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Martial World - Chapter 106


Rise to Fame!




’’Crown Prince, Your Highness. Mister Muyi.’’ Lin Ming greeted with a smile.

’’Haha, Little Brother Lin. Your growth is more and more astonishing!’’ Muyi's heart filled with many emotions. He had thought that he already overestimated Lin Ming, but now he discovered that Lin Ming kept exceeding his expectations time and time again to create miracles.

’’Mister Lin Ming. If you do not mind, how about coming to my palace. I will host a banquet for you as a welcoming reception.’’ Yang Lin said with warm enthusiasm.

Lin Ming let loose a light breath and said, ’’I'm sorry Your Highness, but in the fight just now I exhausted myself too much and must take some time to restore myself. I also attained some faint insights in this battle and would like to go back to digest them. I must decline the Crown Prince's kindness with thanks. In a few days, I will certainly pay a personal visit.’’

’’Mm. That is also good. When Mister Lin Ming decides to pay a visit, send a sound transmitting talisman to inform me and I shall wait patiently for you.’’


Tenth Prince Yang Zhen watched the Crown Prince and Lin Ming speaking to each other from a distance, and his face began to darken.

At this point, Yang Zhen received a message via true essence. ’’Your Highness, Lin Ming has accepted the Crown Prince's invitation.’’


’’Your Highness, Zhu Yan's wounds are too severe. We must take out the Millennium Stone Milk otherwise Zhu Yan's internal injuries will leave behind scars that will affect his future cultivation.’’ Said one of the medical personnel that had treated Zhu Yan. His last move had overdrawn his true essence, created damages within his body and destroyed parts of the meridians that hadn't developed yet. In addition, he was struck by Lin Ming and sent flying. The degree to which he was injured could be imagined. The medical personnel of the Seven Profound Martial House naturally used high quality medicines, but these medicines could not actually be regarded as the best.

The Tenth Prince shook his head and said, ’’Don't use it.’’

Early on he had expected that this fight would be exceptionally intense. This was because Zhu Yan And Lin Ming had a grudge between them, and this fight would have no pulled punches;it would be normal for one of them to have severe injuries. Therefore he brought a special type of wondrous and precious medicine that could cure wounds, called the Millennium Stone Milk. This was found in the Millennium Limestone Cave, and flowed from a stone stalactite that contained the aura and spirit of the world. It took over a dozen years to gather a small vial of this liquid. Each drop was worth nearly 10,000 gold taels!

This stone milk could not only bring back those near death, but it also had advantages for the cultivation of martial artists!

The Tenth Prince had originally planned to give this to Lin Ming if he had been injured seriously enough to affect his cultivation. If he used this Millennium Stone Milk to win over Lin Ming, he believed that Lin Ming would not refuse.

After all, the one who had a grudge with Lin Ming was Zhu Yan. The Tenth Prince had neither bitter hatred nor enmity towards him. The Tenth Prince thoroughly believed that the strongest bonds between humans were not things like friendship, affection or love, but solely personal benefit.

But now, the one who had been severely wounded was Zhu Yan. Not only that, but Lin Ming had displayed an unprecedented and monstrous perception. This made the Tenth Prince feel a very heavy headache;he simply didn't know how to deal with Lin Ming.

To assassinate him, he dared not and could not!

And winning over;he could not win him over!

If he showed good will, they would not appreciate his kindness!

Moreover, his situation with Zhu Yan was tricky. If he continued to support Zhu Yan, then without a doubt, he would be standing opposite to Lin Ming.

This was something that the Tenth Prince absolutely did not want to see.

Sky Fortune Kingdom was a country that advocated the use of force. Lin Ming represented not only his own strength, but the glory and prestige of all martial artists. He was a genius of a century within the Seven Profound Martial House. This title was too amazing for a martial artist!

If the Sky Fortune Kingdom's martial artists saw that this person had pledged his loyalty to the Crown Prince, then where would they look, what would they think?

If he could discard Zhu Yan and trade him for Lin Ming, the Tenth Prince would absolutely 100% do this.

The key however, was that even if he discarded Zhu Yan, Lin Ming may not help him.

This gave the Tenth Prince a headache!

This Zhu Yan, he gave him a lot of trouble!

Bidding the Crown Prince farewell, Lin Ming immediately went to pay a visit to Hong Xi. Hong Xi's guidance was very important in defeating Zhu Yan this time. If he did not have Hong Xi teaching him the training method of piercing leaves, then his attack speed would have been a lot slower. He also would not have known how to save his momentum during a fight. At Zhu Yan's final strike, he might not necessarily have been able to hold it down.

’’This fight played out so beautifully!’’ Hong Xi did not begrudge his appreciation of the fight.

’’Thanks to Instructor's teachings.’’

’’Haha, this is not because of my teachings. If you had a different instructor, you could also have won. I heard that you have some new comprehensions?’’

’’Mm. About the heart of martial arts.’’

’’Good! Your results today are essential to your heart of martial arts. Hurry up and go back to ponder them;don't uselessly talk about it to me here.’’

’’Okay then Instructor. I will go first.’’


After Lin Ming left, the people gathered at the Martial Stage began to disperse. Some martial artists had been discussing the fight with excitement. That single spear touch on the stone column had caused that 20 feet high stone column to turn into rumble from top to bottom! And the 'Foundation Spear Technique' had managed to defeat the 'Red Lotus Purgatory'!

These scenes were enough to make those martial artists exhilarated and excited.

His Large Success of the Third Stage had the strength of someone at the Bone Forging stage. If Lin Ming reached the Bone Forging boundary, how would it be then?

And most importantly, he was only 15 years old! He had been at the Seven Profound Martial House for only a mere two months!

Before then, Lin Ming had come from a humble birth and did not have many resources he possibly could have used. If he had the key cultivation methods and resources of the Seven profound Martial House, then his achievements would have been unimaginable. If he could keep this rate of grown, then that really would go against heaven's will!

Before, there were people that had paid attention to Lin Ming. After all, he was the first place new disciple. But at that time, most of them had thought that this was only because Lin Ming's luck was good, and he had managed to eat some valuable material. But now, they knew that Lin Ming had the unprecedented perception of a monster! He had depended on his cultivation at the Third Stage of Body Transformation to cultivate an Earth-step a cultivation method, and moreover, that cultivation method was incomplete!

With such a genius born, along with the sixth-grade talent Qin Xingxuan, this generation might be the most amazing one in all of Sky Fortune Kingdom's martial history.

The martial artists were excited, but those noblemen and dignitaries were more concerned with what Lin Ming politically represented. Without a doubt, Lin Ming would rise. Becoming a super master was only a question of time.

And a super master had immense weight and influence within the Sky Fortune Kingdom!

For instance, Muyi was a visiting official of the Marshal's Quarters and at the same time he was the teacher of the Crown Prince. He had a high and lofty status within Sky Fortune City. Even if the emperor saw Muyi, he would have to treat him with a certain amount of respect. Not only did Muyi not need to bow, but he also didn't need to be asked to sit.

Although a Houtian master did not have the strength or power to kill an army of 100,000, they were able to go in and out of fortified places without any resistance at all. It was not an exaggeration to say that if there was not a Houtian master at the Royal Palace, then the emperor might not be far from death. Because of the frequent wars between nations, it was possible that the emperor would be assassinated by the enemy masters!

Lin Ming was very likely to become such an amazing character like this in the future. This was someone that all of those dignitaries present had to woo and curry favor with. In fact, many of them were already calculating how to show good will to Lin Ming.


As everyone departed the Martial Stage, the news of the fight began to rapidly spread. Not only did Lin Ming become Sky Fortune City's most dazzling and splendid star, but this news had already spread over the nation, such as 'a genius only seen once a century at the Seven Profound Martial House', 'the future Sky Fortune Kingdom's number one master', and other such titles. The overwhelming blessings and aura of fame were all focused on Lin Ming!

15 years old, entered into the top 30 rankings of the Seven Profound Martial House's Heavenly Abode!

Cultivation at the Third Stage of Body Transformation, with strength comparable to a martial artist at the Bone Forging stage!

Had perceived an incomplete Earth-step martial skill by himself, and had integrated into his own spear skills!

It was even reported that Lin Ming had comprehended the extremely rare martial intent!

Each of these achievements could be considered legends by themselves, but Lin Ming had actually gathered all of these legends unto himself. He was at the height of power among the Sky Fortune Kingdom's martial arts world!

The local storytellers would write Lin Ming's famous history into their stories. In these stories, the storytellers would improvise and give exaggerated accounts to increase the hype. They even said that when Lin Ming was born, a brilliant sunset glow covered the sky. He had climbed a mountain when he was seven to capture a tiger. When he was nine he went swimming in the sea to seize sharks. Although these stories were all blown ridiculously out of proportion, the audience listened with gusto. After all, things like storytelling were naturally more exaggerated, and gave people a fresh feeling.

Suddenly, Lin Ming had become the idol among countless young martial artists, especially those who had come from a humble birth like he had. Who said you could not cultivate if you didn't have money? Lin Ming was their example, Lin Ming was their goal!

And In Green Mulberry City, as news arrived to the Lin Family by a sound transmitting talisman, all of the Lin Family seethed with excitement.

In Sky Fortune Kingdom, there was great importance attached to family honor! A family of heroes and masters, even if declining, was respected by the world.

For instance, Marshal Qin Xiao's family. Even several hundred years later, if the Qin Family was on the decline, they would still be a family that had produced an ancient hero, and in the family's blood would flow a hero's blood.

The Lin Family was also like this. There was not a single family that didn't wish that their family would have such a day where their family would flourish by their own hands.

Before, Lin Ming had obtained the title of first place among the new disciples in the Seven Profound Martial House, and this was already the great honor. It was like those scholars that went and became officials, bringing honor to their ancestors.

However, compared to the miracle that Lin Ming had created, this reputation of 'Seven Profound Martial House's number one disciple' was nothing at all!

To be the peerless talent that hadn't been seen in the several hundred years of history at the Seven Profound Martial House along with other glorious titles, was enough to have the Lin Family be recorded in the annals of Sky Fortune Kingdom's history!

If Lin Ming became a legend in the future, then the Lin Family would also become the family of a hero, and would be admired by the world.

And the one Lin Ming had defeated was the Zhu Family's number one talent, Zhu Yan. This caused the Lin Family who had been constantly suppressed by the Zhu Family, to feel proud and elated!

On the same day, everywhere at the Lin Family was decorated with lanterns and rainbow streamers. They held a large banquet inviting all guests to attend and celebrate. This was the most important day in the entirety of the Lin Family's history. The head of the Lin Family burnt incense and prayed to the ancestors. All these celebrations and ceremonies were more grand and wonderful than the New Year's celebration.

The Lin Family servants all obtained a heavy red packaged filled with money. The rice farmers who leased land from the Lin Family were all exempted from rent for three years. These people naturally knew why they obtained such luxurious gifts from the Lin Family. Lin Ming's name had already spread throughout the entirety of Green Mulberry City.


At this time, Lin Ming was meditating on a sea jade platform at the Seven Profound Martial Houses. He was unaware of everything happened outside, as he was immersed in comprehending the faint feeling he had in his heart of martial arts. When he had fought with Zhu Yan, Lin Ming's heart of martial arts had improved a bit.


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