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Martial World - Chapter 108


Grand Banquet




’’This Lin Ming, he has not grown up and yet already has such rallying appeal. If he is willing to help me, my succession to the throne will be much smoother.’’

Thinking of this, Yang Lin began to worry somewhat over the outcome. Before, Lin Ming and Zhu Yan had hostilities against each other, and fearing that Lin Ming would be framed and assassinated, thought that perhaps he might serve as his backer. But after not seeing him for a month, Lin Ming's strength had grown too quickly!

With his growing influence, he now had the support of the Seven Profound Martial House;there was no one would dare to easily move against him. He would certainly become a grand character in the future that wielded great power. With such capital in his hands, he didn't need to attach himself to anyone.

’’Haha, it's been awhile since I've seen Your Highness the Crown Prince.’’ As soon as the Southern Martial Marquis saw Yang Lin, he gave a hearty laugh and a ceremonial bow. Although he did not need to accept the Crown Prince's invitation, if he saw the Crown Prince, he still had to give proper greeting due to customs. After all, the Southern Martial Marquis was still only a marquis. Above that was a duke, and above the duke was a prince. But the Crown Prince's status, was also above a prince.

Even though there were so many different levels of nobility, a title was just a title;it had no real power and was only nominal. The influence of a person in the Sky Fortune Kingdom had little to do with their title, but was affected by their position, strength, and military authority. The Southern Martial Marquis held enormous influence among the army;even Yang Lin had to greet him politely.

Yang Lin rushed up to the Southern Martial Marquis and hurriedly said, ’’Southern Martial Marquis, don't be a stranger. Feel free to enjoy this grand banquet that I've set up There is no need to be overly courteous, the Southern Martial Marquis is one the ten great generals of my Sky Fortune Kingdom and whose cultivation is at the Pulse Condensation Period. This Prince has always wanted to be good friends with the honorable Southern Martial Marquis. For the Southern Martial Marquis to come here so unexpectedly, this prince is very surprised!

’’’’Haha, I have been busy with military affairs these past few days, but I could not shirk Your Highness' invitation.’’ The Southern Martial Marquis casually explained. Yang Lin would of course not pursue the matter, and welcome the Southern Martial Marquis with a seat of honor.

’’Army Major of Sky Fortune City's Royal Guard Forces, Lord Wang, has arrived!’’

The herald announced another arrival. As soon as he heard this, Yang Lin's eyebrows rose. The leader of Sky Fortune City's royal guard forces, Wang Gan?

That sly old fox, he also came? Yang Lin was startled. Wang Gan's arrival had even surprised him more than the Southern Martial Marquis. Before this he hadn't even delivered a written invitation to Wang Gan.

He came uninvited, and also at such a sensitive time. There were so many spies staring at him, and this Wang Gan dared to come to the banquet? Was he not afraid that Yang Zhen would know this?

The truth was that out of today's guests;Wang Gan's status wasn't anything too high-ranking. The position of army major was underneath that of a general. The Sky Fortune Kingdom had several dozen generals, and almost 200 majors. Moreover Wang Gan didn't even have a title and he was not an aristocrat.

Although Wang Gan's status sounded insignificant, Wang Gan's military status was in the top few;he was even more important than some of the top generals. This was mainly because his position was too important - Sky Fortune City's Royal Guard Forces Army Major!

Since ancient times, the military has always been very sensitive to the struggle for the throne, and the Royal Guard Forces were a step from the sensitive of the sensitive! Almost all of the palace coups were through the Royal Guard Forces and the Imperial Palace Guards!

Because of this, Sky Fortune Kingdom's Royal Guard Forces did not have a commanding general. Instead, they had four different majors, each in charge of the four directions of east, west, south, and north. With the authority of Sky Fortune City's Royal Guard Forces so decentralized, the four army majors were able to restrict each other.

Wang Gan was the army major of the eastern Royal Guard Forces. He certainly knew how sensitive his status was, therefore he had always been cautions and had always maintained a balanced distance between the princes. Anyone who could be stand in this position were themselves a sly old fox.

Sky Fortune City's Royal Guard Forces Army Major was not the same as the Southern Martial Marquis!

Even if the Crown Prince failed to succeed the throne, the Southern Martial Marquis was still a general as before. With his prestige and fame as one of the ten great generals of the Sky Fortune Kingdom, not even the Tenth Prince would dare to move him. But Wang Gan was different. He was only a small time army major, and he commanded the Royal Guard Forces. If he did not do well, then the Tenth Prince would remove him, and even press charges of homicide against him to get rid of him.

’’Wang Gan actually came. Even if he wants to meet Lin Ming it shouldn't... I think...’’ Yang Lin suddenly remembered. Two months ago, on the date of the Seven Profound Martial House's entrance examination, he had conveniently sent a sound transmitting talisman to help Lin Ming. The one who had framed Lin Ming, he was certain it had been a son of Wang Gan.

Initially Lin Ming had been an unimportant person, so this matter was only in passing to Yang Lin. He not simply not placed this in his heart, and thus forgotten about it.

So that's it. Wang Gan had probably been feeling very upset these days. Thinking of this, Yang Lin silently laughed in his heart.

Wang Gan had indeed been truly full of suffering these days. His just had too much bad luck;even lying down he would be hit. When he had discovered that the boy who had come into conflict with his son was the current number one rising star of the entire Sky Fortune Kingdom, Wang Gan wanted to cry but had no tears.

Just who did he piss off to have this happen to him?

Two months ago at the Seven Profound Martial House entrance examination;his son had framed Lin Ming, and caused the Crown Prince to send a sound transmitting talisman to the public security department. This made Wang Gan feel a bit frustrated. After all, this was something that his good-for-nothing son had done, and the Crown Prince should not go so far as to implicate him.

But he absolutely would never have thought that the problem could come from Lin Ming. This fellow had changed, and had become a rare talent that was only seen every hundred years at the Seven Profound Martial House. He would surely be a great character in the Sky Fortune Kingdom who could control wind and lightning at his command. This kind of character, as long as he wanted, could absolutely promote someone to the nobility or even a general.

Once Lin Ming grew up, if he wanted to get rid of anyone, it was would be as simple as turning over his hand.

Wang Gan knew that his son's conflict with Lin Ming was not so simple as fighting, but that Wang Yigao had gone to the degree of wanting to kill him!

Wang Gan had asked himself, what would he do if he had experienced this? He would never let go!

So how could he not be afraid? He couldn't even sleep in peace these past days. But Lin Ming lived at the Seven Profound Martial House, and because of the regulations of the Seven Profound Martial House, he did not have any chance at all to contact Lin Ming. Not to mention him, but not even those high nobles could see him!

Therefore the only chance he had to see Lin Ming was to come to the Crown Prince's grand banquet. He really wanted to choke his son to death himself!

The day that he had heard the news, he had dragged out Wang Yigao and overwhelmingly beat him before locking him in confinement for 6 months.

Mentioning Wang Yigao, Wang Yigao had almost had a nervous breakdown. The first time that he had been defeated by Lin Ming was when Lin Ming had hit his servant. At that time Wang Yigao had regarded Lin Ming as ant. Being bitten by an ant, he would just crush him underneath his foot and kill him.

Therefore he had brought a bunch of ruffians to finish off Lin Ming, but the result was that he had his name written in reverse.

When Wang Yigao had returned, he had been punished to a two month confinement. He could not drink or eat meat, and could not go to the brothel. It had simply ruined Wang Yigao's life. He came out of confinement wanting to get revenge, so he had pestered him at the Seven Profound Martial House's entrance exam. At that time, Lin Ming was nothing but a cockroach to Wang Yigao, just a bit more formidable than an ant. But he could still crush him underneath his boot.

However, that time Wang Yigao had been beaten even worse. Not only had his body been pummeled, but his face had been hit. And the most miserable part was that he had even punished even more by Wang Gan, and had been sent to half a year of confinement.

Slowly, over time, Wang Yigao had become used to not having wine and meat, and also not having women. He began to diligently study the martial books daily. However, as he was doing well, Wang Yigao was somehow dragged out again and beaten again for a round.

This beating had been truly ruthless. Each strike had caused Wang Yigao to almost faint. Finally, he learned why he had been beaten up. The name of Lin Ming had already become a nightmare to Wang Yigao. Even if he borrowed the courage of ten thousand men, he still would not dare to bother Lin Ming anymore.

A family's discipline was always rough. Wang Gan had severely hit Wang Yigao, but the truth was this was to protect Wang Yigao. He wanted to give an explanation to Lin Ming. Since Wang Yigao had wanted to beat Lin Ming to death before, if he wasn't beaten up horribly himself, then Lin Ming might not be so forgiving of this matter.

’’Greetings to Your Highness the Crown Prince. I have come uninvited;I beg your highness for your forgiveness.’’ Wang Gan deeply bowed, with a hint of fear and trepidation.

’’Haha, Major Wang is too polite. That Major Wang can come today really causes this prince to feel very happy. Please feel free.’’ Yang Lin did not say that he knew the reason Wang Gan had come today was to see Lin Ming.

’’Thank you Your Highness.’’

As time passed, noble after noble came to the banquet. The Crown Prince's grand banquet had presented an unprecedented prosperous atmosphere.

All these celebrities and famous figures came from various quarters. They were dressed in magnificent formal clothes and carried elegant wine glasses as they chatted in soft tones. Every action and movement they made showed the etiquette of the aristocrat. These people were all influential figures within Sky Fortune City.

’’Big Sister Jingyun, you also came.’’ Murong Zi had spotted Bai Jingyun in the crowd. Originally she was a bit impatient since she had been bothered by some playboy, but her perturbed face suddenly morphed into a joyful smile. She moved her feet and like a small fish she appeared in an instant at Bai Jingyun's side. Even the gorgeous but tedious formal dress she had on did not affect her movement. At such an elegant banquet, her actions were unobtrusive, and made people feel as if it were a kind of passing cloud and flowing water.

’’Little Sister Murong, I didn't think that your Murong Family would also be here.’’

Murong Zi and Bai Jingyun were the two dazzling girls that had attended Lin Ming's last Ten Thousand Killing Array assessment. These two were the proud women of the Seven Profound Martial House. Murong Zi was 17 years old and ranked 28 on the Ranking Stone. Bai Jingyun was 18 years old and ranked 22 on the Ranking Stone. They were collectively referred to as the 'Seven Profound Proud Pair'.

It could be said that a thousand myriad graces were set in their bodies. With these two heavenly ladies gathered in the same place, they attracted the immediate attention of numerous men. These two were much like arrogant peacocks;they were simply cranes among the chickens here.

’’I remember that your Murong Family rarely comes to the Crown Prince's banquets.’’ Bai Jingyun paused slightly, and then laughed as she whispered, ’’Are you here to look for a date?’’

’’Gosh! Big Sister Jingyun don't tease me, these playboys are no good!’’ Murong Zi had the qualifications to say this. With her talent and strength, in addition to her flawless looks, in the entirety of the Sky Fortune City, she was only inferior to Qin Xingxuan.

There were truly few sons of the aristocratic families that could match up to her. Zhang Guanyu's talent and looks were nice, but he was famous for being a flowery playboy. He also practiced the Acacia Power;who knew how many women he had played with at this point. As for the Tenth Prince and the Crown Prince, the Crown Prince already had a wife. With Murong Zi's proud nature, it was impossible for her to settle for being a concubine. That said, the outcome of the battle between the Crown Prince and the Tenth Prince was not clear, so the Murong Family naturally would not dare to rashly marry off anyone.

’’Haha, of course it's not them. The one I'm talking about is...’’ Bai Jingyun spoke to this point, when the voice of the herald suddenly sounded out from behind the door. ’’The Seven Profound Martial House's Lin Ming, Mister Lin!’’


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