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Martial World - Chapter 1113


Chapter 1113 - Mo Riverbliss's Ambitions




’’World King level Holy Land?’’

As Mo Riverbliss spoke, all of the Elders present were stunned silent. Even if Carefree Island became a ninth-grade Holy Land, they would still be among the weakest of Holy Lands.

And within ninth-grade Holy Lands, the differences in strength between them were enormous. For instance, a peak Holy Land like the Ancient Phoenix Clan could completely exterminate over a dozen ordinary Holy Lands.

And above the Ancient Phoenix Clan was a World King level Holy Land.

In the strictest sense, a World King level Holy Land needed a World King level powerhouse assuming personal command. Even if they weren't a Great World King, they at least needed to be someone with strength equal to a World King.

But, the truth was that the birth of a World King was simply far too difficult. There were many times when a sect would produce a World King, but another one would not appear in the next generation. For instance, the Ancient Dragon Clan was like this. Even so, they were stronger than an ordinary peak Holy Land, and could barely be considered a World King level Holy Land.

Such an influence was simply a legendary existence. If a World King level Holy Land was a bustling major capital of a vast nation, then Carefree Island was nothing but a tiny town;there was simply no comparing them.

’’Carefree Island's predecessor was a World King level Holy Land?’’

’’How could that be?’’

The Elders present didn't dare to believe this. This was similar to a small countryside family suddenly learning one day that they were from the royal family and they also had the royal bloodline within them.

’’What Senior says is true. Only the current and past Island Masters know the true history of Carefree Island.’’ Xiao Skywhite suddenly spoke up.

’’Carefree Island indeed has an extremely deep and formidable background. You fear me and reject me because you are afraid that I will take away your resources and your authority. But that is all wrong. In fact, not only will I not take away anything that belongs to you, but I will bring you even greater wealth and treasures. If your gaze truly only lies at becoming a ninth-grade Holy Land, then I can only say that you are just too short-sighted.’’

The one who spoke was Mo Riverbliss. However, besides a minority of Elders developing anticipation at her words, there were even more people who grew more skeptical.

The Supervisory Elder frowned and said, ’’Senior says that Carefree Island's predecessor was a World King level Holy Land... but, I believe that this World King level Holy Land should have long since perished by now. Otherwise, why would we withdraw to this Red Desolate Sea, where we must compete with third-rate influences like Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan for resources?

’’No matter how glorious and magnificent the past was, that is still history. Senior says that we are short-sighted, and I will admit that those words are true. However, I would like to ask a question. How does Senior plan on restoring Carefree Island to its splendid past? In truth, I don't even need a plan to become a World King level Holy Land;if Carefree Island became just a peak ninth-grade Holy Land, I would already think that was a miracle among miracles. I wonder, just what plan does Senior have prepared?’’

The question that the Supervisory Elder asked was what everyone else was thinking. These people were already skeptical. Even if their Carefree Island had the bloodline of the royal family, that royal family had already been overthrown and their royal bloodline wasn't worth a single damn anymore. If they couldn't manage things properly, then that royal bloodline might even draw in a fatal calamity upon them instead.

Mo Riverbliss had already expected all of these doubts. She gently smiled and said, ’’With Carefree Island's background, it is naturally impossible to rise in a short period of time. But, if there is an outside force helping Carefree Island, then everything becomes different. Imagine. If a true Great World King were to form his own sect, just what type of influence would he be able to create?’’

’’Great World King?’’

As these Elders heard Mo Riverbliss's words, they subconsciously glanced at each other. The divine Realm had a total of 3000 Great Worlds, and thus they had 3000 Great World Kings. All Great World Kings were existences that ranked in the upper echelons of World Kings. Their strength had reached unimaginable proportions. Their fame, prestige, and strength were truly horrifying. If they wanted to create their own sect, then saying that they would create an ordinary Holy Land was simply an insult. Forming a peak Holy Land was something they could do if they were simply lazing about. Only creating a World King level Holy Land would match their status.

Although it couldn't be done instantly, if one spent tens of thousands of years and also had control of enough resources, then doing all of this wouldn't be difficult at all.

When a person rose to glory, everyone with them would also flourish. Back when Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent, after he became the highest under the heavens, divine Phoenix Island had similarly received a tremendously great blessing. Mu Qianyu and Qin Xingxuan had both become divine Sea powerhouses because of Lin Ming, and they would also be outstanding individuals among divine Sea powerhouses. Added with the massive amount of resources that Lin Ming left with divine Phoenix Island, this allowed divine Phoenix Island to quickly become a Holy Land. In the next couple hundred years, divine Phoenix Island might even replace the Asura divine Kingdom and become one of the four divine Kingdoms!

A fourth-grade sect would suddenly become a Holy Land like that!

This sort of rising speed could not be compared to a sect that was developing on its own!

’’That is only a Great World King. What if it were a top ten ranked Great World King? For a peak World King, it is difficult for anyone to compare to them underneath an Empyrean. If such a person were to create their own sect, what would that be like?

’’Just setting up a sect would take a tremendous amount of time and energy. But, what if this person was able to use Carefree Island as a foundation and develop it into a top sect? You are all veteran Elders here, and some of you are old without much potential left. Even so, you can still obtain enormous advantages!’’

Mo Riverbliss unhurriedly said. Yet, her calm words caused the hearts of the Elders present to start racing.

Indeed, if Carefree Island was able to leap upwards and become a World King level Holy Land, then as the veteran Elders, they would be able to obtain far greater benefits! That was a World King level Holy Land! The meat and soup they ate was all of a far higher quality than Carefree Island's! If the soup of a World King level Holy Land was dragon marrow soup, then the meat that Carefree Island ate was nothing but low level vicious beast meat! How could they possibly be compared?

However, even though the situation that Mo Riverbliss described was tempting, it still seemed far too unlikely and impractical.

’’Allow me to speak honestly. What Senior says is what many sect leaders say when they come to power. For instance, they will list out their goals for the next hundred years, thousand years, or even ten thousand years. Their steps and plans for the future would always be grand and farfetched. For instance, plans to have the sect double in strength within a thousand years, plans to become a middle ranked Holy Land, and so forth. But, in fact, these goals would all be forgotten over time. Just how many actually manage to achieve their goals?

’’Senior says that a Great World King existence, or even one ranked in the top ten of all World Kings, would actually come help us increase the strength of our sect. If that happened, our sect could indeed rapidly rise in a short period of time. But where would we find such a Great World King? If there really was a Great World King, how could they possibly serve us?’’

Another Elder raised an objection. When a sect leader came to power, they would often make some general outlines for the future in order to build up cohesiveness within the sect. There were some leaders that didn't believe themselves, but there were also some leaders that were so confident in their own words that they even tricked themselves. But in the end, they would realize that everything they said had simply been boastful words.

’’A Great World King certainly won't help us. If we want a Great World King to help us, there is only a single possibility, and that is to raise our own!’’ Mo Riverbliss's words floored everyone present. Some Elders subconsciously felt their jaws drop wide open, their throats and eyes twitching.

For an influence that hadn't even become a Holy Land to produce their own Great World King?

That was just a joke!

Even a World King level Holy Land couldn't guarantee that they would produce a World King in every generation!

This so-called 'generation' was not a single generation from parent to child, but a generation measured by the age of a World King.

A World King could often live for several millions of years.

Before the old World King died, if a new World King could be born that was the continuation of a dynasty. That was truly a matter worth celebrating with joy and festivity!

In other words, even for a World King level Holy Land that had top inheritances, an atmosphere with countless amazing geniuses competing with each other, endless resources, and also the guidance of powerful supreme elders, they would still be more than lucky if a World King were to be born every several million years! And that was only raising an ordinary World King, not a Great World King.

Let alone their Carefree Island producing a World King, they would already thank the heavens and earth if they could produce a true Holy Lord level character.

For instance, using Ye Rosewater and White Mirrorjade as examples, although they might have been individuals that disdained all other rivals and heroes of their generation, the chances of them becoming Holy Lords were still extremely slim.

’’Raise our own World King? Senior, aren't you simply joking with us? If we could produce a Great World King, then why would we still be here, spilling our blood in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm to look for resources worth tens of billions of violet sun stones?’’

’’Then again, looking at the wider picture, even if we had such resources and inheritances, we don't have an adequate seedling...’’ As an Elder spoke to here, his eyes suddenly shifted towards Lin Ming. ’’Could... could it be... that Senior is saying...’’

After this Elder spoke, everyone else unanimously turned their gazes to Lin Ming. Without a doubt, if this was truly Mo Riverbliss's plan, then there was only a single seedling they could name. And, that was... Lin Ming! She wanted to raise Lin Ming into becoming a Great World King!

’’Lin Ming... Senior, do you mean him?’’

For the Elders present, it was like they were suddenly seeing Lin Ming for the first time again. They looked him over, sizing him up again and again.

’’What, do you think it is impossible?’’

’’I don't think it is impossible, but...’’ Several Elders glanced at each other before one tactfully said, ’’It's just that the chances aren't too high...’’

The divine Realm's 3000 Great World Kings were accumulated over a period of millions upon millions of years. Thinking about the chances of such a character appearing really left one's heart cold!

In the entire divine Realm, on average, a Great World King would be born every 1000-2000 years.

This was throughout the entire divine Realm. The endless, boundless divine Realm included countless sects, Holy Lands, and numerous World King level families. And beyond the 3000 Great Worlds, there was also everyone from the countless medium worlds, minor worlds, hidden worlds, countless mystic realm spaces, and also those who ascended from the million boundless worlds of the lower realms!

In a thousand years, just how many lives would be born?

Even using a septillion to describe this number wasn't enough!

This was already a probability that mortals could no longer comprehend.

And most importantly, this number also included the descendants of peak World Kings, and even the descendants of Empyrean level supreme elders!

Just what sort of concept was an Empyrean?

The chances of their descendants becoming a Great World King were naturally much higher. How could mere mortals contend with them?

Lin Ming was powerful, but it was difficult to summon the courage to confidently say he would become a Great World King in the future.

At this time, White Brook sneered and said, ’’I see, so this is what's happening. I understand now. No wonder Senior said that Lin Ming's life is countless times more precious than Mirrorjade's and the reputation of my White Family. This is because Senior is intending to raise Lin Ming into a Great World King and then have him support Carefree Island and raise it into a World King level Holy Land. What a genius idea!’’


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