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Martial World - Chapter 1114


Chapter 1114 - Ninefall Approaches




White Brook's words held an obvious mocking meaning behind them. In fact, although no one dared to speak as loudly and visibly as White Brook, they all had similar idea in their hearts. No matter how they heard it, the plan of depending on a single extreme genius to help raise their sect didn't sound too good. Even in the entire divine Realm, a World King only appeared every 1000 years. The probability was extremely low and there were countless variables involved.

Sometimes, one could look at the path and rise of a Life Destruction or divine Sea genius to predict that they would become a Holy Lord level powerhouse in the future. But, there were very few individuals that would dare to make such a prediction for a World King powerhouse. Between a Holy Lord and a World King, the difference couldn't be described as even a moat.

’’Listening to Senior's meaning, you intend on using the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree on Lin Ming? You want to bet Carefree Island's future on Lin Ming?’’

White Brook's words had thorns to them. And, these words also had many Elders nodding along with him. To rely on Lin Ming alone to raise Carefree Island into a World King level Holy Land was far too uncertain a matter. But, there were clear advantages to the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. Once it was gone, their losses would be immediately seen!

’’Yes! I hope that you can also understand something, and that is that both the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree and Carefree Palace were brought to Carefree Island by me. Since I brought them here, I can also take them away. Today, I am only informing you of my decision. It is not up for discussion!’’

’’Skywhite, I'll leave you the responsibility of having them sign the curse contract. Lin Ming, you come with me!’’

Mo Riverbliss took out a black scroll from her spatial ring. With a flick of her hand, the scroll flew towards Xiao Skywhite. At the same time, Mo Riverbliss sent out a beam of light that wrapped around Lin Ming and carried him off to another space-time.

As soon as Lin Ming and Mo Riverbliss left, all of the Elders burst into vivid discussion. Everything that happened today was too sudden for them and they were finding it hard to accept. An absolute overlord had suddenly appeared in Carefree Island, and she had actually held onto the highest authority and control of Carefree Island this entire time, yet none of them were aware of it.

She controlled the spirit artifact that was Carefree Palace while having strength approaching that of a World King. In just these two aspects alone, none of them had the ability to resist.

Moreover, Xiao Skywhite was clearly supporting Mo Riverbliss. To be more brutally honest, every Island Master had only been Mo Riverbliss's puppet. They were only able to follow whatever orders she gave.

’’Do we just completely obey that woman's plans and do whatever she says to do?’’ The one to speak was Great Elder Xiao Haogan. In order to avoid Island Master Xiao Skywhite, he spoke to some of the dissatisfied Elders with a true essence sound transmission.

’’What else can we do? Do you plan on resisting her?’’

’’Didn't you hear what she said? We will bet everything along with our Carefree Island's most precious resources and pour all of that into Lin Ming. Who knows how that boy will develop in the future? I admit that he will one day become a Holy Lord, but what use is a Holy Lord? Can that bring many benefits to us?’’ Xiao Haogan said, privately stirring up the rebellious spirits in these Elders' hearts. Xiao Haogan was well aware that Lin Ming didn't have even the tiniest good impression of him. Let alone him not believing that Lin Ming would become a Great World King, even if Lin Ming were able to smoothly step into the World King realm and allow Carefree Island to enter a flourishing period, that wouldn't bring the least bit of an advantage to him. It was even possible that Lin Ming would remember this old grudge and then secretly retaliate against him. With Lin Ming's strength, wouldn't taking revenge against him be as simple as squashing an ant?

In this sort of situation, Xiao Haogan would rather have Carefree Island halt its progress where it was than see Lin Ming rise to power.

’’Just shut it! Although I think that woman's plans are a bit too fantastical, no one here can resist her. In any case, the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree was hers to begin with so she can give it to whoever she wishes.’’

’’What a pity... there are so many good things used on Lin Ming. It's just like those mortal games where people take lottery drawings in hope of a reward. No matter how small the chance is, they think they can try their luck by putting in more and more money. I don't oppose this, but for that woman to place such a great investment on such a slim chance of hitting the greatest prize, that is really...’’

Many Elders shook their heads. Lin Ming was indeed talented. He was beyond extraordinary if placed within Carefree Island, but what if he were placed within the entire divine Realm?

’’In the future, Lin Ming will be able to reach the peak Holy Lord realm. With the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, any powerhouse can be raised to the peak of the Holy Lord realm. However, the gains aren't equal to the losses...’’ Xiao Haogan said again, trying to instigate more people. The other Elders also had the same feeling. But, what could they say? What significance was there in complaining?

At this time, Island Master Xiao Skywhite unraveled the scroll that Mo Riverbliss left behind. Countless mystical runes covered this scroll and an ancient aura surged out from it.

This scroll was a spirit artifact!

Although it wasn't some high level spirit artifact, a spirit artifact was still a spirit artifact. All of the Elders present suddenly widened their eyes.

A spirit artifact scroll?

Xiao Skywhite said, ’’This is a lifesoul vow. Senior has already placed a drop of her blood essence on this scroll as a catalyst. Everyone here must leave behind a drop of blood and a wisp of their soul on this scroll, as well as make a vow that none of you will reveal even half a word about seeing Senior Mo today. Otherwise, you will suffer a backlash from this lifesoul vow and immediately die. The effects of this vow will continue for 300 years. Afterwards, the vow will automatically expire.’’

A lifesoul vow was a contract that high level martial artists signed with low level martial artists, using their own blood essence as the catalyst. The medium of this vow was a spirit artifact scroll. Of course, if a martial artist left their blood essence and soul wisp on this scroll, then once this contract expired or was canceled, they would be able to recover it. It couldn't be considered a loss.

Mo Riverbliss's identity was extremely sensitive. There were numerous World King level Holy Lands in the divine Realm, but they also weren't too common. If one were to find out which World King level Holy Lands were destroyed in the past, then one could slowly infer Mo Riverbliss's identity. Regarding this, Mo Riverbliss certainly had to prevent it. She didn't have much trust towards these Elders.

’’Also... for the upcoming period of time, please do not go out nor try to go out. What do you think?’’

Xiao Skywhite smiled as he spoke. If Mo Riverbliss didn't appear then it would have been fine. But once she appeared in front of others, that would mean that Carefree Island would enter a highly vigilant state and that the plan to reconstruct the Verdant Feather Holy Lands would begin.

’’This...’’ All of the Elders glanced at each other, dawning horror and alarm on their faces. If Mo Riverbliss hadn't appeared in front of them until now, that was because her status needed to be kept a secret. It was likely that predecessor of Carefree Island would have to face some great blood enemy!

This caused all of them to feel bitter in their hearts. This was simply a ticking time bomb. Not only did this so called 'royal bloodline' not bring them any advantages, but it instead might bring them a bloody calamity.

Just what was going on?

The Elders present wanted to curse. But, cursing was cursing. They also knew that Mo Riverbliss was paying attention to everything that was happening here. They had no choice but to sign this contract and to do so immediately. They could only suppress the sorrow in their hearts and then walk in front of that spirit artifact scroll and begin to sign the lifesoul contract...

And at this time, in another dimension realm of Carefree Palace, Lin Ming was sitting on the side of a lotus throne. Blue energy surrounded him, blossoming like a blue lotus.

Mo Eversnow had already emerged from the Magic Cube space, her entire body emitting a faint ethereal glow. She was like an immortal fairy, untainted by the world.

Mo Riverbliss stood at the side of Mo Eversnow, quietly watching Lin Ming. She said, ’’Little Snow, aunty has done everything that you planned. Aiya... I really have no idea if this is the right or wrong path.’’

Mo Riverbliss's actions in front of the Council of Elders had all been at the bidding of Mo Eversnow. Mo Riverbliss didn't originally believe that placing all hopes of reforming the Verdant Feather Holy Lands on Lin Ming was the wisest decision. After all, the hope of becoming a Great World King was far too slim.

But besides depending on Lin Ming, Mo Riverbliss didn't have any better method. Moreover, she also believed in Mo Eversnow and fully supported her, thus agreeing with her.

It had to be known that Mo Eversnow had created many miracles in the past, when the Verdant Feather Holy Lands still existed. For instance, when she decided to dual cultivate body and energy, everyone in the Mo Family, including the old Holy Lord, completely opposed her decision. However, she did as she wanted and decisively chose to cultivate the Celestial Tyrant Manual.

Finally, Mo Eversnow had truly slowed down her progress in reaching the World King realm because of the Celestial Tyrant Manual. But, Mo Eversnow had undoubtedly achieved tremendous results in her body transformation system technique. When Tian Mingzi had betrayed the Verdant Feather Holy Lands and started his rebellion, Mo Eversnow had only been a step away from opening the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace.

This was a simply unbelievable result.

Thus, Mo Riverbliss believed in Mo Eversnow's beliefs. This was why she decided to spare no effort to raise Lin Ming, whether it was consuming her cultivation to help him refine the supreme dragon bone, or now giving him the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree.

’’Aunty, you don't seem to be too optimistic about my decision?’’ Mo Eversnow said with a faint smile.

’’I truly don't feel too optimistic. But, there's nothing else I can do;what's done is done.’’ Mo Riverbliss helplessly said, ’’We are facing Tian Mingzi, someone who long ago became a World King. Underneath his shadow, it is nearly impossible to reform the Verdant Feather Hold Lands. I have no other choice. The truth is that Lin Ming is indeed extraordinary, but wasn't Tian Mingzi of the past also the same? And, Lin Ming was also born several tens of thousands of years after Tian Mingzi. To have him struggle with Tian Mingzi... that is far too difficult.’’

Mo Eversnow also knew of this point. She confidently said, ’’Aunty, I believe in my own judgment. You just wait and see.’’

’’Aiya, that's what I've been doing all this time. Since I've already started, I must follow this through to the end with all I have.’’

Whether or not she could raise Lin Ming, this was the final great effort she could put in for the reconstruction of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. After all, she didn't have too much lifespan remaining. If her efforts failed this time, she would no longer have any time and energy left to devise a new plan.

’’I will go and prepare the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. Lin Ming can now... attack Ninefall.’’

’’Lin Ming's accumulations are enough. He is 31 years old. To reach Ninefall at 31 years of age is already considered quite slow. For him to suppress his cultivation to this stage, his foundation can be no more solid than it is now. With so many heavenly materials supporting him, I have no idea what the scene will be when he breaks through to Ninefall.’’

Mo Eversnow said with anticipation, her eyes full of hope. Lin Ming had experienced the war in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and had used this long period to fuse all of the accumulated energy in his body. Now, he had completely absorbed the dragon marrow blood that was in his body.

This was the best timing for him to attack Ninefall.


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