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Martial World - Chapter 1086


Chapter 1086 - The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Sixth Gate




The demon-masked man was silent for a moment. He finally said, ’’I've come here today to inform you about a top genius of Carefree Island. The degree of his talent far surpasses even that of Ye Rosewater, but his cultivation is only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. Without accident, in just several hundred years he will grow to a degree that can give Splintersoul Mountain a headache of problems. If he is allowed to grow for a thousand years, he will even be able to shake the foundations of Splintersoul Mountain. Here is information on him. This time he should also be participating during this entry of the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. You should all know what to do next.’’

He flung a jade slip into Soul Thousandmile's hand.

’’Keke.’’ Soul Thousandmile licked his lips as he swept his sense through the jade slip. The first thing that caught his attention was an energy projection image of Li Ming. ’’Eighth stage Life Destruction? Is Carefree Island really so poor that they're out of soldiers? They are even sending such a talented disciple with a low cultivation into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and not waiting for him to grow up. Aren't they afraid that he'll die there?’’

’’Haha, it looks like Carefree Island is really desperate. They're taking such drastic measures. It's like they want to bring this fight to an end. It seems it's do or die for them,’’ another Splintersoul Mountain disciple echoed.

At this time, the demon-masked man coldly humphed and said, ’’You think Carefree Island's decision makers are fools? Although I've listed Lin Ming's information, that is only the strength that he has shown. As for what the limits of his strength are, no one knows, not even me. I advise you all to not underestimate him, otherwise you will surely pay a steep price! The information is already written in the jade slip so you can pour through it yourself. I can only say that this person is my enemy, so you do not need to worry that this information is false!’’

’’Haha, don't worry. We're both clear about how 'moral' and 'just' Brother Mirrorjade's character is!’’ Soul Thousandmile emphasized the words moral and just, clearly mocking White Mirrorjade. He wasn't saying that White Mirrorjade was a righteous man that wouldn't give wrong information, but that White Mirrorjade had too many ambitions and wouldn't tolerate anyone to threaten his ambitions, so his information wouldn't be wrong.

As he spoke up to here, Soul Thousandmile seemed to think of something else. A playful smile crossed his face. ’’You know Brother Mirrorjade, it seems as if you aren't doing too well in Carefree Island. You seem to always be pushed aside and your status is constantly under threat. How about you join my Splintersoul Mountain instead? Our Splintersoul Mountain has extremely advanced studies into the soul. In fact, in that aspect alone we can be considered at the top of the True Martial Great World. If we pay a great enough price and help you increase the strength of your divine soul, your talent will absolutely rise.’’

’’You sure spout enough crap!’’ the demon-masked man icily said.

Soul Thousandmile stiffened, about to burst with anger, but at that moment the demon-masked man's entire body combusted into flames. Before long, he turned into a giant conflagration. All of these flames came from the body of the masked man. Moreover, the temperature was extremely high;it easily burnt the demon-masked man to ashes.

As Soul Thousandmile looked at the remains of the demon-masked man, he shook his head, ’’He's too careful. He never sends his main body here, and every time before leaving he will immolate himself and turn himself into ashes without clues left behind.’’

The disciple beside Soul Thousandmile spoke up, ’’Of course he has to be careful. Not only does he have to guard against his identity being exposed to Carefree Island, but he even has to watch out for us ambushing him and capturing him. No one will believe this type of person.’’

’’Mm, even we aren't exactly sure of his true identity. With the available information and his motives, I can approximate that he is White Mirrorjade. But as for evidence, we don't have any.’’

’’Hehe, it should be more or less correct. Although he can hide his appearance, he can't hide his motivations. Not just that, but the information he's given us is so detailed;it's not what the average disciple can provide. So who else could it be? This person really goes to extreme lengths to achieve his goals;he's even willing to betray his own sect without an ounce of hesitation!’’

’’Humph, what does it matter if he betrays his sect? Even if Carefree Island is suffering setbacks in the Red Desolate Mystic Realm, they will only be weakened and slowly diminish to an upper eighth-grade sect. It's impossible for the likes of them to truly be exterminated. This simply doesn't have any effect on White Mirrorjade. In any case, his only goal is to become Island Master. As for whether Carefree Island is a ninth-grade Holy Land or an eighth-grade sect, that's not as important as him becoming Island Master. If you had to choose, would you rather become a minion of a peak sect? Or the Sovereign of a lower grade sect?’’ Soul Thousandmile rhetorically asked.

The disciple nodded, ’’That sounds about right. Being a Sovereign would feel much better!’’

As the two Splintersoul Mountain disciples were discussing, on Carefree Island within a secret seclusion chamber, White Mirrorjade opened his eyes.

’’Humph, those two fellows keep trying to use words to probe my status, as if they are already completely sure about who I am. Humph, what a waste of time! They want to find my weak spot and use it to threaten me, but what a pity, they will never find any evidence. These puppets were made many years ago and also found by me in a secret depository deep underneath the seabed of the Red Desolate Sea. After I use them to pass on a message, I immediately destroy them. Even if these puppets are caught, there is no evidence on them to indicate they are related to me, because they simply don't come from Carefree Island and the method of manufacturing them isn't related to Carefree Island in any way.’’

White Mirrorjade thought to himself as he stood up, ’’Lin Ming, to think that you would refuse the road to heaven and rush through the gates of hell instead. If you are on Carefree Island, I wouldn't dare to move against you, but since you want to join in on the war between the three sects, you should also be aware that there no eyes in battle. Who can be blamed if you die in all the chaos?’’

As White Mirrorjade thought of this, a sinister smile flashed across his face. He didn't leave his seclusion chamber but instead closed his eyes and continued to meditate. This war was likely to be spread over a wide area with rivers of blood flowing. He had to maintain his peak state, otherwise even he might perish in the mystic realm!

As for White Mirrorjade's information, in truth he hadn't betrayed Carefree Island. He had only pointed out Lin Ming so that his chances of living in the chaotic battle would be much smaller. Of course, if Splintersoul Mountain was really useless, White Mirrorjade wouldn't mind hiding in some secret place and helping them kill off Lin Ming.

Although he was one large boundary and another four small boundaries of cultivation above Lin Ming, he still wouldn't lower his guard. For Lin Ming to grow to such a degree, his life must inevitably be extremely tough. Those that plotted against Lin Ming might find their plans bouncing back on them instead. Moreover, the high level figures of Carefree Island had an extremely ambiguous attitude toward Lin Ming;this also caused White Mirrorjade to have all sorts of doubts.

As White Mirrorjade was training, Lin Ming was also in training. As for the area where he was training, that was in Carefree Palace's mystic realm space!

This entire space was like a boundless field of flowers, as if it were a sunny and breezy spring day. But high above him was actually a vast expanse of stars with distant celestial bodies. It was like he was in a field of green wilderness floating within the boundless universe.

In front of Lin Ming, a dragon bone floated, faintly glowing with an azure light. Although this dragon bone weighed more than a mountain range, this space had no gravity, so it easily floated where it was.

At this time, Lin Ming went into seclusion to open up the sixth of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates-the Gate of View!

The Gate of View was located in his back and was in charge of defense. After opening it, Lin Ming's defense would rise to another level. But the truth was that in comparison to the defensive power gained from opening the Gate of View, the defensive power that he gained from absorbing the dragon bone would actually be much greater.

Once he fused the dragon bone essence into his own skeleton, his bones would become tougher than a top grade saint artifact!

By absorbing the dragon bone, Lin Ming's ability to resist attacks would undergo a qualitative leap.

In addition to his terrifying endurance and regenerative ability, even if Lin Ming stood still and allowed martial artists at his boundary to attack him, in all likelihood, they wouldn't even be able to harm him.

Mo Eversnow stood next to the dragon bone like an otherworldly fairy. And beside her was another woman. This woman had white temples and her face was etched with the passing of the years. One could see from her appearance that she had also once been an outstanding beauty. This woman was Mo Eversnow's aunt, Mo Riverbliss.

Absorbing the dragon bone was an extremely long and vast project. In the God Beast Mystic Realm, the Asura King had obtained the dragon bone for a very long time already. Even so, it had only managed to absorb half of the dragon marrow. As for the dragon bone itself, it wasn't able to do anything to it, because absorbing the dragon bone was simply too difficult.

The dragon bone was different from dragon marrow. For such a massive dragon bone, there was simply no way Lin Ming could swallow it. His only chance was to refine the dragon bone into its purest essence and fuse with it that way.

But the Ancient Azure Dragon was a God Beast of the primitive, archaic times. Even if its main body had died for countless hundreds of millions of years, its bones weren't something that an ordinary person could refine.

Wasn't wanting to refine its essence easier said than done?

This dragon bone also couldn't be exposed to the world. Lin Ming hadn't even dared to take it out in the Ancient Phoenix Clan. He wasn't able to show it to his master Huo Violentstone, much less others.

If he didn't have an expert like Huo Violentstone to help him, he could only rely on Mo Eversnow using the power of Laws to slowly refine the essence of the dragon bone. This was an extremely inefficient way of doing it. But now things were different;there was Mo Riverbliss. Her strength was at a half-step World King. She was stronger than Huo Violentstone, and even the current Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan!

Mo Riverbliss stood in front of the dragon bone and looked it over. She glanced at Lin Ming, a glorious light shining in her eyes once more. ’’I never imagined that such a great lucky chance would be found by you. In the past, if I had this dragon bone, my father's soul injuries would have been healed and the Verdant Feather Holy Lands would not have ended up in such a state...’’

Lin Ming bowed. ’’I'll have to bother Senior Mo. I am very thankful for your help.’’

Lin Ming knew that refining the dragon bone essence was not a simple matter. It would consume a great deal of origin energy and strength. This was not a minor favor.

Mo Riverbliss dismissively waved her hands. ’’There's no need to thank me. If it weren't for you, Little Snow would still be sleeping in the Magic Cube. Perhaps I would have passed away without ever being able to see her again. I will certainly keep this graciousness in my mind! Compared to that, what can refining this piece of dragon bone be considered? If you can help rebuild my Verdant Feather Holy Lands in the future, you will truly become the great benefactor of my Mo Family. I fear I won't be able to ever repay such a benevolence in my lifetime. But at that time, I also fear that you won't need my favors anymore.’’

As Mo Riverbliss spoke, she waved her hand and a three-legged furnace flew out from her spatial ring, growing larger and larger. The furnace sent out a strong suction force that covered the supreme dragon bone. On the other hand, the supreme dragon bone began to shrink, until it was finally completely sucked into the furnace.

Lin Ming looked on from the side. This was actually a spirit artifact level treasure, and was even a first-class existence amongst all spirit artifacts.


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