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Martial World - Chapter 1101


Chapter 1101 - If I Were You, I'd Have Already Killed Myself




’’Senior-apprentice Brother White, you are truly wise and heroic! You've really opened our eyes!’’

’’Wow, I knew Senior-apprentice Brother White was strong, but I never imagined you would be such an indomitable warrior! Those two great masters, Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile, were both beaten silly by Senior-apprentice Brother White and sent running to the hills! It looks like Senior-apprentice Brother White becoming Island Master in the future is already a settled matter.’’

’’Yah, yah! Since we'll be following Senior-apprentice Brother White in the future, our days will be awesome! Hahaha!’’

All around White Mirrorjade, disciples were breathlessly flattering him. The results of this bitter fight had far exceeded their loftiest expectations. Moreover, their harvests in this mystic realm had been considerable. Those that lived would surely be given great rewards once they returned to the sect!

Not just that, but the strength White Mirrorjade had displayed had allowed them to see hope in the future. If they had fought alongside an impending Island Master, their future accomplishments could be imagined.

In the face of all these compliments, White Mirrorjade shook his head and said, ’’How could I be the Island Master? There are more direct disciples than me alone. Moreover, the Island Master is still in the prime years of his life;there will be an extremely long time before he abdicates his position and there will surely be many new disciples born during that time. Among all these future disciples there will surely be extraordinarily talented individuals.’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother White is too humble. Senior-apprentice Brother White is considered the greatest number one talent to show up in the last several hundred years. I thought that Ye Rosewater would have been able to contend with Senior-apprentice Brother White, but now that I've seen Senior-apprentice Brother White's true ability, Ye Rosewater isn't anything at all. She's nothing more than a weak woman!’’

’’That's right. And that Ye Rosewater also crept away at such a critical time. When I return, I will definitely report her to the sect!’’

’’Yeah, and there is even that Lin Ming. I have no idea what the sect was thinking to send such a fellow to support us. I really think that the Island Master was confused somehow. No matter how talented Lin Ming is, his cultivation is only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. He can't even compare to a single hair from Senior-apprentice Brother White, so how could he possibly be sent to support us? It's just too ridiculous!’’

’’What are you talking about? Comparing that Lin Ming to Senior-apprentice Brother White is simply a grave insult to Senior-apprentice Brother White. We've fought for so long and yet we haven't seen anyone at all. We killed so many enemies and yet they hid away like turtles. How could such shameless scoundrels be compared with Senior-apprentice Brother White!?’’

These people were all White Mirrorjade's subordinates, so they naturally badmouthed Ye Rosewater and Lin Ming when they were mentioned. As for White Mirrorjade, he actually shook his head, keeping up an appearance as if he were disagreeing and saying, ’’Lin Ming and Junior-apprentice Sister Ye Rosewater both have their own outstanding strengths, it's just that you don't know of them. Since they didn't come and support us, they surely must have fallen into some trouble. Let us restore our wounds first and then go search for them. After all, no matter what happened, we're still from the same sect.

White Mirrorjade casually said. A malicious and sinister light flashed in his eyes that no one was able to see.

’’Lin Ming, Ye Rosewater, I didn't think that I would be able to eliminate both of you in a single move. This is what you both brought upon yourselves. One of you is someone that dares to covet the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree that will belong to me in the future, and the other is someone who believes that she can contend with me for the position of Island Master. Both of these actions are simply seeking death, so don't blame me for being ruthless. For me to allow you two to accompany each other to hell is already a kindness. In your next life, I hope that you smarten up a bit and know just who you can provoke and who you can't.’’

White Mirrorjade thought, a serene expression on his face. He didn't worry over such an impossibility that Lin Ming and Ye Rosewater would be able to escape. After all, they were two of the greatest geniuses from Carefree Island and they also had a massive amount of violet sun stone resources on them. How could the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain let off such a fat piece of meat?

Now, the only thing he was concerned about was why the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain had brought less masters than he expected. Could they have been lacking enough violet sun stones?

’’Senior-apprentice Brother White is too kind. Why would we help look for someone like Ye Rosewater and those others? And especially that Lin Ming, he is just an outsider. I would rather he die in this Red Desolate Mystic Realm!’’ A disciple was just about to further curse Ye Rosewater and Lin Ming when his next words caught in his throat.

Everyone could feel fluctuations of energy coming from somewhere far away. As they looked up, they could see a group of black spots against the brilliant sky. It was clearly a group of people catching up to them with extraordinary speed.

’’Someone's here!’’ White Mirrorjade suddenly stood up. At first, he was worried that it was more people from the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain, but as he looked more carefully he discovered it wasn't them. Rather, they were all wearing the clothing of Carefree Island disciples and the ones leading them were Ye Rosewater and Lin Ming!

’’Ye Rosewater! Lin Ming!’’ White Mirrorjade's eyes widened like full moons. ’’How is this possible!?’’

’’What's wrong Senior-apprentice Brother White?’’ A nearby disciple anxiously asked. He didn't think that White Mirrorjade would have such an intense response.

’’No... nothing... I'm just surprised that they aren't wounded.’’ White Mirrorjade waved his hand. He rarely lost his composure like this, but he was truly shocked as he saw Ye Rosewater and Lin Ming in perfect condition. He could also feel a trace of unease coiling within his stomach.

How could they be alive and uninjured? White Mirrorjade didn't believe that the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain would let them go. The only possibility was that they had anticipated this ahead of time and had hidden away!

Of course, no matter how fantastical White Mirrorjade's imagination was, he would never have imagined that the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain's missing masters were related to Lin Ming. If they had really undergone a great battle, it would be impossible for them to remain calm. Even if Lin Ming was fiercer than he imagined, it was impossible for him to guarantee that some ninth stage Life Destruction and early divine Sea realm disciples of Carefree Island wouldn't perish.

Hearing White Mirrorjade's explanation, the disciple behind him was suddenly enraged. ’’What is so surprising about them not being wounded? They don't even need to be asked... they definitely hid away in some secret spot and only decided to come out now. We have more people than they do and we've also been searching the desert for resources, so it was impossible for us to hide. They have far fewer people than we do, and if they were hidden away after collecting a few resources at the start, just how could anyone find them? This is far too shameless!’’

’’While we desperately fight and risk our lives, they are completely fine and happy! They are simply scum, nothing more than animals! When we return, all of them will be harshly dealt with by the sect's laws!’’

These disciples all grit their teeth in hatred. At this time, Lin Ming and the others fell down from the sky.

’’Oh? Who did you say will be dealt with by the sect?’’ Ye Rosewater mockingly smiled as she looked at the disciple who spoke.

It had to be said that Ye Rosewater was still the Elder Senior-apprentice Sister and she had a very high reputation and status. Even White Mirrorjade couldn't be rude to her and had to at least maintain a façade of respectfulness.

’’I... I was...’’ The disciple suddenly withered underneath Ye Rosewater's gaze. But then, as he thought about it some more, he had White Mirrorjade supporting him so what was there to be scared of? White Mirrorjade was far fiercer than Ye Rosewater was! Moreover, Ye Rosewater had run away at a critical moment and she would definitely be severely punished by the sect for this in the future. Her reputation in the sect would be ruined from here on out, so just what could she do?

’’I was speaking about you! You hid away and avoided the battle, only coming out when everything was over, you truly do not know what shame is! We have risked our lives and many of us have died miserable deaths, and we won this battle only by trading our lives in return! As for you lot, you still have the nerve to come back to bask in the victory. Your skin is truly invincible!’’

The words this disciple spoke were extremely ugly. And beside him, White Mirrorjade also had a very gloomy expression. It was difficult to tell just what he was thinking. At this time, White Mirrorjade was trying to figure out just what had happened. Could Ye Rosewater and the others have really killed off the forces of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain that were sent to kill them, and had even remained completely intact after doing so? That was just too ridiculous!

’’You shut your dog mouth!’’

After being insulted, Lin Ming and Ye Rosewater didn't respond. However, the disciples behind them began rapidly firing back.

Xiao Raingem had a derisive sneer on her face as she stepped forwards. ’’Haha! You think you have some ability just because you won the battle by trading your lives? You had more than 100 people, but now there's only a fifth of you remaining. So many people died and yet you still think you can show off right now, how laughable is that!’’

’’What are you saying, you damned woman!’’ Those around White Mirrorjade began to seethe with rage, nearly launching an attack. But at this time, Xiao Raingem only flung her head and said, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Song, take those things out so that these self-righteous fools can take a good look!’’

Junior-apprentice Song smiled in a very happy and joking manner. He traced his saint artifact spatial ring, and with an overly embellished flourish, there was the sound of tinkling sounds as 60-70 tokens and spatial rings were tossed out.

Every disciple from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had a corresponding token. After they killed these people, all of these tokens were collected by Lin Ming. However, these were useless to him so he passed them to Junior-apprentice Brother Song.

As for the spatial rings, Lin Ming only kept those from the late divine Sea masters. There wasn't anything valuable left in the others, so he passed those over to Xiao Raingem and the rest.

Each of the Occult Bone Clan's spatial rings had a skull seal engraved upon it, and Splintersoul Mountain's spatial rings had a black demon claw seal engraved upon them. They were extremely recognizable.

’’This... this...’’

The disciples behind White Mirrorjade suddenly widened their eyes. As for White Mirrorjade himself, his body shook and he clenched his fists. This... just what was going on!? He didn't believe that Ye Rosewater would craft so many fake spatial rings, and those tokens were definitely real!

Several disciples rapidly ran over to the tokens and spatial rings and began to flip them over. Each of them listed the various names of Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. As they saw the tokens of some extremely strong and ruthless individuals, all of them gulped. Then, as they lifted the tokens of the four late divine Sea masters from the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain, there was a ringing sound as these disciples all dropped the tokens, their hands trembling all the while.

’’Gongyang Bonesmash! Soul Thousandmile! Their tokens are also here! These... these aren't fake!’’

’’What? How could Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile have been killed by you...’’

These disciples' pupils shrank. The expressions on their faces had already twisted into a macabre puzzle and they looked at Ye Rosewater and Xiao Raingem as if they had seen ghosts.

’’I don't believe this! You only have a dozen some people and none of you are injured! How could this be possible!?’’

Xiao Raingem glanced at these disciples, not too happy in her heart. The other disciples had certainly been injured, but they had almost completely recovered so it wasn't noticeable. However, Xiao Raingem wouldn't mention something like that which would ruin their own prestige and momentum. ’’That's why I said you were all stupid idiots! You had over 100 people and yet less than a fifth of you lived, and the ones still surviving look as if they are a bunch of crippled losers. If I were you, I would have already struck my head against a wall and killed myself!’’


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