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Martial World - Chapter 1057


Chapter 1057 - Crazy Dragon One




After Yan Littlemoon was received into Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring, it felt as if every moment inside was as long as an eternity. This was because in the sealed space of the Extreme Violet Ring, she had no idea what was happening outside. All she knew was that in the moment when she was sucked into the Extreme Violet Ring, there had been 100,000 mystic realm demons surging towards her!

She could imagine just how intense and tragic such a battle would be!

Yan Littlemoon was well aware of her own abilities. If she was exposed to such a gruesome battlefield, there was only a single fate that awaited her.

That was to be eaten up without a skeleton, without even the slightest pieces left for a burial. And in that key moment, she had been taken in by Lin Ming and placed into his Extreme Violet Ring. But, this also meant that Lin Ming would have to shoulder the entire following battle himself!

Yan Littlemoon knew that Lin Ming was far stronger than she was, to a ridiculous degree. But in such a brutal battle, she didn't have full confidence that Lin Ming would be able to safely escape.

All she could do was wait as time slowly passed in the minor dimension. Soon, an hour passed and there still wasn't any news from outside of the Extreme Violet Ring. Yan Littlemoon began to feel a bit anxious.

She was afraid that Lin Ming would be severely wounded or even die in the chaos. She was afraid that at any moment, the Extreme Violet Ring would be destroyed and then countless mystic realm demons would rush in!

Although the scenery within the Extreme Violet Ring was beautiful to behold, Yan Littlemoon still felt like she was on pins and needles the entire time. There was nothing she could do now. It was also impossible for her to leave. Otherwise, she might add to the chaos if Lin Ming was in some critical moment.

She had been hoping that Lin Ming would quickly arrive, but she never expected that after some time, when there was finally a tiny spatial fluctuation above her, what appeared was not Lin Ming but rather a divine bone!

This 1000 foot divine bone was like a faintly blue tinted holy sword. It stood straight and tall within the Extreme Violet Ring, emitting an incomparably vast pressure.

There were countless complex and mystical runes on top of the dragon bone, each one symbolizing the Heavenly Dao itself. Every rune was 10 times more profound than the 100 Foot Royal Skyseal in Totem Tower, or even 100 times more profound! It was even no worse that the Huo Family's ultimate treasure, the Sacred Flame Testament!

But, there were nine blocks of the Sacred Flame Testament and each one wasn't too big. It was impossible to compare that to the 1000 foot dragon bone in front of her!

’’Lin Ming, he... he...’’ Yan Littlemoon gulped over and over again. Her watery eyes filled with a fantastical light as if she couldn't believe her own sense.

She certainly recognized this divine bone. It was the Asura King's treasure and also what it relied on to evolve into an Asura King. It was the object that the Ancient Dragon Clan's 36 disciples and the numerous disciples of the other three clans had fought for with their lives on the line.

But now, it was actually obtained by Lin Ming?


It was his alone!

How was this possible!? Just how had he obtained the dragon bone!?

Did he wrest it away by force?

No matter how talented Lin Ming was, he was still limited by his cultivation. With his seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation, he didn't even have the ability to escape in front of someone like Dragon One. Moreover, there was also Jiang Bai, Argent Gale, and many other disciples that were able to gather into array formations together. So how could this have been possible!?

Was it with strategy?

No matter how smart Lin Ming was, the others weren't idiots. On the other hand, all those chosen prides of heaven were cruel and ruthless individuals of their generation. Their mentality and calculations were all extremely cutthroat and broad. As for the Asura King, that was a monster that had lived for 100,000 years. This should have been impossible!

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Yan Littlemoon's mind, but she still couldn't figure out anything. She thought that it would have already been good if Lin Ming managed to escape with his life intact, but not only was he still alive, he had even managed to pick up the largest peach from the tree.

Yan Littlemoon fervently wished to know what was occurring outside. But, she also knew that even if Lin Ming had managed to obtain the dragon bone for now, there would still be a battle following this. If she rushed out randomly, she would only bring hurt to Lin Ming.

Yan Littlemoon bit her lips. She looked at the supreme dragon bone, unable to move.

She couldn't help but walk over and trace her fingers across the surface of the divine bone. The rough texture was filled with a boundless and vigorous aura, making her feel an awe from deep within her soul.

This was the bone of a God Beast, one of the most precious treasures of the world!

Yan Littlemoon certainly didn't dare to absorb the dragon bone. But, she also couldn't bear to stand around and do nothing. She sat down and began to meditate on the Law runes carved onto the dragon bone. Every tiny bit of strength she could gain meant her chances of living through this were that much higher.

As Yan Littlemoon was meditating on the Laws, Lin Ming was facing a major life or death crisis!

He discovered that he had underestimated the Asura King. Even after such a savage and violent battle, it still had strength remaining to chase after him!


The Asura King thrust out its palm and the ground beneath the swamp collapsed. The Asura King chased straight down!

And behind the Asura King were the 16 remaining disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan. In that savage battle just now, they had lost over half of their fellow disciples. Now, their strength was far from what it used to be.

At this time, Dragon One's eyes were blood red. He never imagined that in their frigid battle with the Asura King that shook the heavens and earth, there would be someone sitting on the sidelines waiting to profit from their strife!

For this supreme dragon bone, he had burnt 20% of his blood essence and lost several tens of thousands of years of his life. He had consumed a massive amount of precious pills and now even had to bear the infamy of being a cruel demon that killed his own fellow clan disciples. Yet, all of his efforts had been made a gift to someone else!

How could he not loathe this!?

’’Just who is it!? Who dared to plot against me!?’’ Dragon One was like a wild and injured animal. He knew that this mysterious person was not Xiao Ping, Jiang Bai, or Argent Gale!

For someone to quietly sneak in even through a swarm of 100,000 mystic realm demons, and also approach the supreme dragon bone and wait there for so much time, this person had to be a top master!

There was even a chance that this other party wasn't human. After all, this was the God Beast Mystic Realm. There could be some unknown existence that had been eyeing the Asura King's supreme dragon bone and had finally found their chance to take it.

One couldn't blame Dragon One for thinking this. Lin Ming had used the grandmist space to conceal his aura, and in addition to the chaotic battle, even if Dragon One's cultivation had been 10 times higher, he still wouldn't have noticed Lin Ming's aura. He wasn't even able to ascertain if Lin Ming was human.

In addition, Dragon One didn't know that Lin Ming's combat strength was equal to that of a top extreme genius at the peak early divine Sea realm. Moreover, in terms of lethality to the mystic realm demons, with his grandmist space and gold battle spirit combined together, Lin Ming surpassed even middle divine Sea martial artists like Jiang Bai and Xiao Ping.

And, most importantly, he had used the grandmist space to conceal his aura as he moved underground. He hadn't been detected by any mystic realm demons, thus he hadn't encountered many of them at all.

In this situation where Dragon One had completely miscalculated Lin Ming's combat efficiency, even if his imagination was 10 times richer, he still wouldn't think that someone like Lin Ming would be able to snatch away the supreme dragon bone.

Now all he felt was a blazing fury in his heart, as well as the utter humiliation of being played for a fool!

No matter what, he still could not give up on this supreme dragon bone!

Although he knew the chances of defeating that unknown existence as well as the Asura King were incomparably slim, this was still a struggle between three parties after all. The situation was extremely complex and it was possible he could profit from the chaos. But, if he didn't chase after them then there really would be no hope at all.

’’There are 16 of us left, we can still form the 16 Celestial Dragon Formation. Although it is inferior to the 36 Astral Heaven Formation, we can still fight. Moreover, the disciples that have died were all at the ninth stage of Life Destruction and below. The greater portion of our fighting strength still remains. Swallow down your Nine Revolving Dragon Pills and let's chase after them!’’

Dragon One issued an order. But, among the 16 Dragon Clan disciples, there were many of them that had thoughts of retreating. They felt that Dragon One was a psychotic madman that had fallen over the edge.

After burning their blood essence, they weren't even at 10-20% of their peak strength. They were in an extremely miserable state!

Even if they swallowed down the Nine Revolving Dragon Pills that were supposed to be left for saving their lives, they could only restore 40% of their combat strength or so. Moreover, they wouldn't have enough time to absorb it and would waste most of the recovery efficacy.

But the key point of all this was even if they did all that, would they even still be able to obtain the supreme dragon bone?

With a captain like Dragon One, who was able to resort to any method to compete for the dragon bone, nobody felt safe. It had to be known that Dragon One had burnt all the blood essence of 10 disciples that were about to die, and he had done so without the least bit of hesitation.

What if they were the next ones to die?

A martial artist had to pursue lucky chances, even risking their life to do so. But, after weighing the pros and cons, and knowing that their chances of survival were slim and their chances of obtaining the dragon bone were even worse, it was understandable if they decided to give up.

As long as there was life there was hope. They would be able to struggle for more lucky chances in the future...

As long as they were alive.

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Dragon One, I won't go!’’

’’I won't go either...’’

Several divine Sea martial artists declared, not fearing Dragon One. As for those ninth stage Life Destruction martial artists, although they feared Dragon One, their eyes were dodgy and evasive, obviously not intending to follow him.

’’Mm!? You!!’’

Dragon One's eyes turned cold. At this time, he knew that his prestige had completely collapsed and these disciples that usually feared him and followed his orders had formed a united front against him. Like this, it was impossible for him to command these disciples around any longer. And most importantly, he no longer had time to establish his strength again.

’’Fine! Then don't regret your choices!’’

Dragon One waved his hand and picked up the corpses of the dead Ancient Dragon Clan disciples. Then, he swallowed two Nine Revolving Dragon Pills and flew straight down into the black swamp! At this point he could no longer afford to waste time, otherwise he would lose track of the Asura King and that unknown existence!

As the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples saw Dragon One receive the corpses of their fellow comrades, all of them had extremely ugly expressions. Even so, none of them said anything.

It was clear that Dragon One took their corpses to make use of their blood essence. After burning their blood essence he would launch his attack. This method would make it so that those dead disciples wouldn't even have skeletons left over. This was truly a tragic and wretched way to die!

In front of the temptation of such great benefits, Dragon One had completely exposed his cruel and ferocious nature.

Although all of them were disgusted, none of them could stop him. They could only allow Dragon One to do as he wished.

The truth was that Dragon One's sole strength was definitely not enough. It was impossible for him to compete with the Asura King, whose strength compared favorably to a divine Transformation martial artist.

But, he also had to take into account what that unknown existence might do. Dragon One could hide on the sidelines and launch an attack at a critical moment, finally obtaining everything for himself.

This couldn't be called anything but a crazy plan, and the chances of success were also low. But in Dragon One's opinion, if this unknown existence could do it, then why couldn't he?

He was truly unwilling to give up on this lucky chance. If he could succeed all by himself and take sole possession of the dragon bone, then he truly would have a chance of stepping onto the path of a World King in the future!


Dragon One's body sank into the swamp. He restrained his aura and dove down. But, he only understood the Water Laws and not the Earth Laws, thus drilling down was extremely difficult. Luckily, the Asura King had led the way and blown up the swamp ground ahead of him. Like this, it was still possible for Dragon One to catch up to those people ahead of him.


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