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Martial World - Chapter 109


The Acacia Faction




’’Haha, of course it's not them. The one I'm talking about is...’’ Bai Jingyun had spoken to this point, when the voice of the herald suddenly sounded out from behind the entrance. ’’The Seven Profound Martial House's Lin Ming, Mister Lin!’’

Upon hearing this announcement, almost all of the people in the hall looked at the entrance;many of them had already begun crowding towards the front.

Following the lead of two gorgeous maids, Lin Ming slowly walked into the hall. Although he had changed into decent clothes for today's event, it was still a far cry from the high-class and magnificent clothing that the nobles and other celebrities had worn. Still, because Lin Ming had been practicing accumulating his momentum these past days, even ordinary clothes on him were especially dazzling in the crowd.

Lin Ming thought back to what the herald had just called him and had a queer feeling in his heart.

Mister Lin? He really wasn't used to be calling that.

Lin Ming didn't have a position in the government nor did he have a title. He was a common person with a common background;one could say his only status was as a disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House. But the herald did not dare to address Lin Ming by name, so he had added the title of 'mister'.

’’That's Lin Ming! He's quite handsome and intelligent.’’

’’He's only 15 years old. How extraordinary.’’

Lin Ming was undoubtedly the star of the party. He was the rising supernova that everyone came to see.

’’Brother Lin, welcome!’’ Before Lin Ming could give a ceremonial bow, Crown Prince Yang Lin stepped forwards and hugged him.

’’Brother Lin, there is no need to be overly courteous! Come, let me introduce you.’’ Yang Lin knew that most of the people who came here wanted to get to know Lin Ming's thoughts, and he would be introduced to them one at a time. But the first one to be introduced was of course the Southern Martial Marquis.

’’Brother Lin, this is Sky Fortune Kingdom's South Martial Marquis, General Wu. He's one of the ten great generals of our land, and he guards the southern borders of our Sky Fortune Kingdom. He's a martial artist at the Pulse Condensation Period and he has performed many great services for our country!’’ The Southern Martial Marquis' name was Wu Yuanxun. He had repeatedly accomplished many great deeds and honors at the southern border, thus he was bestowed the title of Southern Martial Marquis.

’’Lin Ming greets General Wu.’’ Lin Ming knew that these sort of senior generals that patrolled the borders were usually aloof and high-standing characters. He maintained the necessary etiquette towards someone like him.

’’Haha, Little Brother Lin, you are too polite. If His Highness the Crown Prince does not accept your bow, then how could I? Little Brother Lin and I are fellow apprentices, but I already graduated From the Seven Profound Martial House over 40 years ago. Time truly passes too quickly!’’

The Southern Martial Marquis' voice was clear-cut and loud like a morning bell;those present were able to hear every word enunciated clearly.

’’Little Brother Lin is a young and promising talent;your fame has already spread all throughout Sky Fortune Kingdom. I've long wanted to meet you. As soon as I saw you today, I knew you were a dragon in human form. With such a great cultivation at 15 years of age, your future is limitless!’’

’’General Wu praises me too much;Lin Ming still has a long way to go.’’ Lin Ming was not used to such praise, so he was polite in response.

’’Haha, Little Brother Lin is just too modest. I heard that little brother Lin has already entered the Heavenly Abode. After entering the Heavenly Abode, you might receive some missions from the military. If Little Brother Lin wishes, you may come and stay with my army at the southern border. With Little Brother Lin's strength, you will inevitably perform countless good deeds!’’

Lin Ming's interest was piqued as he listened to the Southern Martial Marquis. There were some disciples who went on military missions after entering the Heavenly Abode. At the end of each mission there were also rewards. The rewards didn't come from just the Seven Profound Martial House, but also from the royal government. All disciples who went on missions had the possibility of being able to enjoy promotions, therefore there were some Martial House disciples that were bestowed nobility before they had graduated.

Lin Ming was not interested in things like titles or gold. But, the rewards from the Seven Profound Martial House were quite worthwhile. For instance, there were true essence stones, high-quality treasures, top-quality pills, as well as cultivation time at the seven major killing arrays.

True essence stones and time at the seven major killing arrays were necessary for cultivation. As for high-quality treasure, if it was a top-quality treasure spear, then Lin Ming would definitely be enchanted by it.

As for top-tier pills, they were also very precious. If Lin Ming wanted to raise his strength quickly, he had to have these top-tier pills. However, these kinds of pills could not be purchased in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. Even though Lin Ming could receive many gifts from influential people, these pills were still impossible to come by so easily.

’’The Southern Martial Marquis wants to win me over so that I will go to the army and undertake missions, but this is also good. Until now I've only fought in matches, but I haven't been in many actual life or death situations. If I enter the army for a while, I will be able to experience these and grow in strength, and there are also rewards to be had, so why not?’’

Thinking of this, Lin Ming said, ’’Lin Ming thanks General Wu for thinking so highly of him. If I have the appropriate mission, then Lin Ming will certainly go to the southern border.’’

’’Haha, that's great. I already feel like old friends after meeting with Little Brother Lin for the first time. Come, let's have a drink.’’


As Lin Ming and the Southern Martial Marquis conversed, Bai Jingyun and Murong Zi were also carrying on their intimate conversation from early.

’’I was thinking that the one you should date is him.’’ Bai Jingyun signaled with her eyes;she had been talking about Lin Ming.

’’Him? Big Sister Jingyun, don't go speaking such nonsense! Murong Zi's cheeks turned red as she blushed. ’’He's younger than me, how could it be possible!’’

Murong Zi was 17 years old. Lin Ming was actually only 15 years old.

Bai Jingyun smiled slyly, ’’Listening to Little Sister's meaning, if he wasn't two years your junior, then you would find him agreeable?’’

Murong Zi's mouth went crooked, ’’I never said that! If Big Sister makes fun of me again, then I'll be angry!’’

’’Haha, Little Sister, unless you are like Miss Qin, Qin Xingxuan, and decide to pursue that far off Xiantian realm, or even higher, then in the future you will be married. We martial artists have a long youth. Let alone several years younger, even if it was ten years, or even a few dozen years, that wouldn't mean anything.’’

’’Pursue the Xiantian realm?’’ Murong Zi was slightly stunned. To the mortals of the Sky Fortune Kingdom, the Xiantian realm truly was a far off and distant dream. Although she was a proud and arrogant woman in Sky Fortune City, she was self-aware that it was impossible for her to reach such a remote realm, it was only a pipe dream. Much less her having no hope, even several of the core disciples of the Seven Profound Martial House had no chances either.

But Qin Xingxuan was different. Her sixth-grade martial talent was simply too shocking.

’’That Lin Ming, perhaps he might pursue the Xiantian realm?’’ Murong Zi asked.

’’It's possible. Lin Ming and Qin Xingxuan are two different kinds of talents. Qin Xingxuan's natural talent for cultivation is simply too monstrous. As for Lin Ming, besides his natural talent, he is a monstrous genius in every other category. It's hard to tell who the better genius of the two is. If discussing combat prowess, then Lin Ming would naturally be stronger. But if discussing how far their achievements will be in cultivation, then perhaps Qin Xingxuan has higher hopes of reaching the Xiantian stage. Lin Ming's martial talent is only a third-grade talent. The flaw in such a talent simply cannot be made up. I think that Lin Ming is more likely to stay in the Sky Fortune Kingdom and accomplish great deeds. He might even become the next state marshal.’’

’’The next State Marshal?’’ Murong Zi thought absent mindedly. That was a prestige that exceeded even the emperor. In the Sky Fortune Kingdom, many of the common people did not even know the emperor's name, but there was no one who did not know the name and legends of State Marshal Qin Xiao.

Even with Murong Zi's status, she still held a high degree of respect in her heart for a figure such as State Marshal Qin Xiao.

As Murong Zi looked out of sorts, Bai Jingyun suddenly smiled and said, ’’Little Sister, look at Lin Ming, he's already surrounded by so many girls. If you don't go now, you won't have the opportunity.’’

Murong Zi followed the sounds and turned her head. Indeed, there were many young aristocratic ladies that had already intentionally or unintentionally approached Lin Ming, and were talking happily with him.

’’Mister Lin Ming, I heard that your... spear... is over 800 jins. Is it really?’’ A young girl vapidly blinked at him with watery eyes, sending somewhat lascivious looks at Lin Ming.

The girls that intentionally approached Lin Ming didn't necessarily have any evil thoughts in their hearts. After all, their ages were young at mostly 15 or 16 years old, and they had simple minds and pure thoughts. These ones had come under the suggestions of their parents. But there were also those who approached Lin Ming purely because of the worship in their hearts. The Sky Fortune Kingdom was a country that held martial artists in the highest esteem, and with the extraordinary title of being the hundred year talent of the Seven Profound Martial House, he was the idol of all people.

’’820 jins.’’ Lin Ming replied with a smile.

’’Haha, that's amazing! How do you hold it? Can I see your hand?’’

’’Well... alright.’’ Lin Ming said. He helplessly held out his hand.

At this time, another charming young lady had come over. She said, ’’Mister Lin Ming, your palm reading is very good.’’


’’I'm a fortune teller.’’ The girl winked at him with an attractive eye. ’’Can I take a look at your palm reading?’’


Before Lin Ming could think of a good way to refuse, the girl had already taken his hand in hers and was carefully looking at it. The girl's hand was cool, and had the unique softness of a woman.


’’She's unexpectedly direct.’’ Bai Jingyun said with a faint smile.

’’Humph, what a nympho.’’ Murong Zi curled her lips in disdain. She drank the wine from her crystal glass as if she were a noble peacock.

Bai Jingyun sniggered. She knew of Murong Zi's pride. It was impossible for her to do the same acts as these young girls;she simply could not cheapen herself to that level. ’’Little Sister, with this kind of boy, if you don't take the initiative then you won't have an opportunity...’’

’’Then why don't you go?’’ Murong Zi pouted.

’’Me!?’’ Hearing Murong Zi's question, Bai Jingyun's face gradually fell. She was silent for a moment, before she sighed and lightly said, ’’My marriage is not up for me to decide...’’

’’Mm? Why?’’ Murong Zi didn't understand. Although the children in Sky Fortune Kingdom had to obey their parents in marital matters, but her and Bai Jingyun's statuses were unusual and not like others. With their strength and talent, they had the right to speak and determine their own marriage. ’’Big Sister, you are too submissive. If you say you don't want to marry, how will they force you to?’’

Bai Jingyun bitterly smiled, ’’It's not as simple as you think...’’

The one that had been chosen for her was a direct disciple of the Seven Profound Valley's Acacia Faction. Let alone her Bai Family, even if it were Sky Fortune City's Royal Family, they did not have the qualifications to refuse.

The Seven Profound Valleys' seven founders had left behind seven different legacies;these were the seven factions. For instance, there was the Sword Faction, Zither Faction, Array Faction, and so on. The Acacia Faction was also one of the seven legacies. Their faction cultivated the Dao of Yin and Yang. Almost all of their cultivation methods were associated with the intimate relations between men and women. To marry a disciple of the Acacia Faction... it was truly like jumping into a fiery pit.

Murong Zi felt that Bai Jingyun didn't want to discuss the matter any further. At this moment, the herald announced yet another arrival. ’’The Crown Prince's grand mentor, Mister Muyi, and the Marshal's Quarters' Miss Qin!’’

Muyi and Qin Xingxuan?

Lin Ming was slightly stunned. He had not seen Qin Xingxuan for a long time. He remembered the strange illusions of Qin Xingxuan that he had seen on the sea jade platform, and his face took on an odd color.

The sea jade platform was able to infinitely magnify the hidden desires in one's heart;Lin Ming truly did have a certain attraction towards Qin Xingxuan.


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