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Martial World - Chapter 1072


Chapter 1072 - Display of Strength




As soon as Mo Eversnow sensed the appearance of the origin energy cloud, she perked up. Although there had been several layers of concealing array formations laid down, they were only to hide the cave dwelling. It was extremely difficult to hide this sort of turbulent heaven and earth origin energy. Luckily, there wasn't any sort of extremely powerful master on this planet. As long as no divine Lord powerhouse appeared, Mo Eversnow would be able to kill them.

The origin energy cloud grew increasingly large. From three miles, to six miles, nine miles, 12 miles... all the way to 18 miles!

’’Six Layered Heavens Life Destruction?’’

Mo Eversnow's complexion changed as she sensed the size of the origin energy cloud outside of the cave dwelling. A Six Layered Heavens ninth stage Life Destruction couldn't be considered anything at all, but a Six Layered Heavens eighth stage Life Destruction was something else. When Lin Ming finally broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, the size of the origin energy cloud he produced then would be on a horrifying scale.

At this moment, the particles of Lin Ming's flesh and blood turned into a red light that broke out of the cave dwelling, piercing straight into the origin energy clouds. The heavens and earth lost their color as winds and storms surged about!

The origin energy clouds contained both Mystic Realm Laws as well as Grandmist Laws. The simultaneous existence of both of these caused the clouds to alternate between a dark gray and dark red. This was a completely different scene from the origin energy clouds that appeared when an ordinary martial artist crossed Ninefall.

It would take some time for Lin Ming to finish his baptism of Laws in the origin energy clouds. Mo Eversnow cast out her divine sense as far as she could reach, keeping a tight guard over every minor change. If she encountered a middle or late divine Lord realm powerhouse then she would rather interrupt Lin Ming's eighth stage Life Destruction and have him not fully complete it than risk his life.

Of course, the chances of this happening were extremely tiny. When Lin Ming left, his whereabouts were kept completely secret. Besides Huo Violentstone, Yan Littlemoon, and a few other people, no one even knew that Lin Ming had left the Ancient Phoenix Clan. Then, he had used the universal great void shift on the spirit ship and had long ago arrived at a different great world of the divine Realm. He had even chosen a planet where the average martial artist's cultivation was extremely low. If he happened to run into a divine Lord powerhouse that was simply travelling about, then it could only be said he was extremely unlucky.

’’Mm? Some people have arrived.’’

Mo Eversnow turned and glanced in a distant direction. She was looking towards an island several thousand miles away. There was a large gang located on this island. The difference between a gang and a sect was that a sect had a core inheritance continually passed down, whereas a gang was nothing but a loose organization of martial artists gathered together for some purpose.

This was only a 'large gang' in the context of this planet. Of course, even saying that, the truth was that its strength was around equal to the Sky Spill Continent's Nine Furnace divine Kingdom. In the divine Realm, there were numerous Holy Lands. As for small sects and small gangs like this, they had reached a terrifying number. There were more of them than there were drops of water in the endless sea. When adventuring in the outside world, one would usually encounter small sects and gangs like these. As for a larger influence like the Ancient Phoenix Clan, there couldn't be said to be too many of them on a great world of the divine Realm, thus they were relatively rare.

’’What is that?’’ An early divine Sea martial artist discovered the changes happening in the distant heaven and earth origin energy, as well as the flashing gray and red lights.

’’Is it a world phenomenon of a heavenly treasure being born? Or is it the Ninefall phenomenon listed in the ancient texts?’’

’’I doubt it is someone crossing Ninefall;it is different from what I've read. Then again, it's not like crossing Ninefall is so easy. On our continent such a situation hasn't appeared in several thousand years! Judging from how intense the heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations are, it is probably a rare treasure being born unto the world. This might be our great lucky chance. Let's go and take a look!’’

The location that Mo Eversnow had chosen for this cave dwelling was the richest point of origin energy on this planet. Going into seclusion here would be extremely beneficial to Lin Ming. But, this place having the richest origin energy also meant that it had the most sects and gangs, and the competition between powerhouses here was also the most intense.

In fact, there were indeed a great number of heavenly materials here, thus many robbers and bandits had gathered here too.

And Lin Ming had stirred up too much heaven and earth origin energy in his crossing of Eightfall. Soon, the martial artists or three nearby gangs spotted him and began rushing over.

Among these people, there were only over a dozen divine Sea realm martial artists, and the majority were Life Destruction realm martial artists along with several Revolving Core realm juniors out for adventuring. Even in the divine Realm, most martial artists were still low level ones like these, especially on such a small planet.

’’Mm? There's an energy field barrier blocking the way!’’

’’Is this an energy field formed by the treasure?’’

’’Attack it, destroy it!’’

Before these martial artists arrived, Mo Eversnow had already used her world of will projection to lock out the surrounding space, not allowing anyone to approach or discover what was happening inside. For someone like Mo Eversnow, it was extremely easy for her to keep out this group of people. And at this time, Lin Ming's Life Destruction also began to come to an end. The origin energy clouds began to contract and shrink downwards.

Lin Ming's brain, bones, organs, muscles, blood, skin, hair, all of it began to form one after the other. This included even his soul. After being tempered with so much energy, the Law fragment runes had carved themselves into Lin Ming's very flesh and blood, and even into his marrow.

He had finally crossed the eighth stage of Life Destruction.

Lin Ming suddenly opened his eyes and lightning seemed to crackle in his pupils. Every breath he took seemed to inhale and exhale pure heaven and earth origin energy. From the seventh stage to the eighth stage of Life Destruction, although he had only crossed a small boundary, his strength had actually soared to another level. This sort of effect was far from what passing a small boundary could be described with.

If he had to fight against the Eightfall Crimson Strifecloud from the Illusionary God Combat Array, he could even roll right over him!

’’Not bad.’’ Mo Eversnow said some rare words of appreciation. ’’There are quite a few people that have gathered outside. Deal with them as you wish.’’

Mo Eversnow took back her own world of will projection and submerged into the Magic Cube.

As the energy field was removed, Lin Ming immediately fell into the encirclement of the martial artists from the three gangs.

Of these people, the ones leading were mostly at the late divine Sea, and the strongest one even neared the divine Transformation realm. That person wore a black medium-grade saint artifact armor and had an extremely large and robust build.

The black-armored large man looked through Lin Ming's cultivation and his eyes flashed with a cold light. He released and covered Lin Ming with his killing intent, trying to suppress Lin Ming with his own pressure. ’’Brat, are you the only one here? Which gang are you from?’’

Every world in the divine Realm had different customs and traditions. This planet had more gangs than they did sects. Martial artists that joined a gang did so through a combination of interests. They might join together to help complete various tasks given to them by their sects from different planets, or they might be organizing more people to explore mystic realms, or they might even be part-time robbers. In fact, many large gangs were nothing but roaming packs of robbers.

The black-armored large man didn't think Lin Ming travelled here from some other planet. For an eighth stage Life Destruction boy to engage in interstellar travel was a completely idiotic idea. And looking at Lin Ming's solid foundation, this boy seemed to have some talent.

’’You f*ker, our boss has asked you a question! Are you deaf!?’’ Seeing Lin Ming remain silent, several of the black-armored large fellow's underlings grew angry. Their group had over a dozen divine Sea masters, and they were now threatening an eighth stage Life Destruction boy with their killing intent, however, the boy did not kneel and beg for mercy, nor was he scared shitless. How could any one of them feel comfortable about this?

It had to be known that these martial artists were all people that constantly danced on the edge of death. They were masters who had been tempered through countless bloody battles. They could tell at first glance that Lin Ming was likely one of those disciples of a distinguished family. These people had deep backgrounds, but they were in reality nothing more than flowers grown in a greenhouse;they simply couldn't withstand the wind and rain of the world.

’’F*k! This damned idiot, I think that he has already taken the treasure. Cut off his limbs and search his soul;we're taking the treasure back!’’

An early divine Sea monkey-faced man unhappily said. He was originally a bandit to begin with, so doing this sort of thing came naturally to him.

He prepared to act as soon as he spoke. Lin Ming's cultivation was simply too low for him to develop any sort of caution in his heart. But just as he was about to attack, Lin Ming was actually the first one to do so.

Lin Ming didn't even use the Phoenix Blood Spear. He simply lifted two fingers. Using fingers as a spear, a spear light shot outwards. A shimmering blue beam of light crossed through the skies. No one was able to clearly make out the path of this beam of light. With just a light 'puff' sound, the monkey-faced man's forehead was directly pierced through by the light. Blood splashed out from the back of his head as he died on the spot.

In that moment, everyone was stunned. No one had sensed Lin Ming's killing intent. All they saw was a flash of blue light and then the monkey-faced man had died.

This was too strange. Some people even suspected whether or not that was Lin Ming who had just attacked.

’’Everyone be careful. There is some sort of unknown offensive treasure on that brat's body. It might even be what caused those heaven and earth origin energy fluctuations just now. Let's attack together!’’

As Lin Ming killed a person with a single strike, even the black-armored large fellow was alarmed by this. However, he didn't panic. He didn't believe that Lin Ming had this sort of strength to begin with;there must be some other secret to such a trick. If he ran away just because he didn't understand something, and in the end it turned out that all his fears were due to his own idiocy, then he really wouldn't have any face left. Then again, his cultivation neared the divine Transformation realm, and he could also instantly kill that monkey-faced man. There was just no need for him to fear Lin Ming.

Over a dozen divine Sea powerhouses attacked together as well as several eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists. As for Ninefall geniuses, they weren't cabbages even in the vast divine Realm, so how could they possibly appear on such a small planet like this.

’’It seems that all of you are used to being bandits. Your cultivation methods and understandings of Concepts are far too different from each other;truly a crowd of rabble, nothing more than the dregs of the divine Realm. Today, I shall enforce justice on behalf of the heavens!’’

Facing over a dozen divine Sea powerhouses, Lin Ming's expression was calm and steady. He flicked out his fingers and dozens of spear lights instantly shot out. These spear lights were a deep azure color and they also contained the Concept of Endlessness. A single wisp of azure true essence could destroy a wisp of ordinary true essence several times stronger!

As for these divine Sea powerhouses, their talent was even inferior to that of the worst Firebird Hall disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace. As for the strongest black-armored large fellow among them, he was about the same as Yang Yun.

In front of Lin Ming's attacks, their protective true essence was nothing more than rotten paper, easily pierced through.

Puff puff puff!

Blood rained down. Of those divine Sea martial artists, over half of them immediately died, all of the eighth stage Life Destruction martial artists died, and the survivors were all left severely wounded. There were even some spear lights that stabbed through several people together!

’’This... this is...’’


All of the surviving martial artists were petrified. The black-armored large fellow leading them turned paler than death, his entire body trembling. This time, he had been able to clearly see that Lin Ming hadn't used any type of saint artifact to attack;all he did was send out his true essence to kill his enemies. This was only possible because his control of his true essence had reached a terrifying degree. Thus, when he killed his enemies, he hadn't wasted even a bit of true essence!

As for why there had been no killing intent when Lin Ming had killed the monkey-faced man, this was because killing intent was originally a type of force field formed by one's desire to kill. If one were up against fundamentally insignificant opponents, for instance a man stepping on ants, then there would be no killing intent at all.

In other words, in front of Lin Ming, the monkey-faced man had been nothing more than an ant. It wasn't until now, when he faced several late divine Sea martial artists, that Lin Ming revealed his killing intent.


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