island, raging currents appeared. The sea waves angrily splashed against the shores, splashing up hundreds of feet.

The tides surged more and more, finally forming waves upon endless waves of devastating tsunamis.

In the skies, the power of stars, the glory of the moon, the light of the sun, all of it gathered into that origin energy cloud, completely becoming a part of the Heavenly Dao Laws.

Lin Ming's mortal body had streamed out from Carefree Palace and completely merged into one with the origin energy cloud, fully undergoing a baptism of the Heavenly Dao Laws.

At this time, his body was nothing but a river of blood;he hadn't yet formed a physical body. But, if one were to wander about in this origin energy cloud, they would find that river of blood pulsating.

Bang! Bang!

Every pulsation was like a heartbeat. And, each heartbeat was similar to a divine drum that was formed from the skin of an ancient vicious beast, deafening and ringing!



The sound became increasingly thunderous!

’’This isn't the sound of a heartbeat. His heart hasn't yet taken shape. This is the sound of his flesh and blood being tempered by the Heavenly Dao Laws. The advantages this gives him are unimaginable.’’

Mo Riverbliss whispered as she looked at the surging river of blood. The origin energy cloud could contain all the Laws of the universe. Of course, the richness and degree of depth differed from person to person. The greater the origin energy cloud, the more Laws were contained within.

Ho - !

The origin energy cloud suddenly expanded once more. 54 miles wide, 18 Layered Heavens!

18 Layered Heavens Ninefall. Above the absolute three levels... was the colored three heavens.

The word 'color' held the meaning of matter. The so-called colored Layered Heavens in truth meant the 18 material Layered Heavens.

The 18 Layered Heavens were derived from the Nine Layered Heavens. Here Layered Heavens gave birth to different types of energy, each forming two Layered Heavens. Thus, with two lives from one, the 18 Layered Heavens were born.

The 18 Layered Heavens were the Blind Nihility Heavens, Absolute Shade Heavens, Crimson Clear Yang Heavens, Profound Moon Reverence Heavens, Glorious Wave Heavens, Falling Family Sovereign Heavens, Illusory Court Heavens, Extreme Arbitrator Heavens, Mystic Happiness Heavens, Transcendent Pearlshine Heavens, Essence Ascending Heavens, Consummate Imperial Protection Heavens, Manifest Extreme Wind Heavens, Origin Emperor Light Heavens, Infinite Ancestor Heavens, Thoughtless River Heavens, Superior Prophet Heavens, Limitless Dismal Vow Heavens.

These so-called 'Heavens' didn't necessarily exist, but were rather a conceptual manifestation of humanity's martial arts civilization inheritances, and condensation of Laws.

18 Layered Heavens was also an entirely new watershed!

An ocean-like amount of heaven and earth origin energy flushed into Lin Ming's flesh and blood. That stream of blood became even more radiant and crystalline, sending out a dark golden brilliance!

This scene was like a god being born into the world!

At this time, Xiao Haogan's complexion couldn't get any uglier. The 18 Layered Heavens, colored three levels were already a domain that he was completely unable to think of.

’’This brat, how could his achievements be so high... moreover, it's continuing to grow... 18 Layered Heavens... is the 18 Layered Heavens not his limit?

’’What is above the 18 Layered Heavens?

’’How many Layered Heavens can possibly appear in Ninefall?’’

As Xiao Haogan was lost in thought, he suddenly felt the array formation tremble. The light barrier of the array formation appeared and faint cracks began to reveal themselves.

This change shocked Xiao Haogan. There were problems developing in the concealing array formation!

Before this, Xiao Haogan had thought that Mo Riverbliss was making a fuss over nothing. He thought that he alone would be able to control the concealing array formation, but Mo Riverbliss actually ordered 12 of them to help activate it. Xiao Haogan had scoffed at this order, but now, it seemed that this array formation was truly having difficulties withstanding the impact of the Heavenly Dao Laws!

’’Elder Xiao, what are you doing?’’

’’Hurry up and revolve your true essence and pour it into the array formation!’’

Xiao Haogan was stirred up from his stupor as the true essence sound transmissions of the other Elders resounded in his ears. He turned to see that the other Elders were all pouring their true essence into the array formation in order to resist the energy shockwaves from the world Laws.

If Lin Ming's origin energy cloud continued to grow, it was unknown whether or not the 12 of them could still handle this.

This caused Xiao Haogan to turn angry from shame. However, he had no choice but to pour his own true essence into the array formation. With Mo Riverbliss here, even if he was extremely dissatisfied, there was no way he could possibly publicly disobey her orders.

Rumble rumble rumble -

The 12 Elders poured forth their complete effort, fully driving the concealing array formation to its greatest heights, caging in the energy fluctuations from Lin Ming's Ninefall.

Then, 19 Layered Heavens, 20 Layered Heavens, 21 Layered Heavens!

21 Layered Heavens, the Nirvanic three levels!

At this time, the origin energy cloud had already become incomparably heavy, as if it was chaos itself. This origin energy cloud contained limitless killing intent. It continued to expand as if it didn't know what the meaning of limits was!

Not too far away from Xiao Haogan, Highest Elder White Brook's lips turned blue. Fear and dread blossomed in his mind as his fingers began to tremble!

’’21 Layered Heavens... can there even be 21 Layered Heavens in Ninefall?’’

White Brook felt dizzy and his limbs turned cold. He had read over many ancient texts in the past that recorded instances of Ninefall. Within them, 18 Layered Heavens was already the derivation of the highest heavens. As for what lay above the 18 Layered Heavens, he had no idea. It was like a beggar imagining what secrets an imperial kitchen used to produce their delicacies. No matter what it was, the knowledge of those mysterious techniques and complex processing methods was completely useless to that beggar.

This was because he couldn't understand it!

’’Look! What is that!?’’

A young martial artist suddenly raised his hand and pointed out to the distance. Everyone followed his finger as far as their eyes could see.

In that origin energy cloud that seethed with chaos, a brilliant red light began to shine out.

That blazing red light grew like a tenacious weed. It became bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter!

Then, people were able to clearly see that it was a red lotus!

In that chaotic origin energy cloud, an incandescent red lotus was fully blooming!

This was a red lotus born within chaos!

This belonged to the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower. Once it bloomed, an endless pressure would surge outwards. And this, this was pressure from the Heavenly Dao Laws themselves. This pressure blotted out the skies, overwhelming, unstoppable!

As everyone looked at this red lotus, crimson light completely flooded their vision. The power of blood in their bodies tumbled and surged, as if it wanted to break out from their mortal shells!

’’It's a phenomenon!’’

’’A Ninefall phenomenon!’’

Someone cried out in fear and alarm. Within the ancient texts, it was written that when someone achieved an extremely high level Layered Heavens during Ninefall, world phenomena would occur. Every extreme genius would experience different world phenomena during their Ninefall. These phenomena corresponded to that martial artist's cultivation methods, martial intents, battle spirit, and all sorts of other aspects.

As everyone was speaking, all around this red lotus, the heaven and earth origin energy naturally formed an Azure Dragon and a Fire Phoenix.

This dragon and phoenix danced in the air, swirling around the red lotus. The dragon roared and the phoenix cried, their dual sounds echoing through the world! Finally, the dragon and phoenix turned into countless runes that fell onto the petals of the red lotus.

Almost no one understood what this meant. But, Mo Eversnow was well aware what this was in her heart.

The red lotus phenomenon was naturally a manifestation from the Primordius martial intent that Lin Ming cultivated.

It was the inheritance of Empyrean Primordius!

As for that dragon and phoenix, they came from the rich dragon marrow and phoenix essence within his body!

Even two divine beings like a dragon and phoenix had to revolve around the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, dancing around it gently. It was obvious from this alone that in front of Empyrean Primordius, even God Beasts had to bow and submit!

As Mo Eversnow was lost in thought, seemingly because Lin Ming's origin energy cloud had produced the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, it rapidly grew once again!

24 Layered Heavens!

At this step, the Elders of Carefree Palace seemed as if they would choke on themselves.

24 Layered Heavens - what concept was that?

It was difficult to imagine just how formidable the Heavenly Dao Laws contained within this origin energy cloud would be!

And at this time, above the origin energy cloud, another phenomenon was born!

Beside the dragon and phoenix red lotus, a deep azure divine light began to bloom. It was like a crystal and also like a seed.

After several breaths of time, a lush green sprout emitted from that dazzling azure light. Tender and verdant leaves slowly extended outwards.

This sprout had a total of six leaves, three representing fire and three representing thunder. All the leaves came in various shapes. The first leaf was like a crimson heart, the second leaf was like a thin and fierce sword, the third was a purple tripod, the fourth was a golden red heavy sword, the fifth was like a square imperial jade seal, and the sixth was like a blue lotus.

This was the Heretical God Sprout!

Like the Primordius martial intent, the Heretical God Force was similarly a transcendent divine might!

As for which was weaker between the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower and the Heretical God Sprout, Mo Eversnow was unable to say. But, the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower was incomplete;there was only a third of it. So in that sense, the Heretical God Sprout was superior!

Of course, all of the disciples and Elders of Carefree Island, including White Brook and Island Master Xiao Skywhite, were unable to recognize just what the phenomena of the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower and the Heretical God Sprout meant. Even Mo Riverbliss wouldn't have understood if Mo Eversnow hadn't explained this to her.

After the Heretical God Sprout appeared, surging waves of fire and sheets of raining thunder formed in that heaven and earth origin energy, both of them revolving around the Heretical God Sprout. A moment later, they condensed into two thunder and fire runes that fell onto the Heretical God Sprout.


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