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Martial World - Chapter 1071


Chapter 1071 - Crossing Eightfall

Time slowly passed. Lin Ming withstood the agonizing suffering for an entire hour. This pain  simply couldn't be described with words. It was like every bit and piece of his flesh and blood was being grinded down by the dragon blood. This was even more painful than being roasted within the Hells of Flame;his body was directly burnt from the inside out.

And at this time, the dragon marrow began to show its miraculous effects. As a part of the dragon marrow fused with Lin Ming's body, it began to display its powerful regenerative abilities.

Some of Lin Ming's shattered meridians and torn organs began to slowly regenerate. As they did, he felt his entire body itch. But before these wounds could fully heal, they would tear right back open. This painful ripping along with the unbearable itching was a feeling that made one wish for death.

All of Lin Ming's blood and sweat was mixed together in a crimson pool on the ground. Lin Ming had lost over 80% of his blood. An ordinary person would have died to the point of not being able to die any more. Even if it were a martial artist, losing so much blood would begin to affect their life source. But, Lin Ming had dragon marrow in his body, and this dragon marrow was slowly fusing into Lin Ming's own marrow and beginning to replace it. Now, the blood that he produced was no longer ordinary blood, but blood that was close to being a dragon's blood!

This was truly washing the marrow and bringing in new blood. He was replacing his own blood with dragon blood!

In this sense, the dragon marrow contained within the supreme dragon bone had a fundamental difference from the dragon marrow blood that the Ancient Dragon Clan had. Dragon marrow blood was only the blood from a dragon's marrow. Once it was transplanted into a human's body, it could only transform their bloodline. That sort of transformation could not compare with the complete dragon marrow. With the transplantation of dragon marrow, that was truly transformation of the marrow. One's own marrow would change too, and that was the equivalent of altering the very basis of one's blood. It would make one's blood more similar to dragon blood.

Mo Eversnow continued to stand guard beside Lin Ming. Every single change within Lin Ming's body fell into her eyes. Whenever some phoenix blood leaked out with the ordinary blood, she would cast a seal and lock that phoenix blood into his body.

This was the so-called union of dragon and phoenix. The newly-absorbed dragon marrow did not conflict with the phoenix blood in Lin Ming's body at all. Rather, they fused together perfectly and even mutually benefited each other. In the scope of Mo Eversnow's senses, she could see that Lin Ming was being thoroughly transformed. The blood in Lin Ming's blood vessels began to shine with a bright light. If one took a drop of Lin Ming's blood into a completely dark room, they would be able to see his blood emit a light golden radiance, similar to a shining night pearl.

At this step, Mo Eversnow knew that Lin Ming's transformation was thoroughly completed. She also let out a light breath. For an entire hour, she had been combing her senses through every single inch of Lin Ming's flesh and blood, feeling every minute change happening. This wasn't an easy process at all.

"This is truly an extraordinary lucky chance… in the past, if my Verdant Feather Holy Lands had such dragon marrow then my grandfather's injuries would have been healed. If he was able to live longer then I would have been able to break into the World King realm. At that time, I would naturally have assumed the position of ruler of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. I might have even become the next World King of the Shifting Feather World and saved the Verdant Feather Holy Lands from falling apart."

Mo Eversnow sighed. She had never had such a lucky chance in the past, but now Lin Ming did. If this continued, then Lin Ming would begin to accumulate more and more superiorities. His future accomplishments would reach a terrifying degree.

At this time Lin Ming had fallen into a coma. Rather, it wasn't exactly a coma, but a dormant state where he had fallen completely unconscious. Every single cell in his body had also entered a dormant condition. In this state, Lin Ming's body, meridians, bones, organs, all of them were experiencing earth-shaking changes!

This was a change on the cellular level. Dragon blood now flowed through Lin Ming's veins, and blood was what carried energy to nourish the cells throughout the body. To have a body nourished with dragon blood and common blood, of course the effects were different!

Slowly, Lin Ming's cells became more dense and the connection between them more solid. Every single strand of Lin Ming's body could withstand a tearing force of a million jins!

As Lin Ming's body changed, even his nails fell off for new ones to appear. These new nails shined like crystal and seemed to be as soft and glossy as jade petals. They could even be called perfect.

A few hours later, Lin Ming's broken meridians began to slowly mend together. After washing his marrow and switching his blood, there were countless injuries littered through Lin Ming's body. But, underneath the new regenerative properties of Lin Ming's body, all of these wounds healed up. It would only be another one or two hours for Lin Ming to completely recover.

And at this moment, a sudden change occurred. All of the surrounding heaven and earth origin energy began surging towards Lin Ming. The energy within his body rapidly expanded, and the regenerated skin ruptured again. Deep and shocking fissures appeared through his body, causing his flesh to split apart and blood to rain down.

Following this, Lin Ming's meridians and blood vessels began to shatter. Immense amounts of energy swelled up within him as if he would explode at any moment.

Mo Eversnow wrinkled her eyebrows as she saw this sudden chance. "He's actually crossing Eightfall at such a time, mm… so he had been suppressing his cultivation all this time…"

In truth, Lin Ming had long been able to cross Eightfall, but he had been tamping down his own strength because he wished to better perceive the Laws. If he did so, then when he crossed Ninefall he would be able to have a greater baptism of the Heavenly Dao and obtain a much more significant advantage from that. But now, with his body having entered a dormant state and no consciousness lingering in his spiritual sea, he was naturally unable to suppress the energy in his body. Thus, he began to spontaneously cross the eighth stage of Life Destruction;this was caused by the Laws of the Heavenly Dao.

As Mo Eversnow saw the limited amount of energy within the Extreme Violet Ring be completely sucked dry by Lin Ming, she quickly formed several seals and slammed them into his body, unlocking the energy within the pill he swallowed.

When Mo Eversnow refined the Asura King, she had sealed all of the Asura King's source energy into the pill. As for the dragon marrow, that formed the Azure Dragon that wrapped around the bead.

From the very beginning when Lin Ming swallowed the pill, he had only absorbed the dragon marrow. The Asura King's source energy was still sealed away. This was because Mo Eversnow had considered the amount of energy Lin Ming could withstand. Absorbing that much dragon marrow was already at the edge of his limits. If he had absorbed the Asura King's source energy during that, then his body would have exploded into ashes.

But now that Lin Ming had completely fused the dragon marrow into his body and was starting to cross the eighth stage of Life Destruction, this was naturally the best time to unlock the energy within the pill.

"One lucky chance has just ended and now another lucky chance has come. This is the total source strength of the Asura King, but it is used for you to cross the eighth stage of Life Destruction."

Although there were countless mystic realms scattered all throughout the divine Realm, there were great energy barriers that blocked entry to many of them. The strong were unable to go, and the weak were definitely not the match of an opponent like the Asura King. The Asura King's source energy contained the special Laws of the God Beast Mystic Realm, and it would be able to make up for Lin Ming's comprehension of Laws to an extremely great degree.

In fact, the mystic realms of the divine Realm were far larger than most people ever imagined. Every single mystic realm could be called its own separate universe. With the divine Realm's 3000 great worlds and the billion worlds of the lower realms, there were different Laws everywhere. Every single world contained infinite mysteries and countless different space-times. The God Beast Mystic Realm was only a single one of these.


As the seal was undone, Lin Ming's body shined as if a sun appeared within him. A pure mystic realm energy thoroughly erupted, savagely attacking his body.

In the moment that the energy erupted, Lin Ming's physical body completely decomposed as his flesh collapsed!

At that moment, Lin Ming began to officially attack the eighth stage of Life Destruction!

In the past when Lin Ming was in the Sky Spill Continent, because of the limitations on one's horizons due to insufficient resources and inheritances, Eightfall was the symbol of a top character that would be remembered throughout history. And now, Lin Ming had finally stepped into the eighth stage of Life Destruction.

The rays of light became increasingly bright. Lin Ming's skin, organs, muscles, everything began to break down into the tiniest particles. Even his dantian broke and his black hole revolving core split apart. Then, his soul also began to decompose.

At the seventh, eighth and ninth stages of Life Destruction, the human body would break down, the revolving core would shatter, and even the soul would dissolve. This was the so-called breaking and reforming of a martial artist's essence, energy, and divine.

Normally, an extremely talented character like Lin Ming would not experience any dangers upon crossing Eightfall. But, he cultivated dual body and energy, and thus his body was extremely tough. He would encounter multiple layers of resistance in crossing Eightfall.

But, Lin Ming's foundation was solid and he even had the source strength of the Asura King supporting him. In addition, with Mo Eversnow watching over him, there wasn't any problem at all. A normal dual body and energy martial artist would find crossing every single stage of Life Destruction to be a tremendous life or death hurdle. If their talent, resources, or lucky chances were lacking, they would instead directly perish during Life Destruction.

However, from the very start and up until now when he was crossing the eighth stage of Life Destruction, Lin Ming had consumed all sorts of heavenly materials, gathered all sorts of rare lucky chances, and had even borrowed the strength of special thunder and flames to arrive at this point. Just this alone would cause nearly all geniuses of the divine Realm to shrink back in fear from ever choosing the path of dual body and energy cultivation. After all, a person had limited time and energy. If so, then maybe it would be more beneficial to spend all that time meditating on the Laws so that they could experience a greater baptism of Laws during Ninefall.

As Lin Ming's soul completely broke down and mixed into his primordial soup of life, his consciousness still faintly existed. He could feel a sea of special energy floating all around him. This energy was completely different from the energies currently present in the divine Realm, and it also represented a different power of Laws: these were mystic realm Laws.

Lin Ming wandered through this sea of mystic realm energy and mystic realm Laws for an untold period of time. His soul broke again and again and again. He forgot the passing of time and even his sense of self.

During this period, Mo Eversnow continued to stand guard next to Lin Ming. As she looked at a nearby hourglass, she could see that 18 days had passed. Lin Ming's crossing of the eighth stage of Life Destruction was finally coming to an end.

The process of Lin Ming crossing Life Destruction this time was extremely slow. His body, dantian, and soul were far more thoroughly broken down. This was because of the mystic realm Laws. It could be said that Lin Ming's soul was experiencing a continued baptism.

And at this moment, Lin Ming's body began to truly reform. Above the hidden cave dwelling, with the clapping of thunder, all of the heaven and earth origin energy was stirred up. The heaven and earth origin energy for several hundred miles around was stirred up, forming a massive vortex!

A cloud slowly formed in the skies. This was Lin Ming's Eightfall origin energy cloud!

As Lin Ming crossed Eightfall, without any surprise at all, an origin energy cloud world phenomenon appeared once more!


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