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Martial World - Chapter 1095


Chapter 1095 - Lure the Enemy




’’You... how did your soul...’’

The Splintersoul Mountain captain looked at Lin Ming with fear etched on his face. He wasn't injured because of Lin Ming's direct attack, but because he had suffered a backlash after sending out his soul attack. Lin Ming's soul defense was so powerful that it left him horrified. In front of Lin Ming, the Laws of Soul and Life that he was so skilled in had become a joke.

’’Lin Ming!’’

Ye Rosewater rushed over to Lin Ming's side. Because she had used up her immediate energy in her attack and because of her panic over Lin Ming being attacked, her face was flushed red and her chest was heaving up and down.

She glanced over at the two captains from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. Of these people, one of them had been struck back by Lin Ming and the other had been wounded to the point of spitting blood. They were both direct disciples of their sects;ordinary late divine Sea martial artists could not compare with them.

Behind Ye Rosewater, the other disciples of Carefree Island also rushed forwards. As they saw the Splintersoul Mountain captain with blood spilling out from his mouth, their eyes shined. Before, Lin Ming's accurate discovery of the enemy had reassured them, but that was only discovering the enemy. In the world of martial artists, strength was placed above all else. Only strength could cause others to feel awe and admiration and give others confidence.

Lin Ming's strike had simultaneously forced back the two great masters from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. Without a doubt, this caused their confidence to sharply rise upwards!

They could win this!

At this time, although Ye Rosewater was surprised, she naturally wouldn't exclaim in surprise or stare in marvel like some idiot. This was a battle between the two forces;not even a single blink of the eye could be wasted.

She loudly shouted, ’’I will stop the Occult Bone Clan's captain. Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, do your best and kill that captain of Splintersoul Mountain. All other disciples, surround the remainder and slaughter them all!’’



With a loud cry from Ye Rosewater, the disciples of Carefree Island moved forwards with surging momentum like light spilling forwards. As for the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan, they felt a tremendous pressure!

’’Do you think I'm some dough that you can knead however you want!?’’ The Occult Bone Clan captain's eyes turned red. He madly roared, grasping the bone sword and rushing towards Ye Rosewater!

Ye Rosewater sneered. In a one-on-one fair battle, Ye Rosewater didn't fear anyone, not even White Mirrorjade!

If the Occult Bone Clan was by itself, the truth was that they would be weaker than Carefree Island, so how could she fear the Occult Bone Clan captain?

10,000 Wood Germination!

Ye Rosewater's attack contained the endless Wood Laws. The Wood Laws had a similarity with the blood of the Azure Dragon, and that was that they grew endlessly. Although the Wood Laws didn't have the sharpness of the Metal Laws or the explosive force of the Fire Laws, they had the characteristics of being tenacious and flexible. If one wanted to destroy Ye Rosewater's Wood Law origin energy, they would have to use up twice the energy.


Ye Rosewater's wood-attribute sword energy clashed with the Occult Bone Clan captain's bone sword energy, destroying each other!

The two followed right after their sword energies. Their bodies twisted and blurred, each of them exchanging attacks in rapid succession. And on the other side, the disciples of Carefree Island were fighting with the disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan.

Carefree Island only had a dozen plus people and Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had over 20, however, the disciples from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan had all been wounded and they were still dazed at the sudden shift. In particular, after seeing Lin Ming repel the two masters from their sects and also wound one of them, this had been a massive strike on their morale!

Their side's two strongest disciples had been repulsed by Lin Ming alone;could this battle still be won?

This idea inevitably appeared in the minds of the Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. With the sudden shift, the fight suddenly became one-sided. The disciples of Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan were continuously forced to retreat again and again. In just several breaths of time, two severely wounded early divine Sea disciples suddenly had their heads lopped off, their blood spraying onto the ground!


The Splintersoul Mountain captain was flustered. The original agreement had been that their small team would attack as soon as the sandstorm stopped, and then the main team would attack Carefree Island's main forces half an hour later. They were supposed to rush back and support the main team, and trap Carefree Island in a pincer attack.

But now, forget about rushing back in half an hour, it was already uncertain if they could survive or not!

He no longer had time to think, and he didn't even have time to send out a sound transmitting talisman. Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear thrust out again, aiming at his vital points every time!

Through that brief collision just now, Lin Ming could confirm that although the Splintersoul Mountain captain was a late divine Sea master, he was still a level weaker than the middle divine Sea Dragon One. This person would be a top talent if placed in Splintersoul Mountain, but in front of a genius like Lin Ming, he was nothing but ordinary.

After Lin Ming absorbed the dragon marrow and dragon bone, he could almost frontally contend with Dragon One. Killing the Splintersoul Mountain captain was no problem at all!


The demon claw that the Splintersoul Mountain captain sent out was torn in half by Lin Ming's spear. Alarmed, the captain bit down on his tongue and spat out blood essence onto the ghost banner. After the ghost banner absorbed this blood essence, the ghosts contained within began to howl with bloodthirst. This ghost banner was a top grade saint artifact forged by Splintersoul Mountain by killing 100 million mortals and refining their souls. Now that the Splintersoul Mountain captain used his own blood essence to direct these ghosts, the greatest power of the ghost banner could be displayed. 100 million ghosts poured outwards!


Lin Ming's spear light was swallowed up by these hideous ghosts. The ghosts continued shooting straight towards Lin Ming!


Lin Ming was startled. A late divine Sea disciple of a large sect really couldn't be underestimated - they had a number of hidden cards up their sleeves. With a thought, the grandmist space spread out even further. With the support of the dragon marrow blood and his own formidable foundation, once the grandmist space was used, even someone much stronger than Lin Ming wouldn't be able to break through it.

Regardless of what attack it was, everything that entered the grandmist space would be thoroughly weakened.

Blue Lotus Flame Dance!

Lin Ming gave a deep shout. The blood of the Ancient Phoenix burned in his body once more!

When Lin Ming was at the seventh stage of Life Destruction, burning the Ancient Phoenix blood just once would consume several tenths of his true essence;he simply wasn't able to keep it up for too long in battle. But now, with the dragon marrow supporting him, he could burn the Ancient Phoenix blood twice in a row without feeling too exhausted.

The blue lotus bloomed and the first three level Concepts of the Fire Laws fused as one. The 100 million ghosts were already weakened by over half by the grandmist space. Then they were scorched by the power of the blue lotus, and tens of million ghosts were suddenly burnt to nothing!


The Splintersoul Mountain captain's eyes reddened with rage, his heart dripping with blood from the loss. But at this time, he could no longer worry about the ghost banner that he loved so much and continued to drive it towards Lin Ming. After all, there were far too many souls trapped within the ghost banner. Even if Lin Ming used the grandmist space and the Blue Lotus Flame Dance together, he was still unable to block all of it. There would always be fish that evaded the net.


100,000 grieving spirits dove into Lin Ming's body. Lin Ming's Dragonscale Robes simply weren't able to block this sort of insubstantial soul attack. The shrill howls of countless ghosts began to cry out in Lin Ming's ears!

And under such an attack, Lin Min seemed to slow down. His face became overcast and his eyes dimmed down, as if his vision were glazing over.

’’I got him!’’ The Splintersoul Mountain captain's eyes brightened. He had used up his own blood essence and even wasted tens of millions of souls from the ghost banner in order to create such an opportunity that allowed 100,000 grieving spirits to plunge into Lin Ming's body. Even if Lin Ming was stronger, he would still have to struggle for some time to rid himself of these spirits that spread through his body like locusts. And for this period of time, Lin Ming would not have complete control over his body. This was the captain's chance!


The Splintersoul Mountain captain's eyes shined with bloodlust. He wantonly hurtled into the grandmist space. The grandmist space constantly wore down the black energy around his body. However, the Splintersoul Mountain captain had bet everything on this single attack;he smashed the ghost banner down onto Lin Ming's head.


The Splintersoul Mountain captain's heart raced. Just as the ghost banner was about to smash into Lin Ming's forehead, Lin Ming suddenly sneered. His originally dull eyes suddenly recovered, shining with absolute clarity!

To Lin Ming, a soul attack was nothing more than a joke. Not to mention his grandmist battle spirit and Samsara martial intent, but just the protection of the Magic Cube made him immune to all soul attacks that would try to seize his body!

The only reason he had faked being affected by the attack just now was in order to lure the Splintersoul Mountain captain into his grandmist space and then strike him down in a single attack. Otherwise, if a late divine Sea genius used everything he had to escape, it would be a bit troublesome to catch him.

’’What!?’’ As the Splintersoul Mountain captain saw Lin Ming's sudden change in aura, he was horrified. He was extremely careful. He knew that if he entered the strange domain space that surrounded Lin Ming, his own combat strength would weaken by a great deal. Even so, facing Lin Ming, he had no choice but to desperately risk everything on this attack and finish him off.

Although he had attacked, he had still kept behind some of his strength. Now that he saw the trap Lin Ming had laid for him, he immediately drew back!

’’Too late!’’ Lin Ming coldly jeered. He thrust out his spear and 999 small blood spears formed into a powerful tornado that howled outwards.

’’This cunning brat!’’

In this split instant, the Splintersoul Mountain captain didn't even have time to burn his blood essence. He forcefully twisted his body to avoid Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear. But as he was changing direction, he suddenly felt as if layers upon layers of nets had fallen over his body, holding tightly onto him!

’’This is - !’’

The Splintersoul Mountain captain was shocked. ’’Is this a world of will projection, a net formed by a gold battle spirit!?’’

Everything had happened too quickly. The Splintersoul Mountain captain didn't even have time to think of how a gold battle spirit had suddenly appeared, capable of binding his movements. His conditioned reflex was to erupt with energy to break out of the shackles of this net, but in this split instant, Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear had already pierced through his protective true essence and was thrusting straight towards his chest.

He couldn't block this!


With a miserable shout, the Splintersoul Mountain captain smashed his ghost banner onto the Phoenix Blood Spear's edge!

The ghost banner was not a weapon meant to directly engage in head on fights with the enemy. Rather, it was a weapon that was refined with souls and relied on these ghosts to attack. It was not a weapon made of divine metal, but rather 10,000 year yin peach wood and ghostly silk. A great portion of the ghost banner's 100 million ghosts had perished, and before he even had time to recover the dregs, his ghost banner now had to clash with the weapon known as the king of a hundred solders, the spear that was designed for total annihilation! The results of this collision could be imagined!


The top grade saint artifact ghost banner was directly pierced through by Lin Ming's spear!

The Phoenix Blood Spear continued, its speed unabated. It thrust into the Splintersoul Mountain captain's chest, causing blood to splash everywhere!


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