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Martial World - Chapter 1069


Chapter 1069 - Secret of the Magic Cube

"You brat… why are you insisting on leaving?" Huo Violentstone huffed. But as he saw Lin Ming's earnest expression, he relented. He knew that when Lin Ming did things, he naturally had his own reasons for doing so. He wouldn't do something that he didn't have a full grasp of. Whether it was Huo Yanguang or seizing the drop of Ancient Phoenix blood essence, he had done so with full confidence.

Lin Ming hesitated. In truth, having to think of a reason wasn't too difficult. In fact, he could even come up with some ridiculous reasoning like he was being drawn in by the dark grip of destiny or something like that. After all, destiny was an illusory enough concept that he could attribute his reasons to that and there wasn't anyone that could doubt it.

However, just as Lin Ming was about to speak, Huo Violentstone waved his hand and said, "Well, whatever. It's fine as long as you know what you're doing. I trust in your judgment."

"Thank you Honorable Master for your approval." Lin Ming was glad. If possible, he didn't want to come up with some random lie to deceive Huo Violentstone.

Beside Lin Ming, Yan Littlemoon also relaxed. If Lin Ming didn't leave then Huo Violentstone would truly bring up the idea of marriage to her Yan Family, and then she would be stuck in a conundrum of having to make two difficult choices. On one hand, she couldn't help but admit that she held some good will towards Lin Ming. On the other hand, she had once made a vow to herself.

Everyone boarded the spirit ship and began to fly back to the Ancient Phoenix Clan. As for Lin Ming, he departed midway through the trip by himself. Just before leaving, Huo Violentstone gave him five million violet sun stones as well as his own spirit ship so that he could travel through space.

Lin Ming left the majority of the dragon blood to Yan Littlemoon. Most of this dragon blood was placed in a spatial ring. He only told her that this was a lucky chance he had obtained while she was unconscious and decided to divide a part of it to her, and also asked her not to leak out this secret.

When Lin Ming left, Yan Littlemoon finally searched the spatial ring. It was only then that she found over 1000 drops of dragon blood in the spatial ring, and this dragon blood was also of relatively high quality. This left her dumbfounded. She didn't think that Lin Ming would gift her something of such high value.

"Where did Lin Ming obtain so much dragon blood? Did he find a dragon blood pool in the God Beast Mystic Realm?" Yan Littlemoon mumbled to herself. In her opinion, if Lin Ming divided her this much dragon blood, then he must inevitably have kept far more with him.

"Could Lin Ming's lucky chance have been the same as the phoenix blood pond I found in the past?" As Yan Littlemoon put away the dragon blood, she looked out of the window of her room, gazing at the infinite void and countless stars of space. She felt an inexplicable sense of loss as she fell into a deep and pensive trance.

Yan Littlemoon never thought that Lin Ming would leave for years this time, and by the time he returned, she would already be at the divine Sea realm…


In the vastness of the endless space, a light gray spirit ship rapidly flew through. This spirit ship wasn't too big, and its gray surface seemed to fuse into the starry skies. In addition, there was a concealing array formation carved onto the surface of the spirit ship. If a master didn't carefully probe with their senses, it was impossible to discover.

The master of this spirit ship was naturally Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming was sitting in the center of the spirit ship, studying the array formations that drove it. "Even for such a small spirit ship, passing through space with the great void shift just once costs 100,000 violet sun stones. It takes too many violet sun stones to pass through space… and, if one were to travel across the great worlds of the divine Realm, one would also have to use transmission arrays, and that consumes even more violet sun stones. Poor martial artists can never afford interstellar travel…"

"That's right. In the divine Realm, very few people use violet sun stones for training. They are mainly used to drive a variety of array formations. Especially for a Holy Land level palace, they must consume a massive number of violet sun stones to be maintained. Violet sun stones are the most common power source in the divine Realm."

With a faint whimsical voice, Mo Eversnow appeared beside Lin Ming. She had been hiding in the Magic Cube during this, so it was impossible for anyone to detect her presence.

Lin Ming asked, "Miss Mo, I've had some questions that have been trapped in my heart for a long time. I wonder if it's alright to ask you about them?"

"Ask away." Mo Eversnow said.

Lin Ming paused for a brief moment, then asked, "Miss Mo, I want to know, just what is the Magic Cube? What rank treasure is it? Besides storing soul fragments, just what functions does it have? Why would it cause so many people to struggle for it in the past?"

Mo Eversnow gently shook her head. She said, "I have no idea just what the Magic Cube is. Perhaps it is the leftover crystallized soul of an existence beyond our understanding. It has the ability to crush apart the souls of all existence. However, with my strength, it is very difficult to meditate and perceive it, much less thoroughly control it."

"Crush apart souls? Is it a soul attack type of treasure?" Lin Ming recalled that in his first dream of Mo Eversnow, he had seen her use her half-step World King strength to instantly annihilate 10,000 divine Realm powerhouses. Many of them were at the late divine Lord realm and even Holy Lord realm. She had even been able to severely wound the early World King, Tian Mingzi. One could see from this alone just how powerful the Magic Cube's soul attack function was.

Mo Eversnow said, "To attack the soul is only a single function of the Magic Cube. It has another effect that truly defies the will of the heavens. That is… after it crushes and absorbs a soul, it can erase that soul's spirit mark and turn it into ownerless memory fragments. If one swallows these memory fragments, they can completely obtain the memories of others. This includes cultivation methods, martial skills, auxiliary skills, array formation techniques, and everything else you can think of! In other words, if you can gain control of the Magic Cube, if you kill someone that has studied a transcendent divine might, you can kill them and swallow up their divine soul with the Magic Cube. Then, you can erase their spirit mark and absorb their memories. You will obtain that entire transcendent divine might without the least bit missing."

Mo Eversnow slowly nodded. To date, this was the most powerful function of the Magic Cube she had discovered.

It had to be known that in the martial world, the foundation of every sect was their inheritances.

But, these inheritance jade slips could only be carved by those who had an extremely high level of understanding of these inheritances, and it also required a massive amount of time and effort to do so. This caused the inheritance jade slips of these cultivation methods to be even more precious, because those that were able to let a martial artist study extremely powerful top level cultivation methods to large success were far too few in number. There were even many inheritance jade slips that were singular and unique, without another copy in existence.

Even if a normal disciple were to look at this jade slip and record it all in their mind, they still wouldn't have the ability to duplicate it. If they were killed by someone, that killer could use a soul searching technique, but all they would find would be incomplete fragments. It would simply be impossible to use this method to reproduce a full cultivation method.

In other words, as long as a sect preserved and kept their inheritance jade slips, they would never leak out their inheritances.

Similarly, array formation technique, alchemy technique, refining technique, all of this was the same.

In order to completely obtain someone's cultivation methods or array formation techniques, auxiliary skill memory, practice experience, and so forth, there was only a single way to go about that, and that was to directly fuse souls with the other party.

But all souls had a spirit mark. Once absorbed, the spirit marks would fuse together and one would begin to lose themselves - everything that made that person that person.

A spirit mark was thoroughly integrated into every piece of a soul. If one wanted to erase a spirit mark, that was actually very simple. One only needed to use a battle spirit to wipe out the spirit mark, but this action would also destroy the soul.

When comparing the brain to the soul, the spirit mark would be the same as every nerve and blood vessel that ran through the brain. It was impossible for a doctor, no matter how skilled they were, to remove those nerves and blood vessels without ruining the brain. Thus, when one erased a spirit mark, the soul would also not be able to withstand it. The soul would eventually completely break down into nothingness.

But the Magic Cube was different. It could perfectly remove all spirit marks. It allowed one to completely absorb all of an opponent's memories and experiences, no matter what top cultivation method or auxiliary skill it was.

Mo Eversnow's words didn't surprise Lin Ming;he had already been able to take advantage of this function. But, the memory fragments Lin Ming absorbed in the past were all of average quality and he had only been able to do so passively. If he could one day perfectly control the Magic Cube, then whenever he slayed a genius, he would be able to swallow their memories and take out whatever he found useful. This was the same as countless extreme geniuses helping to train Lin Ming. Once this began to accumulate, it would become increasingly terrifying. Lin Ming would be able to hold more and more information in his mind until it was limitless.

Lin Ming couldn't help but ask, "Miss Mo, from what I know, this Magic Cube is likely some legendary magic tool. How could it have fallen into the hands of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands? It seems as if the Verdant Feather Holy Lands is only…"

Mo Eversnow faintly smiled and said, "You're saying that the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was too weak to control the Magic Cube? In truth, the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was a World King level Holy Land, and the one with the highest cultivation was my grandfather, the Verdant Feather World King. And, my great nemesis Tian Mingzi was once the direct disciple of my grandfather. The Magic Cube was first accidentally obtained in a mystic realm by my grandfather, but at that time, he didn't know what it was, thus the reason that he was able to keep the Magic Cube for so long.

"At the time, my grandfather only felt as if the aura of the Magic Cube was extraordinary. He began to concentrate his time on slowly studying and unraveling it, but unfortunately, there was some mutation that happened later. Perhaps when my grandfather was meditating on the secrets of the Magic Cube he caused some massive backlash, but regardless of what happened, the end result was that my grandfather's soul was seriously wounded. During this time period, my grandfather's strength was severely lowered because of these soul injuries. If a World King level powerhouse's soul is seriously injured, wanting to restore it is extremely difficult! One would need an unimaginable level of heavenly materials. For instance, something like the supreme dragon bone. A supreme dragon bone is something incomparably difficult to find, even for a World King level Holy Land, thus my grandfather had no choice but to slowly recuperate.

"But coincidentally, Tian Mingzi had also managed to break through into the World King realm at that time. His strength rose dramatically and his original talent was also astonishingly high. The only thing greater was his ambition. When he learned of the Magic Cube, he took advantage of the period when my grandfather was injured to ambush him and try to steal the Magic Cube! The result was that he underestimated how strong my grandfather was. My grandfather had been a World King for many years and his background was incomparably deep. He paid a great price to force out Tian Mingzi. But then… more wounds were added to my grandfather's original soul wound, and he finally perished because of that…"

As Mo Eversnow spoke to here, her eyes flashed with sadness. Lin Ming also became aware. No wonder Mo Eversnow hated Tian Mingzi with every fiber of her body. He had been nothing but a rabid wolf. He was once the chief disciple of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands, but he in turn wiped out the Verdant Feather Holy Lands! Such a person truly deserved to die!

Mo Eversnow continued, "Afterwards, the Magic Cube fell into my hands. But, because of what happened, a great schism appeared in the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. Some people decided to betray me and follow Tian Mingzi, later founding their own Netherworld Holy Land. You should already know what happened after that.


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