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Martial World - Chapter 1056


Chapter 1056 - Dragon Bone In Hand

Although the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan were formidable, their cultivations were too uneven. The highest among them were at the middle divine Sea realm and the lowest among them were at the seventh stage Life Destruction realm.

The difference between a seventh or eighth stage Life Destruction martial artist and Dragon One was an entire large boundary and several small boundaries. This gap in strength was simply too great, and also meant that there were several weak points in the 36 Astral Heaven Formation. And, after having undergone multiple collisions, the formation finally began to collapse, starting from these weak points!

As for those seventh and eighth stage Life Destruction disciples, they had consumed nearly all of their true essence and had also lost consciousness. If they fell into the army of 100,000 mystic realm demons in such a situation, their fate could be imagined.

"This is bad!"

Dragon Eight and Dragon 12 watched as those 10 individuals with a less than ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation suffered grievous damage and they began to feel anxious in their hearts. A cold chill swept across their back. Once the array formation shattered, all that awaited them was death.

In this life or death situation, Dragon One's eyes flashed with a cold and inhuman light. He reached out with a hand and a blue beam of light shot out, wrapping around those 10 half-dead disciples before they could fly out beyond the range of the array formation. Then, he made a grasp at the void with his hand, and a massive vague dragon claw appeared, smashing down onto those 10 disciples.

"Dragon One –you!!"

Several Ancient Dragon Clan disciples cried out. However, it was too late. With a light popping sound, those low level disciples were all crushed into flesh and blood. Their blood essence was absorbed into the rune beneath Dragon One's feet, causing it to become far more vibrant and vivid than before!

"This is our final strike! Get in formation!"

Dragon One's voice was ice cold and without emotion. As his voice fell onto the ears of the other disciples, all of them were startled. It was like the Dragon One in front of them was no longer the senior-apprentice brother they were familiar with, but a cruel demon!

Those 10 disciples had completely exhausted their strength and had lost consciousness;the only fate they had left here was to die. No one else had any remaining strength to save them either. Even so, no one imagined they would end up in such a miserable state. This was because those 10 disciples had also fought by their side and helped struggle for the dragon bone.

In this sort of situation, Dragon One was still able to be so cold blooded and kill them in a single strike, extracting all of their blood essence to power up the final strike with the 36 Astral Heaven Formation.

Although this was an ugly and unsightly decision, it was the correct one. Otherwise, those 10 disciples' blood essence might have been absorbed by the Asura King, making their survival even less likely. Even so, Dragon One could only be called merciless. He had personally killed fellow disciples of his own clan without hesitation, in a way that caused others to feel fear. He was truly an unscrupulous character who would resort to any diabolical act to advance in the future. If he survived this, it was likely he would become a demon lord of his era!

"What are the bunch of you doing? Do you also want to die here!?" Dragon One said in a freezing tone. The other disciples finally reacted. They quickly borrowed the power of those 10 dead disciples' burning blood essence to reform the 36 Astral Heaven Formation.

Each one of them had already burnt 20% of their blood essence for this battle. This would cause them to lose tens of thousands of years of life once they stepped into the divine Lord realm. It might even impact what final boundary they managed to reach. They could not waste such a sacrifice.

As for the notoriety coming from killing those of his own clan, all of that was done by Dragon One;it had nothing to do with them.

Hummm —

The seven-colored spinning wheel began to revolve once again. An immense aura surged out in all directions. Halos of light filled the air as a divine radiance blazed into the heavens.

"This brat is ruthless enough!" In front of Dragon One, the Asura King's body was shaking as if all sorts of changes were occurring to it at the same time. Indeed, it had planned to absorb the blood essence of those 10 low level disciples, but Dragon One had been quicker on the draw. Before those 10 disciples managed to leave the protection of the array formation, their bodies were smashed apart and all of their blood essence was sucked out and supplied to the array formation.

Those 10 disciples had only burnt 20% of their blood essence to begin with. Now, the remaining 80% and the rest of their flesh and blood essence all turned into energy and completely fused into the array formation!

Because of this, the originally collapsing 36 Astral Heaven Formation reformed and solidified itself. And, the remaining Celestial Dragon runes became even brighter, their strength increasing by several times!

As the Asura King saw this, a trace of fear flashed across its features. It understood that this was the final strike of the remaining Ancient Dragon Clan disciples. If it resisted it, then it would win. If it failed, then it would perish in smoke and dust.

But the Asura King had also consumed a great deal of strength. As it felt the energy within that spinning wheel of light, it found himself lacking confidence.

"Hehehe, if you can sacrifice those from your clan, why can I not sacrifice my own subjects?"

The Asura King wildly howled. The defenseless Demon One beside it was grasped by the Asura King.

"My King…!"

Demon One's phantasmal face flashed with panic. It had a cultivation of 30,000 years and had already obtained spiritual wisdom of its own.

It wanted to resist, but a thought shot out from between the Asura King's eyebrows immediately disintegrated its mutinous sense of resistance. In the next moment, Demon One's entire body exploded, turning into wisps of pure energy that were absorbed by the Asura King!

In that moment, the Asura king was like a great ancient beast that had awoken from a deep slumber, able to devour all and destroy all!

The two sides actually sacrificed their own people in order to launch their final killing strike!

In the skies, a crazy and violent energy gathered into a cloud of blood. This feeling was as if the sky itself was being torn apart, and the heavens were bleeding.

"Go die!"

Dragon One was the first to attack! A billowing sound wave like endless rolling thunderclaps shook the sky, blasting apart the cloud of blood and continuing to surge outwards in all directions. The swamp underneath was also smashed by a tremendous force, as if the armored first of a great divine god had punched down into the black swamp ground, creating a giant pit 100,000 feet deep and causing dark mud to soar into the sky! In that moment, countless millions of pounds of swamp water were cleanly evaporated and the black mud was scorched to nothing.

Lin Ming had been hidden in the swamp this entire time. Now, his eyes suddenly shone with a brilliant light;this was it!

Taking advantage of the moment of the explosion, and taking cover underneath the raging waves of energy, Lin Ming used the grandmist battle armor to protect himself and sent out his energy. His energy swept outwards around the supreme dragon bone and received it into his Extreme Violet Ring!

For a time, Lin Ming was also impacted by the shock wave attack!

This was the attack made by the Ancient Dragon Clan's 36 Astral Heaven Formation as well as being powered by the complete burnt blood essence of 10 of their disciples. The might behind it could be imagined. Even the aftermath shock waves alone were enough to instantly kill an ordinary Ninefall genius.

However, Lin Ming had the grandmist battle armor protecting him. It was able to decompose the power of all Laws. As the waves of energy madly crashed into the grandmist space, they were directly decomposed. Instead, the great destructive impact gave Lin Ming immense momentum, directly pushing his body far, far away!

"Heavens help me!"

All of Lin Ming's blood tumbled in his body and sweet blood swelled up to the back of his throat. He had suffered a minor wound from this. But, there was no time to care about any of this. All he cared about was the final result happening in the skies. After he snatched the supreme dragon bone, he fled away from the explosive shock waves at full speed!

The direction he chose to escape in was not through the skies, but through the ground!

Lin Ming was aware that once a mystic realm demon transformed into an Asura King, they would form a flesh and blood body. They wouldn't be incorporeal like those ordinary mystic realm demons and thus able to easily dive into the black swamp. If the Asura King wanted to do that, its only choice would be to abandon its body that had taken countless years of painstaking effort to form. However, that was also impossible, because if it did so then he would fail his demonic tribulation.

Thus, fleeing underground was absolutely the best choice.

As for the disciples of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, Lin Ming could only wish them the best of luck in escaping. At this time, he could barely even fend for himself.

When Lin Ming was at Thundercrash Mountain and the Demon God Imperial Palace, he had competed with others for a massive lucky chance, dancing on the edge of life and death to do so. But, he had never directly confronted those powerful individuals that were far stronger than him. Instead, he had relied on planning and timing. It had never been like today when he directly seized the food from the tiger's mouth.

If he managed to escape then his harvests would be infinite. Otherwise, he would die!

The only pity about this was that half of the dragon marrow in the supreme dragon bone had been sucked out by the Asura King. If it wasn't for this, Lin Ming's harvests would be even greater.

However, people shouldn't be too greedy in how they lived. Lin Ming was already content with what he had. As for the half of the dragon marrow in the Asura King's body, he would leave that to Dragon One and the rest of them.

Well, that was all based on the premise that they could live through this.

Bang bang bang!

At the exact same time that Lin Ming stole away the supreme dragon bone, the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples had frenziedly collided with the Asura King. This was the best timing for Lin Ming!

Countless mystic realm demons were turned to smoke in the violent shock waves. A wave of black swamp mud rose up a thousand feet high. It surged forwards like a deadly tsunami. The wind changed all around, the heavens and earth lost their color!

Then, another 10 Ancient Dragon Clan disciples spat out a great mouthful of blood and flew backwards. They were likely doomed. At this point, the Ancient Dragon Clan only had 16 disciples left.

This battle was truly tragic! It had to be known that everyone that died here today was not some random dog or cat. They were the most outstanding geniuses of the four great God Beast Clans. Just raising a single one of them cost a titanic amount of resources!

"Mm? What!?"

In that violent flow of energy, although the Asura King had been seriously wounded and its entire body was soaked in blood, it could still feel the instant when the wisp of divine sense he left on the supreme dragon bone was destroyed!

The Asura King was shocked beyond belief!

It had only swallowed less than half of the essence energy within the supreme dragon bone. There was still 60% of the marrow essence energy remaining. And as for the dragon bone itself, that was truly a priceless treasure!

The Asura King had originally wanted to use the flesh and blood of the four God Beast Clans' disciples to perfect his body. After all, it was impossible to form a body with just bone alone. He would only be able to condense a skeleton. Only after forming a complete flesh and blood body would all his dreams be possible.

But now, the dragon bone had been stolen away!

"Who dared to steal my dragon bone!?!? I will kill you!! Ahhhhh!"

The Asura King could not believe that in such a great battle, with 100,000 mystic realm demons surrounding the area, there was still someone that could steal away the dragon bone. This person must have been hiding near the dragon bone, waiting for the moment when the battle reached its most intense state, and then stole it away when no one was able to notice it!

Such planning left the Asura King incensed. It had lived for 100,000 years but now it had been made a fool!

"You won't get away!"

Although this was the last moment in the life or death battle, the Asura King's reaction speed was too fast. It had already caught the direction Lin Ming had escaped in! At this time, the Asura King no longer bothered with his battle against Dragon One and instead directly chased after Lin Ming!

Meanwhile, within Lin Ming's Extreme Violet Ring, Yan Littlemoon had been sitting down, staring at the medicine garden in front of her in a daze. Then, a blue light shined from the sky. A massive bone dropped down from the clouds and stabbed into the ground!

"This… this is…"

Yan Littlemoon's eyes widened like a pair of full moons!


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