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Martial World - Chapter 1116


Chapter 1116 - Attacking Ninefall




In a dimensional realm of Carefree Palace, moonlight fell over the world, sprinkling down like grains of silver sand. Between the vast dark blue endless skies, great rivers of stars flowed to the endless horizon, mysterious and silent.

Underneath this sky, Lin Ming was floating in the air in a cross-legged position. His long hair fluttered in the night wind. As he opened his eyes, his pupils were clearer than pure mountain spring pools. At this time, he was like an immortal god, bathing in endless starlight, proud and independent from the world.

Mo Riverbliss floated in front of Lin Ming. Her hands twisted together rapidly, spitting out thousands upon thousands of runes that covered the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. At this moment, the old and withered Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was glowing with endless vitality. The originally twisted roots began to stretch outwards, and the yellowed leaves also began to produce new sprouts.

Mo Riverbliss was refining the very essence of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and completely integrating all of that into Lin Ming's body. The ten fruits alone were able to allow an ordinary martial artist perceive the Dao. But, for someone like Lin Ming who had opened the first six gates of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates and who had also absorbed the supreme dragon bone, making his entire bone structure as hard as divine metal, to help him completely decompose his physical body and shatter his dantian to help him cross Ninefall was not something that just perceiving the Dao could accomplish. It required a powerful energy and an incomparably vast amount of heaven and earth origin energy!

Otherwise, there was no way to struggle against the Heavenly Dao Laws that had changed in ancient times.

The ten fruits were completely turned into masses of origin energy light underneath the refining strength of Mo Riverbliss's true essence.

’’Sever the heart!’’

Mo Riverbliss flicked her finger and a black light shot out like an arrow, sinking into Lin Ming's body. At that moment, Lin Ming suddenly felt as if a 10,000 jin steel ball had smashed into his heart, causing his heartbeat to immediately stop and his blood flow to nearly reverse.

Lin Ming hadn't yet recovered from this strike to his heart when Mo Riverbliss flicked a second finger and a mass of red light shot towards him.

’’Sever the lungs!’’


Lin Ming's body shook. He felt his chest fall deathly still, making it hard for him to breathe.

’’Sever the bones!’’

Mo Riverbliss continued to shoot out groups of floating light. Sever the gallbladder, sever the blood, sever the flesh, sever the intestines, sever the liver...

Lin Ming's entire body was filled with the aura and energy of death. If he hadn't absorbed the dragon marrow and phoenix blood essence, his blood would have long since dried up and he would have died.

Soon, Lin Ming could no longer feel the existence of his body. At this time, his soul had reached an unprecedented level of etherealness and tranquility.

The mortal body was shackles that held down the soul. The flesh carried with it too many desires and too much pain. The five desires: wealth, se*, food, drink, fame, and sleep. The six temptations: color, form, sound, smell, taste, texture. All of these factors affected a human's ability to comprehend the world and caused them to develop distracting thoughts.

But, the Ten Severing Dao Fruits were able to completely sever the relationship between a person's soul and body.

At the same time, the Ten Severing Dao Fruits had an extremely vitalizing effect on the soul. They allowed a martial artist's soul to approach the Heavenly Dao Laws themselves, even if only for a short moment.

Lin Ming felt as if he had arrived in an unknown space. This space contained innumerable truths. If he wanted to perceive them one at a time, it would take him an uncountable number of years.

Lin Ming had no idea how long he floated in this mystical space. He had lost all sense of the body, and time had lost all significance to him.

And in Carefree Palace's separate time-space, Mo Riverbliss was watching over Lin Ming's body. At this time, the Lin Ming in front of her had lost all vitality and the fires of his life had dimmed down;he was no different from a dead person.

’’It's almost ready...’’ Mo Riverbliss whispered to herself. In order to cross Ninefall, Lin Ming had taken the Ten Severing Dao Fruits to ruin his mortal body to the limit. And then, he would detonate the energy within himself. This was the so-called breaking and reforging. He would be pushed into an end end and then be reborn through nirvana.

With this method, he would be able to break through the shackles of the Heavenly Dao Laws. It would allow someone like Lin Ming, who had opened six gates in the body transformation system and who had also swallowed the supreme dragon bone, to complete Ninefall, achieving the fusion of essence, energy, and divine. That was the ultimate symbol of Ninefall.

’’Heaven and earth origin energy, fuse!’’

Mo Riverbliss instantly thrust out thousands of seals as well as her own cultivation into the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. She had to penetrate the essence of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree into Lin Ming's body, and have it serve as the final catalyst for him to cross Ninefall.

With Mo Riverbliss's movements, all of the heaven and earth origin energy in Carefree Palace began to fluctuate. It tumbled up and down like the waves of a sea, rolling endlessly outwards.

’’It's finally begun...’’

Xiao Skywhite could feel the strange heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations occurring throughout Carefree Palace. He stood up. Underneath him was an altar carved from pure white jade. The ground around this altar was carved with a pattern of countless lines. Some of these lines were as thin as a thread of silk, and some were as thick as a thigh, as if they were great pythons.

All of these lines exuded a dim shimmer. This white jade altar was the array eye of Carefree Palace.

Through it, one could control the Carefree Palace spirit artifact.

When Lin Ming crossed Ninefall, he needed Xiao Skywhite to control Carefree Palace to gather heaven and earth origin energy. And now was the time for him to act.

Xiao Skywhite poured his true essence into the white jade altar. The altar began to spin and all of Carefree Palace began to exude a faint sheen. Heaven and earth origin energy for thousands of miles outwards began to surge and tumble. At the start, it was like a gentle breeze. However, the fluctuations became stronger and stronger, and finally they formed a giant origin energy vortex that centered around Carefree Palace.

Currently, Carefree Palace had been thoroughly sealed up, and there was a giant concealing array formation arranged on the island. But, the disciples on the island could see the bizarre phenomenon occurring in the space outside.

That surging tide-like origin energy caused them all to feel shocked.

’’Mm? What's happening?’’

’’Carefree Palace suddenly started to suck in heaven and earth origin energy. What are they planning to do?’’

The young disciples simply didn't know that Lin Ming was crossing Ninefall. There were many disciples who were still stunned silly that White Mirrorjade had been a traitor.

The glorious image that White Mirrorjade created was far too deeply ingrained in the minds of these young disciples. White Mirrorjade was someone who was skilled in winning over the hearts of others. He always maintained the appearance of a kind and gentle Elder Senior-apprentice Brother. Even if a disciple that didn't have much of a future approached him to ask a question, White Mirrorjade would still patiently help them.

There were many people who couldn't believe that such a friendly and affable Elder Senior-apprentice Brother had been a traitor. There were even some that were hostile towards Lin Ming for killing White Mirrorjade and exposing his true nature.

’’Is it one of the Highest Elders practicing martial arts? It might even be one of the Highest Elders making a breakthrough...’’

The young disciples all glanced at each other, a bit excited at this prospect. If it really was one of the Highest Elders making a breakthrough, then this was cause for celebration. This meant that Carefree Island's strength would rise to yet another level.

The world phenomenon continued to grow without end, becoming increasingly strong. Many disciples began to emerge from their seclusion chambers, all of them filled with expressions of excitement at the chance to witness such a marvelous event.


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