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Martial World - Chapter 1055


Chapter 1055 - Opportunity




In the sky, the longer the fight continued, the more vicious it became. At this time, it could only be described as absolutely frigid.

Whether it was the mystic realm demons or the disciples of the four God Beast Clans, all of them were betting their lives and desperately fighting!

Dragon One's face was pale. As for the other Dragon Clan disciples, all of them had consumed a massive amount of energy. If this battle ended, even if they lived, if they didn't obtain the supreme dragon bone then they would only live for another 10,000-20,000 years.

To a genius, this was undoubtedly fatal.

Thus, they had to win!


Another crazy collision occurred. A dozen Ancient Dragon Clan disciples felt their bodies shake and a sweet coppery taste touch the back of their throats. They immediately vomited a mouthful of blood! And, the only seventh stage Life Destruction disciple paled, his lips shivering. He had finally reached his limits.

The Ancient Dragon Clan's disciples were mostly at the eighth or ninth stage of Life Destruction;the seventh stage disciple was the lowest amongst them. This disciple also didn't have heaven-defying talent like Lin Ming, thus his combat strength was limited. Within such a crazy battle, he found it extremely difficult to continue.

Let alone him, even Dragon One felt the blood tumbling within his body. Blue veins stuck out on his forehead - he too was nearing his limit. Out of everyone present, he had the highest talent and the highest cultivation. He was also the strongest one here;he could instantly slaughter any of the seventh or eighth stage Life Destruction geniuses present.

But because he was strong, the burden he had to bear was far greater. He was the eye of the 36 Astral Heaven Formation, and a quarter to a third of the array formation was shouldered by him alone!

However, at this time, the Asura King wasn't much better off.

The demonic tribulation continued to fall down without end. If the Asura King hadn't absorbed the supreme dragon bone's essence energy and blood vitality, it would have died long ago.

’’Damnit! This bunch of mousies has completely angered me!’’

The Asura King's entire right arm was wet with blood. After swallowing up a massive amount of human martial artists' flesh and blood, and also the dragon marrow within the supreme dragon bone, the Asura King had already formed a physical body. It had organs, meridians, and even acupoints. If it was wounded then it would also bleed.

’’Demon One, return to me and help me kill off these Dragon Clan disciples! Demon Two, Demon Three, burn away your cultivation and slaughter everyone else as soon as possible!’’

As the Asura King saw that the other three clans had the idea of retreating but were struggling to do so, it issued this order.

Now, the greatest threat to it was the Ancient Dragon Clan's disciples.


Demon One turned into a shadow that flew back towards the Asura King's side. As for the other two demons, the blue light within them suddenly blazed out;they were clearly about to go all out.

Underneath the mind control of the Asura King, they obeyed his orders to the letter.


At this time, underneath the supreme dragon bone, Lin Ming was completely buried in the black mud of the swamp. He steadily observed the brutal battle happening in the skies!

Because he was afraid that he would be found, he didn't dare to reveal his sense. He only rose up high enough to expose his eyes, hidden beneath a cluster of dead mushrooms. His field of vision was limited and what he made out was also very vague. But, he could tell from the surges of origin energy how the power of space nearby trembled, and how the mystic realm demons constantly exploded into bursts of energy flows, and that the battle was reaching a calamitous state.

At this time, there was nothing he could do.

He thought of using an illusory magic array to recreate the image of the supreme dragon bone and then steal it away. But, this sort of array was difficult to lay down in such a situation and also easy to see through. Moreover, the Asura King had likely left behind a wisp of its sense on the supreme dragon bone. As long as the Asura King didn't die, then let alone taking it away, the Asura King would likely know if Lin Ming even touched it!

Lin Ming could only wait for the best opportunity to arrive.

This was also a great test of Lin Ming's mentality. He was in an extremely dangerous situation at the moment. As soon as he was discovered, the only thing waiting for him was death.

Like this, time slowly passed!

Lin Ming's palms became wet with sweat. This sweat couldn't even drip down before it was instantly decomposed by the power of the grandmist space, turning into an imperceptibly faint wisp that gathered into the elementary form of grandmist energy.

Lin Ming's nerves were as taut as steel wire. Although he hadn't done anything, this was still no easier than a life or death battle!

The only thing he could feel fortunate about was that there were no mystic realm demons around the supreme dragon bone. This allowed Lin Ming to concentrate his entire mind, waiting for that split second when he could grasp the opportunity.


On the side of the three great clans, two Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples, because of Demon Two and Demon Three's all-out attack, finally weren't able to persist any longer. They emitted pitiful cries and exploded into fogs of blood that were then cleanly eaten up by the massive number of mystic realm demons. These mystic realm demons were like starving wolves. Wherever they went, nothing was left remaining.

As these disciples died, a massive gap appeared in the Ancient Phoenix Clan's array formation. Before this, Xiao Ping was able to rely on his extraordinary strength to continue on, but he too had reached his limit now. He could no longer continue shouldering the array formation;three mystic realm demons rushed in from the array formation's gap.

And their goal was the closest disciple, Huang Tidemark! Now, in the Ancient Phoenix Clan's 100 Bird Burning Sun Formation, there were only five people left living. And the one with the weakest cultivation amongst them was Huang Tidemark! And now, he had become the main target of the mystic realm demons. These three mystic realm demons that charged towards him each had a cultivation above 8000 years!


Huang Tidemark cried out in panic, his face as pale as paper. A cold fear shot up his back and into the heavens. Now that he truly faced death, a deep fear and despair appeared in the deepest depths of his soul. He didn't want to die. He didn't want to die!

’’Senior-apprentice Brother Xiao, save me!’’

Huang Tidemark miserably cried out. But, Xiao Ping seemed as if he didn't hear Huang Tidemark's cries. Xiao Ping's eyes quickly glanced over at Huang Tidemark and instantly judged his situation. Three mystic realm demons, each with an 8000 year cultivation, were attacking him from a pincer angle;as Xiao Ping saw these, he immediately judged Huang Tidemark to death!

If Xiao Ping was in his top state then he could easily block the three mystic realm demons and save Huang Tidemark. But now, he had nearly spent all of his strength and he was resisting the attacks of a dozen mystic realm demons around him. At this time, he could barely manage himself, so how could he possibly help others?

’’When Huang Tidemark blows up, I will use that opportunity to escape!’’

Xiao Ping callously thought. Not only was he not planning on saving Huang Tidemark, but he was instead planning to take advantage of the moment when Huang Tidemark blew up and attracted a massive amount of mystic realm demons to escape. After all, once Huang Tidemark died, their Ancient Phoenix Clan would only have four people to form an array formation. With just four people, how could an array formation even be formed?

All that mattered was escape!

This was what the heart of man was like. Xiao Ping was the leader of the Ancient Phoenix Clan group that had come here and was also given the task of protecting the other disciples. He would easily help a fellow disciple out when it didn't harm his own interests, but when something concerned his own life, he gave priority to himself first and foremost. All others could be sacrificed for his survival.

’’No! No! No! Senior apprentice-Brother Xiao...!’’

At this time, over 10 mystic realm demons dove into Huang Tidemark. His organs, his spiritual sea, all of it was filled with mystic realm demons!

His marrow was eaten, his organs were chewed up, his blood was swallowed, and even his spiritual sea was about to tear apart. This agonizing pain came from all directions, causing his face to twist. His cries became unbearably shrill.

He thrust out a hand towards Xiao Ping's direction, his eyes full of hatred, as if he wanted to drag Xiao Ping into hell with him.

Why won't you save me?

Huang Tidemark wanted to shout out. But, he could no longer voice words.


Underneath the callous and indifferent vision of Xiao Ping, both of Huang Tidemark's eyeballs bulged out from his head before bursting open! Blood gushed out of his head. His chest and stomach completely blew up with flesh and blood flying in all directions! Then, his last thoughts were of countless mystic realm demons feeding on him before his consciousness faded away...

And in the moment when Huang Tidemark died, when a massive number of mystic realm demons were attracted over to that direction, Xiao Ping launched his movement technique without any words and raced away!

He no longer cared about managing the group. The group's combat strength had already become extremely feeble. Now, he could only count on his own strength and the little bit of combat efficiency he had left. Everyone else would simply be a burden on him.

The group had lost all use to him. Instead, the situation would cause far more mystic realm demons to attack them. In this case, Xiao Ping decided to run away by himself. As for the ones left behind, they could stay there and hold down the mystic realm demons for him.

’’Xiao Ping!’’

’’Senior-apprentice Brother, you!!’’

As the other Ancient Phoenix Clan disciples saw Xiao Ping run away by himself, they were all stunned for a moment before immediately frothing with resentment and despair. Without Xiao Ping here, it would be nearly impossible for them to resist this onslaught!

’’Run! We all have to run away!’’

Without their main pillar of support, the other disciples all panicked and began to disperse to escape. But, scattering also meant dying faster.

’’Jejejeje! You will all die!’’ Demon Two screeched out in a coarse voice, also speaking in an extremely crude version of the divine Realm language. Demon Two began to turn even crazier as it rushed over to the remaining disciples...


’’51... 50... 49...’’

With his body buried in the swamp mud, Lin Ming began to silently count the dwindling number of disciples.

Of the disciples of the three clans that didn't come from their respective headquarters, Lin Ming hadn't noticed if they had died or successfully ran away. But, of the remaining disciples that could form array formations, only 49 were left over. Of these 49, the Ancient Dragon Clan occupied 36 of these spots. In other words, the other three clans only had 14 disciples left. Each clan now had less than five people on average!

And of these remaining people, many of them were probably on the brink of disaster. Chances were that at least half of them would die here. The savageness of this fight could be imagined!

’’Really, birds die for food and men die for wealth. These people all had bright futures ahead of them. Although it was impossible for most of them to think of reaching the Holy Lord realm, they could still reach the divine Lord realm and have 100,000 years of life. But now, they have nothing left, not even their bodies.’’

Lin Ming sighed. He knew that this present situation occurred because the four God Beast Clans had underestimated the strength of the Asura King. After all, the only information recorded in the 'God Beast Mystic Realm Compendium' was that the Asura King would be at its weakest state after crossing tribulation, and thus one could kill it then. And, in the history of the God Beast Clans, there had indeed been disciples that had killed Asura Kings, much less that there was also the added temptation of the supreme dragon bone now.

But, this Asura King was not an ordinary Asura King. It was no different from a spider that had cast out a web, waiting for prey to wander into their own doom.

And then, because of everyone that had arrived and the dispute over the division of the supreme dragon bone, Dragon One had suddenly launched an attack, involving everyone in a massive life or death battle. This was why so many casualties had appeared.

As these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming's mind, in the sky, some of the Celestial Dragon Runes beneath the feet of the Dragon Clan's 36 disciples suddenly disintegrated. The entire array wheel started to collapse!

As the entire array wheel ruptured, a total of 10 disciples vomited a mouthful of blood, their bodies flying away!

’’Mm?’’ Lin Ming's eyes brightened. The Ancient Dragon Clan's array formation had finally been broken!


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