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Martial World - Chapter 1061


Chapter 1061 - Revival After 50,000 Years




The Asura King already had a 90% belief that it would be able to grasp Lin Ming. But, it worried that once it reached any deeper down, there would be some strange change that would occur. In order to guarantee absolute success, it discarded its hand. If it discarded its hand it would still be able to make up for it by swallowing more essence energy in the future, but if it lost the supreme dragon bone then it was over for it.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt death creeping ever closer to him. He only had a single god slaying bead left in his hand, and he had also consumed most of the divine protective talisman's effects. It was uncertain if he could defend against this strike of the Asura King and also penetrate deeper into the magma.

’’Give me your life!’’

The Asura King grasped down. Its entire body was covered in a thick fog of blood and it suddenly bulged out. Its face no longer had the appearance of a handsome man anymore;it now looked no different than a hideous and cruel demon.

Lin Ming wouldn't just stand there and wait for death to take him. He revolved his protective true essence to the limit and shot out the last god slaying bead in his hand!


The god slaying bead was seized by those demonic claws and wrapped up in the surging blood fog.


The god slaying bead exploded, blowing up a great section of the blood fog. But, it simply wasn't enough to stop the Asura King. After sacrificing its flesh and blood, the Asura King's strength was now at 20% of its peak state.

As Lin Ming saw this claw about to reach him, he punched his own chest. He was prepared to force out his own blood essence and burn it!

Phoenix blood essence could be burnt without diminishing, but if Lin Ming burnt his own blood essence there would be nothing left. After punching his chest, Lin Ming had forced out 30% of his blood essence. Once he burnt this, it would greatly reduce his lifespan and affect his future cultivation. But, there was nothing else he could do. As long as he had a single ray of hope to survive this hell, he had to grasp it with all he had.

But just as he was about to burn his blood essence, he was suddenly surprised. His Extreme Violet Ring slipped off his finger as it was grasped by some unknown force.


Lin Ming was bewildered. Then, at that moment, a vast and indescribable strength poured forth from the Extreme Violet Ring, turning into an aurora of dim divine light that gathered in front of Lin Ming, blocking the monstrous bloody demon claws.

’’This is...’’

Lin Ming was incredulous as he looked at the young woman in front of him. From her clothes and from the shape of her back, she was clearly... Yan Littlemoon!!

Yan Littlemoon!?!?

How was this possible!?

This young woman who had appeared from the Extreme Violet Ring was completely similar in looks to Yan Littlemoon, but there was no way that Yan Littlemoon could ever possess the temperament and terrifying aura of this woman!


Lin Ming pushed back down the blood essence that was roiling at the surface. Without enough time to say a single word, the woman had already stretched out a slender white hand towards the claws that were surging with demonic energy.


The woman's red lips opened and a single word emerged, light and ethereal, echoing like the commands of heavenly tribulation. The demonic claws became like glass striking a boulder;they began to crack with a 'ka ka ka' sound!


Lin Ming was dumbfounded. As for the Asura King, its eyes were wide with disbelief as he stared at this woman that had suddenly appeared from nowhere.

’’You... just who are you?’’

The Asura King was disoriented. The God Beast Mystic Realm was completely sealed off, so where had this marvelous and astonishing woman come from? And looking at her cultivation, she was only at the peak of Sevenfall, moreover, she had deliberately suppressed her cultivation at this realm. Otherwise, she would have already broken into Eightfall. This was something that only extreme cultivation talents would do, so it didn't seem fake. In addition, this woman was so powerful that there was simply no need for her to fake her cultivation.

’’Is she really at the seventh stage of Life Destruction? How can someone at the seventh stage of Life Destruction have such formidable combat strength! What is going on here!?’’

The Asura King felt as if it had fallen into a dream. It hadn't even seen the woman do anything just now. Well, it was more accurate to say that he hadn't felt a single true essence fluctuation.

Yes, she didn't use any true essence at all. All she used was a single thought and a single word. But with just that alone it was like she wielded the Heavenly Dao, striking out with the power of heavenly retribution. With just that, she had shattered the attack that the Asura King had summoned at the coast of discarding his hand.

The woman simply didn't spare any attention for the Asura King. She faintly turned her head and glanced at Lin Ming.

As they met eyes, Lin Ming could finally see this woman's facial features. Her face was indeed Yan Littlemoon's: young, soft, beautiful, just like a 16-17 year old girl's.

But, her eyes were completely different.

Yan Littlemoon's eyes were clear and bright like a mountain spring, transparent enough to see the very bottom.

But this woman in front of him seemed to fuse together with the space around her. Her pupils seemed to contain the endless galaxies, unfathomable and unimaginable!

Lin Ming even felt as if he could see the Laws of the universe through these eyes. In these eyes, there were countless stars being born and destroyed at the same time.

’’You... are... you are...’’ Lin Ming stammered out, subconsciously tracing the spot on his chest where the Magic Cube was. He didn't feel anything there. In fact, ever since the Magic Cube fused into his body, Lin Ming had never been able to feel its existence. If there was any change to the Magic Cube, Lin Ming would not have known either.

But, Lin Ming could faintly feel something from this woman, as if they had met somewhere before. This feeling was the same as that white ball of light in the space of the Magic Cube that had floated in the center of the countless star-like memory fragments!

When the Magic Cube absorbed blood essence, the truth was that it had been absorbed by that ball of light!

When Lin Ming was 15 years old, that was when the Magic Cube first invaded his spiritual sea. He had witnessed a dreamlike scene. He saw a woman, her body slender and clothed in white. She stood proud and alone on an endless field of snow, facing 10,000 masters of the divine Realm!

And of these masters, the worst of them were on the same level as Fairy Feng and the Demon Emperor!

And the stronger ones among them had been at the Holy Lord level!

Not just that, but there were also those that had reached large success or even the peak of Holy Lord!

And there was even a black-clothed man leading them all. Although Lin Ming wasn't able to guess his cultivation, he could vaguely make out his strength from how everyone else treated him with utter respect. That black-clothed man was likely infinitely close if not at the World King realm!

And against such a group of powerhouses, a woman, borrowing the power of the Magic Cube, had slain them all with a single move!

All of their souls were twisted and shattered!

The Lin Ming at that time didn't know just how terrifying this scene was, nor did he understand the aura of that woman. But, as his strength constantly rose and he understood more and more, he began to realize just how terrifying a character that woman who sacrificed her own soul was!

And now, as Lin Ming met the eyes of Yan Littlemoon, he had a feeling that they had met somewhere, and the memory that Lin Ming recalled was of that white-clothed woman.

Was it her!?

Did she suddenly revive? And she had even occupied Yan Littlemoon's body!?

The woman only peered into Lin Ming's eyes for a moment. Then, without even saying a single word, she turned back to face the Asura King!

The Asura King was stunned at this time. It could feel a terrifying aura from this woman that made his scalp creep. It nearly turned around and fled, but with the supreme dragon bone still in Lin Ming's hand, it wasn't willing to give up!

’’Just who are you? I wish to kill that God Beast Clan junior behind you. If you have nothing to do with this matter, then please move aside. I will thank you again in the future.’’

The Asura King cupped its hand across its chest and bowed in respect.

It could already tell that this newcomer likely wasn't good news. But, it also didn't believe that this dreadful woman was brought here by Lin Ming. This was because if a powerhouse wished to enter the God Beast Mystic Realm, they would be limited by the Laws of the world and would need to consume countless violet sun stones to do so. Also, if Lin Ming had prepared such a killing card beforehand, then why hadn't he used it earlier? Why would the Asura King have been able to chase him and cause him to fall into such a miserable state?

It was possible that this woman was some unknown existence in the God Beast Mystic Realm that, due to some unknown reasons, had been residing in some treasure. And, that treasure just happened to have been obtained by Lin Ming somewhere. Thus, the reason for what happened just now. Lin Ming clearly didn't know who this woman was, so it wasn't necessarily true that she would help him. It would be fine as long as he could hide the truth of the supreme dragon bone from her.

As the Asura King thought of this, another bolt of fear struck it. It was afraid that Lin Ming would reveal the existence of the supreme dragon bone.

As the woman heard the Asura King's words, she turned and looked at the Asura King. There was no change in her expression. She simply parted her cherry red lips again and spoke a single word.


This voice sounded light and dreamy to Lin Ming, but as it fell onto the ears of the Asura King, it was actually like a thunderclap descended from the highest heavens. The Asura King felt as if the heavens themselves had fallen down on it, causing its entire body to shake and all of its organs to flip over!

The 'Die' word was not just a simple sound, but it contained the Laws themselves. This sound held an inerrable charm, an order that could not be disobeyed. With just a simple world, the Laws of heaven and earth were affected!

This woman's thoughts emitted with this word, combining into a sound that was holy and vast, breaking through everything, punishing all of existence, destroying all of creation, piercing into the body of the Asura King!

For a time, the Asura King felt as if countless beasts roared in its ears and endless rolling thunderclaps exploded in its mind. The world itself became a volcano that blew up within it and a terrifying buzz overwhelmed its senses, making it dizzy and blind with blood gushing out from its head!


The Asura King emitted a miserable cry as it was sent flying back. It could clearly feel that when that woman just attacked, she didn't use any energy at all. In other words, she didn't use even a tiny bit of the seventh stage Life Destruction true essence within her.

All she used was a sound attack with her battle spirit. And with the Laws contained within it, there was actually such a tremendous power behind it!

Just who was this!?

The Asura King was scared out of its wits. At this time it no longer wished to retake the dragon bone. It turned around and fled at full speed!

But behind it, the woman also reacted. In that brief moment after she attacked, she frowned, as if she weren't satisfied with the damage she had done.


Another word, another command that could only be obeyed. Each word she spoke was filled with her will and the Laws of the Great Dao. Her world of will projection overlapped with reality, wielding the Great Dao Laws like the power of heavenly retribution!

In that moment, all of the magma in front of the Asura King was filled with the will of the woman. The magma suddenly hardened into incomparably solid divine iron before smashing down at incredible speed!


The Asura King crashed into that magma that had hardened to an unbelievable degree, completely beaten up! At this time it was no different from a mouse in a cage. It had no ability to resist;it could only allow itself to be ruined!

And behind the woman, Lin Ming was already left gaping at the scene before him. A battle spirit could be used like this? Without using any true essence and only relying on one's battle spirit and comprehension of Laws, there could actually be such terrifying combat strength?


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