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Martial World - Chapter 1081


Chapter 1081 - Perish Together?




The simulation mystic realm that White Mirrorjade spoke of was less than 10 miles away from Carefree Pavilion. Carefree Island spent a great deal of energy and resources in constructing this simulation mystic realm. There were a massive number of array formations as well as aggressive puppets and vicious beasts. It was able to copy the situation inside the divergent mystic realm to the closest degree so that disciples could gain experience.

After all, it was no small cost to enter a divergent mystic realm just once. If someone went in and died, that would truly be a great price.

Lin Ming stood before the simulation mystic realm and investigated it with his senses. This simulation mystic realm covered an area of a hundred miles, but what was fascinating was that there were countless space folding array formations within. This meant that the space within was many times larger than expected. If one wanted to go in and obtain the simulation treasures, it truly wouldn't be easy.

’’Haha, Lin Ming, do you have the guts to test yourself? I'll join you!’’

Liu Yan chortled as he stood before the simulation mystic realm.

Lin Ming glanced at Liu Yan. At this time, Ye Rosewater said with a true essence sound transmission, ’’Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, this simulation mystic realm is created with array formations, but after you enter you may be injured, especially if there are true battle puppets placed inside. In other words, there is a chance you will be severely wounded.’’

There were countless risks and dangers within a divergent mystic realm and people often lost their lives exploring them;they weren't games for kids. Carefree Island had done their best to reproduce a mystic realm to its greatest degree. But no matter how lifelike an array formation was, there would inevitably be differences between it and a true environment. Carefree Island had prepared true battle puppets for this reason.

’’Thank you for the advice,’’ Lin Ming whispered back. This Liu Yan clearly wanted to kick him into a pit and have him suffer in this simulation mystic realm.

’’What? Scared? Do you want to back out?’’ As Liu Yan spoke he already stood in front of the simulation mystic realm's entrance. At this time there were already people being tested within.

Several disciples actually exited from the simulation mystic realm. From their appearances Lin Ming could tell they were wounded but also very excited. They had clearly passed the test.

’’A 27th level difficulty completed in just 45 minutes! Senior-apprentice Brother Hua is fierce!’’

’’Haha, it's okay. I haven't made much progress since last time.’’ The youth called Senior-apprentice Brother Huo said with deliberately fake modesty. But he couldn't conceal the smile on his face. He was clearly proud of his achievement.

’’Eh? Isn't that Senior-apprentice Brother Liu Yun? Mm? There's also Senior-apprentice Brother White Mirrorjade and Senior-apprentice Sister Ye Rosewater!’’

As these disciples saw who arrived, they were startled. These were the direct disciples of Carefree Island. Especially White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater;those two had an exceptional status. As these disciples saw them, they stared in awe.

’’Oh? Who's that boy? He isn't someone from our Carefree Island.’’

Everyone naturally noticed Lin Ming. They didn't know about the matter of the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, and Liu Yun naturally wouldn't miss out on this opportunity to heap even more public hatred and anger on Lin Ming. He began to send out true essence sound transmissions to these people, telling them in vivid terms about Lin Ming and his goal for coming to Carefree Island.

’’What? Senior-apprentice Brother Liu Yun, is what you said true?’’

’’What a joke! Do we have to return the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree to him? He is only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction! How could a junior possibly handle such an important manner? This requires at least a Holy Lord level master!’’

In the divine Realm, Holy Lord was a title and also the name of a boundary. A Holy Lord level master wasn't necessarily the Holy Lord of a Holy Land. Carefree Island was just half a step away from becoming a Holy Land, and the Highest Elders of Carefree Island were also Holy Lord level masters. For such an important matter, it naturally needed to be managed by a Holy Lord level master. To send an eighth stage Life Destruction junior was just taking things too lightly!

’’How could anyone still think that? He probably doesn't even have a Holy Lord level powerhouse supporting him. I guess that after his bloodline reached this generation, there is only this boy left!’’

’’Impossible, this boy is too naïve!’’

’’How interesting. This boy comes to Carefree Island to take the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree, and he actually dares to stand here. He really isn't afraid of being beaten to death by others.’’

Several martial artists conversed with true essence sound transmissions, all of them looking at Lin Ming with a joking light in their eyes. This was because Liu Yun's description of Lin Ming hadn't been as detailed as White Mirrorjade's. Liu Yun had deliberately mocked and belittled Lin Ming, so these disciples didn't know that the high level figures of Carefree Island already convened the Council of Elders to specifically discuss this matter, let alone that Xiao Skywhite himself supported Lin Ming.

None of them were worried at all that Lin Ming would walk away with the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree. They didn't look at Lin Ming with fury or hate, but instead looked at him with a thoughtful and amused expression. To them, this was the same as a countryside bumpkin going up to the emperor and saying that he will take the emperor's throne.

’’Haha, Lin Ming, I remember that you said that you would easily be able to become a top direct disciple of Carefree Island, right?’’ Liu Yun maliciously smiled, speaking out loud in front of everyone.

Humph, this father will mess with you until you're done with!

Indeed, these words were simply to create more anger. It had to be known that although these disciples were direct disciples, they were only in the middle reaches of direct disciples;they were far from being able to compare with peak characters like White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater. To become a top direct disciple was a goal all of them struggled toward. Although they put forth all of their effort, it was just far too difficult. But now that they heard Lin Ming said he'd be able to easily accomplish their goal, this was the same as ruthlessly stomping all over their dreams and then spitting on them.

Wasn't this the same as ridiculing all of their efforts from before? How could they not be angry!

’’How interesting! It looks like you're quite confident in yourself! I heard your entrance examination results were quite good?’’ A disciple jeered.

’’Haha, number one on the entrance examination! How fierce!’’ another disciple said in an exaggerated tone, his voice full of mocking irony.

’’I think that those that are number one on the entrance examination can become an inner court disciple, right? I'm sorry, I forgot to ask my junior-apprentice brother who manages these sorts of things.’’

As the several disciples were taking turns deriding him, Lin Ming smiled and said, ’’You all seem to be mistaken about the matter. I did not say it would be easy to become a top existence among your Carefree Island's direct disciples. Although that isn't considered anything to me at all, I don't have such an interest. If I have to be blunt, I have no interest in joining Carefree Island now or in the future. You don't have to try and feel good about yourselves. The reason I joined Carefree Island's entrance examination is only because I wanted to see the Island Master.’’

These words of Lin Ming were not just slapping them across the face, but taking a big pile of shit and smearing it all over them! The disciples were infuriated. This Lin Ming clearly didn't place their Carefree Island in his eyes.

Liu Yun cracked his knuckles. ’’Brat, you've got guts! I want to see today just how crazy you are! If you have any courage at all, enter the simulation mystic realm with me! Junior-apprentice Brother Luo, open the 29th level of difficulty! And put forth the true slaughter puppets, if we're going to play, let's play for real!’’

Liu Yun shouted out to a disciple named Luo, but that disciple seemed indifferent as he responded. ’’Senior-apprentice Brother Liu, there is no need to kill a chicken with a knife meant to kill an ox. I can deal with him myself.’’

’’No need. I'm more than enough to educate this idiot.’’ A ninth stage Life Destruction martial artist interjected.

When Lin Ming arrived, he had heard that someone called Senior-apprentice Brother Hua had passed the 27th level of difficulty. From this he was able to glean an approximate understanding of this simulation mystic realm's difficulty.

In most cases, Lin Ming wouldn't be interested in fighting with others over things like his, but that didn't mean he feared them. Moreover, according to what Ye Rosewater told him and also thinking about Mo Riverbliss actions, he realized that for such an important matter as the Ten Severing Dao Tree, she would surely test him.

Perhaps everything that was happening right now was seen by Mo Riverbliss. She might be secretly observing him and seeing whether or not he could deal with the siege of these young disciples.

Once Lin Ming realized this, he naturally couldn't avoid the fight ahead. If he retreated to Free Ming Pavilion and hid there, he would only be considered easy to bully without any ability at all. How could he earn the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree like this?

He faintly smiled at the disciples and said, ’’Since you're interested in 'teaching' me, then how about you all come at me together? This mystic realm can hold more than one person.’’

’’Haha, that's what I wanted to hear!’’

’’Since you want to die, let me help you!’’

The smile on these disciples' faces became increasingly arrogant and reckless. ’’Thank you all for agreeing, but Liu Yun, since you put forth a 29th level difficulty, that should mean you've cleared it before. Don't you think that using a difficulty you've already cleared to deal with me is a bit boring?’’ Lin Ming said as he turned to Liu Yun.

Liu Yun frowned, ’’What do you mean?’’

As for the other disciples, they were left in a daze. The majority of them had passed the 27-28th level of difficulty, and the 29th level would likely mean they would suffer an agonizing death and defeat. As for anything above that, that was simply a joke.

’’What I mean is that we should increase the difficulty. Only then is there a challenge,’’ Lin Ming spoke, a playful smile dancing on his face.


’’This brat is crazy!’’

’’What do you mean crazy, he's just an idiot! He's never entered the simulation mystic realm so he definitely doesn't know what the 29th level means. He just wants to die.’’

The surrounding disciples paled as they heard Lin Ming want to raise the difficulty. They couldn't even deal with the 29th level of difficulty.

’’What about it? Weren't you all loudly speaking about teaching me a lesson? Are you all cowering back now?’’ Lin Ming's eyes swept over everyone. These people all had cultivations at the early divine Sea realm or below, and their overall talent was far below the monstrous geniuses of the four God Beast Clans that had entered the God Beast Mystic Realm. The four God Beast Clans were each peak Holy Lands, and the Ancient Dragon Clan in particular was once a World King level influence.

’’You!’’ The disciples all stiffened. They weren't afraid of the ruthless, but they were afraid of those that didn't care for their lives. Was this Lin Ming trying to perish together and bring them all down with him?

’’I understand. He clearly understands his cultivation is too low and cannot defeat us, that's why he's trying to pull us all down with him!’’

’’What's there to be afraid of? This is only a simulation mystic realm! Although it is true battle, if we are severely wounded, we'll be kicked out by the array formations before we die. At worst, we'll just have to recuperate in bed for half a month. He only has an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation. His wounds will definitely be worse than ours!’’

’’That's right. Who cares about some wounds? We can't back down and lose our pressure on him.’’

Several disciples spoke with true essence sound transmissions before coming to a unanimous agreement. As for Liu Yun, the corners of his lips twitched for a bit before he seemed to come to a great decision. He grit his teeth and said, ’’Fine! Open the 30th level and bring in the true battle puppets and vicious beasts! This is going to be a true fight!’’


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