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Martial World - Chapter 1097


Chapter 1097 - I'll Cut It Off




How could Ye Rosewater listen to the useless chatter of the Occult Bone Clan captain? The long sword in her hand thrust towards his vital points.

The Occult Bone Clan captain let out a deep roar, but just as he did so, without any time to react, a massive pressure came falling down from the skies, completely enveloping him. His body shook and his strength began to rapidly fade away. At the same time, Ye Rosewater's sword chopped towards his waist.

’’This damned force field!’’

The Occult Bone Clan captain panicked. He wasn't Ye Rosewater's match to begin with, and now that he was covered in Lin Ming's grandmist space and world of will projection, he felt like he was a bug caught in a spider's web, unable to move at all.


The bone sword and Ye Rosewater's blue sword collided. The Occult Bone Clan captain only felt a sinister true essence creep into his body like a viper, causing his entire body to be numbed.

And at this time he suddenly felt a chill crawl over him. He didn't need to turn around to see that Lin Ming was rushing towards him;it was like a cold blade was quickly approaching his chest. These two masters were already stronger than him to begin with, and now they had placed him within a pincer attack! In this situation, there was no reason to spare his life.

He desperately struggled for a final time, barely forcing back Ye Rosewater and at the same time bringing up his bone sword to meet Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear. However, how could his hastily summoned strength compare with Lin Ming? With a loud ringing sound, the bone sword was sent flying away by the Phoenix Blood Spear. The Occult Bone Clan captain's palm shattered and his right arm was torn apart by Ye Rosewater, leaving him seriously wounded.

As for Lin Ming, his spear had pierced through his shoulder. With just a single flick of the spear, the Occult Bone Clan captain would be ripped apart.

As the Occult Bone Clan captain was withstanding the pain from this attack, at this time, Ye Rosewater thrust out her sword several dozen more times in quick succession, accurately aiming at the Occult Bone Clan captain's acupoints. She didn't kill him, but instead used her sword energy to rip through his body and tear apart his meridians, making him lose all his strength.

Si -

Ye Rosewater's sword touched upon the Occult Bone Clan captain's throat. The icy cold sword edge opened his skin, causing a faint trace of blood to flow out.

’’Speak. Who gave up our information?’’

Ye Rosewater's voice was cold and indifferent. Although she already had an idea in her heart, she had to obtain confirmation. The reason she had left the Occult Bone Clan leader alive was for this alone.

The remaining Carefree Island disciples also surrounded the Occult Bone Clan captain. They pointed their weapons at him, waiting for his response.

’’You - !’’ The Occult Bone Clan captain's eyes flashed with all sorts of emotions. He didn't want to die here. Their Occult Bone Clan focused on perceiving the Laws of Life, so he understood just how miraculous and wonderful life actually was.

’’I'll tell you, as long as you don't kill me.’’

’’Do you really think you have any capital to bargain with us?’’ Ye Rosewater said, her words cutting like glass. She pushed the tip of her sword up a bit more, drawing more blood from his throat. Just a bit more and his entire windpipe would be cut open.

’’Since you're going to kill me, why should I speak!?’’ The Occult Bone Clan captain shut his eyes. Although he appeared as if he wasn't afraid of death, his throat couldn't help but keep spasming in fear. After arriving at the mercy of another's blade, there were few people that would be able to keep their calm.

’’Heh, Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, there's no need to trade nonsense with this scumbag!’’ Xiao Raingem sneered and walked forwards. She raised the bloodstained sword in her hand and slowly brought it down to the lower half of the Occult Bone Clan captain. The Occult Bone Clan captain immediately felt his lower half turn cold as horror and panic filled his eyes. ’’You... what are you doing!?’’

’’Do you think we're so naïve and stupid to release you just for a little bit of information? We've already guessed who it was that betrayed us and we only wanted you to confirm it. If you spoke, then you could have died a quick and peaceful death. Otherwise, I would have used up some strength and searched your soul. Of course, that isn't something that I'm skilled at and I might end up turning you into a slobbering retard. But before you become a mindless sack of flesh, I will have you taste the feeling of becoming a eunuch! I heard that your Occult Bone Clan is full of se*ually violent men who like to capture the outstanding women of other clans and make them their slaves, and your every day is filled with taking their happiness. Hehe, hey, what do you think it will feel like if I slice off your little brother down here a bit at a time?’’

As Xiao Raingem spoke, the sword energy around her sword edge began to twist into a spiral like a meat grinder. If this sword was pressed down against the Occult Bone Clan captain's manhood, his fate could be imagined. As everyone saw this, the female disciples blushed red and the male disciples were actually overflowing with excitement. They raucously shouted, ’’Senior-apprentice Sister Xiao is awesome! Cut it off!’’

’’Tear it apart! Feed it to the dogs!’’

The Occult Bone Clan captain suddenly paled. To a man, this sort of pressure couldn't be compared to a quick death. ’’I'll speak. I'll speak... it... it should be... White Mirrorjade. But that is only what we think... he is very careful, he never leaves behind any evidence.’’

’’So it was him!’’ Hatred flashed in Xiao Raingem's eyes. A simple guess was enough. For both sides to have the same guess, how could it be a groundless claim?

Ye Rosewater glared at the Occult Bone Clan captain with disgust in her eyes and then finished him off with a final sword strike. She coldly said, ’’These people are only a small portion of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan's main force. Their main force should already be fighting with the rest of Carefree Island!’’

These words immediately cooled down the Carefree Island disciples' jubilant happiness from their victory. After considering the time, there should be less than 20 hours left before they were transmitted out of the mystic realm. This was indeed the time when the war between the sects would erupt.

Although White Mirrorjade had betrayed them, the other disciples of Carefree Island had nothing to do with this matter. If too many of them died, then this would be no minor attack on Carefree Island, it would be a catastrophic failure during this expedition into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. Carefree Island had placed their hopes on this mission. If they lost not only 20 billion violet sun stones but also the lives of a massive amount of disciples, then although this wasn't something that Carefree Island wouldn't be able to recover from, it would thoroughly eliminate their chances of becoming a Holy Land.

On the other hand, if they quickly raced back, then with the two powerhouses of Ye Rosewater and Lin Ming, they would surely be able to play an enormous role in the war;they might even be able to reverse the tide.

And if they purposefully delayed then they would be subject to sanctions from the sect. In a battle of direct disciples, as long as both sides participated, then both sides would be punished regardless of the reason. The sect would not be lenient either. If Ye Rosewater saw that her fellow disciples were in danger and did nothing, then the sect would only see the results of what happened. Not just that, but White Mirrorjade betraying them was only speculation - there was no substantial evidence. As long as White Mirrorjade insisted that he was framed, no one would be able to drag him down. Instead, they would be pushed down by him.

Ye Rosewater was faced with a difficult conundrum. The other disciples also realized this and looked at her. As the captain, she was primarily responsible for all the decisions, thus the pressure on her was the greatest.

’’What do you plan on doing?’’

Lin Ming seemed as if he were casually asking, but in truth he had already decided that if Ye Rosewater was so stupid as to rush back and support White Mirrorjade, then he wouldn't join in her crusade.

Ye Rosewater hesitated and said, ’’Although this trip into the mystic realm is important, if we go back now then White Mirrorjade is certain to use the command of the Highest Elders to take control. And if we do not obey him then he will punish us for disobeying orders. In the future, he will surely argue against us in the Council of Elders and push the responsibility of the defeat on us. If we quickly return, he will use us as meat shields and have us go wherever there is danger. He is likely to have us waste all our strength on Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, and after that he might even stab us in the back and have us perish along with them. If we return, then our casualties will be serious!’’

As Ye Rosewater spoke, the other disciples also felt the same. If they went back at this time they would surely be used as fodder!

’’But... Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, if we don't return, then you...’’ Xiao Raingem said with some worry. If they didn't go to support the main team, then they would still be transmitted back to the sect in 20 hours. At that time, if the main team had serious casualties and yet they weren't injured at all, then there was just no way to explain that.

’’There's no need to worry. If the sect decides to punish us then I will bear all responsibility by myself.’’ Ye Rosewater decisively said. As she spoke, the surrounding disciples felt their hearts warm.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, please rest assured. Let's come up with a reason first. For instance, we were stuck in the mystic realm somewhere and we had no way to return to help the main team. Anyone that dares to sell out Senior-apprentice Sister Ye will be struck down by the heavens!’’

’’That's right! We'll all make the same confession!’’ The other disciples quickly agreed.

’’That's too far-fetched.’’ Ye Rosewater waved her hand. ’’There isn't much danger in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm to begin with, so where would we possibly be stranded? I live righteously and stand righteously, and I won't do something so ridiculous as making up excuses. If the sect decides to punish me then they can punish me. No matter how great my punishment is, they still won't kill me. That villain White Mirrorjade, I will carve this into my bones! In the future I will return everything back to him twofold, otherwise there is no meaning to me cultivating the martial path!’’

Ye Rosewater grit her teeth. She didn't think that White Mirrorjade would die in this divergent mystic realm. He surely had some method to safely escape, otherwise he wouldn't do something so crazy like betraying them.

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Ye really knows debts of gratitude and debts of hate.’’ Lin Ming smiled. He appreciated Ye Rosewater's personality. ’’But, why wait for the future to take revenge?’’

’’Mm?’’ Ye Rosewater was stunned. Did Lin Ming mean to do something in this divergent mystic realm? In front of so many disciples, if he murdered someone else without conclusive evidence, then at such a critical point that would truly warrant a death penalty.

’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, please don't be irrational!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, you have no need to worry. I haven't said what we should do yet. If we really stand by and don't help those in need, then our enemy will truly grasp our weakness. Nothing will happen to me, but Senior-apprentice Sister Ye's punishment will be serious. I estimate that the battle between the forces should have just started. How about we rest here first, and then we can go and 'support' them in another four to six hours. What does Senior-apprentice Sister Ye think about this?’’

Lin Ming spoke in a very understated manner, but the word 'support' actually caused Ye Rosewater's eyebrow to jump up. She didn't think that Lin Ming was so soft that he would go and help whoever was in need. Was Lin Ming planning on taking advantage while they were all down and them stepping on them once again?


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