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Martial World - Chapter 1073


Chapter 1073 - True Martial World




’’Run away! Quickly run away!’’

’’Everyone scatter!’’

’’Great master, I beg you not to kill me, foolish little me was confused. I had eyes and yet I still couldn't see Mount Tai, and now I've offended great master. I beg that great master spare my life.’’

As these murderers and robbers saw Lin Ming kill them so aggressively, all of them were scared witless. In just a split second, over half of all the divine Sea martial artists had been killed. This sort of strength surpassed the scope of their understanding. And since they were nothing more than a gang that had gathered together casually, they began to surrender upon the sight of such a powerful enemy.

As Lin Ming saw the disgusting looks on these people's faces, he sneered, ’’When you want to kill others you kill them, but when you find out you can't, you decide to kneel and beg for mercy instead. Where is there such a wonderful deed in this world? Since you've already decided to murder someone, you should have come to terms with your own potential death.’’

Chi chi chi!

A spear light flashed. Seven or eight martial artists were pierced through, instantly dying.

’’Ahhh! Fight him to the death!’’

As the martial artists saw that there was no path to survival left for them, they decided to desperately go all-out against Lin Ming. But, Lin Ming simply swept his hand out and a spear light crossed through the horizon, beheading all of them!

As he killed these people, some early Life Destruction and Revolving Core junior martial artists had already fled dozens of miles away by now. Lin Ming didn't bother with them. He directly chased the black-armored large man.

The black-armored large man was the only peak late divine Sea martial artist in the group and he had also reached the eighth stage of Life Destruction;Lin Ming would naturally focus on him.

He didn't use his fingers as a spear anymore. He directly flourished the Phoenix Blood Spear.

999 small blood spears waved through the skies, forming a crimson storm.

Chasing Thunder!

Lin Ming's speed reached the peak. The Phoenix Blood Spear thrust straight towards the black-armored large man's back.

The black-armored large man crazily roared and then swiveled around. He took out his own high-grade saint artifact serrated sword and chopped down at Lin Ming. He knew that he wasn't Lin Ming's match, thus he used this suicidal type of attack. As long as Lin Ming stabbed him then he would definitely be able to tear apart Lin Ming!

If one was up against a much stronger opponent, this method was indeed a smart choice. Unfortunately, the one that the black-armored large man had bumped into was Lin Ming.

As the Phoenix Blood Spear was about to clash with the serrated sword, in that moment, Lin Ming's thoughts dove into his spiritual sea. The grandmist battle spirit broke out, forming a world of will projection!


The black-armored large fellow felt his shoulders sink. He could only feel that his serrated sword suddenly seemed to be wrapped up in some invisible web. His speed plummeted!

At the same time, Lin Ming's Phoenix Blood Spear rapidly accelerated. He let go of the spear and with the support of the grandmist battle spirit, the spear shot forwards with a shrill whistling sound, piercing through the black-armored large fellow's chest!


With his heart torn apart, the black-armored large man looked down at the massive hole in his chest that blood gushed from. Even at the end, he still couldn't believe that he had been instantly killed by an eighth stage Life Destruction martial artist!

’’Gold... gold battle spirit? Are... are you really a Life Destruction martial artist?’’

The black-armored large man whispered. Soon, his eyes glazed over and he no longer spoke.

Lin Ming put away the Phoenix Blood Spear. Because he had been so fast, the spear edge hadn't even been wetted with blood. After this fight, those several Life Destruction and Revolving Core juniors that managed to luckily escape wouldn't believe that the one who slaughtered them had an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation. They all thought that Lin Ming was hiding his true strength from them.

Lin Ming wasn't some demon who killed without rhyme or reason. Out of the dozens of martial artists that had gathered here, there were some who didn't have any killing intent. They were the ones who had come purely to seek treasures and without the intention of robbing other martial artists. He simply let those people run away.

As for the possibility of those people revealing his whereabouts because he let them go and thus drawing the attention of his enemies, that was simply impossible. The divine Realm was just too vast. There were countless planets with countless strange and miraculous events occurring at all times. No matter how great an intelligence organization was, it would still be impossible to cover the entirety of the divine Realm!

Moreover, Lin Ming was at a great world far away from Atlas Word. What happened just now was also a minor matter that simply didn't warrant anyone's concern.

Like this, Lin Ming left this small planet. His destination was... True Martial World!

True Martial World wasn't ranked among the largest of the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds, but it did have one of the most glorious reputations. This was because it was one of the busiest and most prosperous trade markets in the divine Realm.

On True Martial World, countless great trade associations and auctions houses were converged. At any given moment there were limitless heavenly materials being bought and sold. It was said that in the marketplaces and auction houses here, there were even harvests for a World King level powerhouse.

Of course, Lin Ming didn't come here for True Martial World's bustling economic scene. Although he had many priceless treasures, most of them could not be revealed to the public and it was impossible for him to trade them for money.

As for the currency of the divine Realm, that was violet sun stones. Besides the violet sun stones that Huo Violentstone gave Lin Ming, the rest of the ones he had were taken from the corpses of Dragon One and the other disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan. However, although he was currently much wealthier than a martial artist at his level should be, compared to those people that came to True Martial World to bid on items, he was simply a joke.

The true reason that Lin Ming came to True Martial World was to seek out the chess piece that the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had arranged for in the past, as well as to obtain the resources that Mo Eversnow had left behind!


In a great and endless red desert, every grain of sand was bright red like blood. Above the desert, wild winds raged about, stirring up massive tornados of sand and creating great crimson seas that reached the heavens!

These wild winds contained an extremely powerful disintegrative and smothering power. Any Xiantian realm martial artist that was sucked into these sandstorms would be blown into pieces and suffer a horrifying death!

And above this blood red desert, the skies were also a deep red.

This was a divergent world. In the Sky Spill Continent, when one referred to a divergent world they could be referring to the Holy Demon Continent or even the divine Realm. But in the divine Realm, a divergent world often held a simple meaning - that was a divine Realm mystic realm!

These different worlds had different Laws compared to a primary world of the divine Realm, and there was also a space barrier that separated them. These mystic realms came in multiple layers with endless distances;they could even be called another universe.

When Lin Ming entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, that was only one of the countless mystic realms of the divine Realm.

Although there were countless mystic realms in the divine Realm, only a small portion of them had known entrances that connected to the divine Realm primary worlds. The other mystic realms were either sealed off or their entrances were unknown.

Without a doubt, a mystic realm meant exorbitantly rich resources and fortuitous encounters. Because these mystic realms were incomparably ancient, many of them had a history that was longer and more wondrous than many great worlds of the divine Realm.

These mystic realms had continuously gathered heavenly materials over an immeasurable span of time. Moreover, they were rarely visited. Thus, the amount of wealth accumulated within them could be imagined.

The entrance to this mystic realm with the limitless red desert was located at the main continent of True Martial World. It was referred to by others as the Red Desolate Mystic Realm.

This mystic realm was jointly governed by several influences of True Martial World.

At this time, above the desert, a number of martial artists had gathered in the air. There were around 700-800 of them that were scattered in small groups all over the vast red desert. From high above the skies, they looked no different to ants.

The overwhelming majority of these martial artists were at the Revolving Core realm, and the remainder were at the divine Sea realm. Of the divine Sea powerhouses, the ones with the highest cultivation among them were at the middle divine Sea. Even then there were only several of them. The rest were at the early divine Sea realm.

These people all seemed to be searching the desert. Once they made a discovery they would begin to excavate it. At times, they would dig out something similar to black crystals, and sometimes they would dig out small pieces of beast bones, spirit medicines, and even spirit plants. It was obvious that these people were all gathering resources in the mystic realm. As for those divine Sea martial artists, although they also helped in gathering resources, their main duties were to oversee the operation and to stand guard over everyone else.

These martial artists were all disciples of True Martial World's Carefree Island.

’’Everyone hurry up as much as you can. We have less than an hour left until we are automatically transported out of here by the Laws of the Mystic Realm. We have to take advantage of this time we have left to gather as many resources as we can. Our harvests this time cannot be low!’’ The one who spoke was a young blue-clothed martial artist. He was clearly leading this group of excavators. His cultivation was at the peak of the middle divine Sea and he was just a little bit away from breaking into the late divine Sea realm.

’’Yes!’’ The martial artists below responded in unison. It was clear that this blue-clothed martial artist had a great deal of prestige here.

’’Perk up your minds and keep guard all around you! This final stretch of time is always the most dangerous of all. Be careful that those fellows from Splintersoul Mountain or the Occult Bone Clan don't try to come and steal our spoils at the last moment!’’

’’Don't worry Elder Senior-apprentice Brother. If anyone dares to steal from us we'll slaughter them until they run away with their tails between their legs!’’ Several divine Sea disciples casually chatted. But, one could see that they were in fact very nervous and vigilant, not seeming relaxed at all!

To a martial artist, resources were life. In a mystic realm of a divergent world, there was wealth to be found everywhere. But, this wealth was often found at the edge of life or death. There were countless extreme talents in the divine Realm that had perished in these divergent world mystic realms!

Just as that disciple's voice was heard, the blue-clothed youth captain's expression suddenly changed. He looked up into the distance, and he could see that faintly, between the endless grains of blood red sand, there was the appearance of people's shadows!

These people were menacingly rushing over. Their intentions were clearly bad!

As everyone else saw this, their complexions also changed.

’’Splintersoul Mountain! Occult Bone Clan! So many... there must be 60-70 of them!’’

’’Heavens! How could there be so many!’’

The disciples of Carefree Island felt a chill crawl down their backs. In this divergent world mystic realm, sending a Revolving Core martial artist here cost an extremely low price. But, for a divine Sea martial artist to arrive here, they actually had to pay a massive number of violet sun stones. As for sending 60-70 of those people, that was truly an astronomical figure!

’’They've come to steal our resources.’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao, what do we do!?’’ Several divine Sea martial artists cried out in panic. Although they were outstanding geniuses among martial artists of their level, their opposition wasn't poor either. And facing numbers several times their own, once they fought, the results could be imagined.

The blue-clothed youth called Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao grit his teeth and shouted, ’’Fight! Although they are here to steal our resources, that doesn't mean they'll let us live even if we surrender. Fight with everything you have! We have less than an hour left until we're transmitted out of here! If we can last until the end then we win!’’



The 10 plus divine Sea disciples of Carefree Island shot into the sky. A tragic and cruel battle soon commenced...


’’I'm here. This is True Martial World.’’ Lin Ming floated high above a light yellow continent. Looking from high up, he could see no limit to its ends. The place that Lin Ming had arrived at was not a planet, but the central continent of True Martial World!


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